Tuesday, 17 February 2009

( nr 193 ) Beverly Eckert " My Silence Cannot Be Bought " was published on Friday Dec.19, 2003 by the USA Today -
She died in a plane crash last Friday.
ISRAEL : news of 12 Russian Jews in Knesset, Tsipi Livni discussing ways of fighting terrorism with international groups (from http://www.wcrj.org/ ), the site http://www.israelnews.com
or www.jpost.com
report on Arkady Gaydamak and his Social Justice Party and much more.
Is Hilary Clinton on a tour of East Asia ? Does that include Far East?
The ex-Soviet Jewish Republic with the capital of Birobidjan is just across the border with China,
where there was a historic Jewish presence , Jews of Kaifeng ( I am reading "Jews in Ancient China" by Shapiro).
Money ( social security) not paid to the bank !
Dropped a letter to the Job Centre in Gosport (attn. Chris Moxham) yesterday and sent one to Richard Bird (the manager) Totton BDC in Southampton today.
The tel. number for enquiries 0845 608 8620 is busy all the time (cost 2 pounds for about 2 min. on my mobile) and there is no option for leaving a message, one is supposed to just wait (no indication of how many people waiting) or try again.
History: 1909, 1910, 1911 ... A matter of translation? Only English version for Tottenham Outrage and Sydney Street Siege translated into German and Norvegian only:
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