Wednesday, 13 January 2010

( nr 243 ) The five scans above are (again) not in the order of scanning and posting.
Three scans are pages from the Dutch book "Jewish Wisdom". On p.141 - "The Poles: 10.000 Jewish War Orphans in 1943 (evacuated) to Teheran".
The two scans from articles in The Independent newspaper are samples of quite a few graphic/photo imagery that appeared in several newspapers at about the same time. The only commonality was the colour scheme: white, black with just a spot or splash of red.
" A woman carries her daughter ...." - what a strange way to carry a child!
As for the "New Labour flame..." - the red flag, it has some hidden undertone/agenda, which I can't put my finger on yet.
conserning Mind Control and BEHAVIOUR(S) TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER:
behaviour modules can be forced bypassing 'free will' when outside factors (incl. food, drug, e/m signals, etc.) interact with nano particles (crystals, microchips, m. fibers) that invaded human bodies and brain.
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