Monday, 26 January 2009

( nr 186 ) Well, this is one of perhaps several more posts BEFORE the self chosen and arbitrary date of 12 March. VERY IMPORTANT to share, I think.
1. After a tel. conversation and an e-mail follow-up with Brian Gerrish, ( 9-16 January), I am fully convinced, that there was an interference, obviously from the local 'actors' aka infamous Gosport GAMES or scum training, involving IMPERSONATION. Richard Tomlinson wrote about it years ago. New misgivings about on my part. Have the so-called agencies worked TOGETHER for a very-very long time? I think so. Kay Griggs is right. I can only call for a spotlight on the role of WOMEN, or so-called women in all this.
2. I read a printout of an article, highlighting key words/names, as I usually do. I missed the part that attracted my attention in the first place. I re-read it and saw that THE INTERESTING PARAGRAPH was blank, i.e. I skipped it the first time, as I read and marked the text.
So, this a perfect example/confirmation of how people forget, leave behind, omit, miss things or are 'wrongfooted'. I remember discussing with Leonid Timochouk how one inexplicably misplaces papers, for example. And not just misplacing, but actually going through the whole lot or all files before finding what was there/in front of you just a minute ago.
In other words, a simplified formula WHAT NOT works hypnotically: the command (on/off line) given subliminally in text or sound is to ignore and not see or register what is there in front of you - the first time or so many times or ' until' smth.
This may be behind numerous phenomena, such as uncharacteristic forgetfullness, clatter and premature dementia. In Moscow in 80/90s medics talked of zahlamlenie.
Confusion and distraction may be a result of what someone described as truncation of thought/action.
The article in question was a link from and and the paragraph that I 'blanked out' was the fifth paragraph about ECHELON in 'England's Yorkshire moors'. I wanted to to read about it, because I visited Yorkshire only recently and for the first time.

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