Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sat. 2 pm Portsmouth: Nov.23 and Jan.25. Extra - 'expromptu'.

( nr 320 ) Technical problems with library computers greatly delayed this post: today is 23 Jan. 2014.
 There shall be another work done on Hampshire IT January 25-31.
GREAT NEWS ! In Nigeria the law criminalising homosexuality and organizations promoting it went into force on Monday 13 January, 2014. The penalty is fourteen years in prison.
American Congressional Record of 1963 contains  a list of 45 Communist Goals, where goal 26 is: Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy".
Gay Rights advocates include Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who can be found on List of Jewish feminists:
Chemical, biological high-tech weapons:
Communist Party USA (Houston Branch) -
Academics Against Mass Surveillance:
Colin A. Ross MD writes about Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists:
Ronald Plasterk, Dutch Minister of Home Affairs, is taken to Court by groups and individuals, including Law and Media professional organisations.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Loeb, Loeb and Loeb.

(  nr 319 ) David Larson recent case in USA courts included as evidence the letter he wrote to CIA requesting biographical details on four CIA CONTRACTORS, one of which was Loeb. The scan of the reply David Larson received is posted somewhere on this site.
In 1917 between July and November Russian government received cash advances totalling $192,729,750.00 - from a web document "Part Played by Jewish Bankers in Russian Revolution" - ref. Kuhn Loeb & Co.
In 1924  two Chicago University students Leopold (19) and Loeb (18), both homosexual, abducted, tortured and killed 14-year old boy Robert Franks. Any links?...
From Brasil : Human Rights Commission voted ( 234 for 11 against) to redefine homosexuality as sickness :
"U.S. doctors classify obesity as a disease" - NYTimes global, 20 June 2013.
A microbilogist in Holland said (early 1990s) that a female hormone estrogene from contraceptive pills is not filtered and thus is present in sewage, water and soil. This vicious circle results in hormonal disbalance, affecting men, women and children. Extra weight is often misdiagnosed as obesity.
Yesterday I looked up Communist Party of Argentine. A minute later Wikipedia showed 'no entry' for Argentinian CP. Their President - FANNY EDELMAN (1911-2011). Shall check again.
I have written about Hammond, Hammond and Hammond. Worth looking into Evans, Evans and Evans.  Also into Ratnik, Ratnik and Ratnieks (to check spellings).
The street lights outside St. Matthews Court in Gosport were changed yesterday. It turns out they are Dutch Philips lamps HID. SSE (Scottish Southern Energy) subcontracted firm AA electric. The white van had no company logo, so I decided to ask them. Curosia not without design: computer printouts started to come out in unexpectedly small font. I noticed it first when printing from the Dutch news website. It initially  appeared as a one-off whenever news item was difficult to print or was nearly censored. I now noticed the company names and logos are printed or embroydered on workmen's jacket in small font and obscure colors. You have to come close to see what company they work for.
[ sat. 22.6] corr. from my note/scribble: AALighting and HID-Dyna Vision Electronic Extreme.
Theresa May de facto sabotaged investigation and prosecution of at least two spionage cases: that of Garry Mackinnon and Anna Chapman.
[wed. 26 june] yesterday in Fareham library I read an article about pro-family legal challenge in Estonia against homosexual rights. WAS THAT ARTICLE CENSORED ? I now see similar but much shorter articles. The following points are missing:  Estonian LGBT receives about 2 million euros - from EU and another half (almost half) - from the NETHERLANDS !
There was also a statement about homosexuals resorting to the tactics of INTIMIDATION.
to cont. this or next week.
[Thurs.4 july]  On my website  I posted " May 2013" - more photos.
The last time smb. asked me if I knew Irina, a Russian woman, was near the newspaper stand in Morrisons supermarket, around Annecy events timewise. The man said that he had worked in the past as a journalist for Agency Press in Paris. I said that I don't know her. And I added : I don't know why so many people keep asking me if I knew Irina. Something is wrong with Irina & Co. network ... . Links to Russia, Holland, Israel and pagan minorities. S-theater.
Evans: Mi5/6, Conservative gay MP and Ruth Evans, formaly a Deputy to a lesbian Headmistress of Bridgemary School . In my opinion Ruth Evans should not work with children.
Ratnieks: Prof. Francis Ratnieks (Apiculture and Social Insects), his father, who worked as a military interpreter during ww2 and Edvards Ratnieks - LSA President.
Adebayo-Watford incident prompted request from MI5/6 for more money to "fight terrorism". As reported in main media, the Chancellor George Osborne "was not impressed". Later it was reported, that the two agencies were the only ones to have their budgets increased. A few days ago Daily Mail carried a huge front page headline: GEORGE DECLARES WAR on BRITAIN ! (sorry I dont have the paper by hand now).
St. George is a Christian Saint of particular significance to the military.
I continue to post on the Dutch World War 2 forum in English section under the user-name
Galina-A-Anikeeva :
[ Tue. 16 July ]  CORRECTION : wrong name Adebayo. Correct names are Michael Adebolajo 28 and Michael Adebowale 22.
David Larsen case - see post 247.
Some crashed posts in post 278.
Menwith Hill Air Base in North Yorkshire - see posts 186 and 187.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

RAF doc. planted !

( nr 318 ) A copy of a RAF finance sheet was left in the central bay of the copy machine upstairs in the Gosport Library (there was no left side tray in the copying machine at the time)... Not the original on the glass plate, where people sometimes leave their paper, as they scoop the copy or copies and walk away. NB: The same problem with the scanner today as the last time, alas ! The library asst. promised to contact IT and get back to me. I have the printout of my e-mail : sent 07 September 2005 17:12:23  from my vasilisa78  at address to portsmouth at -  Attn.Julian Robinson. "Harassment"??
On the printout I  added handwritten comments: 1.RAF doc. planted. By ... MI6? 2. added organizations and individuals to Cc: vasilisa78 etc. 3. closed - next to my old website culturelogic dot com 4. Next to my old address in Gosport (4 Woolston Court, Broadsands Drive, Gosport, Hants, PO12 2TL) - Czech neighbours, Marion (MOD), Jenny (civic register, Gosport Council), Naval officer came looking for a sailor on the run, who had mental problems, etc. I also wrote 'None' next to the closing sentence: I request an investigation.
Mr. Julian Robinson himself, who advised me at the last business meeting, that it might be a useful thing to get to know somebody from MI6 (recruitment attempt) only said : I didn't know. I was told to.
I shall try the scanner tomorrow again.
[Wed. 23 Jan.2013] - Here it is - above. Shall continue or update this post next week. The Gosport Library is closing for TWO months - from 4 Feb. to 2 April.
[ Fri. 1 Feb. 2013] - Monday evening 28 January 7. 4 million people watched on TV Queen Beatrix announcing her abdication. Willem-Alexander is now the King of the Netherlands.
BBC gaffe on 21 Jan. : Civil Rights was mistranslated as Human Rights ! I remember listening to a historic radio interview, in which one of the Civil Rights Leaders said: DO NOT TELL ME THAT I HAVE A RIGHT/ AM RIGHT. TELL HIM, WHO IS WRONG, THAT HE IS WRONG.
Does the "suicide" of Alexander Dolmatov ( defence weapons specialist) have parallels with Alexander Litvinenko case ? -
69 year-old became ADDICTED to gambling and alcohol soon after anti-Parkinson medication was prescribed to him. The Court in Utrecht found the Eli Lilly (Permax-fabricant) guilty.-
An interesting video with a SLOW motion insert of a failed assasination attempt -
MI5-agent Dr. Barrie Trower interviewed in Denmark - video by Swedish posted on a Swedish
The British Physicist took part in the de-briefing of dissidents/spies.
WW2 : came upon very interesting Dutch war veterans websites. Hero's medals:
My questions about registration on STIWOT Forum sent and acknowledged 2 days ago.
FACEBOOK major problems : Gillian de Hoedt posted the following:
URGENT WARNING TO ALL FACEBOOK USERS !!!!!!!!! Friends be careful ... this is serious .... Hackers are posting sexual videos and pictures on your walls! You don't see them, but your friends do, then it seems as if you posted it. If you see any such garbage posted under my name, please let me know because I didn't post it! SHARE this to protect yourself and your friend! -
Hmmm ... I actually wondered many times about some posts, which are not sexual etc., but I thought : well, it can't be Gillian ... . It's not hackers, it's the Facebook design and the Facebook (NWO) owners. New World Disorder (ref. Charlotte Izerbyt) active in disrupting and destroying human relationships, tricking and forcing us into so-called friendships with toxic trolls.
Next week in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


( nr 317 ) Spionage and Communism are two subjects that are repeatedly censored or disapproved of in a variety of ways: on- and offline. Cabal International hiding in the open. Right now the upload of scans is presenting problems (upload image window is pale/desactivated).
HAMMOND, HAMMOND & HAMMOND ... (very different).
1. The British Ministry of Defence is now under fire from MPs and the Media. Philip Hammond is the Defence Secretary
General Sir David Richards is the Chief of the Defence Staff
2. OXFORD - HAMMOND -publishers of the ATLAS of the WORLD (ed. 1959, ....1993 ..)
3. Eric Albert Barrett Hammond (1929-2009) was a General Secretary of the EETPU union 1984-1992.
See Wikipedia entry for Eric Hammond and EETPU.
 EETPU stands for Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Plumbing UNION.
Fuel leakage from a RAF super jet during air-to-air refuelling ref. RAF Brize Norton (
WATER leakages all over new POLICE HQ in Southampton !
Reported by Daily Echo newspaper. KIER is involved in this scandal. KIER-Gosport Borough Council white vans are all over town, involved in what I call(ed) S-theater. They are something else ... . Front page news in the Daily Echo by Jenny Malkin last Saturday Jan 12, 2013: " LEAKING LIKE A SIEVE. New £30m police HQ is riddled with faulty water pipes. Contractors Kier have admitted full responsibilty." The Gosport Borough Council website announces ' Kier Repairs Smart Phone Application Launches in Gosport'. Yesterday and the day before yesterday there was a Kier vans beehive around The Clarence Wharf Industrial Estate on Mumby Road - next to Plumb/Parts Centre, Auto-Service, Norwegian Schat Harding offices and St. Matthews Court just opposite.
More links: 2011 opening of the Police HQ :
Dutch F-16 pilot Chris Vaneker 'Omelet' arrested (2011) for spying for KGB Belorussia F-16 PILOOT KGB-SPION.html
This morning a helicopter crashed in Central London
Daily Echo two days ago: BOILING WATER TERROR headline (by Luke Tugby and Julian Robinson): hundreds of gallons of boiling water pored through (residential) block of flats.
In June( 29th) 2012 Daily Mail wrote about Ray Mawby, a former electrician and a Tory MP having spied for communists. PKK as I remember stood for (in Dutch) Communist Party of Kurdistan. All Media now refers to PKK as Kurdish Workers Party.
Daily Mirror (Wed. 9 Jan. 2013): LESBIAN COUPLE 'TORTURE GRANDAD TO DEATH' ( by Louie Smith) - He lay dying for 48 hours. Sunday Express (Jan 13, 2013): SAVILE WAS PART OF SATANIC RING, exclusive by James Fielding.
Ukranian Canadian Helmut Oberlander, 88 years old taken to court for the third time:
FRENCH against "homo-rights" -
Abductions ? -

NUDIST SWINE : from "Animal Farm" by George Orwell:
No animal shall wear clothes. - the 3rd of the Seven Commandments.
Next post Jan 31 or earlier. 13:35.
PS. ( thursday 17 jan ) - about a year ago, roughly when controversial Water Meters were advertised, home water taps started sporadically leaking - just drip or a drizzle (for a minute or so), usually at night, during weekends.