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Speaker's Corner Engagements:

(  nr 321 ) Today at 2 o'clock in Portsmouth Guildhall, as I said on Jan. 25. I shall move the time to Mondays 12:00 ( noon)  still in Portsmouth Guildhall area, as from this Monday 24 February. Weekly, if not travelling or otherwise engaged. My 'speeches' are eclectic: thinking aloud. Hearing one's voice helps to jog memory and come up with new ideas.
General Alexander LEBED.
S-theater in Gosport .... The last time I saw General Lebed's lookalike (a younger version) was about two years ago. As I posted a letter to my daughter in Gosport High Street, he came over with two envelopes in his hand and dropped them in the Post Box.
( to cont. ) [21 March, 2014] : There is a Frankenstein Establishment in Gosport, behind a barbed wire and a narrow winding road, near the sea coast - Medical Naval Laboratories.  The maps of Gosport show it (?) in different places and under different names -
see .
General Alexander Lebed spoke in his HARDTALK interview on British Television about the people, who designed and made mini-nukes (he also named the model in numbers+letters name) as being potentially more dangerous than the missing mini-nukes. It seems that point has been censored online. Lebed also spoke about dangers of PSYCHO-SEMANTIC programming of people on a global scale. The menace of false environmental projects and so-called recycling has produced offensive, unsafe and ugly WASTE BINS ( wake-up and smell the garbage!) which are exceptionally useful to ORGANIZED CRIME, including nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism. International news reported cases of dead bodies and change of clothing found in those waste-bins, just like Russian Mafia film BRAT (Brother) demonstrates. When positioned close to residential buildings, those batteries of "bins" block sunlight, eat up space, present fire hazard and provide a cover for vandalism and assaults (as recently reported in "The News" re: St.Matthews Court in Gosport).
The space as refered to here (also directly under those bins) is a perfect location for mini-nukes that General Lebed warned about.
Russian Journalist DMITRY KHOLODOV , 27 was assasinated in 1994 on 17 October. At present the wikipedia entry in Russian gives more accurate and detailed information about him.
See events in Russia and Holland on 4-10 (in October 1993 and 1992) on my website . Committee to Protect Journalists website article Justice on Trial: Dmitry Kholodov
After US President Obama announced that no military action shall be taken against Russia, Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Jaalon announced, that USA is demonstrating its 'weakness'. Wikipedia reports that he has Ukranian roots and was born Smilanski or Smolinski. REUTERS article:
I just finished reading about Houdini the 'magician' - "The secret life of Houdini" by William Kalush and Larry Sloman (2006). The unpublished (?) American Senate hearings fielded a question about possible links (of fortune tellers, spiritualists, entertainment industry) with Alaska and Russia. The famous actor Yul Brynner was born in Sakhalin, Russia in 1915 - the son of Swiss and Mongolian parents.
British newspaper "Sunday People" of March 2, 2014 published photos and biographical information on people ref. PIE - Paedophile Information Exchange. In that lot is one
 GEOFFREY PRIME: The PIE member and Russian-speaking traitor, worked for the RAF and Britain's spy nerve centre, GCHQ. ....police ...found his spy gear and PIE magazines. ... He hooded one of his victims, who was only 11. Jailed for 38 years in 1982 for espionage and sex assaults on three girls. Now 76, he was released early in 2001.
The book about Houdini mentioned a secret database of personal information about people, including top polititians, etc. It was used by fortune tellers and spiritualists and was published (secretly, of course, as BLUE BOOK. The blue book and light blue colour are the logo of the Dutch Party of Paedophiles PNVD, who registered under EUROPEAN Union legislation in 2006.
This weekend an International Conference on Nuclear Safety and Security ( NSS: Nuclear Security Summit ) opens in the Hague.
PS: As my letters and e-mails to Russian and Israeli Ambassadors remain unanswered, I contemplate my next step(s).
[ 9:37] Sat. 22 March,2014.

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