Thursday, 15 June 2017

Mylene de la HAYE.

( nr 377 ) - Mylene de la Haye, whom I misnamed as Maylene, is a Dutch investigative journalist, singer and writer. On her website in Holland ( she posted her solo singing with male musicians group and smth. very important: her report about British Air Show (in Newcastle?) - the story with photographs taken there.
 One was a group photo of Dutch/British pilots where she is held horizontally by the men in front row, another - a group of children ( boys about 8 years old, blond. blue eyes) who were there to take autographs from ....
men like F-16 pilot captain Chris VANEKER.
The scan on a yellow background is from 28 April 2011 about " F-16 pilot KGB spy! " by Charles Sanders.
Captain Vaneker was arrested in the Hague on 17 march 2011. The KGB in Belorussia did not change its name to FSB. Air-base VOLKEL, escadron 313, doing business with a resident of Belorussia, A. Lukashenko, S. Sukarenka (in Dutch: Stsyapan Soekjarenka), Gadaffi, etc.
When I wrote KGB=Mossad=Mafia I used KGB as a collective name for Soviet/Communist security agencies: FSB, SVR, GRU, NKVD, etc. plus agencies of Communist Block countries, which admitted only recently to have been under KGB control. Still controlled by KGB, Mossad, Mafia?
Yobos ... Nice boys ...

Ex-PM David Cameron had an awful experience of being spat at by a teenager.
Two teenage boys in Gosport Library (were they Russian ?) spat furiously in a lift on a 1-2-3 buttons the moment I stepped in and they ran out. The library staff refused to identify them or follow it up.
A man (father, trainer?) seemed to have been there with them. Next time when I came out of the lift they sat facing the lift as if challenging/ appealing to me.
It all happened shortly after I wrote online in RUSSIAN about severely abused and damaged Russian children. I used English letters to transcribe the text.
Portsmouth Football - POMPEY.
 British "footbalers" ?
They should keep their hands off Young Talent.
Today Mark Catlin (looks like a Russian/Ukranian) in our local paper declares plans ... etc.
By the way, Michael Eisner (does not look Russian, looks Jewish) reminded me of a photo of Chelmsford MP, who stepped down recently.
The horror of mass abuse (sexual, physical, psychological) of young footballers is made worse by
a stalemate in investigations.
So-called WOMEN and CRIME.
[ Sat. 17 June, 2017 ] - CHILDREN of Chernobyl and CHILDREN of Beslan are based in GOSPORT. Thus generations of ... refugees, child refugees.
KGB Lebedev ( i - paper) thinks it a good idea to publish article about NAOMI  KLEIN's rubbish about Corbyn vs May. How ugly she looks !
I went to Amsterdam years ago to hear Naomi Klein (No Logo fame), not knowing she was a LESBIAN . I quickly noticed that there were hienious (sp.?) women in the audience.
Another woman (British or American) who raised questions about children, was ignored.
By the way, I haven't seen tortoise figurines in Charity shops of recent. KGB Evg. Skoblikov collected them. Well, he said his father was a KGB. He said 'my sotrudnichaem' about Dutch secret services. He was surprised to have people coming forward to work for KGB without any effort to recruit them. I heard term experimental psychosis * from him for the first time.
He often used to say: Ya - Russki Muzhik!. Skoblikov talked about his underaged daughter working as 'a model' in Paris (he had a Dutch wife), getting some inheritance (in France?) and prostitution being a legit. occupation. He also talked about WORK and EMPLOYMENT: the only chance/possibility of work was in 'silovye structury' - police, military, etc.
Satanic MIND (+body) control includes NLP or NewSpeak. I remember reading about American attorney (?) with Italian name, who proposed removing the word MAFIA from legislation, because according to him MAFIA did not exist any more.
The MK is affecting people globally, 'thanks' to High-Tech.
There were psychotic reactions to my speaking about Latvian Pedo Michelson (years ago), the first being a woman who worked in Fareham library. I stood just outside, and she ran out, saying I should not use the word paedophile, as 'people get very upset'.
The post about American Police women (? - why were their faces blurred?) reminded me about excursion/tour on board HMS Victory, where a woman guide (naval uniform) scared a group of children - blood drained from their faces. NLP psychopath programming.
False executions and torture ? Psychopaths at work.
* I remembered now - Skoblikov (ref. Delft TU) said: Experimental NEUROSIS (nevros). That was his response to my phone call and I think he was smiling at the other end of telephone line. I had a troubling experience at KTI ( Mann subsidiary?) in Zoetermere of a Dutch manager (HR) walking into my office to say Russian woman (there were two at the time) took out a gun/pistol from her bag to coerce him to extend her contract. I was in turmoil, as I felt I was expected (?)  to deal with her. What was expected of me? The answer was: Razoruzhit ! (to go and disarm her). I definitely had friction with her already and she was not 'under my command'. She was incompetent, provincial and came free-lance (?) as a CAD (computer aided design) engineer (?).
And a couple of years ago here in UK I came upon the photo of the other (younger Russian, with Dutch husband) as a manager at KTI in Zoetermere. Librarian at Portsmouth Central Library (a young jew, who made me think about Fishman family in Kazan) while looking through my print jobs (they do that in Portsmouth) got excited and angry and told me that I did not need that website page print (Why?! You don't need that! Smth about the website being ..etc.)
[ Mon. 19 June, 2017] - My KTI work was via agency in Mariahoeve Winkel Centrum and was very different (ref. Management) from ABB Lummus experience. KTI, if I remember correctly, was a subsidiary of German Mannesmann, and not Mann as I wrote above. Mann is linked to David A. Larsen case (torture with remote control). Also 'experimental' came up later when I read about Soviet Psychiatric hospital, which was closed to foreign visitors.
[ Tue. 20 June, 2017 ] - What I did not say or elaborate on today:
1. From foreign tourists appearances: it seems French/American/etc. men of middle age (and higher) wear clothes of a more decent/dignified design than here. We almost got used to 'fashion' that makes both women and men ... ugly and socially degraded.

2. Two days ago on Saturday, there were some interesting ... SPANISH (?) tourists or visitors in Gosport. Did not hear Spanish spoken, but there was that Latin temperament and theatre.
NHS medical mafia? Cuban links? They turned their faces away. 
The JFK or  John and Robert Kennedy murderers linked to (KGB=MOSSAD=Mafia ):
Belorussia, Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Moscow, Communist (Warsaw Block) countries.

3. Otto Frederick Warmbier died in Cincinnati, Ohio hospital.
German Wikipedia entry gives not only German translation of Otto's plea, but the original text in English. Onuora Nwuneli  (ref. Lynn Nwuneli and children) went to Korea (North or South?) as an American or International student. Told us about the horror of Korean transvestite prostitutes who tried to break into their hotel suit/room.

4. End of 2001: International POLICE conference in (SOUTH) KOREA where some high-tech MKultra  tools and methods were advertised. To be used against (would-be) criminals?
Used against police and children, of course. Link to Ch.4/Tim Rifat article somewhere.
European HEAT WAVE ? - It's OK as long as we are not 'microwaved' .... .
Another Dutch journalist and cameraman in trouble:
[ Wed. 21 June, 2017 ] -
17 Photos:
Radio frequencies used for torture with remote control.
WHO are those CIA contractors ? -
High-Tech in the hands of Big Criminals.
German website Microwave Terror -
Parents (!) of Otto Warmbier request that NO AUTOPSY is carried out on the body of their late son:
[ Thurs. 22 June, 2017] - Some 'trouble' with online translations (incl. Russian) and etymologies.
CINCINNATI ... ??? - no explanation.
University of Portsmouth: The Head of Dept. of MUSIC studied in Cincinnati - I checked after he suggested I sent my questions by e-mail (no time to meet).
It was about the date of 6 May 2012 and his somewhat ... artistically Proletarian mode of dress during a concert in Trinity Church Gosport. Former VC Prof Craven and some Georgian/Jewish (?) countess was there.
Grandiose THEATRICS ( incl. vandalism) on that day in Gosport. Trinity Church in Gosport has a STAR of DAVID instead of a CROSS on top. 'Dutch' musicians, ICONOCLASTIC anti-Christian theatre, OLD ORGAN was not restored as planned.
Dutch politician Pim Fortuin (sp?) was assassinated 6 May 2002. He was Jewish and openly homosexual. He advocated radical change in relations between men, women and children.
Sunday 6 May, 2012 was also Second Jewish Passover. The Head of Music ( a young man) told me there was no significance in the date, etc.
"It's a Wonderful Life " American film was 'edited' in a jubileum brochure enclosed with a VHS. There text contained 'revision(-ist)' and the face of the honest banker strangely looked like .... Roman Abramovich. There is a post and a scan on this website. Romanian Gen. Pacepa mentiones Pig Farms built by Israel in Romania.
 David Cohn's face lit up with joy (very expressive character ...) when I mentioned ( during visit to Bradley village in North Yorkshire) smoked sausages imported from Israel sold in a supermarket in Arbat in Moscow ( a new development). He is a staunch supporter of Conservative Party in UK. He also tried there and then to extract a pro-Putin commitment, as I tried to be evasive/diplomatic.
A scan posted on a bright green background: - the website of Dutch journalist Maylene de la Haye
 "... is parked for FREE, courtesy of "
[ 23 June, 2017] - Elena Timina - her contract in Holland ends 1 July and is NOT extended:

[ 27 June, 2017] - Turkey, Israel and Russia ( KGB=MOSSAD= MOB)
were involved in CHILD trafficking organized crime ran by men and WOMEN - the Woman Mafia boss was a middle-aged Russian woman in a Wheelchair . Early nineties. They also did DRUGS.
There was a Dutch TV doc. about a young Pole, who, while thinking he was a 'drug mule', actually was used to carry radioactive materials. He lifted his shirt to show extensive erosion. He was dying and decided to speak out.
I shall scan and post pictures I took yesterday ( ref. Parker Torrington Ltd ) of a very suspect arrangement: fire without 'barbecure' plus huge screen ( with text) plus big wet wooden blocks in a Morrisons trolley). Fire Safety inspection sheet (gray A4) disappeared from the notice board the day Grenfell Flats went on fire in London.
CANADA: Jewish doctor from Moscow Institute of Space Medicine Dr. Galina Edwardovna Ismailovskaya ( KGB Russian husband, two daughters) talked about visiting (Russian speaking) couple in Canada.  She was disappointed not to have been invited by an Armenian woman in the Hague ( photo somewhere by a WW2 monument to Russian POWs). She also said her father 'disappeared' at the end of WW2.
They control both/all sides.
They do everything for more than one reason.
High-Tech fire plus screen/app may be a beacon or signal communications with sats.
[ Wed. 28 June, 2017 ] - Fire Safety ? Playing fool/mental ?
Four scans of five photos posted.
Bob from flat 22 downstairs told me that he did not go to see/identify the body of his son, who committed suicide; his ex-wife did. He also went to FAREHAM for some kind of "dealing with death" help.
Spoke to a blond Russian woman this morning downstairs in the library. The one who spoke to me near Gosport Ferry while having her leg in a cast, which made me remember Natalia Abramovna (Leonid's mother), whom I spoke to on the phone only (she had her leg in a cast).


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Addenda Fifteen.

( nr 376 ) - Trump's Lawyers Kremlin Connections by CGI's Christ:

Jared's Russian Banker - FSB:

Soviet jargon: words French and Lawyer ( ru: On frantsuz/yourist) were used as metaphor/code for Jew/Jewish.
August 2002:
 Manchester - Cambridge - Military Base - Sadistic crimes against
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman -     
My post ( nr 293 ) -
[ Thurs. 1 June, 2017] - NO REPLY from Natasha KUHRT (Dept. of War Studies, KCL) -
[ Friday, 2 June, 2017] -
[ Monday, 5 June, 2017] - Four Arab lands break dipl. rel. with their neighbour:

The grandson of David Rockefeller is Jacob Greenberg aka Mark Zuckerberg:

Another 'Debbie'? - read about Debbie Wasserman Schultz:
[ Tue. 6 June, 2017 ] - Women getting away with murder ? ...

London Bridge HOAX - POLICE caught (2 videos):
So, there is even a Women's Equality Party in UK? How disgusting.
ENERGY is LIFE. The Law of Conservation and Transformation of Energy is taken off school/university curricula. I was surprised when Leonid Timochouk asked me about Open vs. Closed Systems .
So-called PRIVATISATION should have never been allowed in respect of NATURAL resources: oil, gas, water, uranium, as well as the MILITARY and SECURITY sectors.
So-called Zero Hours Contract is travesty and humiliation in one. Who invented it ?
Two posts from last year:
[ Wed. 7 June, 2017 ] - Just spoke to a man, who brought smb.'s CV to me, thinking I left on top of the printing machine (under the top cover). I told him the story of a RAF (British Royal Air Force) document having been planted on  me years ago. He said he remembers the old copy machine with a central bay. The man looks familiar to me, but I can't remember where/when I saw him.
Torture with Remote Control - ref. DAVID A. LARSON from California:
When his site was 'hacked', a Japanese (?) website in its place had some Russian words in its WHO-IS text. New site about his case I saw recently mentions only 2(?) out of four names. The text/style was like topical info from RU.NET years ago.
Soviet, Chinese, Albanian, Yougoslav, Chechoslovak, etc. :
Nelson and Lloyds ? -
The auto-reply (acknowledgement) from NRC Dutch paper to my e-mail has two curious details: the name of the tech.staff (?) - name of Slovene politician (shall check) on whose bio online there is a Rodina (Russian for Motherland) as if superimposed online (in different font). Rodina/Ordina mentioned in the post above. RMN ( forum) is similar to RNM - remote neuro monitoring.
Online info ( tomorrow: CBS - Comey- ....) does not print.
[ Friday, 9 June, 2017] - Our local paper The News has no Election results of yesterday this morning, not yet.
 Labour Party on ENERGY: Gradually take energy back into public ownership by legislating etc.
     The scanner is not working, but I have the NRC e-mail, it is from Stefan Stasko, Medewerker Klantenservice NRC Media ( Black and white printout of Wikipedia bio for politician Stefan Stasko looks a bit different from the color version (ref. font above) and it actually seems to 'belong' to:" Rodina - Manzelka - MUDr. Janka Staskova ".
The entry in Eastern European Language SK does not name the country: ... born (*14, marec 1959, Sobrance). May be one family with Stefan Stasko of NRC online (?).
Pity I don't have the NRC paper, perhaps it was not on display: out of sight - out of mind.
The colored (rogue?) horizontal lines of text were seen on British Police websites months ago: I printed them out and may be scanned . I remembered it when smb. on RMN forum wrote about "over-riding frequencies".
[ Sat. 10 June, 2017 ] - Just posted front page results from Sun (of yesterday) and a bit from the NRC auto e-mail reply (see Stefan Stasko). Two bits from Stefan Stasko Wikipedia entry added: note place of birth and Rodina for Janka Staskova.
 The NRC e-mail ( noreply  [at] ) was sent Wed. 31/05/2017  12:46.
Was reminded yet again yesterday about some foreign students at TU Delft (onze Chinese cameraden - Nashi Kitaiskie tovarischi), Slovak students, etc.
 Some time ago my mobile was hacked by a 'source' linked to Ukraine and CHINA.
 Chinese presence in Portsmouth University linked to ISRAEL and RUSSIA (former Communist Block countries).
Again: KGB=Mossad=Mafia (Mob).
350 years ago ... British vs Dutch Navy:
U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence -
A link to Opening Statement ( by James B. Comey on June 8, 2017) there leads to pdf doc:

Thursday, 11 May 2017

May 11 plus.

( nr 375 ) - Today is 11 May 2017. I shall post the link to my post at the Dutch Expatriate forum EXPATICA "Read before MAY 11 - internet safety !"
So, Ten Year anniversary today - posted in 2007 (part from page 6 below).
The date May 11 was simply the end of registration for my old website (in 2006), which I decided not to extend,  plus (or minus) one or two days to cater for time difference for registrant and readers. My user name: "hatser" for Hants/Hampshire. Here is the link to page 6 :

Currently collecting material on MEDICAL MAFIA ( KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA).

Open questions about G. E. Izmailovskaya (and family), Olga Patta (and family), Nigerian Medics (and their families), etc.etc.
[ Mon. 15 May, 2017] - Obstruction of JUSTICE ? (ref. sacking of James Comey - Chief FBI ).

James Comey wants to tell all on Russia - but only in PUBLIC, not behind closed doors. See scan of article on orange paper from Sunday Mirror of yesterday.
Local S-theatre: minutes after I wrote about Medical Mafia (above), a man from 93-95 Stoke Rd. shop walked briskly in front of me and upon entering Waitrose supermarket, said smth. to an African man, who, next time I was there, said 'Hello' or similar to me, which had never happened before. The African man sort of 'replaced' another conspicuous figure in Waitrose: a Jewish man, who looked like a brother of the one in launderette near Domino Pizza.
British media Oopla: ..  NHS should 'Remain Robust' - came from a woman police officer ( head of National Crime agency) who recently appointed another woman police officer CRESSIDA DICK to be head of Metropolitan Police in London. I remember computer specialists complaining in Holland, that faulty software was never 'set right', but reps were supposed to offer customers 'Even Better' new versions.
By the way, smb. on RMN noticed frequent power failures recently. What I wrote about my accidental discovery of 'merged duplicates' in any URL website address happened during PC going off - either power off or 'my time' off. The post then was in only one of the two duplicates ( http:// with or without www). There was helpful time on the printout: hour, minutes and seconds. The IT Hampshire soon after that removed time from the settings and left only date (day). IT Hampshire placed UK gov. websites on .... Chinese server(s).
Very poor and divergent info about current Global Cyber Attack. British Medics have a lot to hide/explain. North Yorkshire NHS has to explain in what capacity one Dr. NEMTSOVA was present in the maternity hospital when my first granddaughter was born, why parents were given a paper to sign for some mysterious Experiments with Blood to be conducted. No copy or documents explaining those experiments. And much more.
[ Wed. 17 May, 2017] -
 New York court case against  Epstein et al
(et al stands for Four WOMEN ): 
the link is at the end in my post "January 2017" via RMN:

Some names and books I 'discussed' yesterday in Gosport Library:
1. Scientific & Medical Network publication "Wider Horizons" (isbn 0953-53330-1) gives Chronology of ( 105) Meetings 1973-1998.
2. ( ref.) Name Lougovoy, C. (with Huisman, D.) in the Dutch book "Public Relations" by A.J. Ruitenburg (1989).
3. In "Mind-Reach" by R. Targ & H. Puthoff (1977) - [isbn 0 586 08288 3] :
Kholodov Y.A., Keeler William W., Kogan I.M., Tyminski Walter, Cox Bonnar(Bart), etc.
Elizabeth DILLING travelled to Soviet Russia in 1931. Published : Red Network, Octopus, The Plot Against Christianity (renamed Jewish Religion), etc. Lists of names and organisations.
Had serious difficulty this morning printing her works (contents pages) from American Archives online.
[ Thurs. 18 May 2017] - First/fleeting impressions sometimes do count. So, I have two points today:

1. Still to read docs about James Comey. Not versed in American legalese, but "most wanted" and "to turn over all materials" seem a diabolical choice of words. Would not be surprised if PR/NLP consultants are behind it. Those behind "remain robust" or "even better", perhaps some people of Cultural Logic consultancy.

2. I wonder about Louise Mensch ... . I take it that there is only one (high profile) Louise Mensch.
MOSSAD ? ... I remember reading years ago about her family matters, her sons, Afro-American musician, a discovery of an identity of an online pest, who turned out to be an old Jew. It was all high drama. Then, having quite forgotten about her, I 'saw' ref. to her 'twit' on the RMN forum,  and the figure of a quarter of a million of her followers. By the way, 'Crystal River' on RMN made a third or forth ( serious) mistake in my opinion. Someone wrote that RMN is run by women. Her [ LM's ? ] wiki bio was updated today and I printed it out to read.
Name Ornstein also came up in "Mind-Reach" book. Shall check.
[ Friday, 19 May, 2017] - amazing show of 'miniscule' dogs on my way back to the library. When I went back home at about 10:30, there was not unfamiliar S-theatre near St. Matthews: 1, 2 .... Number 3: questions about the woman I met downstairs. From upstairs?
Dr. Robert Ornstein is in the "Mind-Reach" book.
There are several versions about president Vladimir Putin's early life in public media. There was an industrialist (?) Putilov in St. Petersburg, ref. Putilovski zavod. This post went off-air first time. This is my second attempt.
[ Sat. 20 May, 2017] - S-theatre, Gosport Theatrics ... When Middletons (parents) for the first time had their photos published in local paper, I exclaimed that a man who spoke to me in front of Gosport Library (who I thought was Russian/ex-Soviet) looked very much like the father, and the mother also looked ex-Soviet (Jewish). Then came Huta-Maki (?) factory in Gosport. Relatives?
Names Litvinenko and Lugovoi (among other 'familiar' names) were in JTEP journal (ref. Physics).
Krieg - German for WAR.
Tania Krieger? German POWs, their children and grandchildren?
Wrote earlier (in Russian):
Inogorodnia suka Tania -
Rachia i sobachia !
[ Mon.22 May, 2017] - the scanner is being used now (a man at comp.terminal 4), so I shall post my scans asap, - today or tomorrow.
 Scans posted of Carol and Michael Middleton, Russel Targ, Harold Puthoff and one page of 1994 article from Journal of Personality and Social Psychology "Evidence for Universality and Cultural Variation of Differential Emotion Response Patterning" (7 major emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and quilt; research done in 37 countries on 5 continents).
Seth Rich Possibly Killed at the Hospital :
[ Tue. 23 May, 2017] - Just added a scan of the cover page of "Mind-Reach" book.
Time and Space ! Why don't police announce the exact time and location of an incident, such as an explosion in Manchester. Did it happen last night? Useful information may come from people who may not be 'witnesses' in the strict sense.
Just rememberd that Susan Durojaye was from Manchester (?). Saw obituary of her husband Prof. M. Durojaye, who died in West Indies (Barbados?). No info about Susan or the children.
Should write to Pat Oke ref. Holloway Sisters - she might know smth. about the phenomenon.
[ Friday, 26 May, 2017] - Sent a comment to NRC article "Trump gelast onderzoek na lekken foto's 'Manchester' -
[ Sat. 27 May, 2017] - "Russian Ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret channel with Kremlin" - link to Washington Post article (long) in article:
Volkskrant: Dutch Police works 'closely' with Russian FSB:

Friday, 21 April 2017

Addenda Fourteen.

( nr 374 ) - American News about night Refugees
 from Jill Noble:

GAO ( Gov. Accountability Office ) in US released  Report Thursday about Radiation mapping:
Names: NYPD Paul Browne, GAO Michael C. Kane and Sen. Charles Schumer:

Communist Goals link does not work?

 I have a link to website in my post "Addenda Eight cont." :

By the way, ( a link to)  an interview with Israeli Ambassador (Anna Azari ?)  in Russian or Ukranian newspaper, which I posted .... in 2011 (?) disappeared as I discovered some time ago. There she talked about El-Al Israeli plane ( with embassy staff) having been the first ( given permission)  to leave US on 11 Sept. 2001.

[ Mon. 24 April, 2017] - Bought two papers today: Daily Mail and Daily Mirror.
Ex-Navy officer Michael Samwell (35) is killed in front of his wife. It certainly fits into the long list of "Star Wars scientists" who died in strange or unexplained circumstances: suicides, accidents, ...
Looking for the article(s) on TEXTFILES.COM
Family Cohn decided to move from Chelmsford  (ref. Marconi ) up North to Bradley village in Yorkshire for their retirement. Coincidentally, Diana's Van (Dutch roots) lived in Chelmsford.
FRENCH presidential candidate Mr Macron (don't see his first name) is 39 years old. His wife Brigitte Trogneux is 25 years his senior - 64 y. o.
" February Mr.Macron was unexpectedly forced to deny a gay extra-marital affair. Political rivals had alleged he was backed by a 'gay lobby'."
Natasha KUHRT did not respond to my e-mail:
Post ( nr 288 ) -
Torture with Remote Control. David LARSON asks CIA about identities/biographies of four CIA sub-contractors:
By the way,his website was for a while (?) hacked or taken down and 'replaced' with a site that looked Japanese. Indeed, it was, thanks to Nao Ito, my former Eerde student. ( Another valuable help came earlier from Swedish Monika - ref. Millenium Trilogy).
 There was no English or other lang. texts, - only Japanese.  Smth. to do with 'dog haidressing' and there were RUSSIAN WORDS in links/ref.- such as sobaka-kusaka (ru: dog that bites), etc. I recently saw a website 'telling the story' of David Larson and mentioning only two (?) of the four culprits. Some form/content and style point to Russian/Jewish fingerprints.
 Korea, Japan, Russian Far East and Russian Jewish Republic (capital Birobidjan) are geographically close. One dog-hairdressing salon opened recently in FAREHAM.
 Is one of Putin's friends, Roman Abramovich still a governor in Russian Far East?
RACISM as explained by my ex - Victor Adekunle Udom:
[ Wed. 26 April, 2017] - From the Belgian Forum 3 links ref. PETKOV+, Bulgarian Kintex, KGB guidance to EU and NATO highly appreciated: and
The mysterious General Devyver is the author of "Strategy of Tension" psychological warfare.
[ Thurs. 27 April, 2017] - On the Belgian website forum and the 3 links above:
the second and the third link work and lead to my only post " Generaal  Devyver? " in the VRAGEN (questions) sub-section of the FORUM. I had difficulty logging in even with my new password last time. The first link does not work, as it was my search ( for Petkov ?) result and url was temp. (?).
Apart from my posts there is a Reply by Ben 16-12-2015 16:19 to Kintex - Re:Kintex (11 replies, posted in Organisaties), for which the permanent link is:
Roumen Petkov is mentioned by Radaslav Totorov, who was the head of Kintex for 15 years. Prostitution in Brussels has gone from Albanian Mafia to Bulgarian Mafia. The office address of Kintex ( was founded in 1970) was Vitosha Bulevard, 66. The turnover in 1982 was several billions dollars (from sale of drugs, weapons and tobacco).
"...  Brussel was toen voor ons het centrum van de wereld. Denk maar aan de NAVO en de Europese Gemeenschap. Wie had ooit gedacht dat we amper twintig jaar later lid van jullie organisaties zouden worden... De KGB beschouw drugs toen als een machtig wapen  .... Denk maar wat er toen in Amsterdam gebeurde en aan sommige Amerikaanse universiteiten. En wie de drugshandel controleert, heft ook een stevige greep op de international wapenhandel. "
KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA (Mob) . Rewritten as MO-K-SS-GB-AD.
PS: I remember there was a sentence about KGB's role, but I can't see it now. May be it's elsewhere on Forum of Bende van Nijvel website.
El-App ..... for Apple ?
[Wed. 3 May, 2017] -WORLD WAR TWO:

Rememrance(s) in Netherlands 4&5 May:
75 years ago:
My posts from 2012 and 2016:
[ Friday 5 May, 2017] - Women and their role in ORG. CRIME:
A woman (Police?) receptionist ( baliemedewewerkster) did not forward pointed complaint against Police "Mole" Mark M. made by another woman - an ex girl-friend of Jeffry van den A.  back in Nov. 2014.
Report from today's De Limburger (see link):
Mark M. had Ukranian girl-friend/WIFE (Olena?).
It seems the video (after short ad, 3/4 pic/photo) in the online De Limburger is no more available (?). Key words: BlueView database police system, top police post, police vs Satudara MC, police Oost-Brabant, Police Eindhoven, etc.
The Court case against Mark M. is to start on Tuesday.
The world is getting smaller. Three TANYA's in the Hague (ref. Kiev, Sochi, Tallinn: Indonesia, Turkey, Argentina, etc.). I lost contact with Natasha (an artist, daughter of an artist father) who lived with her son in Rijswijk and moved to Belgium.
EINDHOVEN is known as "Russian" city, Sisters of Peter the Great dominate (?). There was a trail to a family of "Mother of all Mafia" in Eindhoven (?) in the case of disappearance in Amsterdam of Soviet Jewish emigrant from St. Petersburg Boris Fastovski . Zembla documentary: Bank in Luxembourg, Black Death Vodka, etc.
[ Sat. 6 May, 2017] - Almost funny! ... No image for Boris Fastovski, and I tried different search engines. Isn't he still missing?
 Retiring Prince Philip was at the head of a staggering  800 charities.
By the way, Ukranian wife of Police Mole MARK M. (he is married and wants to go to Ukraine) reminds me of a local case here on the South Coast of ENGLAND when local paper The News reported a Top Police Officer getting married to a young Ukranian woman, who came to England seeking protection from Ukranian Mafia.
[ Mon. 8 May, 2017] - Name-sakes, look-alikes ... Saw a woman this morning outside St. Matthews Court, who looked like a relative of Theresa May. Recently in a local business brochure found electrician Erdogan from Stubbington. And a very interesting set of names in the book I was reading (diagonaly) yesterday. Shall bring it to the library tomorrow.
Definitely an "angry" hacking output on my search for photos of the MISSING Boris Fastovski, where on one page there is a strange collection of "nice" photos of anything except BORIS FASTOVSKI. One photo stands out - of a Slovak or Slovene (sk ?) artist. 
Old posts of mine:
Can't get the video in the rmn post: ROTHSHILD SHILL MACRON WINS WINS FRENCH ELECTION:
Just watched one minute video ME GRIJPT IN OP DE COOLSINGEL of football fans disturbances in Rotterdam. What a sad waste of energy! Playing CABAL's game:
Just posted a scan Boris Fastovski - Afbeeldingen (search results for photograph of missing Boris Fastovski).
As I wrote many years ago, they are profiling themselves. The Dutch search engine is much better than google, but not so in this case.
So, the criminals, who kidnapped Boris Fastovski have a lot to hide.
Is his photo in the Missing Persons database of Europol/Interpol ?
[ Tue. 9 May, 2017] - As I mentioned yesterday to my daughter and granddaughters, I have these questions about a woman, we met on our way home from school yesterday( like on many previous occasions), just before the "lolly-pop" crossing. The stretch of way full of colourful impressions - now and then. She looked like a PE teacher to me in her black sports outfit. Looked angry or upset about something. I remembered women I saw/spoke to: in Gosport library, in St. Matthews Court and in Moscow ( contact of Rene's mum from Wassenaar).
As I read about Flynn/Obama/Trump in Dutch news today, I must say that a rare and brief photo of his ( Flynn's) wife (blond) reminded me of a picture from my wedding, where a look-alike (brunette) Russian woman is sitting at the table with her African boy-friend in the background. He was one of the few African students with tribal marks on his face.
I don't have the printout by hand, but the Belgian website (Bende van Nijvel) has a British retired general mentioned as a director of Nutribel (ref. Kintex) in the search results for 'Russian connections'.
From "USSR in World War Two" (Moscow 1985, APN) by Leonid Yeremeyev (1911-1973).
Translated from the Russian by Gulhammid Sobratee. Translation edited by Selena Kotlobai.
Page (between) 48-49: "The Nazis massacred millions of people in death camps of Auschwitz, Dachau, Maidanek, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, and other places. More than 6 million Soviet citizens were put in hard labour camps in Germany and Nazi-occupied countries."
Behaviour Modification was the ultimate goal behind Remote Viewing or ESP (Extra Sensory Perseption) research. More on 1977 book " Mind-Reach" by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff next week or earlier.
Scan of WW2 Soviet book posted.
[ Wed. 10 May, 2017] - FBI chief sacked? Unbelievable. I begin to wonder who really is 'running' American politics, which is becoming .... erratic (?).
This morning Lloyds Bank machine in Gosport just stalled after I entered my pin number. I had to press green button 'enter' twice. If smb. outside 'Vanilla' shop had his app (?) on, there might have been an unexpected 'clash of tech'. New 'smart' tech. comes too fast without any checks/tests.
Heard about start of criminal investigation ref. BRITISH POLIC/ELECTIONS, but can't find details.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Addenda Thirteen.

( nr 373 ) - CAPITA building in Gosport - across Morrisons supermarket, which can be seen on two  scans of photos I took - one depicting journalist (?) John Bull standing in front of it ( in Addenda Eight cont. post in 2016):
A man often seen entering Capita building and coming out of it bears resemblance to both
NATAN SHARANSKY and, as I just discovered, to AARON BANKS: see two scans just posted.
The Observer (Sunday version of The Guardian) of yesterday published an extensive material on "The man behind Brexit" - text and more photos. Aaron Banks's photo here is taken from The Observer. His online images are 'scant' ... .
Ref: most disgusting S-theatre I have been writing about. Look-alikes? One family?

[ Tue. 4 April, 2017] - My e-mail to Michael Hamilton of SUN newspaper (Yorkshire Ripper article comment) was hacked/spammed by ....allegedly  Mexican GOOGLE (!).
Mexican Sizzler of Domino Pizza in Gosport:
By the way, the tragic death of 14-year old cadet happened during some anniversary TALL SHIPS celebrations. Next Tall Ships event coming up shortly.
Shall be jotting/drafting HUNGARY poster this morning ( Chess, Mentha, Esperanto, Siberia, experiments on children,  Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Gorbachev family, etc. ).
My wedding picture appeared in the RED CROSS magazine.
GREEN CROSS: Mr. Michail Gorbachev came to The Hague in Holland as the head of that organisation in 1992 (?). I observed to my amazement, that he looked and sounded on the podium (open air) strangely .... less alive or natural, than on the TV. His appearance in the TV Pizza advert was regarded as a 'brave' act to show he was 'in business, earning money honestly'.
On (Russian lang. forum ) it was noted, that upon close examination, his 'passionate' talk about New Thinking, etc. was in fact just a lot of hot air and no substance.
 In about 1994 in Voorburg near the Hague there was a MENTHA/Esperanto jointly sponsored visit of 'Gifted' Hungarian children. It was alleged, that their (often poor) parents could not afford trips abroad, and travel abroad was supposed to be a good/desirable and benefitial thing. About 20 boys and girls ( about ten y. o. ) were lined up on stage, giving answers to all sorts of questions. Very clean, neat in their white tops and blue skirts or trousers and .... extremely pale. I thought there was smth. wrong in those children being on tour. Exploitative? ... .In the audience, near myself, a woman looking very much like RAISA GORBACHEV's  younger version was very busy making notes and looked rather excited.
CHESS. I discovered that world chess champions,  Hungarian sisters POLGAR had a Ukranian mother Klara. She agreed with Polgar father ... to make their own children subjects of an Experiment, to show/prove .... smth. about talent.
It seems MEDICINE is quite popular with Gorbachev family ( Raisa and her daughter Irina?) .
I found one Sergey Gorbachev, MD in New York. His 'other languages' are Ukranian, Russian.
M. Gorbachev' younger granddaughter Anastasia Virganskaya got married to Dmitry Zangiev, working with Louis Vuitton and Max Mara Fashion Group in Russia.
From 2010 The couple registered their marriage in the restaurant instead of a common procedure in a registry office.
[ Thurs. 6 April, 2017 ] - Just posted 3 more scans:

1. DOXY ( for - a) lover or mistress b) prostitute .  We are to believe that hundreds of medical doctors in US joined online a questionable business and did not ask/care what its name stands for (not explained on the website).
Reminds me of "Fake Royal Institution ?" letter I wrote to the Portsmouth University Vice-Chancellor.

2. International PENSIONS ! - just noticed that the old business card of
    ROOMANS ENELI FLYNN & CO. has 'pensions' in it: international insurance and pensions brokers. ( Annette Adefuye nee Wild worked there, Vera Hughes visited).

3. IDENTITY ! - 1974 Dutch booklet: Identity of humans and animals.
     Dutch scientist Dr. Anthonie Stolk wrote "Man bites dog ...." among other things.
The 3 inborn basic needs are: (1) Safety, security (2) healthy stimulation (3) identity. 
NERVE GAS used in Syria ? Uranium, Sarin, etc. - read about Israeli cargo plane crashing onto a tall block of flats near Amsterdam in 1992 Oct. 4:
Low-Tech ----High Tech: Hungarian couple Sulner (Laszlo and Hanna) who worked for AVO ( Hungarian KGB) used certain method of fool-proof  fabrication of documents - for disinformation and framing by security agents. ( ref. "Disinformation" by Ion Mihai PACEPA) .
 Modern AI texts (plus graphics) use the same programs/methodology. One analogy: synthesized or morphed speech/voice.
[ Friday, 7 April, 2017 ] - Mensa and not MENTHA as I wrote above - my mistake. I remember the ... fad (?) about 'gifted' children in mid-1990s, when so-called Emotional Intelligence was 'invented'. I wonder if Russian-Dutch (or international) involvement of women (via Sisters of Peter the Great ?) was actually a subversive politics, anti-family, when young CHILDREN are taken away from their family for all sorts of tours, competitions and holidays. Football clubs? 'Beauty' contests?
Michael Jackson and many more 'celebrities'. I remember a young woman in Gosport bus ( years ago) holding a young blond boy inapproprietly (understatement) and telling his mother (ordinary woman looking happy) how special and gifted her son was. The young woman's hand ( covered by her handbag ) was firmly groping boy's genitals.
DUTCH 911 -
Organized Crime: Arrests of gang members ( 13 to date ) aged 20-26 in Rotterdam- Zuid in Holland:
So-called Sex Education:
[ Sat. 8 April, 2017] - It was on that Baranets interview was posted. I just noticed that the Russian website has 3 foreign lang versions (different in content) - English, French, Portugese.
Perhaps reflecting BRICS alliance: Brazil, Russia, India, China, Singapour.
Posts from 2016, 2012 and 2008:
So-called High Society: could not find the words of a 1937(?) song "The lady is a trump" online.
[ Mon. 10 April, 2017] - Another spelling mistake of mine: tramp and not trump just above.
EFL stumbling blocks: 'th'  pronounciation and a/u fuzziness, as in 'can' pronounced as 'cun'.
And better spelling is Singapoor and not Singapour ?
Some selection for tramp(n): vagabond, vagrant, hobo, truant, bum.
[ Tue. 11 April, 2017 ] - Talking about NAMES and spellings ....
Who and what is Natasha KUHRT ? Who are her parents and the rest of 'family and friends'?
I remember I had difficulty finding Hebrew/Yiddish dictionary and/or grammar. Read smth about ... only consonnants (?)  written, with vowels being of secondary importance (?).
Behaviour includes eyes and their use. There was smth of  'eyes of a snake' (ref. Prof. Moriarty) and that ... excessive/inappropriate/invasive attention/excitement - similar to the way Raisa Maximovna's look-alike watched Hungarian Gifted children in The Hague, HOLLAND. A few British 'notables' have distinguished themselves that way.
A Russian witch (?) suspected of being a Russian Spy was Elena BLAVATSKAYA ref. Theosophy.
Hmm... There was Blavatnik smb. What about Blevatskaya ? ... .
One point of the Republican Party program remained un-addressed: right to own and bear arms. When it disappeared almost immediately, I cut my printout and posted parts in my post:
By the way, one headline on was: Alaska wants to be Russian (?).
Another article was pro-homosexual propaganda (alleged superiority).
Israel Number One (predates Israel) with capital Birobidjan is in Russian Far East - next to China,
Korea, Japan.
[ Wed.12 April, 2017] - CAUTION displayed in front  of E2 bus that was reversing. (Ref. my talking to a man and a woman sitting just behind on E1 bus from Fareham to Gosport.)
KGB Oleg Rakito can be seen with a microphone at the wedding reception in restaurant PRAGA (Prague) in Moscow:
[ Thurs. 13 April, 2017 ] - The man on the bus (see above) puzzled me when he said or interjected:  'only 200 hundred' about British mil. (NATO) in Estonia. Estonia was the key word, as I remembered that there was info online about one Oleg Rakito - translator of a book from Estonian. He must be half (?) Estonian. Estonian/Russian Tatiana Tihonova/Aquino (in Delft univ. Holland) who very assertively talked about her KGB background and her eldest son Ivan (gay) going to work with children, etc. etc. Ivan Aquino went to Portugal with his American boy-friend, etc.
Oleg Rakito worked in Radio Moscow and very often came round to see foreign students in the Journalism Faculty of Moscow University. One thing he said to me was that KGB would not target or bother me, or smb. like myself. Very interesting.
Yesterday in Portsmouth I looked up ALL SAINTS Church only to see new  ... un-Christian (?) signs.
There was one diabolical poster pinned on their notice board with "police and metal dealers" in the text and an old graphic sign of Atom (for nuclear or radioactivity). I don't want to 'go' to their website, which is smartwater dot com.
Only 2 top scans get printed (without remaining five) from my post Addenda Four:
Dutch news:  Minister Klaas Dijkhoff (sp?) has a very interesting face.
Is Donald Trump Jewish ? - original PDF text (of June 6, 2016) found (via rense link) on RMN:
American fathers of missing Korean POW sons came to Soviet Union. There they chanced (?) upon Oleg Rakito. I think the story in question " Road to Moscow " is on the website:
Blond ... Blue eyes ... . Alexander LITVINENKO has a German patronymic Valterovich. In one documentary the father accused his son of being a traitor.
 Valter in honor of ... Walter Ulbricht (sp?) ? What about hundreds of thousands of German (and other) POWs? Their children? Grandchildren?
I read somewhere that in year ... 1947 (?) a high number of homosexual men was born. Experiments?
[ Sat. 15 April. 2017 ] - Mistakes: 200 or two hundred and not "200 hundred" as I wrote ref. number of British mil. in Estonia. Only Vietnam POWs, and not Korean POWs are mentioned in the article "Road to Moscow".
 PUTIN: his wife Ludmila is from Kaliningrad - former Koningsberg. One of his daughters lives (?) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Victor Baranetz link:
I have not seen (?) another KGB - Victor Louis, mentioned in "Road to Moscow", but my ex-husband Victor A. Udom did talk about him. From the laughter I understood that Victor Louis went to some extremes, whatever it was. Nigerian proverb: smth about "education from the devil".
EASTER: an Easter card from DDR is posted by me somewhere (was sent to me by my pen-friend Hans Joachim Hetfleisch (sp?) from Rostock).
I just checked the RMN link to Russian article and saw a different photo. The article gives his e-mail address: baranez (at)  Their news desk: reporter (at)
[ Tue. 18 April, 2017 ] - Citizens KANE and KANE ? ....
The Sunday Times of 16 April published report " British Islands are Child Sex Hub " by Nicholas Hellen - Social Affairs Editor. Domains .io refer to Indian Ocean islands or territories.
Internet Computer Bureau (ICB) is a firm owned by Paul Kane, 55 and Fiona Kane, 52, who live in Wiltshire, England.
Arda Gerkens is the director of the DUTCH watchdog. .... "Almost all of the criminal imagery accessed through .io was held in data centres in Holland. EOKM is the Dutch counterpart of IWF - Internet Watch Foundation charity.
[ Wed. 19 April, 2017] - Many questions about ARDA GERKENS, whose full name is:
Ardina Meinoutje Vera Gerkens, born 5 June 1965 in Naarden, Netherlands.
Strange lack of her family and background information. Is she lesbian ? There is a line in Dutch:
Gerkens is divorced and has one son and one daughter. [ source?] -
Can't find EOKM info either. There is Dutch Kinderporn Meldpunt, that would account for letters K and M only. E for European ?
ISLANDS: again difficult to find or print info. Many islands became laboratories . There was one interesting text (in Russian) about island with Ferma Trupov ( Farm of Corpses or dead bodies) project, that studies human body decomposition. A suspect (to my mind) explanation of the German word zersetsung  is a process of biological decomposition ( ref KGB/Stazi psychological+ project).
A photo of Arda Gerkens is rather different on SP (socialist ?) website page Nashi Liudi (onze mensen):
By the way, as I remember, a Dutch lesbian MP(?) ...( name begins with L) was proposing to legalize adoption of 'children' who are not under-aged, but older, around ..1998(?).
Keesing's cont. Archives: Feb - March 1950: JAPAN - Disappearance of 376, 000 Japanese Prisoners in the Soviet Union.
Smth. STRANGE about PPI (payment protection insurance) messages. One: I first noticed it on Russain websites. Two: I inadvertainly clicked in a pop-up window from an (Israeli?) 'transit' website. The urgency of response and request in capital letters for my full name and address smacks of an non-business style. I decided to check the before e-mailing Jon Davies, but it does not (up-)load. I do remember "mistake" the Dutch Ministry of Education had made: their finance/IT dept. USZO was in Groningen - where BULGARIAN professor in IT is politically active now. PETKOV ? ... . 


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Submarines and People.

( nr 372 ) - Poison Gas "Celery Gas" was discovered/invented in 1933 by two French scientists: M. Leonce Bert and M.Dorier while working on artificial perfumes.
The Celery Gas smells like celery and is super deadly, gas mask no help.
The gas is a vapour arising at normal temperature from a colorless liquid, resembling water. A dog killed in a few hours after a tiny drop was placed on its skin.
Can't find info online. One Leonce Bert worked during WW2 with Vsevolod Blinoff in France.
Blin in Russian is a pancake.
Agent Orange, Mustard Gas, Celery Gas ... .
Difficulty printing Eng. version for Mustard Gas.
By the way, Leonid Timochouk told me ( in Kent) that smell of fish comes with use of hydrogen bombs/weapons. I was not really listening.
PHANTOM smells abound, just like visual, auditory and other 'hallucinations'.
Is Tech-Mafia behind current BIS (British Institute of Standards), similarly to RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers) ?
My previous post 371:
Post 327 from 2014:
[ Wed. 22 March, 2017] - The man at the comp. terminal 14 right now (9:58 am), has been at certain places/spots at certain times. Perhaps, unwittingly 'coincidentral'. Local? ...
Hungarian former Secret Service agent's interview ... Is it not printable? Any Hungarian journalists or Hungarians around? What I did read is most interesting.
[ Thurs. 23 March, 2017] -
Ferenc Katrein is a former senior Hungarian Secret Service officer. Links to the articles on two Hungarian websites are in a RMN post:
Can't print any of it - in Hungarian or in English: internet "stalls" and I had to log out several times.
Some articles are on the printer job list (one 15 pages about KGBella - Kovac and his marriage to a Russian woman Svetlana Istos(h)ina ) but the printer stalls ( receiving to processing) and had to be switched off.
Russian Submarines: a few days ago I watched a video where retired Russian/Soviet military officer of high rank BARANETS (surname) complained about high American military budget and NATO building bases around Russia and said two things:
1. Russian submarines moving along US coast lines actually are/have been "seeding" nuclear charges or warheads, which could be activated with remote control if necessary.
2. Russia has an assymetric method of warfare - computer technologies.
He then stopped, saying he might have said too much already. I found that video just after I read about strange communications "between servers" of Trump org. and Alfa Bank in Moscow (Friedman and Co.).
[ Friday 24 March, 2017 ] - On my way to the library this morning another 'event' or situation caught my attention. A workman standing on the ladder by the bus stop Royal Arms pub told me, when I retraced my steps to ask him some questions, that he was using glue to erect plastic spikes against peageons. Pedestrians had a space to use as a passage, where right above their heads hang what looked to me like a .... weight on a rope used to check vertical lines. It turned out to be a big tube with a strong glue. I asked the worker if the glue tube presented a greater risk/danger than birds' droppings. He told me the glue was very viscous. " Health and Safety " standards ?
A short video on Dutch news website reports a man left to 'hang' for an hour ( on a wall of a tall building in US Florida ) before he was rescued, after a work platform
collapsed under him.
Another image (photo from Reuters) shows Trump in truck which reminds me a moment from Russian film BRAT when the senior brother of Danila discovered ... WW1 gun (?) and got excited.


clock goes forward One Hour in the midnight of Sat. to Sunday 26 March, 2017.

[ Monday, 27 March, 2017] - Local newspaper The News books a desk in the Gosport Library on 
TUESDAY mornings - ground floor next to cafeteria.
Smell of gas followed by huge explosion near LIVERPOOL - The Times reports today.
HUNGARIAN website ( 2 articles in English translation) :
Secret Agent gives interview:
KGBella, Russian wife and Fake Far Right:
Just posted scan of The Times report about the blast, which was heard across Liverpool and in north Wales. People complained and reported strong smell of gas a day before the explosion. An inspector from National Grid told Jonathan Coxell, 36, that the stench was "the smell of the River Mersey" and that officials could find no evidence of a leak.
Rising Sewage ? -
Addenda Five. -
Natasha K+
Women and Crime.
Post 245:
[ Friday, 31 March, 2017 ] - Post of yesterday from RMN forum  -
A "small nuclear weapon attributed to Israel" reminds me about Russian Gen. Alexander Lebed interview with warnings about small nuclear suitcases, Neuro-Semantic Programming, etc. There was also a report about arrest of an Israeli/South African (?) citizen near Pakistan (?) with a cache of nuclear trigger devices. Smth. like that.
RUSSIA is such a good friend of Israel !
By the wayI remember ROSS PEROT complained (in 1992?) about Soviet Jewish Lobby in US. He mentioned some (Soviet) Georgian names.
HUNGARIAN media published some good material, but I have been having great difficulties printing it. Some hacking and censorship is apparent.
During so-called Russian Spies Network in US news (2010?) an e-mail came from MEXICO from a friend with some beautiful artistic Mex. landscapes. I asked N. who made those digital slides and she told me it was sent from HUNGARY. I remember she talked about her Hungarian friends "Moi Vengerskie podruzhki" long time ago. The reason why I found those pictures ... too special is that they contained similar vibrating red color which was used long time ago by Henry Makow on his website. And am sceptical about Henry Makow.
There was also abundant theatrics or S-theatre as I call it here ( in Fareham, etc.) during that time, actors being a wider Irina+ network. Almost the same day a young HUNGARIAN woman was murdered in Southampton by a man she lived with (rep. in Daily Echo newspaper).
A music I found extraordinary (hypnotic) was, as Colin C. told me, written by a Hungarian composer.
A small A-4 poster I drafted last Tuesday and displayed on "The News desk" about HUNGARY had a High-Tech Torture (?) among other notes. Talk about Communist equivalent of MK-Ultra type of experiments.  KGB=Mossad= Mafia.
[ Sat. 1 April, 2017] - SOROS BERENC - ??? Person, business, logo ? still a mystery online. On search, only scant info and only in Hungarian ! Ref. interview on
[ Mon. 3 April, 2017] - As I read, Hungarians put their surname/family name first and their first name - second. So, it must be: SOROS George. Can't read Hungarian anyway!
So, Soros Berenc under discussion in the article of 27 March, 2017 by Miklosi Gabor and Janecsko Kata : " Megszolalt a Satan magyarorszagi helytartoja".

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Rising Sewage ?

( nr 371 ) - Saturday 11 March ( two days ago) a letter dated 10 March 2017 came into my postbox - see the scan.
No sign so far of works, machinery, noise or beacon lights at night, as indicated in the letter for Monday 13, 14 and possibly Wed. 15 March.
Note that the key word SEWAGE is missing from the Headline/Heading of the letter.
"Rising Main Renewal" is obscure, but reminds one of The Rising Dump (film).
Since I moved into flat 26, I often have on weekends a sore throat, dry mouth and and a white tong.
"MosGas" ? Strange and illegally acting people (2)  who came for an annual check of the (new) gas boiler in my kitchen, simply disappeared. No identification. Took away the triplicate (?) of last year test, dated January 27, 2016 with "To install CO meter" in the bottom line.
Did say they'd come the following week to install the CO meter, the day ( to be confirmed) they'd be coming to flat 60 in St. Matthews Court. The identity of my landlady is still a puzzle.
I have not seen the two men who came "to check the gas boiler" before.
[ Wed. 15 March, 2017] - Did all my neighbours get that strange letter? Was there a 'neighbourly chat' about it or expectation of ? I 'ran into' the man with his little boy from flat 29 upstairs a few  times in the past couple of days.
Poisonous fumes in the airplanes ( pilots' cabins) were reported to be the result of computer design errors. CAD - computer assisted/aided design.
HASLAR in Gosport: former military hospital Haslar, from the times of CRIMEAN war (or earlier), has a tall Water Tower, with a separate water supply from SPAIN.
Brian Hart, a retired engineer from Gosport, listed 'Haslar scandals' on his local election leaflet. (Can't read it from photocopy now ...).
 A woman bus driver of the E2 bus I took yesterday from Fareham to Gosport is ( according to my 'theory') part of what I call Irina+ network and in the same 'danger' category as Olga Patta.
MARINES ( American ? ) were granted Freedom Charter ( by .... the Queen ? ) which allowed them to own/purchase LAND. I remember it was during Gosport Ferry scandals. I also remember (local history) that somehow land adjacent to a FERRY could or was to be purchased when ferry was bought or 'privatised'. Gosport Borough Council sold the Gosport Ferry.
Haslar grounds are next to Gosport Ferry.
[ Friday, 17 March, 2017 ] - Dutch with a Danish accent ... :
Accents in Gosport is a special topic.
COLOMBIA: crimes, murders and women:
German (!) shelves I bought in Liddle have serious design faults. Designed 'by computer' ?
There were British reports about wash/drying machines going on fire. I heard yesterday that the machines use plastic (!) instead of metal. No wonder.
My post Tech - Mafia - 2.  -
Lukas PODOLSKI  looks like "Garry CUNNINGS - supervisor" in the Fareham Shopping Center, -  see 2 entries in the previous post ( Who is David Fisher ? ... ) Links:
(1) German Coach Joachim Low ...
(2) Who is David Fisher ? ...
[ Sat. 18 March, 2017] - Recent 'freak' or unexplained accident was reported in British media: a boy of about ten was killed when some 'stand' crashed on him in a supermarket or store. Where was that stand made and how was it installed/positioned?
Just a detail from Polish (?) actors ( in the wake of diamond heist via plumbing ) on bus 3 or 4 from Fareham: the old man had a massive gold ring (high probe, lime rather than pink colour) and the stone was of dark violet, but not opaque colour.
The MP for Fareham is Suella (or Luella?) FERNANDES with some Goa Portugese- Indian (?) roots.
[ Mon. 20 March, 2017 ] - Joachim Low picture in my post from 2012:
I have literally voiced (thinking aloud)  the idea about missing refugees on board Gosport Ferry. Minutes later I had incorrectly reduced time on Gosport Library computer (which never happened before) thus telling me the idea may be more to the point, than I thought myself.
They do over-react, one way or another, demonstrating how 'artificial' their intelligence is.
In the post "Refugees gone missing ?" I mentioned e-mails (plus letters) to Russian and Israeli Ambassadors. I questioned identities and backgrounds of COHN family members. The two embassies acted " in concert " and did not answer. No reassurance !
 Another thing about that family (?) is that David Cohn alleged his father (or grandfather ?) was a diplomat or ambassador (German). My Jewish 'friend' Lena (nee Lozhikova) told me they had relatives in Germany and received parcels (Red Cross?) from them. Lozh-Luzh ? She told me their original name was Loshakov and they changed it to Lozhikov.
Olga PATTA sent her children for training to ISRAEL. Said it was "a great honour".