Thursday, 2 April 2015

Strategy of Tension ?...

( nr 335 ) Since Bende van Nijvel website forum is mysteriously 'closed' ( I can't log in with old or new password which was sent to me) I shall begin by stating, that "Strategy of Tension" as described in detail on that very good website, somehow does not make sense, not quite.
When I posted a question on their forum about Belgian (?) general Devijver/Devyver the author/expert in Secret Psychological Warfare, 'the man in charge' Ben Claessens wrote that he practically can't find any information about that man and his study. He did find reference to another Devijver in World War 2 history.
By the way, I noticed yesterday, that despite my telling them years ago (IT Hampshire) that my first name was Galina and not Calina as shown on the Library ticket, wrong name appears on the now centralized Printer/Copier machines.
The Strategy of Tension came in the aftermath of World War Two. Even now we are uncertain about WHO or which cabal manipulated people and countries into years of upheaval and bloodshed, after which the problems did not go away, but perhaps multiplied.
On another forum ( ww2 Dutch website) there is an English language section:
There I posted on Veterans Day topic:
I also started two topics:
WW2 never ended ? -
Secret ww2 projects -
All three topics were closed (gesloten).
Shall talk about WW2, Polish Pilots, NATO, Warsaw Treaty, etc. tomorrow in Portsmouth.
[ Sat. 5 April, 2015 ] - Some points from yesterday's talk:


1. Talk of a 'monument' to a crashed Polish Pilot in a garden of a Templar (?) house in Bradley village, North Yorkshire by DAVID COHN, who also was 'suggesting' my partcipation in engineering work for a deep underground project. Moving from Chelmsford to North Yorkshire for retirement and discovering he can't afford to pay heating costs ...
2. Seminar at the University of Portsmouth about WW2 : questions about Polish military/pilots activities in UK during ww2, young French women agents, author Marks (?), etc.
3. Polish Light Airplanes company KROSNA  (reg. in Isle of Man ?). Laser (?) attacks on Military planes near Manchester? Krosna company in Moscow. Tyminsky family.


Polish Mafia=Russian Mafia=Jewish Mafia ? Military Mob ?

1. Year 1913: Russian Imperial Police won a contest at the end of an International Police Conference.
The Russian Police Chief, in emigration a few years later, wrote a book, where he characterized Polish criminals [ did he actually refer to them as WARSAW mafia ?] as presenting police with very difficult tasks. They designed and carried out complex and long term operations, they were known for extreme violence and cruelty [corr. sp.] and they could pass for or actually be a noble, a professional. They could operate in higher circles.
2. Polish ballerina, a mistress of Russian Tsar, organised meetings of revolutionaries at her house.
3. Construction Industry. I have heard in Lagos about Polish builders winning construction projects in Saudi Arabia and other countries, as they were known to be not affected by heat and heights.

WARSAW PACT as NATO opponent. Remember meeting Polish speaking Russians, who did their military service in Poland. Poles and Russians abroad, issues, agendas, behaviour ( Holland, Russia, Nigeria, Mexico, US, UK, France).

Felix Dzerzhinsky and other notables.
MEDICAL MAFIA . Pravda 1953 Jan. article about killers in white overcoats is blocked.
I just put in Medical Mafia in the (english) Wikipedia search window. Negative result.
Question: Did you mean: medical maria .
[ Tue. 7 April ] -
POLISH BUS DRIVERS arrived in Gosport, as reported in Local paper ... about ten years ago?
Around the same time a hotel on the Stokes Bay (behind Bay House school) was sold to Polish buseness or family (?). Also reported in local paper a marriage of top Hampshire police officer to young Ukranian woman, who sought "help" from Ukranian mafia in UK.
OLGA PATTA issue: I talked about it a lot. Her story about having to 'escape' from Nigerian Military Police, on her way to Murtalla Muhammed Airport, remained UNexplained. She tried to 'implicate' another Soviet Jewish woman married to a Nigerian and who worked in the Lagos Military Hospital, Ada Akpan. She also said that on arrival to UK she "told them everything".
The incident in the Chinese (Modern) Restaurant, when she stood up and promptly poured GLASS OF WATER into the sink behind (one step distance) remained a mystery to me. I took the glass and as soon as I brought it near my face, I smelled a ... chlorine (different). Very strong smell. She suggested the place after another cafe at Portsmouth Hard, and she should have raised hell, as the saying goes. Instead, she 'destroyed' evidence. I also question her visits to POLICE BARRAKS in Lagos.
MEDICAL MAFIA was active in Nigeria.
16:23 - I just deleted the last sentence above: " I remember seeing certain evidence in LAGOS and in the NORTH of NIGERIA" because it is too short, and 'Lagos and North' project unintended political meaning, - it's April 2015. Red/Communist Mafia was busy as well.
I recently said about Litvinenko case: It is not Alexander Litvinenko, it is the wife (!) who is KGB, Mossad-KGB.
My post of Friday, 9 January 2015 ( nr 331 )  1991 plus Star Wars -
Who is Killing the STAR WARS scientists? Did 22 SDI Researchers Really ALL Commit Suicide? -
On the website the article is listed as sdi-art1.001 (filename) , so -
I have a printout of this article which gives the following "url" address:
file:///C:/Users/B00205~1/AppData/Local/Temp/25/9SBJOA11.htm which I tried to enter and was "disallowed". Appartently it's the (demented) Big Brother/Sister filing system. Here in Central Library in Portsmouth they have "Russian" icon Balabolka on their desktop (empty).
Gosport Laundry (next to Pizza and Gosport Memorial Hospital) is also a place of interest. Present owner (woman), her Jewish father (previous owner) and North Yorkshire. Pictures with autographs of BBC/film notables unfortunately are no more on display there.
[ Wed. 15 April, 2015 ] - Trivia in Fareham yesterday: lorry driver honking very loudly as I walked past. I didn't 'jump'. I decided to ask why he honked, and he was not so sure, did not expect me to ask.
TWO TEENAGE BOYS : Russian Ballet poster outside Fareham Library, photocamera in my handbag, Vovochka and his friend? - more on Friday.
I spoke last week about sacking of two Hampshire police officers for 'homophobia' and child-abusing theatrics on public transport. Connections (sp.?) bus company Holland, Connections(sp.?) youth advice charity in Southampton, father of Robert Mikelsons running an international bus company (?), his homosexual (ex-)husband a lorry driver, National Express and Victoria Bus Station, American lorry driver a good friend of Danila (Russian film BRAT), etc.
Also last week some S-theater: after 3 (boys) who sat on a bench and very quickly pointed to me where the head of an adult(?) was on a newspaper photograph, in the Victoria Park a man stretched himself on the ground below a monument, in the shade. Only 2 or 3 light spots indicated his presence: his face and hands, so that his size or lengths kind of 'halved'.
Deliberately (?) confusing reports about NATO exercises and The Russians.
It seems many Africans around here in Britain are actually from Zambia and Zimbabwe - formerly Rodesia /South Africa. The teacher from Bridgemary school, family in Skipton, Bob and Sally (Bob Bundy), Mundy-Castle and wife(s), etc. Involved in UNICEF projects? ...
Reading about Bush Wars in South Africa.
Global Conference on Cyberspace: