Tuesday, 28 October 2008

( nr 179 ) The 4 scans above (the order tends to be wrong, whichever way I do it ...) are:
1. the Dutch song corresponding to 'TOGETHER' or as a family/commune/we the people/age does not matter/ together we march on/ we shall save the planet, etc. An austerics marks the 'Kako Ti Je Sada' (I do not have the translation from Croatian).
2. The second from right musician [Giddy Music by Gen.Phot.Agency Hulton Archive/Getty Images] looks like Frank Sinatra to me. One of the popular stories I have heard long ago is about Polish construction workers being the best in the world when it comes to heights and extremely high temperatures.
3 Two pages from the TIMES series "MAFIA" book about the French luxery liner Normandie catching the fire on 11.2.1942, admirals 'rising to the bait' and Sicilian Mafia assisting Allied troops.
The WORLD WAR TWO still is a Huge Mystery.
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