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Addenda Eight.

( nr 357 ) RUSSIAN PORNOGRAPHERS at Children's Farms aka Petting Farms ?
Russian stands for Soviet/Communist. They are part of the Military Mob, Cabal International.
Difficult to find info and history about so-called petting/children's FARMS.
Optimisation of Evil with Language: Farming/Children/Petting. All three words used diabolically: farming/agriculture undermined, children do not own/run farms, petting - suggestive.
Just like the word ADULT was suddenly vaguely used in local gov. literature, as if oblivious of long established meaning of "not for children", "adult movies".
Sunday Express newspaper published on 8 June, 2014 an article:
Paedophiles spy on our family photos, which I could not find on website, where I used the Russian website name: iMGSRU.RU as a search word: we found 0 results for iMGSRU.RU within all sections.
Found on Express website:
Hmm.... Friends of Newtown School (Voluntary Parent Teachers Association) happens to be in Shropshire! There is a Newtown CofE Primary School Newtown, Wem, Shropshire SY4 5NU :
Horror stories in recent weeks/months about accidents in ZOOs: wild animals, parents, children.
Zoos are PUBLIC PLACES, where children are with their parents. Accidents defy probabilities of such accidents, as solid physical barriers are in place. (to cont.)
VZLOMAL means HACKED in Russian.
From the website is registered in City: Nassau, State: New Providence, country: BS (?)
Carribean Islands/West Indies.
Barbados - abbrev. online as .bb  and Bahamas - as .bs .
In Waitrose supermarket in Gosport is on display a Mount Gay Barbados Rum - est. 1703, - Black Barrel, produced, blended and exported by Mount Gay Distillieries Ltd. - Brandons - St.Michael - Barbados - West Indies.
From "Sons and Brothers" by Richard D. Mahoney, p. 22:
" Jack had warned Bobby away from taking the job as councel to McCarthy, but to no avail. With his work ethic and Catholic sense of communist Armageddon, Bobby threw himself into McCarthy's investigation, successfully revealing that the British merchant marine had done business with communist North Korea. But he soon broke with fellow committee councels, Roy M. Cohn and G. David Schine, whose draconian tactics and homosexual attachment appalled Kennedy."
p.23, 24: " ... he [ Robert Kennedy] was soon engaged in pitched warfare against Roy Cohn.
... organized crime had infiltrated American labor unions ..... Teamsters Union president Dave Beck ... Mafia system for taking over unions ....the terror tactics were usually both well calibrated and brutal." Mafia went further than usual criminal rackets.
OCTOPUS in the words of journalist Danny Casolaro?
The "strategy of terror" included SADISTIC HOMOSEXUAL violence.
George de Morenschildt (Russian Emigre in America) was involved with Lee Oswald and the wife (family of) of JFK - Jacky nee Bouvier (sp?). He was an engineer and had mining business/interests  in Carribean country - Haiti, if I am not mistaken. Trained hypnotist?
About two years ago I told a couple walking two dogs, that the dogs looked like wolves. They told me that it was wolves (!) and they were either Chech or Slowak themselves.
 Dogs are also used as drug couriers. Could not find a post on my website about police training dogs in Slowakia (?) - from the Dutch news website.
[ Mon. 20 June, 2016] - What a Lingo/Legalese!
A notice (ref.Licencing Act 2003) about "minor variation of premises" outside Morrison Supermarket in Gosport ends with:
"It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application. The fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence is unlimited."
The vague word representation/statement I think is used to mean objection or criticism.
Never heard of unlimited fines before!
About ten years ago I was interested in local churches and their social activities. I was surprised to read that Trinity Church Gosport ( the one by Gosport Ferry, with the STAR of DAVID on top instead of a CROSS)  is somehow involved in writing or rewriting local legislation.
I called attention to suspect charities, such as BBC Children in Need (ref. Esther Ransen) and one objection was about local CHILDREN's DRAWINGS of the mascot/logo of the toy teddy bear with a bandaged head or eye - as displayed (now removed) in the Gosport LLOYDS bank on High Street.
Another "horror" on display by LLOYDS is a photo of PUPPIES ... Their eyes!
First, beautiful healthy Reindeers from Finland were in the Gosport High Street during Christmass in 2013, I think. But later not so healthy reindeers (from Poland, one of the two looked sick/suffering or on medication ) and later farm animals.
When I changed from Barclays to Lloyds bank, the weekly payments from the Department of Works and Pensions started coming into my account 48 hours later: Monday morning instead of Saturday morning. Never got an explanation.
[ Tue. 21 June, 2016] - just posted six recent photos ( in 3 'paired' scans ), including two which are defective, perhaps due to my misunderstanding of a simple disposable camera.
HILLARY CLINTON and possible charges of SPIONAGE against her.
Her maternal grandmother, Della, married Max Rosenberg, a Russian-born Jew.
Rosenberg? ... Any links with the "atomic spies" Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?
Hillary Clinton used a private server ! Talking of servers, the Portsmouth government website - uses servers (-via) and
Sounds "Chinese" to me.
[ Wed. 22 June, 2016] - added two Whois slips ( scanned on orange background) showing USUI and HAYASHI of SERVERS used by local governments of Gosport and Portsmouth.
Same servers used by FAREHAM council.
[ Thurs. 23 June, 2016] -
Hillary ... Rodomski ? -
[ Sat. 25 June, 2016] - Brexit Motive: We don't like to be bullied, and we want to make our own laws.
LY/YL letters may also suggest presence in the LOGO of Young Communist League USA. My post LY plus:
The Hebrew letters that look like Russian letters U and L are on the logo of Jewish Youth organisation Bnei Akiva:
FBI -  special cases: ROSENBERG spionage network:
[ Mon. 27 June, 2016] - LEEDS to ITALY :
Concept of Death... . FARMS are places where animals, paultry are 'raised' for slaughter.
Not a suitable place for impressional children to develop sentimental attachments. May also lead to neurotic vegetarianism. Farms may not be safe places for children in other respects (personal stories/films come to mind).
[ Wed. 29 June, 2016] - Zero search results ( in English )  on 23 year old Jessica Rodgers and her activism:
Not enough info about life of Richard D. Mahoney ... Just finished his book "Sons and Brothers". He wrote about ambushes and infiltrations during Vietnam War, resulting in massive casualties.
Would the microchip implants (Rambo chips) in American soldiers have helped the Vietnamese PLUS Chinese, Soviet (Siberian Academy of Sciences), Israeli (Birobidjan), Romanian, etc.) to track their movements and activities ?
Microchip Implants, Mind Control. and Cybernetics
by Rauni-Leena  Luukanen-Kilde, MD:
[ Thurs. 30 June, 2016] - IRINA plus Network in Gosport ( criminal-espionage, Octopus, Cabal International, incl. Latin America)  has been active/activated in the past two days, with Kazakstan and Israel (in Siberia) joining in (!) showing their horns and hoofs.
Tomorrow EU presidency changes from Netherlands to Slovakia - for the next six months.
Historically, there was an ECONOMIC community in Europe, followed by Voluntary (?) European UNION, where nice-sounding Peace/Equality/Human Rights ideas turned into Satanic Communism (Trotsky+) and unprecedented Anti-Christian dictatiorship, which is also Anti-Civilisational and genocidal (?).
Seven boys and twenty girls in a class of 27 five-year-olds. Is that a national average? ...
In about 1993 research by Swedish and British scientists male fertility (sperm count) was reported to fall by half (halved) in the preceeding decade. Vital Statistics is statistics ( detailed) of births and deaths in a given population.
A Dutch book by Joseph Cohen "Je weet dat je GAY bent als ..." ( dangerous homosexual propaganda) is a translation of " You know you're gay when ..." by Joseph Cohen (1995) publ. Contemporary Books Inc. .... in CHICAGO, Illinois ... USA.
ISBN: 3-8290-3318-4.
Hmm ... on page 11: je weet dat je gay bent als - je nog steeds een trauma hebt van de dood van Bambi's moeder.
Oliver Robbins - at the age of 41 ( top civil servant in the Home Office) is appointed to lead the Brexit negotiations, i. e. to review or change agreements of the last forty+ years.
Last Wed. EU meeting:
[ Friday 1 July, 2016] - mistake above: the book by JOSEPH COHEN was published in USA in 1995, but the Dutch translation - in 1999, so the ISBN number I gave is for the Dutch book. Joseph Cohen's e-mail is given as: veryfresh[at]
On p. 83: je geen boot kunt sturen, maar wel een octet congadrummers op een Caribische cruise.
Moscow "grapewine" (LT): Angliiski etnos uzhe ne suschestvuet (?). Wishful thinking?
Can't find Prof. HANS POST - a physicist, who 'left' physics to go into mathematical logic, hist. and philosophy of physics, because he saw gross errors in the way people worked. His examples made me think he was involved in naval military 'laboratory' research. Could have been Gosport/Portsmouth.
KQC London 1986-87.
ELEVEN foreigners (Dagestan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia) arrested in TURKEY: (cont. Sat 2.7.2016) -
Other reports of arrests mention RUSSIA and KAZAKSTAN.
[ Mon.4 July, 2016] - Stephen Crabb is hardly mentioned in British Media. Why?
Only Theresa May (!) and others, but not Stephen Crabb ... .

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