Tuesday, 27 January 2009

( nr 187 ) Two scans above: a draft of my CV update and a reproduced copy of a 'blank' or a blanked-out paragraph about Yorkshire Moors secret. I hope the scan shows the yellow color of the highlighter pencil which I used as I read the text (no marks in the paragraph of interest).
The illustrations refer to my post nr 186 of yesterday.
The WHAT NOT theory explains a lot of the Satanic engineering. One example I gave during my conversation with Brian Gerrish (I don't believe it was him, or perhaps he is not what many believe he is) is about POLICE :
Soon after 'change' started in Moscow, the police was ordered NOT to arrest hooligans on Moscow streets, in other words a STAND DOWN was ordered.
From NOT doing the duty, the right thing, not behaving normally is not far to a ZERO (grinding to a halt), from which the pendulum goes into the REVERSE (read perverse) - making friends with the criminals, enforsing their rights, making provisions for their health, safety and needs.
Caring for the criminal and not for the honest people and the victims. NOT fighting crime.
Another method is to create an obnoxious mountain of paper work and bureacracy, resulting in people having no time and no energy to do their duty and to do what is right.
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