Wednesday, 29 October 2008

( nr 180 ) The 3 scans above are:
1. A somewhat better map of Gosport Center (than on Google), but still disappointing. By the way, there is an Indian Connection to Gosport history: buildings facing Crown Mews (which are on the wrong side of Ordnance Rd.) were built mistakingly to tropical design, meant for some place in India. Mumby Road: Mumby short for Mombasa. And there is a Turkish Cemetery within a (Naval ?) Cemetery in Gosport.
2. Another page from the same (see yesterday's post) "Mafia" book: Meyer Lansky and family in Havana in 1937. Is his original name Suhowlianski? Suhov-Lansky. PS. I haven't seen that book in the Crime section of the Library since I quoted from it first about 2 yrs.ago.
3. To cont. from the previous posts ( here and Expatica) about the Conference in the Hague:
" Gen. Johnson" does not exist, and Change of address letter ( 4 Woolston Court, Broadsands Drive, Gosport at the time) to Adam and Katrina Noble returned with silly labels covering the FCO address in London, which can be seen through the paper. The last (Christmass) card from them was from India.
NLP, NVP - both language and images can be manipulative and offensive. There is a certain trend that I see from following examples:
1. From one extreme/inconvenience to another:
a). A standard webpage design with content in the center (which is good) but with annoying perimeter of banners and flashes. A resultant 'training' of periferal vision to 'switch off' ?
b). A shocking and annoying new web design(s) with broken/non-existent center and content floating in chunks. Also London Olympic Logo.
2. Recurrent absurd (or obsene/sinister) details and elements, from absurd to symbolic, appearing in different contexts. Obsenities are glaring and of a global cabal design, but a sort of an abstract, accidental, without a meaning (?) element may be found in the 'thin' white triangles - in the Olympic Logo (the gaps) and a loose piece of a lapel/shirt in the Oxford Bullingdon Club photo with Nat. Rothschild, George Osbourne A sort of a subliminal insert, but in space, rather than in time.
And all of the above is the conditioning for chaos and disorder. Our common sense and higher reasoning rendered useless. Talk of psychic injury or neurological damage.
It seems my outdated photo cannot be simply removed, which I tried to do. I need to find another photo or some graphics to replace it.
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