Saturday, 21 February 2015

Spartak i Vovochka.

( nr 333 ) Cambridge 5 - Cambridge 50 - Cambridge 500.

Our Physics teacher and class "mentor" in the Physics-Mathematics department of the "special" school number 710 in Moscow was SPARTAK Aleksandrovich Savostin.
We called him SAS, or in Russian letters CAC. His wife was a lookalike of a ....Greek woman I met in Portsmouth a few years ago. Plus Crimean Greeks (young people) who were touring Lagos, Nigeria (Ikoyi Island) in may be,  1977. TATAR ballet (from Kazan) performing in Lagos.
Russian jokes (anekdotes) about little boy VOVOCHKA (from Vova or Vladimir) who "knew everything about sex". There were analogous jokes (from a book I read) about a spoilt little boy in Greece.
Zhenia Skoblikov from Delft talked about anti-semitism in France, his late KGB father, his young daughter working as a "model" in Paris and prostitution being a legitimate occupation.
One of the numerous "hints" locally (charity shop in Fareham) was a display of 1930s Physics Research Journal (not exact title) with one author SKOBELTSYN.
In mid-1990s (street celebrations) near Patrice LUMUMBA university one young boy, very pale but dancing very well (too well for a child) was with his dance partner - an African or Latin American woman, aged about 20-30.
FACEBOOK is getting even more chaotic and messy.
I am trying to find the address in Bournemouth of  Dr. Aisha Abdullahi, the daughter of the late Prof. Ramatu Abdullahi.
[ Mon. 23 Feb.2015] - there are Ikoyi and Victoria Island parts in Lagos, not Ikoyi Island. Are there some Physics+ projects in Channel Islands ? Apart from Physics lecturer GORSKAYA (see previous post BOKO HARAM plus ) we had another one ( a man ) - Tavi S.Al. (first vowel as in eto ).
Theresa May and Asperge Syndrome ?! Who would have thought ....
Does Aisha live in Eastbourne? She came to Gosport to meet my daughter and children recently. There are Unilag photoes on my website(s). Rahman is very active on Facebook.
Reading and thinking about Gen. Obasanjo's letter to the President of Nigeria.
[ Wed. 25 Feb. ] - MY SOTRUDNICHAEM - ( KGB and AIVD/MIVD-Dutch Security ) - Skoblikov.
[ Thurs. 26 Feb.] 'My' - we in Russian, 'sotrudnichaem'- work together, co-operate.
Zhenia was a guest in the house of Solomatiny: Dima, Marina i deti. Remember smth. about Russky Dom (Russian House) as a business.
Zhenia used to call himself Russky Muzhik (Ya - Russky Muzhik!) and complained about antisemitism in France. He used to say, that work is impossible to find, unless one is prepared to work in 'silovye structury' (police,military etc).
Fishman family (Galina and Iosif) from Kazan University?! .... It stinks to high heaven.
'Anonymous' has revealed its UGLY FACE - that of MOSSAD & co. Ref. Satanic Cult Member text, which appeared on RMN and Veterans Today on Feb. 22, 2015. The text and blackop (?) is 'machine' generated, hoofs and horns sticking out.
Democracy (in its modern ugly form)  of course, is an artificial creation, without precedent in Human Civilization and History.
As I heard someone saying: good guys are punished, and bad guys are rewarded.
In the Soviet Union soon after 'restructuring' ( perestroika ) the d-word was mispronounced with soft R in between E and M, turning it into Sh*tocracy.
Totally artificial and unnatural is/was Communism as well.
[ Friday 27 Feb.2015 ] - An interesting 'event' this morning at the Lloyds Bank in Gosport High Street. An now (again!) found smth interesting: Lloyds Bank Security Notification (junked) coming from ( maintainance [at], sent yesterday 13:46:18.
Is it some "Anonymous" joke? ...
Shall speak later today about banking, islam, etc.
[ Sat. 28 Feb. 2015 ] - Some lingo:

People can be put out of their misery quite easily.

D -Word.

Mossad & Co.  (Co. does include KGB, etc., but rationale and national characteristics are glaring and unmistakable, forming continuous trail for over a century: on and off-line).

From yesterday: Prof. Adeyemi (?) of the School of Advanced Legal Studies in Unilag talked about inferiority of the system, where " 51 percent lord it over 49 percent".
BANKING per definition is a crime - using people's money, without their knowledge and consent.
Money is given to banks for safe-keeping.
Islamic banking: forbidden to ask/take from the people more money, than has been lent/loaned to them.
Two Dutch Books published by Verba Uitgeverij (Verba b.v., Hoevelaken, 1998, 1997).
( 1)
RUSSISCHE WIJSHEID - ISBN 90 5513 317 5  (Russian Wisdom).

( 2)
JOODSE WIJSHEID  - ISBN 90 5513 293 4       ( Jewish Wisdom).

From (2): Page 141 ref. 41:
Poland: in 1943, 10.000 Jewish orphaned children were sent to Iran  (Teheran).
Just sent an e-mail to Mexico.
Irina and Irina, as I wrote earlier, refer to (1)  Irina+ spionage/satanic network here in Gosport, (2) Dutch Princess Irene (now living in South Africa ?), whose son Carlos was my Physics student at Eerde International School in Holland. Trying to remember the name of his Spanish teacher. Was she from Chile ? ...
[ Mon. 2 March, 2015] - just corrected Mossad & Co. (removed funny 'amp', which was not on the printout). The website statistics sometimes censors certain posts.
I check yahoo for "galina-a-anikeeva" and on page 5 see smth. NOT NICE: in Russian  Four Lines
as follows: (1) Galina Anikeeva: materials ... (2) url:  Cached  ( lines 3 and 4 ) Works {funktsioniruet} with financial support of the Federal agency for press and mass ... .
The article ( 18/08/2013) on display is report by two people: Aleksander Eliseev, Galina Anikeeva .
When I search for "Aleksander Eliseev", no similar result/display comes up, but  Eliseev comes up in Lukoil. Yesterday and today there is a 'subtle' Lukoil theatrics. In the past,  I spoke about Alan Maple of ABB Lumus reportedly dying of tropical decease and Professor, Senior Engineer Rubinstein of Lukoil going to visit the widow and her daughter in Wassenaar - he asked me to come along as an interpreter. There was also a truly funny human/machine event: in the Gosport library, an A4 during photocopying turned 90 degrees (never happenned before) so that half of the page with name Rubinstein on it was blank. Next to the machine sat 'vovochka' - looking silly and provincial.
The front page of that russian (?) website has a faint small print line on top: funktsioniruet ...
[ Thurs. 5 March, 2015 ] - Is Boris Nemtsov dead ?
There are in any case, serious questions about activities of some Nemtsov family members, some events and organisations here in UK, in Holland and in Russia.
More tomorrow at 13:00 in Guildhall area of Portsmouth, - my Speaker's corner presentation.
In Moscow School 710 Jews were 'over' represented, many perhaps were active in Soviet Jewish emigration. Came online across info about Sasha Lerner working as military orthopedic surgeon in Israel, Mila Kniazhanskaya in Mossad medical (?).
In Lagos Military hospital there were 2 or 3 Soviet Jewish women: Ada Akpan went to Israel and Pfizer ( corr.sp. ) pharmaceutical ( corr.sp.) in US, Olga Patta told me she 'escaped' to the Lagos Airport being chased by military police - did not tell me why, but said on arrival here in UK, that she "told them everything" (ya im vsio rasskazala).
What did she do? Many questions ref. VU, GE, SW, DP, GI, etc.etc.
[ Sat. 7 March 2015 ] - In addition to my 'presentation' yesterday:

 6 May 2012, besides being Second Jewish Passover and tenth anniversary of the assasination of Dutch polititian Pim Fortuine, was also homosexual, PINK weekend (or, even LESBIAN) and a large pink hat was put on display downstairs in the foye of 21-32 flats at St. Matthews Court in Gosport. I later found a photo of the Dutch military wearing such a hat at the pink parade.
A photo of young teenage girls, playing hockey and wearing symbolic PINK kneesocks appeared on a Dutch  websites of a charity or club, named after Dutch Princess IRENE.  Was she also called RODE IRENE (Red Irene) ?
Not P3P project, but B3P - Balkans Peace Parks Project.
Is the Rainbow Flag their symbol ? -

Thursday, 12 February 2015


( nr 332 ) Cabal International is KABAL(A) International. Russian word kabala means yoke, slavery, enslavement. While Nature inspired Man to invent airplanes (birds), radar (bats), find cures and medicines (plants), the cabal ( predators and parasites of human race) layed their hands on science and technology, producing so-called non-lethal weapons, mind (and body) control technologies, etc.
It's about weapons and methods, who is using it and against whom. It's very old, centuries and millenia of struggle between Good and Evil.
BOKO HARAM in North-East Nigeria remains elusive, just as ISIS in Middle East and beyond.
Some history and word-play:
Bokor Hiram ?  Vodou witches are called BOKORS, houngan (male) and mambo (female).
Saw somewhere that bokor is a Hausa word and bokono (?) in Fen language.
MASONIC legend about Hiram's Key and his death in the hands of apprentices, who wanted to extract Secret Knowledge from the Chief Architect ....
My ex-husband's brother was a Mason, but I failed to learn more in our correspondence.
Masonic Lodges in Yorkshire and Hampshire. One (of Prince Charles) faces St.Matthews Court in Gosport. My pen-friend from Rostok, DDR wrote that his father was a 'mason'. I used dictionary to learn that it meant 'kamenotios' and took it literaly, as masonic concept was absent from Soviet education.
Masonic lodges and masons. When Soviet Union "collapsed", one of the new words and expressions was ZHIDOMASONY.
JUJU is the name of local witchcraft. I am still surprised that vodou is often used at the expence of juju. An old painting of Juju schrine depicts SKULLS and BONES.
ISIS was decoded in one old video ( black and white TV, 1960s?) on RMN as Israeli Security Intelligence Service or similar. Jewish society is MATRIARCHAL: you never know who the father is; behind every man ...., etc.
SATANIC WOMEN or Sadistic Lesbians. "Isis Unveiled" was written by Russian Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. She is described as man-like woman somewhere. Alice A. Baily, India, British military, etc. LUCIS trust, Lucifer or Luciferian Trust. Masonic Widows at the Russian Spectacular satanic theater in Portsmouth,etc.
From Russia with Extreme Evil:
Pussy Riot female degenerates have UNMASKED themselves as satanic, heretic sect HLYSTY or 
"feminist hlysty" in the video of their interview. That video was on The Guardian paper website, which quickly vanished. My e-mail to The Guardian was not answered. I described the wording in that interview in detail online. Orgies: men, women and children, incest, self-castration... . Orthodox Church in Imperial Russia had failed (?) in their struggle with heretics (Monk Rasputin and his handlers).
FEMEN satanic women are given licence to blasphem, desecrate, etc. By the way, there was a NUDIST sect from Russia (Siberia, Alaska?) which migrated to CANADA.
ZULU or isiZulu ... There was a 'teasing' humorous anti-european song/rhyme one could hear from poor (the poorest) children and also women, so-called market women:
" Oyinbo - pepe, isi-isi pepe, you go yellow more-more (refrain)" in Pidgin English.
Yoruba brides were prepared for marriage in so-called Fattening Houses. I don't know what it is in Yoruba.
Germans and Germans, Americans and Americans, etc. Volga Germans, Prussians, P-Russians, .....
PERUGIA was also known as PERUSSIA. Kievan Rus.
Golem, Zombi, Slave, Robot ... .
" ... medical secrets, still unknown to medical science, ... Wade Davis ...presented a pharmacological cause for zombiism .... mixing of two special powdres in a person's bloodstream ....Tetrodoxin, a powerful and potentially fatal Neurotoxin .... dissociative drugs such as datura which is often used as a hallucinogen. " - from "VOODOO KILLERS" by Joseph Carlson: ISBN 978-0-7088-6745-7.
S-theater was part of the so-called Orthodox Church services in Portsmouth - Greek and Russian. [ Friday 13 February, 2015] . There I saw Russian/Polish in-laws of a priest sexually abusing their child during the sermon: hands in wrong places, in the center of a religious ceremony, many people embarassed or angry, but the worst of it was the NON-ACTION of those with authority and duty to set things right.  I don't trust them. Some anti-christian behaviours in other churches/countries (may speak about later today).
I saw online  AUGUST 17  as a self-appointed (?) International FEMEN day. I posted a few years ago a strange dress/fashion 'style' that appeared symbolic. It turns out to be similar to a photo of Lindy Chamberlane, 32-year old mother, whose nine-week-old baby daughter, Azaria was carried off into the night by a wild dog dingo at Ayers Rock, a sacred site of Aborigines ... on 17 August 1980.
Reading the Dutch publication by Ton Crijnen "ALBANIE - Chinese voorpost in Europa?" - Actuelle Onderwerpen -  REEKS BOEKJE 1328,  11-9-1970.
Gypsies allowed to camp in Green Belt ? Could it be ... United Nations PEACE PARK PROJECT invasion ? Shall check the details later. Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro .... . 1950s "Albania" conspiracy ? Balkan Troubles ?
"Peace" again ? Anti-War ? ....
[ Sat. 14 Feb. 2015 ] - 1994 Serge Monast Talk:
Canada .... Is the website registered in Canada ? (Registrant Country: CA ).
Some time ago I thought they were in UK, actually in Gosport ! Female Cabal ?
DAVID A. LARSON  wrote a letter to CIA and received their reply, which I printed from his website and posted in my post ( nr 245 ) of 18 January 2010. More from his website with American Court Case documents in other posts of Jan.2010.
His website is no more, and a Chinese (? - sorry I would not know Chinese from Korean etc.) website
has pages: Private Islands for Sale and IVF Treatment. Very sinister ! Do CIA contractors have some links to ... Israel Epstein ? Poland ?
About two years ago a team of JEHOVA WITNESS people in front of Portsmouth Central Library had a CHINESE or "chinese" text on disply. As I moved closer to have a look they fled ! Fled in a hurry. Later I looked for simple/neutral postcards and found none, except a set (10?) cards which depicted Chinese-like characters. Could not read it.
What about Chinese Muslims ? Uigur (sp.?) academic Ilham Tohti in prison:
[ Thurs. 19 Feb. 2015 ] - Is the Autobiography of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo banned in Nigeria ?
( ref. Reuters, Lagos).
Some history from Keesing's Cont. Archives:
ARMENIA: Independent, Jan. 16, 1920.
Tartars murdered:
7,000 Armenians, Feb. 16, 1920;
17,100 Armenians, March 26, 1920.
Liebknecht, Leader of the German Spartacists (Communists), murdered, Jan.15, 1919.
Luxemburg, Rosa, German Spartacist, murdered, Jan. 15, 1919.