Saturday, 18 September 2010

( nr 273 ) Holy Trinity Church in Gosport ( an anglo-catholic church, I am told) is crowned not with a cross, but with a star of David. I am still waiting for an answer - a non-ambivalent answer about the history of the church.

Have we got it wrong ? ... .

A cross disappearing ...

S-theater of the worst kind, including "experiments" in the libraries, is funded by the GOVERNMENT. So it seems ... .
The Mystery Smell (of a rotten fish) is still a mystery, although gone after a couple of days.
Waiting for my comment to appear on rmn forum ( ....183007): description of carefully constructed situations made me think of Marxist Trotskist Fabian Constructivism played out in different contexts, including S-theater ( flash mobs freaking out or other "constructs"), incl. very long term plots.
History of Medicine: there was a post by MONK on rmn forum about women having been excluded from obstetrics /maternity/labour wards during Victorian era following 'chutspa' or harm/damage done to numerous babies and mothers by female attendants. The Russian word for harm/damage is "porcha".
Next week in Blackpool and Skipton.