Wednesday, 22 June 2011

( nr 293 ) Political Abuse of Psychiatry in the SOVIET UNION is still a forbidden topic ?

The top scan (of five ) is a printout of blocking of WIKIPEDIA and a minute later - of this blog of mine at the Portsmouth Central Library yesterday. Earlier yesterday I had difficulties in the Gosport Library, accessing topics of Psychiatry and Iran. The second scan from top (red background) is an article in Russian "Kantor: Iran at the root of anti-Israelism and anti-semitism" [Soviet Jews, European Jewish Congress, World Jewish Congress, Jerusalem, Stockholm, Luxembourg, Shimon Perez, Igor Ivanov, Hans Bliks (sp.?)......] My search for Iran-10000 Jewish orphans ( see post nr 292) resulted in a flood of smth. about 10000 e-mails /Anonymous/Iran? and only my post way down about 10000 Polish Jewish orpans evacuated to Iran in 1943.

On Wikipedia read "Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union" - 44 pages. Contents and volume of entries in different languages varies drastically. Russian entry - 19 pages, Ukranian - 2 pages. Also read about Abuse of Psychiatry, classifications of Mental Illness (WHO and APA) and proposed changes - all about Orwellian Mind Control.

A lot is still missing on Wikipedia, and yet, they almost freaked out yesterday... .

USA: Barbara Hartle and Communist Party:

3 remaining scans: Latvians in UK - from 7000 in 2004 to 39000 in 2010.

Hawaiian history and a strange turn the story of Gary McKinnon is taking, with Theresa May- head of MI5, Police, supporter of adoption of children by homosexuals, showing personal interest. Could not find anything on Professor Turk.


Communist takeover, MK-ULTRA, psycho-training in Lavrenti Beria's 'universities':


45 Communist Goals:


French Parliament votes AGAINST legalizing homosexual 'marriages' -


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[ Wed. 29 June, 2011]

The arrest of computer expert Ryan Cleary (19) in Wickford, Essex brings numerous parallels with the case of Garry McKinnon (45).

By the way, we know little about their FATHERS .


Who is Robert van Voren? On his site he says his name ( Dutch) is a psydo-name. What about his real name? Lithuanian citizen? Georgian President Saakashvili has a Dutch wife.


A retired teacher from Odessa, Ukrainian lady Hanna Vasilyevna Michailenko, refused a Ukrainian KGB recruitment/invitation to become an informer/infiltrator and was placed in psychiatric unit (prison) where she was from 1980 to 1988, - EIGHT YEARS.

Aliona van der Horst made a Dutch documentary "A lady in a white hat" in 1997.


When the Russian Spies scandal broke out in the US last year, there was a comment in big media about a hasty spy-exchanges (?), which neglected or omitted a Russian (?) man, who was imprisoned in Russia, because refused to work for (be recruited by) CIA.


Brian Bates - Oklahoma, US -


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