Monday, 5 March 2018

Addenda Twenty Four.

( nr 391 ) - Another British BANKING scandal - so-called PPI advertised widely online, on radio, posters and even a blue leaflet ( from Barclays) in my post box a week ago. Ads go like this: you may be owed thousands of pounds (on everage ... ) due to some mistake by the banks (all major banks), etc. etc. There was a big and ugly poster on bus stops: Have you not applied for PPI yet ?!
One day as I wanted to follow up info about PPI online, I found myself diverted/tricked into Russian and Israeli websites.
Today I went into four branch offices in Gosport and Fareham (Barclays, Lloyds and HSBC) to ask for a leaflet or official statement by the bank management about PPI.
None had anything in writing ! That is with the abundance of color glossy leaflets in every branch.
Another dirty trick? Money laundering? Just like gambling/lottery on the back of supermarket receipts. I never tried it.
Today is  5 March.  Two of my posts with STALIN reference (47 and 288): (strange url: nr 47 on 28 Sept.)
The search word Stalin on this website produced Ten links (not chronological): nr (numbers) - 47, 253, 288, 251, 124, 327, 384, 168, 46, 391.
[ Thursday, 8 March, 2018] - METALS - steel, aluminium, copper, metals heavy or not, metals rare ... . All a must for industry, economy, military ... .
The Belgian website about decades of Org. Crime waves definitely was run or infiltrated by The Org. Crime, incl. top levels of society.
Russian billioneer "Oligarch" POTANIN ( calls himself Energy Evangelist) wants to give his money to a Charity. Belgian Leo Stroobants (user name Leo) wants to register a non-profit org. for the INFO on the Belgian website. INFO belongs to posters and readers and is of Public importance.
My post "ENGLISH please - urgent questions: " (by galina-a-anikeeva) ends with a ridiculous sentence by Sys. Admin/Moderator AI called Ben:
"Poetin heeft me gevraag [-ed ?] om dit topic op slot te doen, dus bij deze ... En als AI ben ik nog niet in staat om dit bevel te negeren." - (2 pages) .
In English: Putin has asked me to close this topic, so .... And as an AI, I can not yet ignore this order."
To me the sentence is a proof of PUTIN persona being a puppet of CABAL. My latest theory is that it is The BRITISH cabal.
Gary Cohn resignation ... Fuzzy roots and background ? Eastern European is a strange category.
As strange as a Latin American, for example.
I remember trying to check name Cohn online. Surprisingly, it came as originally Irish. When I tried to check ethnicity of the owners of that website, the search came to zero result.
Russian BBC journalist suggested long ago, that I buy more than one copy of a Soviet/Russian book in a London shop - authored by Cohn ( MD?) (in Russian letters surname KOH) who advocated homosexuality and other vice. Pure pre-Stalin (and after-Stalin) communist anti-family propaganda.
In my e-mail to Moscow I wrote: Soviet, Jewish, criminal.
[ Friday, 9 March, 2018 ] - A high level Belgian State Security officer had warned his family about gang (Bende van Nijvel) attack in supermarket Delhaize in Aalst:
An incident in Scala College in a Dutch town Alphen aan de Rijn :
Was there a German activist Cohn-Bandit ? Pet (Bulgarian) is 5 (piat in Russian).
Steel and Aluminium ( trading and scientific research)  are in the family of Gary Cohn.
Lisa Pevaroff? Russian name Povar means Cook.
[ Sat. 10 March, 2018 ] - Many shady characters in the SCRAP METAL or secondary metals and second hand cars businesses !
Post ww2:
Britain, Belgium and Holland were accused by Mr. Howard Bruce of misuse of Marshall Aid:
David Cohn ( father of Raphael Cohn in Skipton, North Yorkshire)  was in the secondary metals business. He lives with his wife Elaine Cohn in Bradley Village in North Yorkshire.
My letters and e-mails to RUSSIAN and ISRAELI ambassadors with questions about Cohn family identities and background were not answered. The two embassies acted in a coordinated fashion.
The family background of Dutch Org. Crime MC character Klaas Otto:
Gypsy, Old Cars/scrap metal business.
Metal Recycling COHEN in US - family owned since 1924:
GCS Steels ( for George Cohen, Sons and Company) in Britain:,_Sons_and_Company
Mentioned: Gosport and Leeds.

[ TUESDAY, 13 March, 2018 ] - Two scans posted:

1. From Daily Echo of yesterday:
 by Chris Yandell about ongoing vote of no confidence in ( Michael Lane) among Hampshire Police Federation 2,800 members.
Hampshire Police Federation Chairman is John Apter.
Quote: Last year a call for a vote of no confidence in Alison Hernandez, Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, was thrown out by Cornwall Council.
The motion was tabled by Labour group leader Tim Dwelly.

2. Photo of former president of Dutch MOTOR CLUB No Surrender Klaas Otto (from

URGENT call to copy, download, distribute all or as much as possible from the Belgian Org. Crime websites (special attention to FORUM discussion posts) : not only , but so-called French websites (mostly in French language).
[ Wed. 14 March, 2018 ] - 3 posts from 2011 and 2016:
[ Friday, 16 March, 2018] - Just posted on my " Generaal Devyver?" post minutes ago (11:34 marked CET 12:34) :
And my post of 18 January 2018 "ENGLISH please - urgent questions:" which lasted 6 hours and ended with closure. Names: LEO (Leo Stroobants), Ben (R.J.Broersma/Prof. Petkov?), and surprisingly ... Vladimir Putin and .... Potanin:
It had happened before, indicative of the tech/human factor: my post today is now marked 13:34, smth or somebody in the time zone between London (Greenwich), Netherlands (CET) and Moscow.
11:34 in London is 12:34 in Holland and 14:34 in Moscow.
The Forum software on bendevannijvel is of Informer Technologies (registered in US back in 1996?).

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Addenda Twenty Three.

( nr 390 ) - THEY mock us : Statue of Liberty is a MAN dressed like a woman - transgender Castrated Wife of BAAL (by Lymerick):
The link page is difficult to print.
By the way, I wondered about similar (?) Justice sculptures, where the idea of a blindfolded woman holding scales seems incongruous to me for at least 3 reasons.
BLUEBIRD - by Dr. Ross  ( Colin A. Ross MD ) -

Satanic abuse/experimentation on adults and CHILDREN ...
British homosexuals in AFRICA - how much harm done?
As a prominent member of the cabal, is Lalage Bown implicated in the death of my good friend Lynn Nwuneli ?

What about another friend Ramatu Abdullahi?

What about children and grandchildren of Lynn and Ramatu ?
Many more people and stories.
PS: "The man with the ear-ring" and a child on High Street this morning at about 10:07.
Controled by local women.
So far no replies/responses from Susan NORTH (Skipton) and Diana PIDWELL (Blackpool).
Years ago the father of Jenny Oduko in Guildford said to us (a group discussing a conference in Israel): Don't go to Israel.  Nobody should go to Israel !
My two posts of February 2011 (287and 288):
Women and crime:
[ Sat.17 Feb. 2018 ] - Little girl Insiya kidnapped in September 2006 from her grandmother's place in Amsterdam:
Earlier report of Dec. 2017:
My post Addenda Eighteen:
British media has widely written about Navalny as almost the only Russia's presidential candidate.
There are 8 candidates - LIB-DEM (!) and APPLE= YABLOKO (!) among them:
Baburin, Grudinin, Zhirinovsky, Putin, Sobchak, Suraykin, Titov, Yavlinsky.
Got a card from Diana Pidwell. She writes that she does not work for MI5/6.
Told "Paul Cleg" that I don't want to hear his voice ('greetings') a few minutes ago.
Blocked by British Establishment ( IT Hampshire ) -
free PDF books on
[ Mon. 19 Feb. 2018 ] - Communists (!) are alive and well in Russia. British Communist party is active but never spoken or written about.
British Media, having widely written about Navalny as the leader of The Opposition ( to Putin), declared after his nomination was cancelled, that "Putin shall stay" as the other 2 candidates can not be taken seriously ( can not win ). The two were: 36 y. old woman Sobchak and a man whose name ...has D or d letter (can't remember).
Is PUTIN a puppet of "British Empire" ?
ALL videos on News/Forum websites have NO SOUND on a British Gov. network IT Hampshire.
Jamming has turned to a total 'blackout'. The turning point as I remember, was the video of Nigerian Governors paying surprise visit to the Presdent in Abuja House in London.
[ Wed. 20 February, 2018 ] - Further to my OPEN Letter (THIMC)  of  9 January, wrote another one this morning. All marks of S-theater, perpetrated in the British Establishment region.
Some history: Satanic Anti-Christian vandalism plus professional actors back in 2012 on Sunday 6 May - 10th anniversary of assassination of Dutch polititian PIM FORTUIN (sp?) who wanted to radically change relationship between Men, Women and Children.

As I said earlier today:

(1) Proverbs:
  -  Friend in need is a friend indeed.
  - Glupy drug opasnee vraga (Foolish friend is more dangerous than an enemy).

(2) Yougoslavs in Holland were wondering how The British knew about super-secret meetings their politicians held before the war - ref. BBC documentary series "Death of Yougoslavia".
"The British/BBC" knew because THEY were the secret manipulators behind the scenes and had spionage networks in Europe and US.
The Americans, however, became the scapegoats, as they bombed Belgrade. Americans also bombed Japanese cities. Here goes Anti-Americanism !

(3) My friend Diana Pidwell seems not to realise that she, as a clinical psychologist, is in the eye of the storm. Shoemaker without shoes? ... Which Alphabet Agency? ....
[ Thurs. 22 Feb. 2018] - Scan of InBiZ ( Job Center Plus contractor) - card of Julian Robinson - former Navy Intelligence officer. Ref. my e-mail to him about UGLY attempts of MI6 to recruit me using harassment, which, as I pointed out, was organized by Establishment.
He later told me, that "... he did not know, that he was told to ..."
His office was full of women, the type I refer to as "Irina+" spionage/criminal network.
I sent copies of that e-mail to some people/organisations, incl. my friend Diana Pidwell.

One post with the scan of that E-mail dated 7 September 2005 is in my post (nr 283) of 6 Dec. 2010:
[ Friday, 23 February, 2018 ] - News: yesterday Trump's offer to give guns to teachers to protect students, was followed up later by announcement that he is for stricter gun control and .... the voice on air was not (at all) that of US president.
Dutch Pim Fortuin was Jewish and openly homosexual. Sunday 6 May 2012 was also a Second Jewish Passover. Dutch musicians from the Hague, V-C Prof. Craven, Georgian countess, Head of Music Portsmouth University. Very theatrical pink hat was on display in our foye. Jewish students.
I have a post LY plus on this website. American Communist Youth org. has a logo of 3 letters:
L, Y and C.
HOMELES (?) people locally were announced to be/include SAS ( military) people.
The horror homeless (?) man seemed to have smashed a 'smart material' glass. The special glass was discovered by me by accident in Gosport market years ago (Indian looking traders).
As I encountered him indoors, some moments of interest:
1. He was coming out of our floor (flats 25-28).
2. I left my door unlocked, he could have stolen smth. from any flat or storage.
3. At one point he was on the landing opening door next to appt. 25, his left hand in his pocket. I did not 'get scared' and he just stood there swaying. Said smth. in unclear voice and I asked him to repeat. The word was MOBILE. I said I had none.
4. Upstairs one capboard door with el./gas meters was ajar. A large milk bottle was next to the entrance door (inside) a day before.  First empty, later with water. I threw it away.
The WOMAN from flat 24 (with black window blinds) who (I am convinced) is related to MICHAEL in flat 23 (the shooter) was coming in today (and going out Tuesday morning) wearing 'zebra' coat and color red. 'Next' a man wearing red, black and grey colors.
Years ago (with Polish neighbours in that flat and the top flat 32) there was (?) some zebra motives (dress, car) and an exotic (?) ZEBRA musicians band coming to play in a pub next to the MASONIC hall. Seemed East-European or Balkan, I could not tell or find out.
Some definite themes of WW1, WW2 incl. Prisoners of War and Slavery (black and white slavery).
Jewish Youth Activists who very speedily came out in force to sweep and clean broken glass in Central London had very Soviet/Kibbutz or collectivist style. Was it around WW2 memorial events?
Can't remember.
Holland: obviously fake and violent activists (Soros? - he openly defended Communism) who declared Black Peter and Farther Christmass (St. Nikolaas) racist, wrote on Facebook that "shattered glass would cover faces of children". Shall look for the article with photos.
My Indian neighbour opposite had very much lighter complexion last time I saw him.
Yes, those Extreme Left ... psychopaths (?).
Last year (?) there was smb. in Paris who desecrated the alter of famous cathedral by shooting himself over it.
The threatening words of Michael van Zeijl -
leader of Dutch extreme-left action group De Grauwe Eeuw (could find nothing about it on Wkipedia !) were actually not about broken glass, but "brains and bone splinters" of ... Father Christmass !
 - " ... alle kinderen er getuigen van zijn (...) en massaal onder zijn hersens en botsplinters bedekt zitten." -
[ Mon. 26 Feb. 2018 ] - DAVID FLOYD - Pink Floyd - Asperge Plus:
scan on purple background from The Sunday Times of yesterday.

Also yesterday upon seeing Sunday Mail headline about Helpline for Veterans, I exclaimed:
Oh, No ! Absolutely UNSAFE. Another charity ? .... With push to legalise drugs/narcotics ?
Telephone lines are of course, 'hackable' and criminals, such as abusers of children, would very much want to listen, etc. What about not knowing who you are talking to ? As I voiced my protest in Waitrose supermarket, a shop attendant with a distant resemblance to The Michael (flat 23 St. Matthews Court, Gosport) sort of banged loudly the crates he was packing.
Michael the SHOOTER, who had shot a high-tech gun (with laser sight) at me.
He, by the way, had banged his door last time I saw him.
Hypnotic commands/messages are also used by Mind-Control and Brain-Washing experts.
Cllr Burgess did talk/listen to BOB in flat 22. Why did police not come to take my report? Was Cllr Burgess also threatened or shot at ?
The woman in flat 24 looked shocked/frightened when she saw me. Did they think I'd drop dead ?
Where does she work?
[ Tue.27 Feb. 2018 ] - I think I saw former (?) CAB advisor this morning, who was the best (chem. engineer) but told me "We can't do that" when I officially asked for INVESTIGATION ref. my e-mail of 7 Sept. 2005.
Lot's of dots and connections. Shall try to be quick today.
Diana Pidwell works in both government and private sectors: NHS and COHEN associates.


Two scans from The News of yesterday about funding, charity, NHS, PTSD, Combat Stress, Royal Navy veteran David Coomber and his wife Janice.
Also news about wedding of FAREHAM MP Suella Fernandes and Rael Braverman.
[ Wed.28 Feb. 2018] - More details about "homeless bandit" incident:
1. Tesco bag was thrown over the bush.
2. A black woman ran/hopped past St. Matthews Court (seen before)
3. The large milk bottle got filled with water or fuel, but I decided to just pour it out and throw the bottle away.
4. So-called smart materials and high-tech apps/weapons were used before - as from Sunday 6 May, 2012. Ref. door frame, iron gate.
5. A man I spoke to Tuesday last week had tattoo up to his elbows. I remembered him when seeing same tattoo on a young woman working in Tesco, Grange Road.
Word 5 in Bulgarian is PET (same as in other Slavonic languages), so Prof. Petkov is Prof. Fiver/de Vijver ... .
Slovak Investigative Journalist Jan Kuciak ( 27) and his girl-friend Martina (or Marina) Kusnirova were murdered mafia-style on Sunday. Jan Kuciak worked for
Slovak Police are in contact with Italian and Czech Police.
Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in law, looses access to classified/secret information:
[ Thurs.1 March, 2018] - Maria Troskova among names in unfolding story from Slovakia:
A few years ago it was only EUROPEAN Arrest Warrant that helped the arrest of a major mafiozi in Britain. Forgot his name. He ran a Travel Agency.
IT Hampshire 'does not want' articles from Slovak Media printed - reporting some internal error.
Articles such as "Valcek Interview: With Jan Kuciak, we got to the Mafia through Troskova".
I noticed very strange sentence ( from RSF ?) about statistics: This is the fifth case of a journalist or journalists being murdered in an EU country in the past 10 years. - ????
 A few names omit Kim Wall. Text hacked? I quote from my scribble, as the printing was not possible. Was it on Slovak Spectator?
Is Danish Madsen related to Madsen woman manager of FAREHAM Shopping Center?
British Communist Party has a Post Box address in Leeds, Yorkshire. ASDA supermarkets have HQ in Leeds.
My post LEEDS to ITALY from 2012:
LY plus:
Gosport Voter/Civic ... Register is available for general sale and can be used for any purpose !!! -
[ Friday, 2 March, 2018] - IT Hampshire (British Gov. network), having blocked printing of the last report of Jan Kuciak on and other Slovak websites, allowed printing from Slowak PRAVDA website:
The title of the unfinished report is:
Talianska mafia na Slovensku. Jej chapadla siahaju aj do politiky
US Sanctions List on the Treasury website:
Sanctions List Search:
[ Sat. 3 March, 2018 ] - IT Hampshire ( British Gov. network ) at it again:
the printout of data on PROPERTIES sales is sabotaged. Blue and yellow "key" explaining the graph of Sold properties in our PO12 Gosport area, incl. St. Matthews Court is blanked out.
Go to House Prices in my area on
I also looked up prices in our block on Leaders estate agents site. Criminal Vandalism destroys properties and make people flee, selling the house for fraction of its price to the criminals, who vandalised it (MAFIA) in the first place.
I heard the word Totalitarism for the first time from Leonid Timochouk.
2014 post Nelson and Lloyds:
The seven Italian men (26-62 years old) arrested on Thursday are released (after legal 48 hours) in Slovakia. What is next ?

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Addenda Twenty Two.

( nr 389 ) - GLOBAL Internet Malware. Mobile telephones secretly make a video/film of unsuspecting users/surroundings. Information is automatically copied and stored by Dark Forces.
Recent Discoveries of Malware Dark Caracal, earlier (ref. Kazakhstan) Operation Manul, etc.
Lookout: full Report (51 pages) -
The MAP ( Figure 8 ) of countries/areas affected (yet again!) have a huge area notably in SIBERIA vacant/empty of information. Just like that map (published by The Guardian) that depicted ....internet cables (??). What is there? So much ! ....
[ Thursday, 25 January, 2018 ] - just returned from Gosport Job Fair. Previously it was sponsored by a Finnish Paper factory, named HUTA-MAKI (sounds Japanese to me). I was told it was there, but I must have missed it. Middleton family? ...
Some of SIBERIA related stories:
1. British Arctic WW2 veterans and Russian medals.
2. British Arctic project: London-Tokio.
3. Google and Microsoft announced Servers move to Siberia.
4. Novosibirsk link to Russian Tea Rooms in Skipton, North Yorkshire.
[ Friday, 26 Jan. 2018 ] - More on SIBERIA:

5. Russian Government announced HOUSING-SETTLEMENT scheme in SIBERIA for Westerners with links to Russia. In UK, Conservative Friends of Russia and Communist Party (KGB recruits) would qualify.
6. Jewish Republic (pre-dates ISRAEL) is in SIBERIA.
7. V.Putin's friend Roman Abramovich is doing well in UK. He was/is governor of Khabarovsk Krai - in SIBERIA.
8. In SIBERIA: Academ-gorodok (Acad. of Sciences), Heavy Industry (moved East in WW2) and many Prisons/Labour Camps.
[ Sat. 27 January, 2018 ] - TECH-MAFIA ? .... After posting my "theory" about umbrellas getting broken too often and too fast in bad weather, I wrote about umbrella getting broken in an unlikely place, as if contradicting my "theory". The next time I had a tip of the red-white 'strong' umbrella, which was bought in Skipton, sliced off in rainy weather. See scan:

My visit to the Museum of St. Vincent College in Gosport yesterday was disappointing.
The Gosport Society website is difficult to access. A quote from G.S. on a E2 bus (Gosport-Fareham):
A British Colonial Flag of America ( similar to EU blue square with 13 stars and 13 stripes - 7 red and 6 white) with a bunch of 2 identical keys)  and text (from memory):
Fortune Hospital opened in Laes Lane in Gosport in 1713, soon becoming Forton Prison - for Prisoners of War and Traitors of the CROWN ....  Americans and British soldiers, who supported American War for Independence.
Year 2006: see scan of Gosport Borough Council:

1994 - Serge Monast { FRENCH CANADIAN } about Project Blue Beam:
[ Tue. 30 Jan. 2018 ] - Seventy years ago ( 30 Jan. 1948 ) Mahatma Gandi was assassinated:
My 2014 post Nelson and Lloyds ? -
Anti-Christian CABAL at work:
Eamon Duffy, prof. of history of Christianity in Cambridge Univ. (!)  in his book "Ten Popes who shook the world" misses Innocent VIII, who declared war on WITCHCRAFT. From 2011 edition ISBN 978-0-300-17688-9 on page 135:
"Wojtyla's papacy was remarkable for a deliberate policy of rapprochement with Jews: in 1986 John Paul II was the first pope to visit the Roman Synagogue, and he was the first pope to recognise the State of Israel. During a visit to the Holy Land in March 2000 he prayed at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and expressed his sorrow for Christian atrocities against Jews."
[ Wed. 31 Jan.2018] - Gosport School questions -
 Yesterday and today I find two schools - Alver Valley Infant and Nursery ( age 3-7) and Alver Valley Junior ( age 7-11) with the same address:
21 Falcon Meadows Way, Gosport PO13 8AA.
OFSTED (schools inspectorate) reports for those 2 schools list reports for 2 Siskin schools at a different address: Nimrod Drive, Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire PO13 8AA. That for years up to 2017.
I have previously found serious discrepancies in Portsmouth and Gosport with some locations seemingly missing in the "system" or "double/dual" location of the same name/institution.
Hmm, found Boomerang software listed as Malware online. Should write to Lee Crockett.
George ORWELL 1984:
[ Thur. 1 Feb. 2018 ] - ( Ref. link above) The picture of an old flying witch who takes a young girl to Satanic Sabbath, is actually a fragment from an English painting "Lancashire Witches". There is a historically known 'witches' place PENDLE located midway between Blackpool in Lancashire and SKIPTON in Yorkshire. Diana Pidwell told me the witches are still active there and attack men (gave me an example).
On her way to The Hague, Diana Pidwell met a nice young woman Josephine and we went to ALPHEN-aan-de-Rhijn (sp?) to visit Josephine's GYPSY family. I liked Josephine very much, but I can't say that about her family. Josephine's mother did not like me either. Gypsy families are matriarchial (WOMEN rule). I still wonder about what had happened to Josephine as she was attacked by a dog in someone's garden, when she was .... eight (?) years old.
RUSSIAN folk songs tell stories of children being kidnapped "led away" by gypsies. If that was the case with Josephine, and she felt she did not belong in her gypsy family or was attracted to/curious about Dutch people or some family, then .... she would have been set up for a cruel and traumatic experience. The formula of a Mind Control or "turning" is a very old one.
It just might "tie in" with my wonder about how Vanessa was "lured" to Russia ref. Circus on Ice. Was that meeting (Diana and Josephine) secretly arranged by MI6/5 criminals? And only a couple of days ago I was surprised to discover that Romanian Embassy in Holland had support of THREE consulates. Romania had issued EU passports to people of former SOVIET republic of Moldova.
I remember Leonid Timochouk had asked me to go with him to Schipol Airport (Amsterdam) to meet a mathematician from Moldova (Jewish?), who was invited by University of DELFT. Later Moldova came as a place where Israeli ... Liberman (?) came from.
This world is very small and getting smaller.
General Alexander LEBED talked about:
1. Nuclear suitcases.
2. CONTROL of Nuclear Weapons taken from the Military by the KGB.
3. Neuro-Semantic ( Mind) Programming. 
Great NORTH SEA floods happened 1 February, 1953 -
[ Friday 2 February 2017 ] - One direct local link to both IRINA+ network (which I now see as run by the British) and Romania/Gypsy/Israeli/Jewish/Russian connection is found in BEMISTER lane in Gosport, off High Street:
That incident with the Romanian woman (owner?) of the Health Shop, who rather ... unbecomingly (?) panicked, when she did not notice my entering the shop, while she talked to the customer in low voice.
I had a subtle but definite recognition of ... style/intent when seeing (for the first time) the website of the ex-MI6 spook Steele. Something "same as" the fraudulent Clinton-Kennard (?) website selling "intrinsic mortgages".
[ Sat. 3 Feb. 2018 ] - High-Tech Evil at work: evil possession, mind-body control, - name it!
2014 Daily Telegraph (12 Dec.) article by Matthew Holehouse:
MI6 asked CIA to censor report on TORTURE.
Quote: Under the "control principle"  convention, intelligence agencies do not reveal intelligence supplied by allies without consent.

My postcards/questions ref. MI6 to Diana Pidwell are overdue.

[ Mon. 5 Feb. 2018 ] - Sending postcard to Diana P.
Is the idea/decision(?) to cut numbers of ROYAL MARINES based on possibility of looking into their so-called Special Operations ? ....
Is Warwick Estates the owner of St. Matthews Private Residential Complex in GOSPORT ?
MI6 spook C. Steele: is his London Office not far from the American Embassy? Is MI6 behind that appalling Theater, staged to sabotage my contact with FBI?
The actors were British, not American. By the way, some of his reports, which I saw, actually water  down Russian+ Investigation. Russians + their friends and relatives.
[ Wed. 7 Feb. 2018] - The GUARDIAN published most interesting material yesterday and the day before yesterday:

1. A profile by Peter Wilby of OFSTED head Amanda Spielman - an eye opener to PROBLEMS with Gosport Schools.

2. Exclusive by Ian Cobain: Secret Freemasons' lodges for MPs and journalists revealed.
Addenda Nine:
Who is David Fisher? ...
William, Kate, George ...

The link to 2014 NOS article plus photo ( above ) shows Error:404 on my other website post " Mafia International? -
Scottish WHAT ? ....
My 2009 post ( nr 204 ):
Met Paul CLEGG ( High Street) this afternoon on my way to the Library.
He seemed ... embarrassed (?) when I saw him last at the News Agent. He asked me (emphatically) how I was, and I did not feel well that day. Did smb. ask him to ask me "how I was" for the umpteenth (sp?) time ? He hurried away.
1. Portsmouth Uni. Vice-Chancellor ( engineer!) came from Scottish University - ref. my letter to him about RICS and his answer.
2. Amanda Spielman of OFSTED (prev. a banker and a management consultant) went to a State Primary in Glasgow, Scotland.
A caption from her profile by Peter Wilby:
Did her own children attend state schools?
- ' I don't think you're entitled to ask ', she says.
[ Friday, 9 Feb. 2018] - My 2015 post "UK, China, Russia, Syria, Israel. -
Shall post a scan of 7 (or five) photos/images from Eerde International School in Holland asap.
Only 2 top photos out of 9 get printed, and the rest ...' refuse to print '. They are of:
1. Miss M.Fransen (French).
2. Myself and Herma talking to parents. Me pointing finger (!).
3. Names: Mr.J.Leemhuis (Music)
4. Mrs. M.Hupkes (Spanish)
5. Miss A.C. Loman (German)
6. Jan Bouwhuis and Henny with senior students.
7. Mr. J.F. McGrath (English).

POLICE misbehaving again:

Another scan on an orange background shows time 18:40 on my Waitrose receipt.
I spoke outside St. Matthews Court (21-32 flats) to:
1. Second time (!) to a Polish (by her own admission) woman in a Community officer POLICE uniform - Monica Knight [ 15814 ];
2. A man in a similar POLICE uniform - Kieran Howard [ 14328].

NOTA BENE ! As on all previous occasions, it was the woman in charge, not the male officer.
CLEGG .... I gave one copy of my open letter ref. High-tech gun shot (at me) to Paul Clegg in the Gosport library (he had asked me if he 'could keep it' ) and he, having no business card with him, wrote with a brown felt pen (from memory) : Paul Clegg .... 1 Oxford Street, ....
[ Sat.10 Feb. 2018] - (cont.) - Pashmina business in London, mob. tel. number and url., letter E in Clegg written as epsilon, quite a bit of 'show' and some connections in Gosport. Appearance/behaviour: blond, Jewish.
[ Mon. 12 Feb. 2018 ] - My new post at another BlogSpot site:
My 2015 post BEETLES ? -
EDUCATION matters:

Prof. Lalage Bowne of Glasgow University in Scotland is a former colleague of mine at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
She is a LESBIAN. Lesbian of a predatory type.
In Nigeria she had adopted two yoruba girls, twins.
Tomorrow I shall talk about my American friend Lynn Nwuneli and our 'visit' to Lalage's place on Unilag Campus.
The peculiar/unique cold stare L.B. gave me was similar to a stare of a young Russian man ( transvestite) in Moscow Universty, who, bursting into a student hostel room, met me and not my boyfriend, Nigerian student of journalism Victor A. Udom.
PAUL CLEGG is still at the computer number 14, behind me. Came over to ask me how I was, hand on my schoulder.
[ Wed. 14 Feb. 2018 ] - See Photos of Lynn Nwuneli, myself and Elspeth Hunponu-Wusu and more:

Friday, 5 January 2018

Addenda Twenty One.

( nr 388 ) - Wrote postcards to:

1. Susan North (Skipton, Yorkshire),
2. Anikeev A.A. (Moscow, Russia) - cards 1/10 and 2/10.
3. Jef Vermassen (Lede, Belgium).
[ Mon. 8 Jan. 2018] - This morning:
 another encounter with "the man with the earing" just before 8 a.m. outside ASDA in Gosport.
Posts 377 and 383 :
[ Tue. 9 January, 2018] - Scan of an open letter: To Whom It May Concern (written today):

 1. - Worse than Grenfell Tower. etc.

[ Thurs. 11 Jan. 2018] - corrected acronym in my open letter above (THIMC).
From BVN: ... names: Sokolowski, Beresofski, Pilarski, Bonkoffsky ...
Fortunato Israel was de voorgangster van Lydia Montaricourt.
.... In 1989 werkte callgirl Fortunato Israel nog altijd als  'directiesecretaresse', ditmaal in Malta ...
ASCO en Mediterranean Meat Company ...
An article from the Dutch "De Groene Amsterdammer":
11 January 1995, Amsterdam: disappearance of Soviet Jewish emigrant Boris Fastovski:
Mentioned in my posts 289 and 374:
[ Sat. 13 Jan.2018 ] - I find it strange, that almost simultaneously (yesterday and today) and without continuity, MONEY compensation idea sprang up internationaly: 911 and cancer in US, Earthquake/Fracking in Groningen in Holland and some Legal Aid Plus for victims of BVN (waves of gangsterism) in Belgium. An American woman refused to accept money/compensation offered, because in some sense, it is a Hush Money or Zwijggeld (money paid with undertaking that the 'issue' is resolved, no more questions, complaints or discussions).
She wanted to know the Truth about why her husband had died. She herself died in a plane crash.
Today, on the online BVN ( Bende van Nijvel) Belgian Forum, as an idea of registering VZW (society not for profit) is under discussion, member Tru Dat ( see post 57) writes about things happening 'behind curtains':
An actual REAL conference of people reading and writing on BVN forum was proposed before.
I shall ask for a new password next week. Anybody from BVN forum in Gosport? ...
As I remember, the issue of illegal and undeclared chemical weapons and uranium on board Israeli cargo EL-AL plane, which crashed into the high-rise residential building near Amsterdam in 1992 was never resolved/acknowledged:
By the way, teachers in Eerde were told that SHELL company was originally registered as a charity or not-for-profit organisation. Is that true? There were two Shell Companies.
If I am not mistaken( if-if ...), it is Stichting in Dutch Law which is defined as a Task/Aim/Project  kind of organisation.
[ Mon. 15 Jan. 2018] - sent a request for a new password to BNV forum this morning.
From my early reading on I noticed:
1. That Belgian website was run/originated in Holland, Groningen (?).
2. That many respectable forum members (police, detectives?) expressed legitimate concern about presence of those (criminals) who are there watching, wanting to know, WHO knows/remembers  WHAT. [ Similar perception was noted after Srebrenitsa event. ]
My user name there is galina-a-anikeeva and I have posts on BVN forum and this website.
CONFERENCE was proposed by many. I would be happy to hold an informal off-line conference  with one or more people and help with translations from Flemish/Dutch if required. My French is zero.
[ Tue. 16 Jan. 2018 ] - Yes, as I wrote earlier, has registrar Key-Systems GmbH,
Admin: R.J. Broersma of Duocast B.V., Postbus 2325 Groningen 9704 CH, Nederland. Last year reg. extended for one year till 17 March 2018. In my posts (links below) I also mention related American site ( jargon Russian for Informer is STUKACH ) and four names: two Russian and two Ukranian.
Tech-Mafia post of 22 April 2016:
Bende van Nijvel post of 14 March 2015:
NB: ZIONIST BRITAIN never let go of Thirteen Colonies (America).
To check who/where/how any website is registered, go to and fill in the URL in the upper right window, (without the www or http:// ), for example, for the Bende van Nijvel website.
University of Groningen ? ... Broer and Broersma ? ....
[ Wed. 17 Jan. 2018] - Another Professor from Groningen University: Prof. Nicolai Petkov !
He is a professor of Intelligent Systems and Computer Science:
my post Earthquakes and Politics:
So far no reply to my request for a new password to BVN forum.
Did get the new BVN forum password.
 How many "Leo Stroobants" ? ...
[ Thurs. 18 January, 2018 ] - Scan of Original Thirteen Colonies - early British Empire, map and a flag with 13 stars and 13 stripes:

ENGLISH please -urgent questions: is my latest post on the Bende van Nijvel website:
On the FORUM index (has 8 rubriks - from FEITEN to BEHEER) my post is in rubric 6 "DIVERSE" under Vragen. Total topics stand at 1,704 and posts at 36,817.
Tiny tech. detail: it is now 12:04 in England, I posted at 11 smth. on BVN site. My post came first as "Today 12:17" (printed) but now reads "Today 13:17".
Scans of time 12:17 and 13:17 ( on yellow background) posted. 13:17 meanwhile disappeared?

One hour difference between UK and CET (Holland and Belgium) and further two hours difference between CET and Moscow.
[ Friday, 19 January, 2018 ] - My post "ENGLISH please ... " is closed by admin of ...with a "machine joke" ref. Putin. Ben-Bot has an army of bot-helpers.
The post by LEO about VZW is also closed.
"Putin & Co." is run by British Establishment.
M-words: MALTA, Mediterrinean, Mafia, Mob, Military, MASON, Medical, Money, MEAT, etc.
From Dictionary of the Underworld by Eric Partridge: 'Meat' - for women (sexually), prostitutes and white slaves ... Licensed Houses (?) - Public Houses? Also: mutton-monger - whoremonger.
[ Sat. 20 Jan. 2018 ] - MOSSAD is of course, an M-word. Made some spelling+ mistakes on BVN site, notably Staatsveiligheid ( vel vs veil ).
New location of my post in Prullenbak:
I wonder about supporting computer programmes (software) on so many other online forums.
Three relevant posts on this website from 2010, 2011 and 2017:

I have read somewhere that CIA-contractors (ref. Torture with Remote Control+) are 'concentrated' in Houston, TEXAS, USA.
[ Mon. 22 Jan. 2018 ] - Fighting Terrorism is no more a priority of US Defence Policy as announced last Saturday.
There is a Belgian Pub/Restaurant "Huis" in Southsea, Portsmouth (ref. article in local paper).
Discovered since last Saturday: there are two (in-log) desk-tops/icon sets on IT-Hampshire network.
Recently changed Hampshire CC library ticket (Franchesca said it was the problem with the bar-code) must be changed again: hybrid combination of old/new number/password works (but partially), though the old ticket(s) were to be automatically disabled with the issue of a new one.
I remember L.T. wondered how I discovered that his online setup worked with ... ANY password. Well, simply by accident.
[ Tue. 23 Jan. 2018] - Gas leakage in London: 1500 people evacuated:
3 posts from 2011 and 2012:
Later today: MALTA, MINSK etc.
13:10 - I am now at comp. terminal 05 in Gosport Library and 3 people in front (comp. 11) include family of Michael ( The Michael) from flat 23, 24. He and his parents walked ( at 11:00) from St. Matthews Court to the High Street. Laser pen? This is BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT at work.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Dear Mr. Kennard !

( nr 387 ) - I resort to writing an open letter to Mr Kennard, as my landlady seems unable or indeed intimidated (?) by her husband ( my questions remained unanswered).

1. During arranged visit last February to my appt. 26 at St. Matthews Court, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 1AN to check the new boiler, two men came without showing their ID or any Company/business identification. They opened the front cover of the boiler in the kitchen (I don't know what they did), listened to my complaints, took the tech. inspection register in triplicate and left, saying they would come back. They never came back. There were 3 or 4 coloured copy-pages in that journal, with one previous test/certification.

2. The Consumer Affairs journalist from The News local paper, who comes to Gosport Library every Tuesday morning, told me, that the two men definitely acted illegally, and I have a right to take the matter to Police/Courts. He also told me I needed an independent tech. specialist and (later) the check from the Professional Union (?) of Water and Gas engineers or technicians.

3. On Monday morning, 4 Dec., I am informed, Mr. Kennard shall be in the area " to check all safety aspects of the flat ", etc.
I leave significant details of previous communications out for the time being, but with recent disasters in Britain, such as Grenfell Towers Fire and a Mighty Gas Explosion near Liverpool, INSURANCE FRAUD or "separation of property from owners" come to mind. Communist Agenda.
Tech-Mafia: Oxford, Cambridge, ....
Just posted cards to 3 embassies: French, Spanish and American.
[ Friday, 1 Dec. 2017] - The two crooks/criminals were very "theatric", with overalls of Mr. Kennard painted over to make him look like a hard-working man. The younger one had tel. number on his back, but kept turning round, as I tried to write it down. As I told The News journalist, there were Soviet scenarios: crime and one popular comedy actor look-alike.
When I asked Christina Kennard in my e-mail (of 28 February 2017, 12:02):
" Please let me know the name of the company who sent TWO people 2 weeks ago to check/test the boiler at the appartement I rent from you: 26 St. Matthews Court", her answer was in 4 [corr.]  words only:
It was my husband. Earlier a handwritten note signed Christine Kennard with a handwriting/signature drastically different from the one on the Tenancy Agreement, had the same non-explanation: It was my husband.
Mama Cash post: Scans of photos of  St.Matthews Court ( 21-32 ) building, which is a private residential complex, show the fire/arson incident, Morrisons Supermarket trolley with long wooden burnt branches, American University sweater, woman from flat 24 walking away, photos I took of a high-tech LASER gun fired at me, etc. -
Just posted a scan/copy of my post card to Councellor Graham BURGESS ( on a green background ):

Relevant to the chain of events are my enquiries about identities and backgrounds of COHN family members ( Raphael, Elaine and David) made to Russian and Israeli Ambassadors, which were not answered. Thursday last week (23 Nov.) my youngest granddaughter bust into tears (terrified) while on the phone to Skipton, Yorkshire ( call from Raphael Cohn). I post here (also on green background) a scan of my e-mail of 27/11/2015  12:43 -

[ Sat. 2 Dec. 2017] - Hmm ... Do they know each other ? ...  Ref. Sky News shop at 83 Stoke Rd. Gosport. How ridiculous !
On RACISM among other things:
Tech-Mafia-3. -
[ Tue. 5 Dec. 2017] - Mr. Kennard struck a very ... "theatrical" and comical appearance in Gosport yesterday. Went into the Fox estate agents but refused to enter the Parker and Torrington office.
Declared the purpose of his visit as getting "updated contact details for myself and my daughter" (!), forgetting all about "safety checks". Said many things and contradicted himself. There is a Russian expression: zasvetilsa. Mentioned travel to INDIA.
Parker and Torrington sent an e-mail to CHRISTINE KENNARD ref. Boiler Technical certification.
Found my daughter's e-mail in the JUNK MAIL.
PORTUGAL ? .....  
From a book I bought recently: Portugal is the only country where ALL DRUGS are LEGAL.
UN now has a Portugese head, after Korean Banki Moon.
Dutch Mark Dijsselboom (sp?) in EU is to be replaced by ... a Portugese former minister of Finance ?
Disturbing and scandalous news about British Royal family (Prince William?) advocating legalisation of drugs. Strong Protest and criticism was expressed in The News editorial about a month ago.
5 December 1484 - Pope Innocent VIII issues anti-witchcraft bull:
Summis desiderantes affectibus.
[ Wed. 6 Dec. 2017] - The American Republican Party programme, which went "off air" had a point about Constitutional Right for citizens to bear arms (disappeared) and point for support of Israel, which did not disappear, and turned out to be deadly serious ... .
HOLY LAND Palestine is never mentioned, and Palestinians are often/always Arab Palestinians.
The wife of Dutch PVV "extreme-right" leader Wilders is Jewish/ Israeli Citizen. Very interesting family.
Old posts: 
Tech-Mafia, Tech-Mafia-3, Addenda Fourteen:
[ Thurs. 7 Dec. 2017] - Corr. name (ref. Portugal above): Jeroen Dijsselbloem, and Portugese Mario Centeno. "Portugese" India, Goa, etc.
Wondering about CK: Clinton Kennard Associates in Verwood, DORSET:
Plus fishy sounding Intrinsic Mortgage Planning, Intrinsic Financial Planning ....
And what about Indonesia and South-East Asia ?
Petrovich9 presence in Teknik Forex Terbaik :
Baroness Patricia Scotland, Attorney General, scandalized herself in Baby P case. Her roots are in Dominica and Antigua. Solicitor  Alexander Zivancevic - husband of cleaner Loloahi Tapui :
UN votes 151-6 against ISRAEL: from Jim Stone site quoting
Israel - occupying power, no rights in Jerusalem .... 6 votes are from: US, Canada, Israel, Fed. States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands and Nauru).
LYBIA .... I have a post with pondering over letters LY and Y ( Lyberry Club in Portsmouth, etc).
Youth Zionist org. has letter Y in its logo. English, Russian and Hebrew letter(s) Y.
The sound of Russian letter "bl" ( ref. Soviet Comedy film: Operation bl ) is rendered in English letter Y - i.e. MY (we). Mr. Kennard got a printout of photo of 3 Soviet comedians: Vitsyn, Nikulin and Morgunov. He is the lookalike of Vitsyn.
The Soviet film dramaturg/script-writer Gaidai may have a relative in Switserland - ref. porn placed on US pensioners website (2005?), hacked by Eros company (of Vittorio Gaidai ).
LY plus:
[ Friday 8 Dec. 2017] - YL, LY, Christianity and Islam, etc: Post nr 301 :
[ 9 Dec. 2017] - Yesterday: two Gosport people who have been on the Big Brother "Radar" are: The Blond Russian Woman (BRw or similar acronym of mine), who reminded me about Natalia Abramovna, Leonid Timochouk's mother,  and the man I named Rediskogolovy Gebeshnik (KGB Radish-head), who has been 'associated' with horror S-theatre in Gosport over the years. He was a conspicuous 'provincial' passenger in the Hague CS-Mariahoeve on bus 4 and tram 3, with a 'Soviet' briefcase and a bright (for women) Japanese umbrella.
The ( London) Battersea Dog Charity people exposed themselves and the 'Charity'.

So, the high-tech laser gun (with infra-read sight/sensor) which was fired at me by Michael and
Bob was apparently DOWNGRADED to laser pen ... .

The official line of communication was:

 Cllr G. Burgess ( who talked to Bob) and myself ( briefly ) - Police meeting with Cllr. Burgess, who instructed them to contact me and take my statement ( they did neither) - my talk with Parker & Torrington Office Manager last Monday (ref. Mr. Kennard and missing Boiler cert. book) when 'laser pen' was mentioned. POLICE - Michael LANE ? ...
Russian computer hacker NIKULIN is charged in US by FBI. Soviet Comedy trio: Nikulin-Vitsyn- Morgunov. Nikulin family in Moscow.

[ Mon. 11 Dec. 2017 ] - My Hotmail, Lingo On and Off line, Baranov? Tkachev? Russian/Jewish/English racist lingo and racist rap, Year 1651, Israeli-Russian M&S, Moscow dentists: (ru) evrey i russkiy - bratia na vek ! etc. for tomorrow.
From 2013:
I am now sure/positive,  TODAY:   The MEXICAN - looking old man with pony-tail, who came to computer terminal 11, as I sat making today's entry about an hour+ ago from 03 comp. terminal. He also 'prominently' sat at the desk downstairs talking to a woman, as I came to make my Hyde Park Corner / Think Aloud  presentation (in a low voice) about two weeks ago (Tuesday around 12:00 - a window (11:30 - 13:00)  between The News journalist and Needle Work group bookings).
The man, who came to our appt. block after my letter/report ( to Managers of Torrington and Parker Ltd.) about spate of vandalism, etc. He said he was the manager (Parker or Torrington).
While holding a copy of my letter in his hands, he pointed his finger at the word DRUGS and told me: We can't have this in writing.
More tomorrow.
[ Wed. 13 Dec. 2017 ] - Had an additional "Hyde Park Corner" at noon.
NO to Israel: The EU issued a firm rebuke to Benjamin Netanyahu by refusing his request to join the US in recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital. ( Irish Independent, Tue. 12 Dec. 2017).
[ Thursday, 14 December, 2017 ] - Simon Bramhall ? ...
Area 51:
Natasha KUHRT plus BRAMALL:
Addenda Nineteen:
Mama Cash:
ISS space trip: US-RU-IT:

[ Tue. 19 Dec. 2017 ] - After my "Hyde Park Speaker's Corner" or "Think Aloud" (which stimulates thinking) today in Gosport Library (between 12:00 and 13:00) there shall be Christmass and New Year break till Tuesday 9 January, 2018.
Another trivial difficulty with printer, which is telling, as usual.
Can't print/get url of a short video on/via the Dutch News website ( or ) from Israel:
Israeli Police violently push a woman as she gives an interview to a journalist/correspondent from ...
GCTN (?) . Search gives ZERO results. On the printer job list I see:
[ Wed. 27 Dec. 2017 ] - As I said last week on the High Street, Gosport:

1. Satanic Area 51 in NEVADA, US (Ne Voda,  Ne pei voda ) is in UK : Yorkshire, Hampshire, etc.

2. Early Jewish Synagogue in Ukraine in 1651: 5 and 6 for MI5 and MI6. ( ref. Dutch book 'Jewish Wisdom' ).
Lion and Goat picture Jewish Deception (D. on Mossad Logo): identify the vital/important parts/qualities in your enemy, get close, pretend to be 'positive'. In Moscow, USSR: Karl Marx, when asked about most important/valuable qualities (what he liked) in men and women, he answered: manliness in a man and femininity in a woman.

3. I proposed ( years ago) the idea of supermarkets and shopping centres being actual entry/exit sites for Secret Underground Military Bases: many exits/entrances, storage areas, temp. agencies, so that nobody knows how many people go in and how many come out ( and if they are the same people), etc. BELGIAN waves of criminality ( bizzar and blody) started notably in supermarkets and could be de factor distractions, during which people/groups, who were not part of the Underground Projects, gained entry via storage areas. Ref: where judges, etc. were on record NOT wanting to know which secret agency ordered particular crimes, such as theft of NATO documents. 
Masons and Mossad are underdiscussed.
Jef Vermaessen was 'hushed' when he wrote: SECRET AGENCIES !

4. I thought why Margaret Thatcher banned the book by MI6 Peter Write.
 May be because it described a FLASH/POSH MOB made of diplomats wives, etc. which hid a clandestine high-tech operation by MI6.
[ Sat. 30 December, 2017 ] - Kay Griggs, American Naval Wife, testified about moral degradation and worst crimes against children (just like women in  Germany, Italy, etc.) since 1995.
Col. Oliver North, just like Vladimir Putin, was born on October 7 - the day Russian/Ukranian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated. She investigated how KGB destroyed families and traditions. KGB=Mossad=Mafia. CIA=Mossad=Mafia. The British Secret Services are behind KGB, CIA, etc.
GERMANY: yesterday I looked online for my USSR-GDR (DDR) school pen-friend - Hans Joachim ( or Hans-J.)  Hetfleisch. Our 1960s addresses were:
1. USSR - Moskow G-357, Initsiativnaya ul., dom 13, bld. 2, flat 10.
2. DDR - Hans-J.Hetfleisch, Rekentin, kr.Stralsund, Bezirk Rostock.
Hans wrote to me in Russian with some German words. I remember translating MASON (sp?) as 'kamenotios' and taking it literally as his father's occupation, - rightly or wrongly. About five addresses of East-German children (top students) were given out to the 'top' Soviet children (myself included) at a mathematics lesson during the visit of East German mathematics (?) teachers.
I gathered online yeaterday, that so-called Iran-Contra Affair involved East-West military, political and industrial VIPs with  murder, sabotage, spionage and children sadistically abused/used by the CABAL international. Old story, as Kay Griggs told us.
My Soviet Jewish classmate 'friend' (Victor Udom proved to me that she was not my friend) Lena (nee) Lozhikova told me how her grand-grand (?)  father (a medical doctor) working
on a ship, found it very hard to 'restrain' himself, finding young sailors' nudity during medical examinations 'tempting'. She also told me her family name was changed from original Loshakov(y).
There is a photo of Col. Oliver NORTH in company of STASI ( thus KGB ) people. I also remember seeing photos of East German polititians with (half-) naked children).
Many questions about Angela Merkel.
Dutch Women demonstrate:
[ Tue. 2 January, 2018 ] - Years ago there was a Royal Marines Parade in Gosport. I understood from answers to my questions that the history goes back to AMERICAN Navy that remained loyal to British Monarchy during Colonial times and Independence. They were granted Freedom Charter, that gave them Right to buy/own LAND. There was also an issue of Privatisation of Gosport Ferry, and Ferries go as a ' system incl. adjacent coast land ( I attended Gosport History excursions then: Haslar Hospital, etc.). There was a Black Watch band.
Searle - Searle - Searle :
- Gosport Councillor, Mayor.
- Yesterday News ( Sun paper, Mon. 1 Jan, 2018, page 25) :
  Ret. Royal Marine Stephen Searle (64) arrested for murder of his wife Anne Searle(62) in Stowmarket, Suffolk.
I had a question/argument in Moscow about Russian name FERY-V of an Israeli-Russian Publishers.
It was not clear if the original English word was Ferry, Fairy or Fery.
My Gosport history website by Malcom Dent Digital Media: (cont. to page 02).
[ Wed. 3 January, 2018 ] - Scan of the Sun article by carri-ann.taylor{at} posted. 
The Russian FERY-V might have been FERY-IV, another ambiguity: Roman numbers or ... ?
Feri is also ... "homosexual witchcraft". IV is acronym of Russian Youth Movement Iduschie Vmeste.
Those so deep underground SATANIC secret projects (relying on mining and other geological tech) can also at certain depth turn horizontal and tap into a let's say oil or some other mineral deposit/reservoir in an unsuspecting country. Lots of other possibilities, such as planting explosives.

I sometimes wondered if The News free-lance journalist (Tuesdays, Gosport Library) is related FARAGE (looks a bit like Nigel Farage).

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

501 crimes.

( nr 386 ) - " 501 most notorious crimes "   by Paul Donnelley 2009,  reprint 2014.

 ISBN : 978-0-753725-98-6
Very interesting NAMES:

 Balfour ( page 72-73), Morrison ( page 156-157 0 , De Bono ( page 335) , etc.
BALFOUR: Jabez Spencer BALFOUR (UK: 1843 - 1916). Rags to riches, back to rags.
Was Justice of the Peace, mayor of Croydon in Surrey, Liberal MP for Tamworth and Burnley. Set up many businesses. He was on the point of appt. to the Cabinet, when his empire collapsed.
He created "snowballing" technique. His system crushed in 1892. Balfour owed £ 8 million.
MORRISON: Stepney, Whitechapel in East End, London. Leon Beron was born in Poland in 1863. In 1910 he met another Russian Jew, Stinie Morrison, who came to England in 1898, - convicted criminal who used false names.
DE BONO: The five Messina brothers had a criminal background. Their Sicilian father, Giuseppe De Bono was a white slaver. The family relocated to London in 1934 (?) taking the name Messina.
After ww2 five brothers carried on the family business, importing women from Belgium, France and Spain. They were married to tramps, who were paid and given a new suit to wear at the register office ceremony. By 1940s the Messinas ran 30 brothels in and around Bond Street.
Ostensibly, the family business was dealing in antiques and diamonds.
By 1950s at least 200 of London's most expensive prostitutes were Messina girls.
[ Thurs. 9 Nov. 2017] - Scanner not working. Balfour "was forced to flee the country". Forced by whom? Landed in Argentina. Extradited in 1895 and sentenced to 14 years in prison. B. was released in 1906 (3 years earlier). Died 23 Feb. 1916.
The Wikipedia entry (of yesterday) for Messina Brothers is in 2 lang. only: English and Italian.
Eng. entry has " ... Maltese Messina (Debono) brothers ..." and Italian entry (very short) does not mention De Bono name.
Addenda Two - ( nr 347 ):
On Friday morning (3 Nov. 2017) a seven year-old girl was found dying at the home of
 Robert Peters, 55 in South West London. She died in hospital Saturday morning. Peters, originally from West Yorkshire was married 3 times. He has £1.3 million business with his twin brother Richard living in Tel Aviv, Israel. - from Sun paper of Mon. 6 Nov., 2017, by Jake Ryan "Millionaire held over dead girl, 7 ".
[ Mon. 13 Nov. 2017] - Posted card today to Cllr. Burgess.
Two scans: Book "501 crimes" cover and Sun article about murder of 7-year old girl by Robert Peters, 55.
[ Friday, 17 Nov. 2017 ] - Four scans on purple background just added:
1. PANAMA Papers scandal - British Queen Elzabeth II ( from New York Times International).
2. Balfour (from 501 crimes).
3. Messina brothers (from 501).
4. Morrison ( from 501).
Balfour Declaration:
Centenary of declaration for establishment of ISRAEL (was signed 2 Nov. 1917) was celebrated in London at a BANQUET on Thursday, 2 Nov. 2017.
Participants: Theresa May, Benjamin Netanyahu, and many other guests.
[Difficult to print] -
 Report by Gemma Mullin (5 -7 Nov.2017) of The Sun newspaper:
[ Tue. 21 Nov. 2017] - just posted scan of John LANE Insurance -
Gosport High Street, opposite Gosport Library and next to .... CHURCHERS solicitors office.
So-called Festivals: Fake Festival in Skipton, Mutiny Festival in Portsmouth, etc.
Hmm ... There was this Italian woman from the North Yorkshire Educational Council at Diana's party. It went together with the Jewelry private sales. I remember this heavy (?) metal style and wondered how it sold, as it would require off mainstream dress. I also remembered somewhat similar evenings/afternoon in Guildford - cosmetics sales (Jenny Oduko was interested).
Was that girl (about 8 years-old) a so-called gifted child?
Addenda Four post:
Churchers Solicitors, Gosport:  3, High Street, Gosport, Hants PO12 1DQ. Tel: 023 9251 0055.
Post PACEPA plus:
 Addenda Nine post:
Addenda Eleven post:
[ Wed. 22 Nov. 2017] - A few years ago: Satanic Art Gallery with the oversized picture of the "artist" himself by the Salt -Air (sp?) railway station in North Yorkshire. That 'oversized' depiction preceded 'new' software that major British media/newspapers use, with front page photos being blown out of proportion and sometimes disturbing as a result.
Just remembered that Pat Oke advertised jewelry on Facebook ( which is now even messier than ever before). The jewelry (above) was of an imitation platinum (?) and massive design.
David Cohn thought I'd be interested in visiting an art gallery (close to Bradley village) of some 'famous' artist. No, I was not interested.
Raph Cohn worked in/for Barclay Bank, Indian Military (private?), somewhere in Scotland plus that Insurance vs Geology of flooding Cambridge project (shortly before floods in Yorkshire). Another coincidence: numerous old geological survey maps and journal were piled on trollies in Portsmouth University Library during holidays. Were they ... thrown away? It was around the time of some unpleasant S-theatre, involving construction workers (AMIR?) and some Asian and African students.
[ Thurs. 23 Nov. 2017] - ISRAEL:

1. Israel as HQ of Organised Crime (from leaked American diplomatic mail).

2. Three facts seem to have disappeared from Arthur Balfour wiki biography: that he never married, that he had SADO-MASOCHISTIC relationship with a woman and there was a 'guess' that he was a hermaphrodite. The last 'update' however is full of characteristics that mark a homosexual.
I noticed yesterday a very old (blue paint) sign: H. Howell & Company Ltd. on a wooden building in an open garage between St. Mary's Church and Fox Pub in Gosport. Years ago I had a strange 'long' fall just when a truck 'faced' me that was going into that garage.
[ Friday, 24 Nov. 2017] - The adjacent, bigger open garage might have been the one (see H. Howell above).
Father Christmass : sending my support for Proposal to have real discussions at the right time and the right place ( postcard to Hans Nijenhuis, hoofdredacteur AD - Algemene Dagblad).
[ Monday, 27 Nov. 2017] - Some news:
(4) CNN news about Yevgeniy NIKULIN (aka Chinabig01, dex.007, valeriy.krutov3, itBlackHat)
Romanian Securitate General PACEPA plus :
Addenda Eleven:
[ Wed. 29 Nov. 2017] - China Child Abuse Scandal:

{The e-mail my daughter had forwarded to me last week is not in my in-box. }

"The PARASITE" - by Arthur Conan DOYLE :