Tuesday, 30 March 2010

( nr 255 ) Secret pages of the Dutch Royal History: video/report by Pauline Broekema about Prins Bernhard's visit of the Shah of Iran in October 1960 and more:

Mothers and Widows of Srebrenica continue their legal struggle:

May 2009: Evidence from Srebrenica Destroyed (!) - photos, clothers and so on :

MEXICO: arrests following murders of American Consular officers and their families:
The map shows Carlsbad, Odessa (!) ... .
Just what attracted Trotsky to Mexico?

Monday, 22 March 2010

( nr 254 ) The two scans above: a wrong headline ( imho ) about US general John J. Sheehan giving evidence at the meeting of US Senate Armed Services Committee looking into whether homosexuals should be allowed to serve OPENLY in the US military.
The chairman, Senator Carl Levin is so pro-homosexually biased !
The big media instantly raised cry meant to divert attention from the matters of national security and anti-American activities.
Neither TRUTHSEEKER.co.uk, nor RMN forum or affiliates Henry Makow, Prisonplanet, etc. even mentioned the issue. May be posts were blocked (?).
Child abductors, child molesters, child rapists and parents who prostitute their children are by far the worst kind of criminals, HISTORICALY "lynchables and burnables" and known in Chrisianity as SATANIC.
PEDERASTY is sodomy with a boy (paedo - child).
Recent investigations into sexual abuses by the CATHOLIC CHURCH priests are very badly timed. The moves by Catholic Church to defend Traditional Christian Values and PROTECT CHILDREN is not given enough spotlight and appreciation. What other Christian Churches do we don't even know.
Horrific abuses of little boys were done not by Christian Priests, but by SODOMITES/paederasts - LOVERS OF BOYS, who infiltrated Catholic Church.
Must be the vile deeds of those, who burned churches, monasteries, tortured and killed christians and their priests at different times and in different countries throughout history of human civilization.
As for the "apologies" approach, it reminds me of highly emotional and in retrospect dangerous RECONCILIATION methodology tried in South Africa, which did not examine what really did happen and why, and in addition managed to "equalize" good and evil from a Cristian point of view (unnoticed by many at the time, including myself).
Watch Kay Griggs interviews again.
KGB vs MOSSAD .... Is KGB more "Jewish" than MOSSAD is "Russian" ?
I think it's the same crowd.
This is what Gen. John J. Sheehan said:
..." European militaries today are a product of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Nations like Belgium, Luxembourg, the Dutch, etc. firmly beleived there was no longer a need for an active combat capability of the military.
As a result they declared a peace dividend and made a conscious effort to socialize their military. That includes the Unionisation of their militaries, it includes OPEN HOMOSEXUALITY."... (18 of March ?)
LGBT among other organizations is NOT YET investigated (in different countries) for their role in anti-social engineering on global scale and links with hostile/enemy/terrorist organizations.

Friday, 19 March 2010

( nr 253 ) Scans going upwards: a composite picture of my friend Natalie (nee) Ikonnikova - Nov.1972, Hotel Praga in Moscow (right) and on the left - an English woman in a London house I was invited to by a group of people, who were studying Russian language (?) in 1986 or 1987.
I have shown this picture to a lady in Fareham library, who reminded me of Dr. Ada who worked in Lagos Military Hospital and later emigrated to Israel/USA with her family. They are not related.
There is at least a couple of other women I knew who have lookalikes (?) around here - Larisa Okeke, for example. It's a rather special kind of resemblance, sort of 'different'.
Next is photographs of WWII slave labourers and others from the British Channel Islands, which were occupied throughout the war - from the book "The Model Occupation" by Madeleine Bunting, 1995.
Top scans (one extra as I try the new library scanner out) are of Daily Mail article by Steve Doughty. A ROMAN CATHOLIC adoption agency won a legal right to keep its CHRISTIAN rules saying children should not be adopted by homosexual couples.
A couple of weeks ago there was smth. in front page news about Catholic Church asking or challenging TORY party to sustain Traditional Family values - all in the context of forthcoming elections. I was expecting some big news, but there was silence in return. Have I missed smth.?
STALIN .... As I try to read and trace some comments to the AIF (http://www.aif.ru/) article about Stalin (I lived in Kuntsevo area of Moscow), I discover that some are moderated 'out' and the sequence is scrambled (?).
Nevertheless, some facts are new and interesting to me:
- the non-denial or justification of the death/murder of Stalin (as opposed to official denial at the time);
- someone mentioning Stalin's intention to take back medals/state honors from jews in the military, if that is true;
- Zaveschanie is mentoned by many. Did Stalin write one?
In KEESING's archives there is a record of first escapes from the Soviet Union - highjackings, etc. of jewish (?) military officers (to Israel?). Yes, in retrospect it's interesting, especially because in Israel both men and women have to serve in the army.
Actually,the first African students I met in Moscow were from Frunze military academy and Timiriazev (agro) academy.
Yesterday I witnessed an amazing metamorphose in The News Boutique in Gosport High Street.
A new person behind the counter (work experience? on probation? ...) first asked me in a stern voice and frowning if I was looking for "something in particular" (while I examined the headlines as usual). While paying for two papers I selected, I asked him about his idea about buying papers and how he does it. Total incomprehension ( almost bewilderment ) made me soften my questions and to my surprise he told me he does know what he wants, and the paper he reads is ... The Independent ! When I told him that "a KGB man" is buying it and his name is Lebedev, the young man said: Oh, the one that bought Evening Standard?! He moved behind the counter following me as I moved towards the exit, and asked : they are the Russian gangsters? I did not answer that question.
IMHO, criminals per se are the easiest people to control, if only because of high-tech.
To how many people did I speak?....
Another strange omission: Russian revolution 1917 is not listed in the historic outline about modern state of Israel - in the link from RMN forum post 169296 about J.D.Salinger.
Strangely fading away are events of revolutions of 1905, 1917, Soviet Jewish emigration and dissident movement, names of Lenin, Trotsky, Shelepin, Rakovsky, etc.
Local medical: Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Gosport War Memorial Hospital and Haslar Military Hospital (sold !) are often in the news, but I never saw the Institute of Naval Medicine in Gosport or St. Judah's ( or Jude ?) Hospital in Portsmouth mentioned.
Hilary Clinton is in Moscow since yesterday.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

( nr 252 ) Dr. Andrew MOULDEN : What you were never told about vaccines.

The Interview:

His website: http://www.brainguardmd.com/
Russian-English word play: CABALA means Yoke or Slavery/Enslavement.

K a B a l l a H .... Chicago: Che-Ka- go

Recent lingo from newspapers: brain flushing and brain detox (positive medical pr.) versus BRAINWASHING and Mind Control (+ body destruction).

is noticed by many, thank God.

I think it is a cover-up for FORCED SPEECH, REVERSE SPEECH and "TURNING" type of phenomena of Mind Control, which includes so-called Stockholm Syndrome and Cults brainwashing, that lierally REVERSE good and bad, write and wrong, braking family bonds and establishing rapport between victims and perpetrators.

The physiological links or unity between THOUGHT and LANGUAGE , discovered by S. Vygotsky in Soviet Union in the 1930s, was quickly classified and used in secret MK projects the world over.
CABAL is so very International.

The interview of Dr. Andrew Moulden contains some very intelligent and clear relevant explanations, although he does not touch upon MK theme.

Waiting for reply to my e-mail, sent Friday 12 March, lunchtime.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

( nr 251 ) Two scans above:
- medical research into FLUORIDATED WATER, etc. from the 1975 book by Tony Crisp "Yoga and Childbirth".
- NHS 2010 Summary of Immunisations up to 13 months of age. Is this exclusively British practice or WHO for all scheme?
My Gosport GP Dr. R.Try has emigrated to Australia, as I learned yesterday. And I was thinking about writing a Thank You letter to him and making a confession.
Amazing, how even in the medical registration forms they do not ask about BLOOD GROUP, which is essential for blood transfusion, while requesting Blood Donor Registration (voluntary).
ZENIT thing ... since I mentioned Zenith for the first time, I have not seen lorries Zenith, but encountered rustic dark geen/gold Zenith vehicle near Carisbrook Rd. and charity travel buses (near Waitrose), from which a boy waived to me - at the bus stop.
I think I missed Zenit in the Wikipedia entry, when I did check it, hence "in addition" in my last entry. Interesting how many small mistakes you make, when you try to write about what is not talked about. It' all in the mind!
In online version of AiF (aif.ru) three days ago I found an article about Stalin's dacha in Kuntsevo
with a picture of the pine forest, where we (long after Stalin's death) went skiing in winter as children. There was a unique splendid air in that forest - the main attraction.
The comments to that article contain some interesting facts. It looks like Gorbachev's New Thinking about "obschechelovecheskie tsennosti" is not so new, but a replay of COSMOPOLITANS ideology of Stalin's times. Am I right ?

Monday, 8 March 2010

( nr 250 ) ZENITH television sets - early models in the Soviet Union, in addition to the ones I mentioned in the previous post nr 249.

They were made in Moscow not far from where I have lived - South West (corr.)

Five scans above are:
- Daily Mail article about the case of childminder Keran Henderson and baby Maeve Sheppard.
- Two articles from British media ( The Sunday Times and Sun) about the UK visit of the Dutch MP Geert Wilders.
- Two scans from the International edition of a Russian paper "Arguments and Facts": some opinion about impotence/prostate problems versus what women wear, and the new Olympic logo - fusion of Bear/Teddy/Cheburashka? ... . NVP ?