Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Complaint number Three:

( nr 315 ) Portsmouth Central Library Internet is under Melanie Burns, Head of Information Service (in the Portsmouth local government ), whose office sent an automated "out of office until 26th November" reply to my e-mail as follows:

 Complaint number Three:

To: Mel Burns - Head of IT/IS.

On Tuesday 13 Nov. 2012,  I could not access the Dutch website (archive) of PNVD party, the political party of pedophiles, as it was blocked by your department. Their programme is an eye-opener to the current BBC pedo-coverup investigations and an on-going anti-social engineering.
My two previous complaints refer to:
1. Hacking of my post " KGB = Mossad " on my personal website ( link below),
2. Blocking of "The Truth about Moscow" by Henri Beraud, 1926 (ref. history of Communism/USSR).
Thank you,
Galina Anikeeva.
The next post December 5 or earlier.
Shall add links here later.
13:20 - My e-mail and auto-reply are of 15 Nov. (10:51:22 and 10:51:41)

This website has a search window (top right) where my posts could be found with key words PNVD, KGB, Mossad, JETP, etc.
More links: David KHMELNITSKII : (plus kgb2 and kgb3 pages)
20 Dec. 2002  interview with SVR boss Lebedev:
Reading Wikipedia entries for Alexander Litvinenko, Espionage Act of 1917, Stennes Revolt. Interesting to compare 'same' content in different languages.