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Women and Crime.

( nr 365 )  - mostly cont. from previous post (nr 364 ):
 Red Rose Questions.
Yes, the role of Women in crimes remains understated, even though we have record numbers of women in uniforms - police and military. 
Posted two scans: the one on a blue background is the so-called Contract signed back in 2014 by the Editor of Dutch weekly paper Panorama ( over 100 years old) F.Lomans and two No Surrender MC reps Ron and Bas on behalf of their boss Klaas Otto.
Note, that Maylene's signiture is 'missing' (mevr. M. de la Haye) - she did not sign it.
I marked and highlighted some places, such as:  ... As from today 3 June 2014 ... , "Sisterhood Hallway", fine of 5000,00 per day in case of non-compliance, etc.
Notably the LEGALESE - strictly legal/professional style/phraseology is clearly beyond the man on whoose behalve it was drafted.
 I noted the name of the lawyer in the previous post  - advocaat Louis de Leon.
Having been invited to join the women's section of No Surrender MC, Maylene wrote/published only two reports ( highlighting/mentioning criminality), when trouble broke out.
Motor Club demanded (!) in a brutal and forceful way, that any 'negative' publicity stops, some documents returned, etc. , with a staggering 5000 euro per day fine in case of non-compliance.
 Photos on the orange background are of Maylene de la Haye and a local (Hampshire)
police woman ALISON HEYDARI.
[ Tue. 18 October, 2016] - The CABAL - Cabal International is desperately blocking/hiding and censoring information about kgb=mossad=mafia, the inordinate role of women-criminals and so-called women in male criminality. In Germany (?)  there was a case of an old prostitute who kept and 'cared for' a young man (former client) and gave him assignements.
Matriarchial/matrilineal societies and traditions carry dangerous 'hangovers' ... .
The scum of the Earth climbed high, to the very top of society.
Communism teaches family as oppression and exonerates prostitution. That I can testify from a personal experience of a Soviet education.
Olga Patta (KGB-Mossad) never told me why NIGERIAN MILITARY POLICE chased her to Murtalla Mohammed Airport, as she had to (?!) escape. Some points: she was insistent we 'borrow' horses from the POLICE BARRACKS, and not from the POLO Club. (Photos on other site). She once talked about child rapes (of young children) as if she was/ might have been involved in defending rapists.
And that incident in the CHINESE restaurant, when she promptly poured out the bleach/chlor smelling water into the sink behind her. She knew the people there, she said before going there.
She patronised Chinese Restaurant in Lagos. She sent her children for training to ISRAEL.
Soon enough I sent SOS querries about Identities and Backgrounds of COHN family members - to RUSSIAN and ISRAELI ambassadors in London  - back in 2010.
To my brother in MOSCOW I wrote that SOVIET-JEWISH and CRIMINAL aspects are quite clear to me. MILITARY SPIONAGE (and sabotage) and hard crimes go together.
Post 364 (Red Rose Questions):
FBI: Biker gangs are serious 'criminal enterprises' - by Greg Toppo, USA TODAY, 19 May, 2015:

1. ....Military Installations: very near SKIPTON, North  Yorkshire, where David and Elaine decided to move from for their retirement. They moved from Chelsmford in the South ( ...a high-tech city, he said once with a 'wink') near London, where they have relatives. David told me heating cost a lot of money, so he wanted to start deep underground digging for heating system and wanted me to get involved. A Jewish man ( soon after) in Gosport practically ... repeated the psychological line/strategy employed by David Cohn.  After I refused to do engineering calculations, having asked him why me, and not his son, an engineer (?), there was a repeated ...push or soft pressure (?) in the same direction from a Jewish man at the Physics Society meeting and later - from a blond IRISH retired (from Portsmouth Uni.) engineer. Was MARCONI once in Chelsmford? Some lies/inconsistencies about family history. Russian names mentioned by Elaine, who has ovedone her 'acting'.
2. NB: a woman second to the right from me reminded me of SAAKIAN Armenian family in Unilag. Very nice family. I remember there was a quick friendship/affinity between the husband (Engineering lecturer) and a visiting .... Syrian ? engineer ? Either Syrian or Egyptian.
Still looking for two consecutive posts here, showing how a sofisticated computer programme "reacted" when I discovered online that MENWITH hill - ECHELON American/British secret Airbase was next to Skipton and Bradley village in North Yorkshire - new places of residence for COHN family members. I was not 'supposed'  to know that !
[ Wed. 19 Oct.2016] - SPAM: The last NHS text message from my GP (?) of yesterday with announcement of my 'entitlement' to a flu vaccination addressed me unusually as Galina Antonovna Anikeeva (Russian/Soviet style).
Nota Bene! Capital letters have been 'recommended' on official forms for years. I thought it was strange, as handwriting and identity are thus obscured. Strange (putting it softly) is the requirement to use pencil (!) and not a pen in exams and voting ballots, which I also had criticised in the past.
DIGITALLY speaking, capital letters may produce a second document/copy. The code/programming is different, so .... ?.
My comment on/observation of the CAPITAL letters used for Alison Heidari's name in the company registration of POLICE CLUB in Southampton may be worth examining further. Her entry of nationality has changed from UNKNOWN to BRITISH, and changing capital lettering has acquired some logic: hers and other directors names are in capitals. She is also a secretary of POLICE CLUB.
I noticed only yesterday that VERKLARING (scan on a blue background) of so-called contract No-Surrender vs Panorama in its first paragraph specifically states that the name of the document (verklaring means statement or declaration) must be in capital letters.
I also suggested that SCRAP METAL (overlap with old cars) businesses may become a cover for weapons and machinery contraband. Will the x-ray/scanner detect a pistol/part of in a mass of wrangled metal ? There was a a big international police case after WW2.
Family Cohn had or have a succesful scrap-metal business. The Hague around 2000: Russian-Nigerian couple exporting used cars from St. Petersburg to Nigeria.
Klaas OTTO of No Surrender and his father ran or still running .... old/rented cars and/or scrap metal businesses.
The Hague: Arrest of a 38 year-old woman from Ministry of Defence (friend of Klaas Otto) who leaked info to Motor Club NS, such as ( civilian) plate numbers of police cars going to make arrests:
[ Friday 21 Oct. 2016] - just corrected the date of the entry in the previous post: Thurs. 13 Oct. of 2016, and not 2015.
Russian ships and submarines in 'mass' transfer? I wrote recently about local party and Russian submarine coincidence. Guests came from Southampton (?). Anything else happening?...
[ Sat. 22 Oct. 2016] - Christian grandmother accused of hate crime.
 POLICE lectured Pauline Howe about her choice of words:
ECHELON Menwith Hill Air-Base and David Cohn's family deep-underground digging project idea:
Posts 186 and 187:
Just bought new batteries. The last phrase I heard on the radio when batteries went down was: Tories and Labour should work together. Printing problems in Gosport and Fareham 2 days ago were with articles from EUROPOL about arrests and smth. about American Elections on the RT (Russia Today) site. RT is not Russian in my opinion, but what I call Kitch Russian. I also coined the word 'lobotomiki' for young/not so young people, and not necessarily Russian, who show effects of brutal brainwashing.
 Another 'mem' (ref. Russian forum) - untranslatable, quintessentially Russian satire:
Inogorodnia suka Tania -
Rachia i sobachia.
Diana Pidwell told me about hypnosis and auto state/suggestion.
That conversation was not finished.
My complaints to IT Hampshire:
[ Tue. 25 Oct. 2016] - Yesterday, I looked at persons targeted, COINTELPRO or gang-stalking videos. Amazingly,  the old and outdated story/history of anarchists, homosexuals, communists, etc. targeted by FBI (?) is all one can find. When I entered Christians targeted , I got only stories about Christians targeted/persecuted in Pakistan and other muslim countries.
The dangerous high-tech has 'changed hands' for want of a better word. Another stale pro-communist idea is that it happens in NATO countries, in the West only.
As American Naval wife Kay Griggs said, "they" were never enemies with the Soviets.
REAL SPIES plant air-force document on smb. who wants to have nothing to do with them:
[ 26 Oct. 2016] - Example of anti-american and out of date comments to youtube material,
Ref. Dr John Hall by Crystal Starheat:
- Do not see any physician or any type of mental health practitioner - except Dr. Hall or someone he refers to ...
- Leave the country (asap) - to a non-NATO/US allied country ....
By the way, I wonder if Crystal Starheat is linked to Crystal River at RMN forum (Zionist provocateur, ref. N. Kuhrt at War Studies Dept. King's College, London).
As I wrote earlier, both Christianity and Islam are targeted by the Cabal, Cabal International.
About 20 years ago there was online material about Mind Control programmes/victims in Communist Countries.
Russian Ambassador in London YAKOVENKO's speech in Jan. 2012:
[ Friday, 28 October, 2016] - Yakovenko (Ukranian name) was born in Belorussia.
Maylene de la Haye works now in Het Parool ( ? Her website page with a report  (back in 2011) and pictures taken at a British Air-Show about F16 KGB Belorussia spy Chris Vaneker, went down very quickly. WHO took it down? The British? KGB? Mossad?
Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia are the 'closest' of ex-soviet republics:  geographically, ethnically, culturally, linguistically.
Among "bikers" clubs I found one Called MASONIC WIDOWS SONS.
They have female section.
[ Mon. 31 Oct. 2016] - Early morning: a woman (cleaner?) locking the bank and leaving.
Special contract with temp agency?
I bought Italian newspapaer la Repubblica in Waitrose supermarket this morning. Corriere de la Serra (sp?) was unfortunately supplied without the Supplement.
I remember reading with dismay a newspaper ( which?) article about investigation of the sudden and unexplained death of UK Police Assoc. Chief  officer. There it was reported that women police officers were excluded from witness interviews (?) because they were so/very upset (!). 
[ Sat. 5 Nov. 2016 ] - JORDAN: yesterday security forces short three US military instructors after their car did not stop at a check point near Jordanian military base:
[ Mon. 7 Nov. 2016 ] - On Sat.had difficulty printing  info ( wiki) about NABOKOV family, esp. in Russian. The grandfather of a man who wrote "Lolita" was the liberal Minister of Justice in Russian Empire. His activity included liberal reform of Judicial System and promotion of Jewish Rights.
Technically the printing difficulty was similar to one I experienced when trying to print (wiki-ru) JETP entry - Journal of Exp. and Theor. Physics.
Reading from ( On Sat. there was a 'glitch' on that site from Raelan and Makow cabal/provocateurs or their imposters).
Weekend FT wrote about dangerous CULT and SHAMAN rituals ref. Park scandal in South Korea.
Top Police women: Belgian Catherine de Bolle - comm.-gen. van de fed. politie.
Another (French)  woman (mislaid her name) is a top officer in INTERPOL . She was some sort of a commander in French Legion. Olga Patta had a friend from French Legion.
[ Tue. 8 Nov. 2016 ] - Online there were POLICE ( FBI) photoes of HELLARY CLINTON naked in bed with a black woman.
Ref. Polish INDYMEDIA website: ZHYDOWKA y PRESIDENTY ? - a few years ago.
There were also pictures of them with SCHOOLGIRLS in so called LESBIAN ROMP. When Bill-husband became president, photoes were to be destroyed, but were not.  The Satanic Cabal is self-deluded about shredding and deleting, which is futile and technically impossible.
 The first Bill (?) of/by  Bill Clinton was legalisation of homosexuals/- recr. in the military (?).
[ Thursday, 10 Nov. 2016 ] - does not load well since yesterday - on-off fliker.
The Russian wiki entry (unlike other lang.) does not give acronym BES for Dutch Carribean islands BES - eilanden. Bes in Russian is devil. Dostoevski wrote a novel BESY - plural for bes.
RUSI in London removed reference to FOUR services: land, sea, air and space.
I saw a Russian name in the SPACE section a couple of years ago.
Russian mil. space satellite specialist Domlatov (sp?) who asked for asylum in Holland was by mistake taken to det. centre for deportation and was (?) suicided. The computer mistake was of course, engineered.
Dr. Alexander Mirtchev is Vice President, RUSI:
[ Friday, 11 Nov. 2016 ] - This morning on Stoke Road a young boy (on his way to school) kept crying. Had an orange coat on.
Around 2000(?) it was discovered that Somali pirates were so 'dangerous' because they had a military intelligence about ships movements from their man (or woman?) in London, who worked in Maritime smth. org.
 PORTSMOUTH has a Spinaker (watch?) Tower. Some story.
 Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport councils placed their ( gov.) websites on a Chinese (?) server. 'Chinese' characters appear on comp. monitor when Windows are loaded.
 During Prof. Craven's Vice-Chancellorship there was a training course for lecturers: How to teach Chinese students.
BIG questions about Victoria WANG and  ... a man (name begins with B) who was the org. of conf. at the Institute of Criminalistics in Portsmouth Uni. What an irony! And that incident in front of Central Library in Portsmouth when Jehova Witness people with some Chinese (?) posters almost ran off as I walked towards them.
Post ( nr 288 ) from 2011:
[ Tue. 15 Nov. 2016] - Lithuanian HOOKER Victoria Voronova and her husband exposed by the NEWS of the WORLD in May 2009:

Ukranian woman, RETIRED TEACHER Michailenko Hanna Vasilyevna was placed in a PSYCHIATRIC unit (prison) for eight years (1980-1988) after she refused a Ukranian KGB recruitment/invitation to become informer/infiltrator.
Doc. film was made by the Dutch film-maker Aliona van der Horst in 1997. Note the behavior of the  dissident (?) Dr. Gluzman (sp.?) who, when Michaileko had asked him how long she had to tell her story (before EU audience) answered: FIVE minutes.
From Nov. 12, 2016 post on
Clinton to be indicted for child pedophilia, sex trafficking, satanic murder, and more.
[ Thurs. 17 Nov. 2016] - Far East POW website: the HISTORY page  prints only one page, thus without the Tortured memories and Stiff upper lip parts. Please read.
[ Sat.19 Nov.2015] - Urgent comment to a VIDEO ( 62463 - Gary Larrabee and Kent Dunn ) posted by M.Ed on rmn forum:
1. As was pointed out, it is not only 'America' and the 'West' that are guilty of most horrendous crimes against children.
2. "All cardinals" - is not true ! Three great Cardinals compiled a file of 300 pages about so-called HOMOSEXUAL lobby/mafia in Vatican and many other countries - many honest people with facts, testimonies and evidence.
3. Some of the sadistic murders of children may be a terrifying threat to others who resist/protest and talk about it.
4. Some violated children can be said to be satanically damaged/posessed, their bodies, minds and souls destroyed .... .
5. Kay Griggs, US naval wife, had said she did not get support from other mil. wives, but she is/was not alone: German and Italian women went to ALL main newspapers, and were turned down with their story/testimony.
[ Wed. 23 Nov. 2016] - Second day on front pages: British footballers COME OUT with confessions of ( (homo-) sexual abuse  by their COACHES at a younger age onwards.
Daily Mail (Mon. 21 Nov.) - Soft sentence by Judge Johnathan Bennett in the case of a homosexual rape of a boy, 5, by a 15 year-old, who threatened the child:
"If you tell anyone, I will break you into pieces".