Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Addenda Fifteen.

( nr 376 ) - Trump's Lawyers Kremlin Connections by CGI's Christ:

Jared's Russian Banker - FSB:

Soviet jargon: words French and Lawyer ( ru: On frantsuz/yourist) were used as metaphor/code for Jew/Jewish.
August 2002:
 Manchester - Cambridge - Military Base - Sadistic crimes against
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman -     
My post ( nr 293 ) -
[ Thurs. 1 June, 2017] - NO REPLY from Natasha KUHRT (Dept. of War Studies, KCL) -
[ Friday, 2 June, 2017] -
[ Monday, 5 June, 2017] - Four Arab lands break dipl. rel. with their neighbour:

The grandson of David Rockefeller is Jacob Greenberg aka Mark Zuckerberg:

Another 'Debbie'? - read about Debbie Wasserman Schultz:
[ Tue. 6 June, 2017 ] - Women getting away with murder ? ...

London Bridge HOAX - POLICE caught (2 videos):
So, there is even a Women's Equality Party in UK? How disgusting.
ENERGY is LIFE. The Law of Conservation and Transformation of Energy is taken off school/university curricula. I was surprised when Leonid Timochouk asked me about Open vs. Closed Systems .
So-called PRIVATISATION should have never been allowed in respect of NATURAL resources: oil, gas, water, uranium, as well as the MILITARY and SECURITY sectors.
So-called Zero Hours Contract is travesty and humiliation in one. Who invented it ?
Two posts from last year:
[ Wed. 7 June, 2017 ] - Just spoke to a man, who brought smb.'s CV to me, thinking I left on top of the printing machine (under the top cover). I told him the story of a RAF (British Royal Air Force) document having been planted on  me years ago. He said he remembers the old copy machine with a central bay. The man looks familiar to me, but I can't remember where/when I saw him.
Torture with Remote Control - ref. DAVID A. LARSON from California:
When his site was 'hacked', a Japanese (?) website in its place had some Russian words in its WHO-IS text. New site about his case I saw recently mentions only 2(?) out of four names. The text/style was like topical info from RU.NET years ago.
Soviet, Chinese, Albanian, Yougoslav, Chechoslovak, etc. :
Nelson and Lloyds ? -
The auto-reply (acknowledgement) from NRC Dutch paper to my e-mail has two curious details: the name of the tech.staff (?) - name of Slovene politician (shall check) on whose bio online there is a Rodina (Russian for Motherland) as if superimposed online (in different font). Rodina/Ordina mentioned in the post above. RMN ( forum) is similar to RNM - remote neuro monitoring.
Online info ( tomorrow: CBS - Comey- ....) does not print.
[ Friday, 9 June, 2017] - Our local paper The News has no Election results of yesterday this morning, not yet.
 Labour Party on ENERGY: Gradually take energy back into public ownership by legislating etc.
     The scanner is not working, but I have the NRC e-mail, it is from Stefan Stasko, Medewerker Klantenservice NRC Media ( Black and white printout of Wikipedia bio for politician Stefan Stasko looks a bit different from the color version (ref. font above) and it actually seems to 'belong' to:" Rodina - Manzelka - MUDr. Janka Staskova ".
The entry in Eastern European Language SK does not name the country: ... born (*14, marec 1959, Sobrance). May be one family with Stefan Stasko of NRC online (?).
Pity I don't have the NRC paper, perhaps it was not on display: out of sight - out of mind.
The colored (rogue?) horizontal lines of text were seen on British Police websites months ago: I printed them out and may be scanned . I remembered it when smb. on RMN forum wrote about "over-riding frequencies".
[ Sat. 10 June, 2017 ] - Just posted front page results from Sun (of yesterday) and a bit from the NRC auto e-mail reply (see Stefan Stasko). Two bits from Stefan Stasko Wikipedia entry added: note place of birth and Rodina for Janka Staskova.
 The NRC e-mail ( noreply  [at] ) was sent Wed. 31/05/2017  12:46.
Was reminded yet again yesterday about some foreign students at TU Delft (onze Chinese cameraden - Nashi Kitaiskie tovarischi), Slovak students, etc.
 Some time ago my mobile was hacked by a 'source' linked to Ukraine and CHINA.
 Chinese presence in Portsmouth University linked to ISRAEL and RUSSIA (former Communist Block countries).
Again: KGB=Mossad=Mafia (Mob).
350 years ago ... British vs Dutch Navy:
U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence -
A link to Opening Statement ( by James B. Comey on June 8, 2017) there leads to pdf doc:

Thursday, 11 May 2017

May 11 plus.

( nr 375 ) - Today is 11 May 2017. I shall post the link to my post at the Dutch Expatriate forum EXPATICA "Read before MAY 11 - internet safety !"
So, Ten Year anniversary today - posted in 2007 (part from page 6 below).
The date May 11 was simply the end of registration for my old website (in 2006), which I decided not to extend,  plus (or minus) one or two days to cater for time difference for registrant and readers. My user name: "hantser" [ corrected from 'hatser' on 20 Sept. 2017] for Hants/Hampshire. Here is the link to page 6 :

Currently collecting material on MEDICAL MAFIA ( KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA).

Open questions about G. E. Izmailovskaya (and family), Olga Patta (and family), Nigerian Medics (and their families), etc.etc.
[ Mon. 15 May, 2017] - Obstruction of JUSTICE ? (ref. sacking of James Comey - Chief FBI ).

James Comey wants to tell all on Russia - but only in PUBLIC, not behind closed doors. See scan of article on orange paper from Sunday Mirror of yesterday.
Local S-theatre: minutes after I wrote about Medical Mafia (above), a man from 93-95 Stoke Rd. shop walked briskly in front of me and upon entering Waitrose supermarket, said smth. to an African man, who, next time I was there, said 'Hello' or similar to me, which had never happened before. The African man sort of 'replaced' another conspicuous figure in Waitrose: a Jewish man, who looked like a brother of the one in launderette near Domino Pizza.
British media Oopla: ..  NHS should 'Remain Robust' - came from a woman police officer ( head of National Crime agency) who recently appointed another woman police officer CRESSIDA DICK to be head of Metropolitan Police in London. I remember computer specialists complaining in Holland, that faulty software was never 'set right', but reps were supposed to offer customers 'Even Better' new versions.
By the way, smb. on RMN noticed frequent power failures recently. What I wrote about my accidental discovery of 'merged duplicates' in any URL website address happened during PC going off - either power off or 'my time' off. The post then was in only one of the two duplicates ( http:// with or without www). There was helpful time on the printout: hour, minutes and seconds. The IT Hampshire soon after that removed time from the settings and left only date (day). IT Hampshire placed UK gov. websites on .... Chinese server(s).
Very poor and divergent info about current Global Cyber Attack. British Medics have a lot to hide/explain. North Yorkshire NHS has to explain in what capacity one Dr. NEMTSOVA was present in the maternity hospital when my first granddaughter was born, why parents were given a paper to sign for some mysterious Experiments with Blood to be conducted. No copy or documents explaining those experiments. And much more.
[ Wed. 17 May, 2017] -
 New York court case against  Epstein et al
(et al stands for Four WOMEN ): 
the link is at the end in my post "January 2017" via RMN:

Some names and books I 'discussed' yesterday in Gosport Library:
1. Scientific & Medical Network publication "Wider Horizons" (isbn 0953-53330-1) gives Chronology of ( 105) Meetings 1973-1998.
2. ( ref.) Name Lougovoy, C. (with Huisman, D.) in the Dutch book "Public Relations" by A.J. Ruitenburg (1989).
3. In "Mind-Reach" by R. Targ & H. Puthoff (1977) - [isbn 0 586 08288 3] :
Kholodov Y.A., Keeler William W., Kogan I.M., Tyminski Walter, Cox Bonnar(Bart), etc.
Elizabeth DILLING travelled to Soviet Russia in 1931. Published : Red Network, Octopus, The Plot Against Christianity (renamed Jewish Religion), etc. Lists of names and organisations.
Had serious difficulty this morning printing her works (contents pages) from American Archives online.
[ Thurs. 18 May 2017] - First/fleeting impressions sometimes do count. So, I have two points today:

1. Still to read docs about James Comey. Not versed in American legalese, but "most wanted" and "to turn over all materials" seem a diabolical choice of words. Would not be surprised if PR/NLP consultants are behind it. Those behind "remain robust" or "even better", perhaps some people of Cultural Logic consultancy.

2. I wonder about Louise Mensch ... . I take it that there is only one (high profile) Louise Mensch.
MOSSAD ? ... I remember reading years ago about her family matters, her sons, Afro-American musician, a discovery of an identity of an online pest, who turned out to be an old Jew. It was all high drama. Then, having quite forgotten about her, I 'saw' ref. to her 'twit' on the RMN forum,  and the figure of a quarter of a million of her followers. By the way, 'Crystal River' on RMN made a third or forth ( serious) mistake in my opinion. Someone wrote that RMN is run by women. Her [ LM's ? ] wiki bio was updated today and I printed it out to read.
Name Ornstein also came up in "Mind-Reach" book. Shall check.
[ Friday, 19 May, 2017] - amazing show of 'miniscule' dogs on my way back to the library. When I went back home at about 10:30, there was not unfamiliar S-theatre near St. Matthews: 1, 2 .... Number 3: questions about the woman I met downstairs. From upstairs?
Dr. Robert Ornstein is in the "Mind-Reach" book.
There are several versions about president Vladimir Putin's early life in public media. There was an industrialist (?) Putilov in St. Petersburg, ref. Putilovski zavod. This post went off-air first time. This is my second attempt.
[ Sat. 20 May, 2017] - S-theatre, Gosport Theatrics ... When Middletons (parents) for the first time had their photos published in local paper, I exclaimed that a man who spoke to me in front of Gosport Library (who I thought was Russian/ex-Soviet) looked very much like the father, and the mother also looked ex-Soviet (Jewish). Then came Huta-Maki (?) factory in Gosport. Relatives?
Names Litvinenko and Lugovoi (among other 'familiar' names) were in JTEP journal (ref. Physics).
Krieg - German for WAR.
Tania Krieger? German POWs, their children and grandchildren?
Wrote earlier (in Russian):
Inogorodnia suka Tania -
Rachia i sobachia !
[ Mon.22 May, 2017] - the scanner is being used now (a man at comp.terminal 4), so I shall post my scans asap, - today or tomorrow.
 Scans posted of Carol and Michael Middleton, Russel Targ, Harold Puthoff and one page of 1994 article from Journal of Personality and Social Psychology "Evidence for Universality and Cultural Variation of Differential Emotion Response Patterning" (7 major emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and quilt; research done in 37 countries on 5 continents).
Seth Rich Possibly Killed at the Hospital :
[ Tue. 23 May, 2017] - Just added a scan of the cover page of "Mind-Reach" book.
Time and Space ! Why don't police announce the exact time and location of an incident, such as an explosion in Manchester. Did it happen last night? Useful information may come from people who may not be 'witnesses' in the strict sense.
Just rememberd that Susan Durojaye was from Manchester (?). Saw obituary of her husband Prof. M. Durojaye, who died in West Indies (Barbados?). No info about Susan or the children.
Should write to Pat Oke ref. Holloway Sisters - she might know smth. about the phenomenon.
[ Friday, 26 May, 2017] - Sent a comment to NRC article "Trump gelast onderzoek na lekken foto's 'Manchester' -
[ Sat. 27 May, 2017] - "Russian Ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret channel with Kremlin" - link to Washington Post article (long) in article:
Volkskrant: Dutch Police works 'closely' with Russian FSB: