Friday, 29 May 2009

( nr 213 ) The scans above going upwards are:
the first two are from the "12-page COLLECTORS' BOOKLET" for the 1997 50th anniversary video "It's a Wonderful Life". The bad character is in the middle of the group photo, and Donna Reed is ... with another man ! A trade mark is for VPRC - video packaging review committee.
Two local articles about Gosport MP Peter Viggers - 1974 elections and 2005 - Gosport Ferry privatisation affair. I actually wrote smth. on Expatica, I think, suggesting that Boris Johnson was unfairly chosen as a distraction at the time. And ... (theatrics aka games) Boris Johnson lookalike the following day.
A visiting card of J.A.G. BENNINK from the Dutch Ministry of Interior, who paid a visit to me in Ommen on Wednesday, 15 February 1989.
I reported him/the incident to the Ommen Police Station and to my solicitor. See my CV on
But earlier on, in London (during my sabbatical as an honorary research fellow), I was expected, as I now realize, to take/apply for a job in MOD, or as privately advised, to ask them (security service) for 'help'. There was a huge financial crisis in Nigeria (naira became 15 kobo overnight), my ex-husband worked then in the embassy in Moscow and was probably affected as well, etc.etc.
And then, what does smb. like Oleg Gordievski know about innocent people being blacklisted so that the real "agents" can carry on their dirty work ? Should I write an open letter to him?
The top scan is of an e-mailing to Peter Viggers in June 2003, or, rather his Personal Asst. at the time Debbie Bradshaw. I refer to this as a fruitless attempt on my part 'to seek advice' and refer to this in my angry e-mail to Glenn Duggan - see end of Summary on
KAY GRIGGS is very right about criminal/rogue alphabet agencies, only it must be supplemented with the role ( sometimes key role) and place of women in all of this.
I shall start today with the continuation of the Pension Saga on


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

( nr 212 ) The scans above are from 3 newspapers: Our local paper The News of 22,23 May re: Millionaire Viggers - The editorial and the PJV initialled grate well covering.
"News of the World" of May 24 devoted several pages to their investigators' report:
Queen Terror Bombshell - about security outrage (and a hooker) at Palace. The prostitute is one Victoria Voronova - 21 year old Lithuanian.
Daily Mail today writes about thugettes: QUATER of ALL violent assaults in Britain now carried out by women (!).
Gosport MP is just one of the 'victims' of a "British Revolution" - uprooting of a huge segment of senior government servants ( ru: slugi naroda) following revelations of financial misconduct by Daily Telegraph first, and followed by almost all other papers. It has been going on for weeks now. DT revealed the source - one former SAS officer, John Wicks. Some controversy started about his persona (by Daily Mail).
The Pension Saga website or, rather the saga, takes my full time attention.
After Summary-18, I shall continue on a "...-023cont.blogspot ..." in a blog-like manner, consolidating and expanding what is already recorded on this site ( and elsewhere) about Gosport Job Centre experiences, Citizens Advice Buro, etc.