Thursday, 9 October 2008

( nr 173 ) "The Queen Mother was especially well known for liking her staff to be homosexual" - from the scan above.


Interesting ... The 'last modified' notices on wikipedia for Cressida Dick - 7 Oct.2008 at 15:54 and for Naomi Wolf - 8 Oct.2008 04:03. In printed literature one can trace what is missing and what has changed from edition to edition, with editorial board named fully.
Deeper Malaise. "Mr Gay UK ..." article by Nick Britten -
What are the details of the arrest of Dr.F.Toben ?
To continue my quote ( from yesterday) about Sir Ian Blair: " ... diversity scheme Together ... had 40 core values. 'Not one of them mentions catching criminals', complained one officer."
The Home Secretary, Miss Smith, got very upset on hearing about Sir Ian's resignation .
Another link to Gay sex for children scandal highlighted in the Daily Mail:
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