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Tech - Mafia - 2.

( nr 356 ) - cont. from previous post Tech - Mafia.
Designer Chaos: scatter/mix everything and then fill up boxes or shelves with that mess.
In supermarkets, for example, pens and pencils shall be in half a dozen places.
It may look "neat" and "artistic". Hide some items, rubrics or categories, etc.
Such formula is used not only in shops, but increasingly online, on websites.
4 April, 2011 post:
[ Thurs. 19 May, 2016 ] -
I counted 16 (sixteen) locations where "pens and pencils" (see above) are displayed in WHSmith shop (downstairs) in Fareham.
Gosport Library has been renamed "Discovery Centre".
A South-African school girl visiting years ago said: Not many books!
"Discover" is a too general/vague word.
Computer programmers are now vaguely called/calling themselves "developers".
"Software" and "Apps" is another example of obscuratism.
Wonder what has happened to "The Sargeants" website as wrong and different content appeared when I clicked on the link (articolo smth.) in the post (nr 290) above.

Another ref. to the Israeli-British(?) website is in my post (nr 299) of 9 Nov. 2011:
scan of my comment at The Conspiracy Analyst: The Aliens are coming! -
"... From a dialogue between Blackwatch and Peter Everett on the key words: Garry McKinnon, concentration of ufo/espionage buffs in and around Keighley/Skipton region, UFO/Eye Spy mags, Mark Birdsal - his cottage is within twenty minutes drive of Menwith Hill ( home of Echelon) ..." -
[ Mon. 23 May, 2016] - Important:

1 . Mathematical Concepts vs PHYSICS Concepts.
2. Function (law) vs Formula (for calculation).
3. Physics Quantities: Basic and Derivatives.
4. x (space/distance) and t ( time ) are BASIC quantities.

Posted two scans: 1993 (!) end of August International Conference in Moscow with a strange "HOMO" logo. Homosexuality was legalised in Russian Parliament in May 1993 ... without public announcement. Only "60 seconds" (?) TV programme just mentioned it a week or two later ( I was in Moscow at the time). A few weeks before tragic events of Rebellion against government of Boris Eltsyn (or Yeltsin ?) - see my website about October 4 - 1992 - 1993 (events on Holland and Russia): 

The second scan is about the LOGO of The Sargeants's Inn , where one can see the FACE of Madeleine McCann in the black square:
[ Tue. 24 May, 2016] - KGB=Mossad=Mafia ...
ZEEV AVNI ... born Wolf Goldstein in 1921, Riga, Latvia:
Legal Chambers in Lonon: SERJEANTS' Inn Chambers:
NATO meets in Poland 8-9 July 2016. Stationing of multi-national forces in Eastern Europe:

[ Thurs. 26 May, 2016] - Dutch Parliament: Chaos in the "Monster Ministry" of Security and Justice.
Likely return to two separate ministries, with Security back in the Ministry of Internal Affairs -
Note the so-called strategy of tension.
[ Friday, 27 May, 2016] - Shaul Elovich ....owner of ISRAELI high-tech companies (Polish Jew).
Polish journal RADIOTEHNIKA (?) was on sale in newspaper kiosks in Moscow in early 1960s. It was a popular/amateur material, the text was in Polish, but 'amateurs' read circuits and diagrams easily. First, Shaul Elovich ran the firm (spec. TV antennas) of his father-in-law. TV-sets ZENIT were made in Moscow. There was a ZENITH Radio Corporation HQ in CHICAGO, USA.
Around the same time an East-German popular journal for youth (Technology?) was sold over the counter, - in Russian. On Soviet TV there was a "Fox-Hunting" programe - competition to find the source of a radio signal.
[ Sat. 28 May, 2016 ] - I added a scan of "four spots" on Gosport map on my other blogspot website:
1. St. John's Square next to Madeleine Pub (now Tesco) - photo in the post nr 290 - top link here.
2. IRINA's Sewing business.
3. Gosport Masonic Hall (Prince of Wales Lodge).
4. Residential complex St. Matthews Court. -

[ Tue. 31 May, 2016] - Torture with REMOTE CONTROL:
I posted scans and wrote about DAVID LARSON legal case in USA.
A bio-engineering student/postgraduate (?), he collected TECHNICAL AND MEDICAL evidence of being tortured by university dons (ref. CIA project) using RADIO FREQUENCIES  and their amateur radio licences.
I just corrected LARSEN to LARSON above. Linked to Soviet Tech-Mafia?
Just three links to posts on this website:
Romanian Security General PACEPA wrote about "strategic" significance of TIME and SPACE in terms of locating people in strategic places and making them "useful" to the CABAL at the appropriate time, also long term:
[ Wed. 1 June, 2016 ] - Zenith Trucks and (tourist) buses were seen in Gosport by Morrisons supermarket a few years ago.
ZENITH radio corporation Chicago advert in National Geographic magazine is to be found in my posts (nr 248) and (nr 292):
[ Friday, 3 June, 2016] - Abbreviations/acronyms I have used:
RAF - British Air Force (Royal Air Force)
AI - Artificial Intelligence (type of computer programmes).
Some online "behaviours" or style of prolific (?) publishers/posters, such as AANGIRFAN (in blogspot) and BEN (manager?) on the BENDEVANNIJVEL website have characteristics of AI, which may have adjustable "manual" or "auto-pilot" modes.
[Sat. 4 June, 2016] -
[ 8 June, 2016 ] - "Balkanization" of YORKSHIRE ? ... Peace Parks (lingo giveaway) deceptively "calm" and "peaceful", while decisions about FRACKING (more fracking?) in the region may be also about Psychological War, not speaking about other aspects. Earth Tremors, preceeding Earthquakes, may be below hearing threshold, but could/would induce angst, depression, sleeplesness. LYAL WATSON wrote about an island, where nobody could stay longer than two weeks (?) as a result of LOW FREQUENCY volcanic aftershocks. May not be registered seismically, but birds and animals (more sensitive than humans) "hear or sense it and flee. Somewhat similar predicament with noise near airports.
Existing "standards" outdated? -
SOUNDS (music or conversations) need not be loud to be heard in the stillness of the night.
VISIBILITY (roads, traffic, parking) is dangerously reduced by ever so bigger vehicles, which should not be allowed to park in the CAR parking slots. Big in THREE dimensions: length, width and height.
Was reminded about Lagos, Nigeria.
ALEX THOMOPULOS (M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, father from Greece, mother from Ghana). Lived or worked in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, before moving to Lagos. Some associated words: Holy Grail Society (had asked me if I'd do some research), South African neighbours, whose dog looked a bit like dingo dog, stories about Butterflies Collectors bringing their collections via Nigerian Customs, Russian friends(?), etc.
The husband of American Sunday OJIKUTU was interested or won contract in Environmental Business - waste processing plant in Lagos State.
Nutritionists and Environmentalists were a new professional breed.
Banks seem to have the same "system" as supermarkets (psychological warfare).
In one public lecture Chernobyl disaster/reasons  were called POLITICAL and NOT TECHNICAL.
INSURANCE against disasters (natural or otherwise) and their effects was on the agenda of the DUTCH 911.
Israeli plane loaded with chemical+ weapons crushed into a highrise building near AMSTERDAM on October 4 in 1992 around 6pm, when many people were having their evening meal. I remember a headline in Dutch paper: 500 kg uranium as a BALLAST (!).
Dutch Parliament hearings revealed among other things, how a new man (young civil servant) was brought into the ministry department and was made to understand, that "there should/shall be NO INSURANCE" payable, which he (naturally) did not question.
Sunday OLEKSY-OJIKUTU (see above). I saw Lynn for the last time at my Tafawa Balewa Way flat (she was with Sunday). Who would have known!
There was no Russian Church in Lagos, and I attended GREEK Orthodox Church.
Around 2005 in the Greek Orthodox Church here in Portsmouth, I have heard that The Greek Patriarch died soon after returning from Vatican. There were rumors of poisoning, but the worst part, I was told, was the absence of the announcement of his death in Greek Media. Some S-Theater in the Church (All Saints in Portsmouth) was almost identical with the episodes on the UNILAG campus.
Almost similar 'anekdotes' with myself and Lynn giving lifts on campus. The Russian Priest in Portsmouth had POLISH son or daughter in law. Great embarassment during the service ref. wrong way of holding a child.
No luck with info about BOBBY's Italian restaurant/pub. Bobby does not refer to POLICE officers, and colors ORANGE plus Black and White are just colors, no special significance. A lot of ORANGE+ colors of recent. Any color, however, can be won by very different people - another ploy at confusion.
Oh! A Greek woman at the Geeek Cultural Society looked a bit like the wife of "SAS" - Savostin Spartak Aleksandrovich.
[ Friday, 10 June, 2016] - Tuesday 7 June was full of events: locally and internationally, day and evening. Hmm, smth about that "music" ?.... I raised issues with another type of music years ago, the one that gets 'posted' with such regularity and insistence, - on RMN forum.
[ Sat. 11 June, 2016] - Yesterday developed/collected photos at The BOOTS in Portsmouth.
The man at the counter wasVasiliy Vasiliev's lookalike.
Second time at BOOTS. Have I seen him elsewhere?
The photos of "music-makers" I took at about 10 pm on Tuesday 7 June "did not develop" properly.
Shall try an experiment: same camera, same position, at several hours, as darkness descends.
Am I right about BEN-BOT ?...

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