Thursday, 21 January 2010

( nr 247 ) The keyholder scans: someone has displayed the key holder photos with the baby and child on our notice board in the foye of St.Matthews Court - this morning or yesterday evening. I brought it from outside the building, where I found it on the parking place 26, as I returned home from Gosport Library Wednesday evening.
Whose children are they?
Scans going up:
- Dr.Rauni Kilde speaks about the Swine Flu conspiracy. The youtube link posted on rmn forum (
Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland is the author of a famous article, written (or edited?) Dec. 2000:
"Microchip Implants, Mind Control & Cybernetics" -
- another scan of a letter written by Scott Koch in reply to Mr. David A.Larson, who was making a FOIA request in 2008 on Alfred Mann, Joseph Schulman, Robert Greenberg, Gerald Loeb and Yitzhak Zilberman.
The letter is published on where David A.Larson tells his story. His site seems to be tampered with: some links and display do not work - at least from the Gosport Library, which is one of the "training" places.
- A diagram of microwaves going through walls in a building from the German website MicroWaves Terror -
- The diagrams on top are - one from and the others - from
On the diagrams find: forced memory blanking, FORCED SPEECH, controlled dreams, FORCED NUDGING of ARM during delicate or messy work causing INJURY or SPILLS, forced orgasm, INTENSE PAIN, etc.
Terminology: aerosole spray was used before chemtrails. Organic chemistry was used more in the past, but now we talk of microbiology. Microbiology... nanobiology...?
THREE more links to websites I have printouts from:
Three VERY GOOD LINKS in rmn post:
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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

( nr 246 ) To continue from the post nr 245 of yesterday:
Something happened to the LARSONMEDIA.NET yesterday, shortly after I posted nr 245. Above is the "empty" front page where the menue (except 'About Us' and 'Contact') is not diplayed. The text on the front page is way down below. The two scans show the front page before I posted here and the corrupted version, except the menue is visible on the printout, but of course, not functional.
The top scan is from the RUSSIAN FORUM, where in two of my posts (13.11.2004 and 27.02.2005) I write Post Scriptum, actually complain, that "K" had not yet apologized for confusing me with another woman (Galina from Israel).
The post below is from K to me dated 27.02.2005 with the apology, which, as I read it now, sounds actually threatening.
Curiously enough, a nice person (a Good Samaritan) lived with his family in Gosport opposite me and I could see "K - House" from my window. Of course, the Gosport man knew nothing of the far-fetched coincidence. One of those things.

Monday, 18 January 2010

( nr 245 ) The scan above of a letter ( two pages) to David A. Larson in California from the CIA Information and Privacy Coordinator Scott Koch ref. Alfred Mann, Joseph Schulman, Robert Greenberg, Gerald Loeb and Yitzhak Zilberman.

The story about Torture by remote control - activating microstimulators in human body -

MK-ULTRA/MK-DELTA+ TODAY: David A. Larson's website


From rmn posts: by Aphrodite in 2006 ... Brain Zapped?


Psychopathic Torture Experiments - the first on a long list of technological harassment:

Microwaves in the hands of Criminals and Terrorists (2003) -
The top scan above is from 2003 Russian Forum discussions : the url link may or may not be valid, which is
"Leonid" (from Korea?) does not see what is really wrong with sexual promiscuity, prostitution and narcotics. His post is to me - "Galina" (- in Cyrrilic!).
Around the same time one prolific member "K" engaged in discussion with me AS IF I WAS another member - Galina (in English font).
{"K" gave me a dubious apology only after repeated reminders.}
That member 'Galina' was a Russian Jewish emigrant from Israel, who went on and on about how she was missing Russia and how she was planning a return to Russia. That was 6-7 years before Lavrov-Livni extraordinary Russia-Israel No-Visa Regime.
Rixon Stewart - the editor (?) of , judging from his childhood picture on the website, is the man on a photograph ( 2 yrs. ago?) which was only titled uploading material for the truthseeker in a St.Petersbourg Internet cafe.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

( nr 244 ) Scans above - going upwards:
- two examples of DATES being messed up/ambiguous. Do you remember the so-called millenium bug, when many IT businesses allowed access to their hard(-soft)ware?
- two pages with photos of David Blankett from "David Blankett" by Stephen Pollard, 2005.
- pages from 1984 and 1985 editions of the " Diplomatic Dictionary (vol.1) with slightly differing entries for Arbatov G.A. and Definition of Aggression history.
- more illustrations with comments from "Joodse Wijsheid".
- The photograph of homosexual detainees in 1938 in Sachsenhausen concentration camp - the Pink Triangles did not appear on the, which (re-)published the article -
Kay Griggs tells a story about Pink Triangles in her interviews.
MK-Ultra (later MK-Search) had 149 (!) subprojects, "ranging among the subjects of biology, drugs, sexual activities, technology, physics, psychology and even motion pictures.
Techno Sodom and Gomorragh topic:
"The technology" is about uploading rubbish to human brains and bodies, torture included (there must be a link somewhere on a Mann Technologies ( ?) crimes in USA.
The ultimate victims of sadistic degenerates are CHILDREN, BABIES - even before they are born.
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PS: added Sat. 16 Jan. 14:56 - the "Mann" ref. website is LARSONMEDIA.NET

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

( nr 243 ) The five scans above are (again) not in the order of scanning and posting.
Three scans are pages from the Dutch book "Jewish Wisdom". On p.141 - "The Poles: 10.000 Jewish War Orphans in 1943 (evacuated) to Teheran".
The two scans from articles in The Independent newspaper are samples of quite a few graphic/photo imagery that appeared in several newspapers at about the same time. The only commonality was the colour scheme: white, black with just a spot or splash of red.
" A woman carries her daughter ...." - what a strange way to carry a child!
As for the "New Labour flame..." - the red flag, it has some hidden undertone/agenda, which I can't put my finger on yet.
conserning Mind Control and BEHAVIOUR(S) TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER:
behaviour modules can be forced bypassing 'free will' when outside factors (incl. food, drug, e/m signals, etc.) interact with nano particles (crystals, microchips, m. fibers) that invaded human bodies and brain.
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Saturday, 9 January 2010

( nr 242 ) To continue, the five scans are:
- Roger Day's 21 medals ... . Is this not a clear evidence of Trauma/Mind Control/So-called Training?
- Many interesting articles on The has not included the subtitle "COULD TERROR WAR BE RESPONSE BY GOP AND ISRAEL AGAINST THREATS TO THEIR GLOBAL PLANS?" when they published Gordon Duff's article on their site:
- British Trade Union Chief Jack Jones was a KGB spy. The so-called secrets is not all what alphabet agencies are about.
- Two articles from the Dutch News Agency NOS about police matters: an American policeman 28 year old Timothy Carson robbed a bank on his way to work. He hid his robber attire in a dustbin - another clip from a "BRAT" blockbuster film.
Years ago Moscow police came to Ryazan(?) with live explosives for 'training' and were observed by a vigilant citizen unloading truck. The local police knew nothing about it.
Slowak police as part of their training ("training" again) planted live explosives on unsuspecting passengers of an air flight from Poprad to Dublin. They were training dogs... .
They forgot to remove the 90 grams of explosive from the baggage of one electrician.
An interesting post from Watchman on Sadistic Degenerates' Modus Operandi:
World Health (?!) Organisation RE-DEFINED pandemics ...
Talking of definitions: may be in 1997, I translated from Russian, but did not get back to the Clarity-International legal discussion forum (distracted by trivia), a definition of Terrorism. It was a long legalese sentense and it was verbatim the international definition.
One interesting thing about modern terrorism is that it does not challenge the status quo, unlike bloody assasinations of leaders in the past or some political ultimatum from some organisation A or B.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

( nr 241 ) The photos ( taken Dec. 29) is of me with my granddaughter - born at 16.30 on the 15 of December 2009 in the Airedale NHS General Hospital in Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK.