Monday, 1 November 2010

( nr 279 ) Theresa May, the MI5 head, the British Home Secretary (ref. Police) thinks it's OK for homosexuals to adopt children. And she is the Conservative Part member. ................ ??????
Four scans going up:
- RMN forum post .... 185178 about lesbians kissing in public cannot be commented on, because there is no send an e-mail link in that post. My comments:
1. Listen to Charlotte Izerbyt talking about so called sensitivity training.
2. It's a good example how they do almost everything for more than one reason : youngsters kissing in public ( part of S-theater) - not just an exhibitionism, but preparing the ground for the kind of logic/arguments that Carl Levin (sp.?) came up with during Congressional (?) hearings with Gen. John Sheehan (ref. homosexuals in the military).
- my post nr 261 displaying a russian forum post from 2000 - about false KGB/FSB/SVR recruitment of 'fake agents', patsies, also of criminals, so that REAL AGENTS could work undisturbed. Perhaps that was the practice of other alphabet agencies too, and long before 1995.
- World Atlases ( Bartholomew, Collins, Philip's, ....) fail to mention on the map/index the existence of REAL ISRAEL - the Jewish Republic of the Soviet Union/Russia with the capital city of Birobidjan. Happens to be near Manchuria/Chinese border in the Far East. Roman Abramovich is from those parts.
Another dimension of my letter/word play: MO-K-SS-GB-AD ....
- KAY GRIGGS talks about Psychological Operations NATO .... Psychological or Psychopathic Degenerate ? S-theater at its worst.
Three major components listed: Space, Air, Ground. Hmm ... May be three, but aren't they ground, above ground and underground ?
Could there be some HAARP constructions going on along Tel-Aviv/Birobidjan ( rough) axis that would include otherwise inexplicable obsession with Afganistan, Iran, North and South Korea, etc. ?
During the war in Yougoslavia there were reports of a huge secret underground base being built there. Was there smth. to the Korean airliner disaster that remained secret? In Soviet times there was a mad project (luckily not approved) of reversing the three Siberian rivers to flow southwards.
I still haven't heard from Jenny Oduko. It worries me.