Wednesday, 17 June 2009

( nr 218 ) The scan from the first book by Anat. Golitsyn with a reference to ORCHESTRA / SYMPHONY strategic and tactical model.
Bloemetjes buiten zetten ! - what an irony: I discovered today that my pot plants, which I placed outside in the back garden (lawn) last week, all shrivelled up, discolorated and acquired unnatural rust and indigo spots. Must have happened last night or in the last 48 hrs .... .
Talk of atmospheric precipitation.
From recent news: new head of MI6 from November this year; many more changes in British government, incl. DWP ministers; Baroness Scotland declining to consider tougher sentences in Baby P. case; Vanessa George, a married woman with two children, who worked in a local ( Plymouth) nursery, charged with sexual offences against young children; some news about Freedom of Information Act, which I am yet to read about.
Voronezh it seems, was used as a "staging area for attack on Stalingrad", thus under occupation for some months in 1942-43. I remember a question in official Soviet forms about any length of time spent in occupied territories (re: an applicant or a family member).
No trace of Col. Ernest Fortune (on the Web) who handed over British troops to the Germans in Dunkirk(Allied Normandy landing). I heard the name from a veteran in Stubbington who spent time in Auschwitz concentration camp and took part in the "Death March" in 1945.
N. Khruschev and the abstract art ... Six abstract paintings were published in satirical magazine Crocodile and readers were asked to guess which 3 paintings were done by artists and which 3 - by psychiatric asylum inmates. I got it all wrong ! It might have been a prank on the part of the authorites, though. However, when I wrote in defence of abstract art in a school essay, I was given a top mark. But it was a 'special' school. I critisized the criticism, actually, rather than defending abstractionism. I have never been a dissident. [ed. 18 June 11:43]