Friday, 26 September 2008

( nr. 167 ) SCUM TRAINING.... going on full steam on High Street, Library, any gov. building, etc . May be the whole town was earmarked as a 'training lab', undoubtedly by the same people who removed the name of God from the town crest.
The trainees are a multicultural crowd, brotherhood and sisterhood of the insane, deluded and the tragic(?) idealists (including A-level boys and girls).
Before the influx of immigrants some daily newspaper despaired about 'thugs and hookers'.
Important not to overlook female thugs and male hookers
plus anything in-between, with (b/w)itches all empowered and suited, grooming their apprentices, children and adoptees.
A deportation centre provides a stream of hopefuls, eager to grab a chance of becoming a snoop/provocateur and not get deported.

So what is it about women, young and old, upper middle-class or ditch-low, who are responsible for the virulently ANTI-CHRISTIAN onslaught on humanity?

Responsible in my estimate to a 75-98 % level, they are in a truly global Internationale...

The Order of the Gutter ?

Christianity is not about creationism. It is about Right and Wrong.

NOTA BENE: they don't know what is wrong with them and they had made a fatal mistake of 'coming out'.
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