Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Brainwashing and Radicalisation.

( nr 338) I think both terms - brainwashing and radicalisation, do not convey the meaning behind those words very well. Shall say more about it coming Friday.
My story, my understanding of Anorexia case of British actress Cylia Imry (sp?) as told in a newspaper article.While still a child, she secretly read the letter, sent to her mother informing her, that Cylia was refused admission to Ballet School, because Cylia was "too big".
Stage One: The bad news put a young girl into a state of SHOCK, state of TRANCE.
Stage Two: The first message, impression, communication, that comes to her, is that SHE IS TOO BIG. That message enters her consciousness/SUBconsciousness, while usual filters, barriers, critical thinking are down. The doors are wide open, and YOU ARE TOO BIG message enters her mind and lodges (corr.) itself like a stone or boulder. Young girl stops eating.
Eating and not eating.
Eating too much vs Eating too little.
Not eating food. Eating or 'eating' what is not food (a stage with babies, before they learn to differentiate).
There is an American State of Georgia. There is a (formerly Soviet) Republic of Georgia.
There is an American General SAAKASHVILI. There was a recent young Georgian president named SAAKASHVILI, who had a Dutch wife. In one youtube video he ... chews his tie, trying to push it into his mouth, while sitting at his official presidential desk.
European and American folklore has stories of witches (or their victims) rolling on the ground and 'vomitting' objects, which they should not have 'eaten'.
British politician (Galloway?) disgraced himself on TV, when he went down on 'all four' and behaved like a cat, owned by a Polish (aristocrat?) woman. Did she hypnotise him?
Today's News: Six FIFA officials arrested in Switserland.
[ Thurs. 28 May, 2015 ] - Fourteen FIFA arrests.
 Huge issues out there, beyond football as a game.
ORWELL+ HUXLEY: high-tech SCREENS on football pitches: scanning, filing, analysing, etc.
Obnoxious screens everywhere fast multiplying. The worst incursion of this high-tech is into schools and churches. Boris Berezovsky and Educational Software company Ignite ! -
Charlotte Iserbyt gave one example harmful education: Torch - Porch in word/picture, that was giving a dangerous association. True to the Psychopathic Methodology, when found out, they do it again and again, with glee .... Two exemptions I found are: Communism and Spionage.
Women and Sin. Old prostitutes in Orwell's "Burmese Days" ( old, Jewish, ugly like crocodiles) are "exonerated" by a Russian woman translator. Shall mention another curious case in Amsterdam tomorrow. "The Men Who Hate Women" of Millenium Trilogy mistranslated in English, perhaps by women who hate men (?).
Bang! Explosion ! Ignite ! (more tomorrow).
Two posts from 2008: 107 ( Feb. 11) and 168 ( 27 Sept.).
Communist SUBVERSION, Anti-War, PEACE ..... .
Can the Nobel Peace Prize be a clandestine communist project? ...
Published on Former Soviet spy: We created Liberation Theology.
John F.Kennedy was born on 29 May, 1917. He was the first Roman Catholic American President.
Tomorrow - 3 Irish stories:  Moscow, Masonic Widows and Irish Policeman.
1987 May 28: German  Cessna pilot Mathias Rust landed on Red Square.
1902 May 31: Concentration Camps for Afrikaner Women and Children ( Lord Kitchener's idea)  decided the Boer-British war outcome.
NLP, Mind Control, Stockholm Syndrome.
[  Tue. 2 June, 2015 ] - Horror Theatrics yesterday in Aldi suprmarket in Fareham: small boy falling out of the trolley and ... vile women.
I think there were some links to Gosport ref. Helicopter Pilot Captain Max Radford who died with British Attorney Stephen Curtis ... . Was it around same time, that I read about Hampshire Top Policeman marrying a young Ukranian woman, who sought protection from Ukranian Mafia ?
By the way, Gosport Police, if linked to Masons, would also have 'proximity' to British Royal Family.
Prince of Wales Masonic Lodge in Gosport.

 Those parties for girls organised by Princess Ann ! ...

.... South African-Israeli who was shipping NUCLEAR TRIGGERS from the US to Pakistan:

...When one phone call mentioned his wife and 13-year-old daughter ...

"Ring of Death" - from a Telegraph article of 12 Dec.2014 by Nicola Harley and Victoria Ward - [ to compllete url ]

General LEBED :

ECHELON in Yorkshire : 

Friday, 15 May 2015

American Embassy Plus.

( nr 337 ) Came back from Skipton in North Yorkshire yesterday.
Spoke about several important issues in Portsmouth today. Who rules and manipulates Internet ? For some weeks/two months(?) the statistics for this website has shown surprising surge in 'visitors' from RUSSIA.
The day I visited American Embassy in London ( before going to Skipton ) all 'Russian' visitors/figures disappeared. There was zero for Russia in statistical display this morning, but this afternoon .... 10 for Russia and 10 for USA.
KUSHI from Poland ? .... My registration on the Belgian website (forum)  was blocked or corrupted soon after my first post/question, which was answered by Ben Claessens (sp?). Ben tried to send me a new registration link, but it did not work either.
I now wonder if one active member on forum named Kushi: can help. He is 'Style creator & Extension Developer'.
My registration profile indicates : Powered by,
supported by Informer Technologies, Inc.  Theme Urban by Kushi - 

"Russian Christianity" from Hell (aka KGB made) ?

Many signs and representations in the past two weeks line up with earlier and unresolved sins and misgivings. On my way from Gosport on the National Express bus there was a striking pair: an older man (Nikolai Chudotvorets) and a yonger woman with a slight NKVD touch. Some Russian Emigre(?) presence or curiosity. What are their links or involvement?
KGB made Christianity as the worst kind of CULT ? Military intelligence showing their iron fists in iron gloves?
In about 1992 there was an investigative report published in a Russian newspaper about KGB/SODOM rule at the top of Russian Orthodox Church, with the Foreign Department, where young students/priests were trained for work overseas, most affected.
Russian Church in Exile and official Church never reconciled.
[ Sat. 16 May, 2015] -
There was a one way "offer"or command from Moscow to unite all (?) Russian Orthodox Churches. At least one Church (in London?) rejected that move.
HOMOSEXUAL Mafia, as reported in 300-page long investigation account submitted for ACTION by three top Cardinals in Vatican and ignored by the new Pope Franciscus, has a KGB=MOSSAD allies in Moscow and beyond.
I just noticed, that my brother's e-mail with good news seems to have been posted just before my e-mail to him ( 2 May: 13:41 and 15:11 from Moscow) and there is RE: without subject heading. I noted somewhere ( ...002 website?) some time ago, that an e-mail from my daughter seemed somewhat 'machine-generated', also with unusual style. Should I ask him?
KGB/Mossad rats nesting in North Yorkshire ....
JAPAN : National Geographic Dec. 1960 pp.740-742:
- Tokyo Leftists perform Snake Dance.
- PM Kishi resigned, Eisenhower's visit cancelled.
- Red-White flags of Sohyo, a council of 52 labor unions.
- A Japanese University professor: ...Don't make the mistake of thinking those demonstrators weren't deadly serious. They were.
 It is true that a lot of the riots were led by professional Communists, and probably many members of the mob were paid to be there.
[ Wed. 20 May, 2015 ] -
WRONG timing, Mis-Step, wrong-footing - all are in Cabal's Arsenal.
For some time my daughter writes her letters when I write mine, so that effective communication is undermined.
How does such a thing happen ?
SODOM and Gomorrah by Chicago Police.
From The Guardian article (15 May, 2015)  by Spencer Ackerman in New York:
For psychological reasons, Angel Perez does not call what happenned to him rape.
... Homan Square, a warehouse used by the Chicago police for incommunicado detentions, where police inserted something into his rectum.
Angel Perez recently REFILED his LAWSUIT and named the two police officers:
Jorge LOPEZ and Edmund ZABLOCKI.
Disorder in LAW: from an e-mail I sent to S. Marsden of Daily Mail today:
Another suspicion I have about BERCU:
His wife received appaulingly LOW LEVEL LEGAL DEFENCE in the McAlpine-Twitter-Child-Sex-abuse Case. It was actually no defence at all, rather a BAD LEGAL PRECEDENT, which served to protect child-rapists and gag people who express opinion.
My post nr 319 of 21 June 2013: Loeb, Loeb and Loeb.
[ Thurs. 21 May, 2015] - Corrections for some mistakes made (on/-off line): 'Military MUSEUM', not
'Military Theater'. They were close 'in time and space' that day. I mistakingly called (?) British Royal Princess ANNE Princess Margareth, which, however, was not misundestood ! Princess Anne and her parties for girls in Gosport ... .
Royal Yacht Britannia in PAEDOPHILE stories - The News of yesterday (by Elise Brewerton) on page 6.
Sinister water sign image of 3-year old Madeline MacCann (sp?) snatched in Portugal appeared on the Logo of a website, registered in Israel and taken down since. I noticed the image (slowly appearing and disappearing) only because the site was loading with difficulty. Soon after I posted info on a Forum discussing Madeline's abduction, the Gosport Pub called Madeline was closed and the building is now a small supermarket. My post nr 290 of 4 April, 2011:
The Masonic Hall next to St.Matthews Court residential complex in Gosport is PRINCE of WALES masonic lodge number ..... (noted somewhere).
[ Sat. 23 May, 2015 ] - Yesterday morning (10:27) I dropped a letter into "Letters and Prescriptions Requests" Box at the Waterside Medical Centre , Mumby Road, Gosport. At 13:00 I had my Speaker's Corner presentation in Portsmouth Guildhall area. This morning I received 2 text messages sent yesterday evening from Skipton ( both 19:45).
Within days or two, visible censorship online of Homan Square Black Site homosexual torture (torture by homosexual police) as Reported by Guardian (see above).
No photos of the two policemen named. Zablocki must be a Polish or Jewish name. In mid-nineties Dutch news reported, that a retired Polish colonel was renting boys in Poland to foreign tourists.
Was it indeed a gun (?!) that was used by homo-police?
Around 2000(?) a Russian woman said there was a 'live child sex' shows in Moscow for foreigners.
Here I recently refered to some Russian youngsters ( and their parents) as lobotomiki,  rossianskie obeziany- pederastki i lesbiany, maloletnie bliadi (malchiki i devochki), etc.
MANY are indeed Brainwashed/Sodomised/Lobotomised.
I have standing questions about Polish neighbours in St.Matthews Court.
TWO GENERALS, Russian and American were indeed listening and watching (De Burght conf) when Russian translator talked about her little son being ...tender, loving, into kisses, etc.
Some ideas about Anorexia vs Obesity and Religious Conversions  - next week.