Tuesday, 21 July 2009

( nr 223 ) Above are the scans of four pages from "The Channel Islands under German rule, 1940-1945" by Madeleine Bunting, 1995. One photo, which I did not scan, is of " German prisoners of war being loaded onto ships bound for England, where they faced at least three years in camps before returning home". I suppose that is when "Matchbox" programme got their recruitment from. We know most about what happened in USA, but not in other countries.
The two top scans illustrate the difficulties with the link, as CrystalRiver observed. The same filtering ban from Hampshire County Council appeared, when I diligently typed the URL as the address. Berkeley research/posts blacklisted?...
Michael Jackson story is going to link the record number of dots. The dirtiest secret 'technologies' have been hidden in the open for too long, for far too long.
The new pneumatic entrance door installed in St.Matthews Court only about a month ago does not work as it should, - stops about an inch from the lock or slot. I hope it has been reported already. A number of burglaries were reported in our building in recent months.
Going to visit my daughter in Yorkshire 26-30 July.