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( nr 300 ) Football Scandals - Penn State in America and Portsmouth Footbal Club in UK,; Iran accused of being at the root of anti-semitism at the European Jewish Congress; human eyes and memory ...

The photo of an old man taken from National Geographic November 2007 article on MEMORY.

A severe loss of memory is not obvious .... "He laughs a lot. He seems at first like your average genial grandfather."

1984 .... 5 December 1484 - Catholic Church declares war on witches and heretics - Summis desiderantes affectibus by Pope Innocent VIII.

More in my 4 Nov. 2011 post " Templars Satanic .... " on

[Wed. 7 Dec. 2011] - From Summis desiderantes affectibus:

" ... many persons of both sexes .... by ... horrid charms, enormities and offences, destroy the offspring of women and the young of cattle, blast and eradicate the fruits of the earth, the grapes of the vine and the fruits of trees. ... Furthermore, these wretched afflict and torment men and women ... with pain and disease, both internal and external. They hinder men from generating and women from conceiving, whence neither husbands with their wives nor wives with their husbands can perform the sexual act. ... at the instigation of the enemy of the human race they do not shrink from committing and perpetrating the foulest abominations and excesses ... they ... are a cause of scandal and dangerous example to many others."


The National Geographic 2007 Nov. article is "Memory. Why We remember, Why we forget" by Joshua Foer, photogr. by Maggie Steber.


There are 1230 (!) comments to the video "Intelligent student is interviewed ...."


[ Thurs. 8 Dec. 2011] -

The parking garage sinks in, block of flats evacuated in Holland:

There was one or two misterious sink holes in Germany a few months ago. Smth. wrong underground or way above ... Just guessing.


Spy technology for all ....


Tragedy: one of many unexplained and suspicious suicides:

22 year-old Ilya Zhitomirskiy in US -


A website called Russian Mafia is about practically all ( ?) politicians and businessmen/women:


Hmm .... There were posts a couple of years ago on rmn forum about still unsolved crime - vicious murder of a female student on a university (Yale?) campus a few years ago. Key words: her father - a PHYSICIST, director of a Research Institute in GERMANY, strange visit ( mentioned) on a Sat. evening - a teen visiting middle-aged ac. couple, her mentor - a Dutch naval intelligence officer, her research - involved BOSNIA, etc. Can't find the ref.


Found in a "Dictionary of the Underworld" by Eric Partridge (1968):

Russian Coffee-House, the.

The Brown Bear tavern and night-house: 1800, The Oracle ....

in 1812, ...'A name given by some punster of the family, to the Brown Bear public-house in Bow-Street, Covent-garden'. ...


Very very interesting ! The Vice-Chancellor of University of Portsmouth Prof. John Craven was the founder of University Alliance (?), promoting BUSINESS/ funding interests (from Wikipedia).

The Student Union paper is called PUGWASH.


8-12-2011, 12-56


[ Friday 9 Dec. 2011] -

Hmm ... Chancellor- Vice-Chancellor -Visitor of British universities list ( see Wikipedia: List of British university chancellors and vice-chancellors) indicates that Nick Clegg, MP is Visitor to 12 universities.

------------------- -ROBERT MIKELSONS .... Dutch Ministry of Justice Joris Demmink .... read more on


Something strange on FACEBOOK ... Gillian de Hoedt had invited me to join the group of child protection and exposure of paedophilia. I agreed to join. I remember a name of a Polish woman there as one of the founders. After a while, I could not find the link/group any more. I asked Gillian to send me the link again. She did, but it disappeared again.

I am looking at the printout of Stopeg Facebook group and see that the url is simply - without the necessary identification.




[ Friday 16 Dec. 2011] - Vladimir Antonov ( ex-owner) of Portsmouth Football Club has a court hearing today (?) about his extradition to Lithuania.

HILLARY CLINTON was in Lithuania last week. She was there last July as well.

And a couple of days earlier she proclaimed "rights" of homosexuals to adopt children in Geneva, Switzerland:

As for international roots, there was one Max Rosenberg (?) from Russia in the 'family picture' as well.

[ Sat. 17 Dec. 2011] -

Key word Lithuania:

- 21 year-old Lithuanian prostitute (with a Russian name) Victoria Voronova - my post nr 212 of 26 May, 2009 :

- Anna Azari - current Israeli ambassador to Russia, emigrated from Lithuania to Israel with her parents in 1972. In my post nr 288 of 24 Feb. 2011 the link does to an interview on Ukranian site does not work any more (article can't be found). I give a 'draft' translation there of her answer to question 5 out of 14, where she says El-Al plane was the first to leave US on 11 September 2001.

Another article about her in a RG paper:

- Lithuanian citizenship ? Robert van Voren (Dutch) - post nr 293 of 22 June 2011:


Front page of the local paper The News on Friday 25 November, 2011 had 2 photos and news items: Vladimir Antonov (held in police cell) and The Turkish president Abdullah Gul visiting Gosport Naval cemetery where there is a 1850 Turkish site. The president and his wife met Queen Elizabeth II, and national papers 'highlighted' the First Lady's high-heeled shoes.


How so-called sex-education was forced on civilised society:

Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World.

{ SORRY for huge gaps between paragraphs - I try and can't remove them }


Sat. 17 Dec. 11:32

Tue. 20 Dec. 14:37 - tried to edit the gaps out again...

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( nr 299 ) Today 11-9 is a reverse of 9-11, depending on how you write dates: day or month first.

Some LINGO: Court travesty engenders contempt. Do rules prohibit CONTEMPT of JUSTICE?


[ Thursday 10 November 2011] -

TWO TOP scans are for my yesterday's (3rd?) reply to "Cuddle cat is a baby toy made by Russ ? " by Tinkerbell81 in the DEBATE Section :

My main post there in Debate section is "Gosport LEADS ? ...." by Galina-A-Anikeeva.


Next is CASSETTE concentration camp on Channel Islands news found in Keesing's Contemporary Archives. We want to know more about it. Indian Lake, Cassette, what else ? The most interesting secret projects of the so-called "natzies" (who were they?) are kept secret.

By the way, one episode in the book of Primo Levi "If this is a man" describes a Soviet officer running in and out of a railway hall somewhere in Belorussia (?) and repeating his motions like a mechanical toy. It resembles the description of microchipped controlled animals in one article about Dr. Joseph Delgado. I have the reference (Delgado) somewhere on my site.


Censorship about construction and development projects? We are not surprised.

By the way, just like colors and symbols, ACRONYMS are diabolical - unavoidably so.

BAM reminds me of a Soviet project. Security firm CIA. FSB for small businesses.

KGB for King's Geriatric Brigade, etc.


Tracy Lyons - Portsmouth woman who abused children in the nursery !


One of the numerous photographs ( how NOT to hold a baby ) which apparently is OK for The News Picture Editor Dean Kedward. By the way, before the present Editor Mark Waldron, the was "The News" editor MADDOX (sp?), who I have heard is now in Scotland.


Chemicals, drugs, children ... .

Two public lectures were cancelled recently: one of 4 Nov. By Prof. Steven Biller (Portsmouth and District Physical Society) and another - Cafe Scientifique lecture "Robot Ethics for Humans" (!) The CafeSci. was founded by ... WELLCOME trust and sponsored 2002-2005. Now -privately sponsored. No wonder "children are legally drugged" by a participant was immediately cut short at the last lecture.

Portsmouth University Students should be in charge (discussions open or not, with or without a speaker) and no "sponsorship" is necessary. One thing they may like to discuss are all those (violence, etc.) experiences, which they remember nothing about.


Police brutality ?

READ THIS : (An Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland from the Oakland Police Officers' Association) -

Louis Seveke in Holland wrote about the government, so-called security services and their role in terrorism.

Dutch paper NRC Handelsblad [ corr.] published it on 3 November 2005. On 15 November he was shot dead. Incl. university students approached by agents.


ISC was to obtain a luxury yacht, the Constellation -


Aliens ? .... Watch people, especially those, that cluster in certain areas.


[ Friday 11 Nov., 2011 ] -

Constellation (in Russian SOZVEZDIE) is the name of a Russian (-/Israeli?) weapons ( stars? star wars?) company. Constellation Yacht in


From The News of Wed. 12 October, 2011 " Students threatened with expulsion over acts of vandalism" :

" ... John Craven, the vice-chancellor and Amy Baker, president of the student union, have sent a stern email to students following a large number of complaints. ... "


WHY ???? were the photographs of the Portsmouth couple (sex abuse of their children, so called nudist/family computer networks - international case) were not published ?

Melissa Noon and Robert Hathaway looked and 'behaved' very very odd, which is my personal impression and opinion. Smth "Russian" in Melissa Noon and John Maddox. His photograph as I looked at it again, seems falsified (?). Smth about his nose ... A better photo on BBC website, but I could not print it out. Difficult to write about effects which may be a prerogative of FBI specialists ( there might be a terminology there), but after I made my comments, he at one point froze for a split second (they like to show their profiles) with 'reality' being closer to the photo image.

The very complex and surreal imagery contained ONE STRONG IMPRESSION OF



11.11.2011 - 14:14

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

( nr 298 ) Post Office problems ? No answer from the British ( or Royal ?) Post Office about place and date missing on the delivery certificate of my letter to HE Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador.

[wed.3 nov. 2011]

I have had second thoughts about the e-mail from the Russian Consulate ... It does not have the official format. We shall see.


Evgeni Primakov with Slobodan Milocevic in 1999. Photo from CENTURY album by Bruce Bernard. The lingo used then was MUSLIMS vs SERBS. Europe moved to protect muslims.

It should have been Muslims vs Christians, or Serbs vs Albanians (?). And Europe - already godless ? Same type of lingo in Northern Ireland : Catholics vs British, etc.

In BBC documentary a journalist asked a surviving villager about "Serbs having massacred the whole willage" and the muslim replying: WE DON'T KNOW who they were - they wore BALAKLAVAS.

Does E. Primakov look like Golda Meir on this particular photograph?


[ Friday 4 November 2011]

Two scans from the "International Pedophile network run by a Portsmouth couple" case hearings most of which I had attended from the public gallery.

My note exchange with Les Cummings about strange and disturbing 'Russian' faces.

My letter to Courts Admin. copied to the Presiding Judge Roger Hetherington.

There was a bit of S-theater, may be quite a lot.


LENIN .- from the Men of Destiny series (1932 ed. ?)

"... Lenin's nervous troubles took an acute turn. ....The principal symptom was inflammation of the nerve terminals of back and chest, which she (Krupskaya) describes as 'holy fire' or 'shearers' rash ' . Her remedy was to paint the affected part with iodine.

.... had to lie in bed for a fortnight.

...but he liked to go to the socialist churches."


[ Sat. 5 November 2011]

The e-mail from Russian Consulate HAS DISAPPEARED from my hotmail account. I have the printout.

My request for information about giving evidence, etc. to Portsmouth Court had zero response (written or oral). But there were NON-VERBAL cues ( ....)

I hesitated between CAUSE and COURSE and went for COURSE quite rightly, as it turned out.


[ Mon. 7 Nov.2011] - CASSETTE - a secret ww2 project on Alderney, Channel Islands, where

" 1000 Russians and Jews were murdered" (ref. Keesing's Contemporary Archives, 1945) cannot be found by Google ... Instead, there is a by artist Danny Ford.

Another find : The 35, 000-ton battleship "Prince of Wales" was launched at Birkenhead

on May 3, 1939.



Saturday, 8 October 2011

( nr 297 ) Russian and Israeli Ambassadors received an e-mail from me dated 7 October 2011.

A letter requesting information about giving circumstantial evidence and an independent report was sent 1st class 6 October to Portsmouth Courts (Mrs Miller) and copy- to Judge Roger Hetherington.

(cont. when I come back from Yorkshire.


[ Mon. 17 October 2011] - At the Speaker's "corner" this morning I touched upon Polsko-Litovskoe state, mysterious Polish masonic emblem (woman, science, rope ....), half a dozen of real women I have known from that region with a 'marked' behaviour, De Bono conference in Malta, BBC films for children, etc.


Scans going up: Soviet publication of 1986/7 for Western readers "Man, Nature and the Future of Civilization" by Nikita Moisseyev.

It ends with "This means in effect that mankind faces the onset of an epoch that needs new ethics and new morals. But this is a separate subject."


Masonic Women in a 1994 book published in Moscow in Russian "Emblems of Masonic Lodges of Russian Empire" by Daria Lotareva.


The News - local paper reporting on the on-going case ( Portsmouth Crown Court tomorrow) of international pedophile network ran by Robert Hathaway and Melissa Noon.


The Indian Lake Project is on Internet -


On FACEBOOK I had difficulty putting Moscow School 710 on my profile and removing International School Eerde... . The school was an expiremental school for gifted children, officially called School-Laboratory no. 1 of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Russian Federation (Russian republic in the USSR). Years 1964-66. I was in Maths-Physics Department. There were also Biology-Chemistry Dept. and Humanities Dept. Experimental, enhanced curriculum and methods. Most teachers were university teachers and researchers.



[ Wed. 19 October 2011] - Three registered letters sent this afternoon ( Amb. NL, Ru, Il ).

Katia Zatuliveter vs MP Mike Hannock (sp.?) is all the headlines today.

Hmm.... Key words: Black Sea, Caucasus, Crimea, Crimean Tatars, Crimean Greeks, Abductions and slavery, Mountain Jews (evacuated by Mossad to Israel), Kazan, Lenin, Stalin, Beria, Georgian Parliament, reported rise in youth crime in Georgia in late 1960s, Ukraine vs Georgia, Armenia, Kurds, PKK, Chechenia, Artek and other Pioneer camps.

Her name Zatuliveter is rather exotic. Black Sea - Black Water ? Turkey, Mladoturks, etc



[ Sat. 22 October 2011 ] - The top four scans: my first ever leaflet I made in 2006, below - the second one I made in December 2010, which is a collage from my current website.

Dutch Women demonstrating against registration of Party of Paedophiles.

Robert M. (Mikelsons) was abused as a child by his mother. He sexually abused more than 85 babies and toddlers in Holland. He, a "submissive" partner in a homosexual relationship with an older former truck driver, was a computer specialist in encryption. They planned to adopt children and open their private nursery.



Friday, 23 September 2011

( nr 296 ) Dutch women demonstrate against registraion of political party of paedophiles (!). The European Union legislation ... allowed it in 2006. The protest campaign demanded to change EU legislation if necessary. I signed the petition and did my own bit: made a leaflet ( A5) for the first time in my life and distributed it in Gosport and beyond.

Not a single British newspaper reported this outrage. Even the so-called ANTI-EUROPE parties kept quiet. They should have had a field day exposing what is rotten about "Europe".

The party PNVD did not collect enough members for Dutch elections and eventually disbanded itself (?) after boycot and ridicule.

Top scan - women protest in front of the Dutch Ministry of Justice.


Yellow Goebbels - the name of a psychotronic weapon used in the October 1993 bloody conflict between Russian Parliament plus supporters and president Boris Eltsin. The scan in the middle is from a book "Zapiski iz BELOGO DOMA 21.9 -4.10 " by Veronika Kutsillo, 26 year-old woman journalist who started from a "pro-democracy" position, but became disillusioned with both left and right political wings.

Yellow Goebbels was a radio and a low-frequency weapon that affected people psychologically changing their mood (euphoria, fear, etc.) and physically - causing hart trouble, etc.


Sergei Kara-Murza "Tear the electrodes from our brain" - the bottom scan of the book (in Russian) published in 1994. Contrary to the title, there is nothing about MK- mind control technology in that book. Around 2002 on a Russian forum nvz I complained that the search ( Russian Google, etc.) for MK -Mind Control or MK-ultra produces no result, while there was sufficient information about MK-ultra etc. in English.

Sergei Kara-Murza started as an organic chemist and worked as an advisor in Cuba.


Deception, psy-ops, non-existent people:


NATO, football, mafia and .... an educational software:


Communist Goals 1958:

Do away with all loyalty oaths, get control of the schools and all student newspapers,

present homosexualty, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy", etc. -


Volume I of the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson is MEN WHO HATE WOMEN .Mistranslated in English as "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

Correctly translated into Dutch as "Mannen die vrouwen haten".

Yes, there are men who hate women and women who hate men.


Mon. 26 Sept. 13:42

Sat. 1 October.

I have started posting information on two Tragic Events of October 4 - in 1992 in Holland and in 1993 - in Russia

Gosport, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. This week a trial of people who abused young children and ran an international paedophile nework started in Portsmouth Crown Court. To cont. Monday 3 Oct. 10:30 -

[ 4 Oct. 2011 ] - Received an e-mail in Russian from MATTHEW CHRISTY ( sent 04 October 2011 10:52:34 about 1mln pounds win from British American Tobacco ..... Why did it not go to JUNK ? Last time I had a funny e-mail in Russian was just after a Business conf. in Center near Cosham ( Thornton Publishers, Lebedev, funny people, etc.)

Did others receive this e-mail as well? Is tobacco british, israeli, american, dutch, russian , estonian, latvian, ... ? A mozgi-to ***********..........

I now have a better insight into discussions between different groups of people on


Sunday 9 October - to Skipton.


Monday, 1 August 2011

( nr 295 ) Breivik - the British Connection.

I received a very STRANGE e-mail ( 2 pages scan above) from Paul Cameron, Ph.D., Chairman, Family Research Institute in Colorado Springs, USA. Pure provocation.
Is that real Paul Cameron ? Collecting money to go to Poland, Estonia and Moldova this Autumn ?
Another e-mail signed "Andrew Berwick, London, England -2011 " was sent to 1002 e-mail addresses. One recipient was a Belgian MP Tanguy Veys. Apparently the e-mail was sent at 14:09 (CET ?) -almost two hours before bomb exploded in Oslo.
The full English text of this e-mail is contained in an article " Wie kreeg er mail van Breivik? Een. nl adres" by Marc Leijendekker published 27 July 2011 (14:17) in the Dutch paper NRC:
EDL demonstration in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.
(to cont. this or next week)
[ Tue 9 Aug.2011] - I have posted a question 'Agent Provocateur?' on a Forum of
Renew America -
All current PsyOps, provocations, treason, mind control ultra and anti-social engineering are becoming so obvious, that many dirty secrets about WW2, Russian Revolution, Cold War and perestroika, etc. are not only being exposed, but show amasing patterns of similarity.
Some points/questions of importance:
1. The highest-tech weapons SDI+ are apparently in very wrong hands, whom I call
2. Nixon, Lindon LaRouche, Kissinger, Arbatov (The Head of Soviet Think-Tank for America
and Canada), others .......
3. Was the supposed end of Cold War useful for infiltration and subversion of both sides by
Cabal International ?
4. Special strategic interest in Scandinavia. Was Olof Palme assasinated by them ?
The first reports about Breivik terror mentioned 'Social Democratic Party camp', but later - Labour Party. Sveriges Social-demokratiska Arbetar Partiet - Soc-Dem-Workers Party in Sweden. I am curious because in the Soviet Encycl. Dictionary there is a confusion about political Party names.
5. From "all the best" letter: ."...The actions of the Norway mass-murderer, Breivik, probably 'changes things'. Almost certainly, hundreds of young men will be inspired. His on-line 1518 page manifesto is readable and many will find it 'makes sense'. A blood-bath of elites and their children because they have neutered men and jammed our faces into the ultimate 'unmanliness' of homosexuality is probably on the way.
Fear changes things. In the case of the gays, the fear of being called 'homophobic' and other nasties has helped quiet Evangelical and Catholic opposition. The fear of death will probably do more. ....... Fear causes many to 'pause and do a rethink', so our coming trip to Estonia, Poland and Moldova in October/November takes on even more importance. ..... We need $5,500 for expenses for this trip. Not much if you are a wealthy organization, but a lot to us. ......."
I shall try to post more legible scans of this e-mail somewhere plus the NRC article/another e-mail which was sent out to 1002 addresses incl. so-called right-extremist organizations (my link to it is inactive).
[Thurs. 11 Aug. 2011] I can't delete excessive spaces/gaps between lines of text, which appear spontaneously and stubbornly remain or even become larger.
EDL stands for English Defence League. They are supposed to be racist, fascist and bad - that is how British Media tries to depict them or may be, tried (?).
I went to have a look last month on their demonstration in Portsmouth and realised how airbrushed their imagery was in media. In reality, they were (the core group) ..... patsies, for want of a better word. Drunk, drugged .... I recognized the peculier pallor (sp?) and something about motorics. Emphatically and theatrically ragged , visibly homosexual, tattooed, wearing EAR RINGS.
Some are recognizably 'football hooligan' types and I almost spotted charactes who were unpleasant to me in Gosport ref. my Speaker's Corner activity, which centers around Robert M. mega-crimes, which British media is still gagged about.
A few normal, decent types were there. They explained, that they were not racist, but were again Sharia Law (zones).
I read somewhere that Jewish Organizations (e.g. ADL - anti-defamation league) sponsor EDA.
British football is linked to Soviet Jewish emigration - Roman Abramovich, Gaydamak father and son. I did not know that BEITAR (or BETAR) organization is tied to Israeli football :
Beitar Jerusalem F.C. BEITAR Snipers were reported to have been active during bloody failed coup in Moscow, Russia - events 21 Sept. - 4 October 1993. Both sides in the conflict called other side - FASCIST.
I now believe WW2 was orchestrated and run by Cabal International, - too many similarities with what has been going on now.
Too many gaps and lies about WW2 history.
In the Soviet history we learned that ww2 was instigated by global imperialists and was against Communists, i.e. Soviet citizens. Only abroad did I hear for the first time that Jews were the target. To sum up what is known now (to me), the groups targeted by FASCISTS were:
1. Criminals
2. Communists
3. Jews
4. Homosexuals
5. Gypsies
6. Other ( illegals, vagrants, etc.)
British Channel Islands were occupied by Germans. First Fascists were Italian, they declared war on Italian Mafia.
Italian Mafia was recruited by Allies (USA Navy recruted them first ?)
There were, it turns out, even Russian Fascists, which explanes what teachers told us in primary school.
Cabal International is behind United Nations and European Union.
What is called Psychopolitics, MK-ULTRA, cloning, etc. was what Cabal International was busy with throughout WW2 plus enormous infiltration of people/agents who stole identities of other people during and after the war.
So-called MI6 training in Gosport featured lively interest in Arctic Dogs only a while ago.
Read about Gosport Pub Madeleine, St. John's Square and an Israeli website with a sinister logo on it. I stumbled on it because my name was mentioned there. And more - Skipton in Yorkshire, Blackwatch, some retired Israeli military/Mossad, Latvian KGB, etc.
Friday, 12 [not 11...] Aug. 11:00.
Wed. 17 Aug.2011: I posted 'Forgery ?' - a READABLE scan of the e-mail above:
Sat. 20 August 2011:
I posted "Possible LEADS to Madeleine" -
where a member - Dolly found and posted a link to url of saved content of the Israeli website (page)
[Tue 30 Aug.2011] - My post "Gosport LEADS ? ...." on another
[ Wed. 7 Sept.2011] - Next week in Skipton: 12-16 Sept.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

( nr 294 ) Russische Wijsheid vs Joodse Wijsheid : illustrated books Verba publishers, 1997, Soest in Holland. The Jewish Wisdom book combines both traditional and 'revolutionary' symbols. Jewish BUND merged with Communist party. Bund opposed Zionists. Have they made an accord since then? ....
Read on Wikipedia : General Jewish Labour Bund in Lithuania, Poland and Russia.


POLAND has taken its EU presidency last Friday. According to the Polish embassy figures:

20 000 Poles in Holand in 2007 and now - almost 200 000.


The Gosport OXFAM Bookshop in difficulties ! I signed their petition.

Back in the Soviet Union one could criticise individuals but NEVER the SYSTEM. It was a political crime. I buy wonderful books there and do hope they survive.

The System is bust !


The new posh trains become 'gas chambers' as temperature goes up to 45 degrees centigrade - power failure, electric, air-conditioning . Report from Belgium last week:

US: 20 billion dollars spent annually on air-conditioning alone (Iraq and Afganistan wars) - which is more than entire NASA budget. ?????????????


Sodom and Gomorra = Satanic Communism.

Mr Lebedev's paper hails homosexual adoptions of children.

The Times (!) commisioned "The Narey Report on Adoption".

Lot's of S-theater in the last few days.

Theresa May (head MI5, Police) supports homosexual adoptions.

She is in the CONSERVATIVE party.

Theresa May championed scaling back the vetting system for adults wanting to do voluntary work with children. "Banned pervert teachers could work with kids again because the vetting system is being relaxed." - from NEWS of the WORLD article "PERV TEACHERS COULD LAND JOB WITH KIDS" by David Wooding (March 6, 2011).


KGB=MOSSAD. I broke down the two acronyms and reconstructed the letters.




Personality Disorder scandal in the American Military: - the tel. number and the e-mail address appear on page 6/6 on my printout and may be overlooked :

Tel.: (646) 456-7738


[ Thurs. 7 July, 2011 ] -

FRENCH search-engine 1PlusV demands almost 300 000 euro damages for de-facto sabotage from GOOGLE


KOSHER meat slaughter under fire : majority of 116 with 30 votes against:


Gosport Ferry pontoon works with Dutch subcontractors: , KUBOTA, Ster Verhuur (Star Hire) - Arnhem, Doetinchem, Nijmegen.

There is a The Star pub on High Street in Gosport.


Mossad-KGB: Avni Zeev was born Wolf Goldstein in 1921, in Riga, Latvia ....

The names of Alexander Shelepin (KGB boss) and Vladimir (Zeev) Jabotinsky are missing in the 1986 Soviet Enc. Dictionary (80 000 entries).

The Betar/Beitar youth movement was founded by Jabotinsky in 1923 in Riga, Latvia ( see Wikipedia).


1963: 45 Communist goals - number 26 reads: Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."


Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD:

Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics:



"Homosexual adoptions victimize children" by Bryan Fischer


Trotsky advocates abolishing the Family; attacks Stalin for restoring it:

Mind and Body Control = PSYCHOPOLITICS:


7 July, 2011 11:50


[ 11 July 2011] -

NEXT MONDAY at 11.00 in front of the Gosport Library I shall experiment with a less spontaneous presentation, i.e. with a plan and illustrations/posters.

Some of the topics include: News of the World, Hacking and Hackers, Communist (Satanic) agenda targeting children.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

( nr 293 ) Political Abuse of Psychiatry in the SOVIET UNION is still a forbidden topic ?

The top scan (of five ) is a printout of blocking of WIKIPEDIA and a minute later - of this blog of mine at the Portsmouth Central Library yesterday. Earlier yesterday I had difficulties in the Gosport Library, accessing topics of Psychiatry and Iran. The second scan from top (red background) is an article in Russian "Kantor: Iran at the root of anti-Israelism and anti-semitism" [Soviet Jews, European Jewish Congress, World Jewish Congress, Jerusalem, Stockholm, Luxembourg, Shimon Perez, Igor Ivanov, Hans Bliks (sp.?)......] My search for Iran-10000 Jewish orphans ( see post nr 292) resulted in a flood of smth. about 10000 e-mails /Anonymous/Iran? and only my post way down about 10000 Polish Jewish orpans evacuated to Iran in 1943.

On Wikipedia read "Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union" - 44 pages. Contents and volume of entries in different languages varies drastically. Russian entry - 19 pages, Ukranian - 2 pages. Also read about Abuse of Psychiatry, classifications of Mental Illness (WHO and APA) and proposed changes - all about Orwellian Mind Control.

A lot is still missing on Wikipedia, and yet, they almost freaked out yesterday... .

USA: Barbara Hartle and Communist Party:

3 remaining scans: Latvians in UK - from 7000 in 2004 to 39000 in 2010.

Hawaiian history and a strange turn the story of Gary McKinnon is taking, with Theresa May- head of MI5, Police, supporter of adoption of children by homosexuals, showing personal interest. Could not find anything on Professor Turk.


Communist takeover, MK-ULTRA, psycho-training in Lavrenti Beria's 'universities':


45 Communist Goals:


French Parliament votes AGAINST legalizing homosexual 'marriages' -


13:52 cont. next week.


[ Wed. 29 June, 2011]

The arrest of computer expert Ryan Cleary (19) in Wickford, Essex brings numerous parallels with the case of Garry McKinnon (45).

By the way, we know little about their FATHERS .


Who is Robert van Voren? On his site he says his name ( Dutch) is a psydo-name. What about his real name? Lithuanian citizen? Georgian President Saakashvili has a Dutch wife.


A retired teacher from Odessa, Ukrainian lady Hanna Vasilyevna Michailenko, refused a Ukrainian KGB recruitment/invitation to become an informer/infiltrator and was placed in psychiatric unit (prison) where she was from 1980 to 1988, - EIGHT YEARS.

Aliona van der Horst made a Dutch documentary "A lady in a white hat" in 1997.


When the Russian Spies scandal broke out in the US last year, there was a comment in big media about a hasty spy-exchanges (?), which neglected or omitted a Russian (?) man, who was imprisoned in Russia, because refused to work for (be recruited by) CIA.


Brian Bates - Oklahoma, US -


12:10 (wed. 29 June, 2011).

Monday, 23 May 2011

( nr 292 ) ZENITH Radio Corporation, International Division, Chicago, 60639, U. S. A.


A wonderful edition of "Turgenev" by Edward Garnett - a gift from Dan Fyfe of Glasgow, Scotland (1973 travel to UK with a stopover in West Berlin).


1993 Russian book "The Meaning of Zionism" by Vladimir Stepin. If one substitutes Cabal International in place of Zionists, the tactics and strategy described there explanes some morden phenomena, i.e. quangos and charities. I talked about it at my Speaker's Corner.


SECRET UNDERGROUND SPACES. A couple of years ago Tesco (?) shops offered to open ..... detention facilities (!) in their buildings (when police stations were closing).

Almost funny: back in 1999 (?) in Mariahoeve Winkel Centrum in The Hague a Ukranian woman waiting in a queue (sp) at the supermarket cashier heard a voice behind her: "Grazhdanochka, PROIDEMTE !" - as if a policeman was arreasting or detaining her. It was a joke, of course. Two scans, as there were distractions and mistakes (?).

My comment to an article at Vatic Project blogspot website: .....


MoS wins battle to name SAS soldier on child sex charges (Government's 'secrecy order' is overturned). Mail on Sunday 15 May, 2011, by Martin Delgado.

Corporal Ian Tuckley faces 31 charges, including raping and indecently assaulting girls as young as six. The second man is Martin Finney. Both were arrested last October.

Lingo: Public Servant . Hmm .... There were Civil servants (civil or gov. vs military) and now ? Public servants and Private servants ?


Children on pages 41 and 45 from a Dutch book "Joodse Wijsheid" translated as Jewish Wisdom by Olav Paul, illustr. by Wil Berg. The first picture - Poland: 10 000 Jewish orphans in 1943 evacuated to Teheran (in Iran).

The second picture is not explaned.

Persia or Iran is compared to /named "Asiatic Poland" and a young Jewish woman, working as police informer (KGB), who pretended to be Persian/Iranian, did not mislead a Frenchman, visiting Moscow in 1925 : Shall check the pages later.


I read somewhere that Queen Victoria was a Russophobe, but it was not elaborated. I also read elsewhere that there was a medical doctor, a surgeon from Ukraine, who was one of the suspects in Yorkshire Ripper case ( autumn 1888). From "The secrets of the Freemasons" by Pat Morgan, 2006:


The killings started with that of Mary Ann Nichols on August 31 and continued with Annie Chapman (September 8), Elizabeth Stride (Sept. 30), Catharene Eddowes (also Sept.30), and Mary Jane Kelly (Nov.9).

... Queen Victoria's private doctor, Dr.William Gull, who was a Freemason.

.... story expounded in great detail in Stephen Knight's 1976 book "Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution". It seems the Queen ordered Gull to carry out the killings because the unfortunate victims had knowledge of a clandestine marriage between a prostitute, Annie Crook [a Catholic], and one of Victoria's grandsons, Prince Albert Edward.
On a picture of 'Masonic Lodge of Old ...' both women and men attend the meeting.


The Back Page of all newspapers is practically wasted (?), wheras written statements from people who may object to allegations/reports in media could and should (legalese from the profession, which ties clients' hands should be removed or adjusted) make clear written statements - not too long and with URL of texts or videos on Internet. Any money impediments or threats should also be removed and not obstruct the way to truth and justice. We hear that IMF boss was offered/asked to make a written statement, but refused to do so.

War on Language and Thinking? ....

Knowledge, Understanding, Skills and Abilities.

Geology, Antropology, Reflexology .... REFLEX-o-logy: study of (Pavlovian) Reflexes.

Truth and Reason. Justice and Understanding.

Rights and Wrongs, Responsibilities, Duties, Privilegies, Limitations/Prohibitions, etc.



The Navy Medical Labs (maps on my spot-a-gosport blogspot website) in Gosport must be the place of MK-Ultra, cloning, etc.


Gosport hosts Children of Chernobyl, Children of Beslan, etc.

Hrodno/Grodno is where Meyer Lansky and Tsipi Livni (among others) have roots.


In mid-nineties, I attended lectures of the Dutch Royal Institute of International Affairs in the Hague. In their library I was surprised to read about regular (observer) attendance of EU meetings by representatives of .... not the democracy/pro-western Russian parties, but people from the Communist and Lib-Dem (Vladimir Zhirinovski's) parties. There was also a mention of Young Turk/Russian politicians in research papers.

I was surprised/shocked to learn that V. Zhirinovski is still active in Duma and recently said that Russia is responsible for (space weapon) attack on Japan.


Friday, 27 May travelling to Skipton.