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( nr 314 )  Martin Towers, former head of MIDWIFERY, lecturer at University of Leeds (58 y.o.) had 2000 child porn images on his computer, discovered by police at his home in Churchfield Lane, Rothwell, Leeds January 15 last year. Towers and his wife were both school governors at the time of the offences.
Youngest victim two years old. Towers , father of two children, pleaded guilty to 21 offences of MAKING indecent images of children. Of 1,986 images 65 were at level four, the second most serious kind.
- from Yorkshire Evening Post of Friday September 28, 2012.
[ Tue. 30 Oct. 2012] - Dangerous psychopath or toxic degenerate Jim Savile of BBC raped and abused under-age girls, boys .... and now DEAD BODIES. The claim is made by fellow DJ Paul Gambachini on Radio 5 interview (from Daily Star Oct. 24, 2012). Predator Savile had penthouse flat in block at Roundhay, Leeds. The scan below is a photo of Martin Towers from Yorkshire Evening Post. The next scan is of a disgusting product from Morrisons supermarket - GINGERBREAD (!) 'Grisly Skeletons.
Hell-o-win trash... BISQUITS shaped like BONES are sold annually in an ancient Italian town PERUGIA during Festa dei Morti or Festival of Death/Dead - see the next scan of a page from "Death in PERUGIA" by John Follain and the book's front cover.
There was a Rothchild family photo exhibition in New Forest a few years ago. An Italian woman Marie PERUGIA from an old Jewish family married R. in 1881. She was a daughter of Achille Perugia, who lived in Trieste, Italy. I could not find who her mother was, as I searched Internet yesterday. Since in the matriarchial, matrilineal Jewish society women inherit according to "how well they control their men", I thought smth. important may be missing. I was also surprised to find three Perugia festivals in the Wikipedia entry do not include Festa dei Morti. Also surprised to see Amanda Knox listed as Known (?) Alumni.
The Communist Party of Britain (Yorkshire  branch) has a Post Box Address in LEEDS. One daughter (from the first marriage) of an Exxon-Mobil British expatriate who was killed in Brussels two weeks ago lives in LEEDS. British Iraqi scientist-engineer who was murdered with his family in France worked in nuclear industry and was a specialist in high-resolution satellites. STAR WARS, high-tech ESPIONAGE, surprising surge in interest in Astronomy, while PHYSICS is almost 'extinct' as a subject, and increasing numbers of people claiming to be Physicists being wildly at odds with the logic and culture of true science.
Next post Monday 12 November or earlier.
[ Friday 2 Nov. 2012] - I removed 'Sadam Hussein family' above (grammar mistake). MoS of Oct. 28 : "The tensions began after Saad Al-Hilli's father [Kadhim] was struck off the list of beneficieries of the former Iraqi dictator". The Bent Coppers book also refers to a controversial top police officer of Iranian discent with a highly placed family in Iran. There is a case also for Israeli, ex-Soviet and British Jews with relatives in Iran. My post KGB=MOSSAD (also Mafia) was hacked in Portsmouth Central Library a couple of years ago. I wrote it as MO-K-SS-GB-AD, which also reads in Russian. Swiss accounts? Swiss family Blank related to Lenin (Ulyanov) family in Tatarstan ( + Revolutionaries/Terrorists in Kazan University). I was surprised to see mistranslation of Russian word KRYSHA (lit. ROOF or cover, protection) in The Times (July 9, 2012) article "Billionaire 'with mafia links spied on rivals'". Also wrong to spell Russian name as Cherney - obscures the roots, which made me wonder about Mit Romney ascendants.
 I remember Dr. M. Stern in Amsterdam speaking somewhat positively about Mormons. ABB-Lukoil photo can be seen on my (open-doc) website next to the Moony Jos conf. photo. As for the BND, German Security Service ( East German -West German) , which "spent decades monitoring money transactions between the West and Iraq" (same MoS article Oct. 28),  I wonder if they  know where the USSR Communist Party funds have flown to .... .
SATURDAY 10 November, 2012: My next post is not ready.
The date Monday 12 November moves to Monday 3 December, 2012.

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