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Submarines and People.

( nr 372 ) - Poison Gas "Celery Gas" was discovered/invented in 1933 by two French scientists: M. Leonce Bert and M.Dorier while working on artificial perfumes.
The Celery Gas smells like celery and is super deadly, gas mask no help.
The gas is a vapour arising at normal temperature from a colorless liquid, resembling water. A dog killed in a few hours after a tiny drop was placed on its skin.
Can't find info online. One Leonce Bert worked during WW2 with Vsevolod Blinoff in France.
Blin in Russian is a pancake.
Agent Orange, Mustard Gas, Celery Gas ... .
Difficulty printing Eng. version for Mustard Gas.
By the way, Leonid Timochouk told me ( in Kent) that smell of fish comes with use of hydrogen bombs/weapons. I was not really listening.
PHANTOM smells abound, just like visual, auditory and other 'hallucinations'.
Is Tech-Mafia behind current BIS (British Institute of Standards), similarly to RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers) ?
My previous post 371:
Post 327 from 2014:
[ Wed. 22 March, 2017] - The man at the comp. terminal 14 right now (9:58 am), has been at certain places/spots at certain times. Perhaps, unwittingly 'coincidentral'. Local? ...
Hungarian former Secret Service agent's interview ... Is it not printable? Any Hungarian journalists or Hungarians around? What I did read is most interesting.
[ Thurs. 23 March, 2017] -
Ferenc Katrein is a former senior Hungarian Secret Service officer. Links to the articles on two Hungarian websites are in a RMN post:
Can't print any of it - in Hungarian or in English: internet "stalls" and I had to log out several times.
Some articles are on the printer job list (one 15 pages about KGBella - Kovac and his marriage to a Russian woman Svetlana Istos(h)ina ) but the printer stalls ( receiving to processing) and had to be switched off.
Russian Submarines: a few days ago I watched a video where retired Russian/Soviet military officer of high rank BARANETS (surname) complained about high American military budget and NATO building bases around Russia and said two things:
1. Russian submarines moving along US coast lines actually are/have been "seeding" nuclear charges or warheads, which could be activated with remote control if necessary.
2. Russia has an assymetric method of warfare - computer technologies.
He then stopped, saying he might have said too much already. I found that video just after I read about strange communications "between servers" of Trump org. and Alfa Bank in Moscow (Friedman and Co.).
[ Friday 24 March, 2017 ] - On my way to the library this morning another 'event' or situation caught my attention. A workman standing on the ladder by the bus stop Royal Arms pub told me, when I retraced my steps to ask him some questions, that he was using glue to erect plastic spikes against peageons. Pedestrians had a space to use as a passage, where right above their heads hang what looked to me like a .... weight on a rope used to check vertical lines. It turned out to be a big tube with a strong glue. I asked the worker if the glue tube presented a greater risk/danger than birds' droppings. He told me the glue was very viscous. " Health and Safety " standards ?
A short video on Dutch news website reports a man left to 'hang' for an hour ( on a wall of a tall building in US Florida ) before he was rescued, after a work platform
collapsed under him.
Another image (photo from Reuters) shows Trump in truck which reminds me a moment from Russian film BRAT when the senior brother of Danila discovered ... WW1 gun (?) and got excited.


clock goes forward One Hour in the midnight of Sat. to Sunday 26 March, 2017.

[ Monday, 27 March, 2017] - Local newspaper The News books a desk in the Gosport Library on 
TUESDAY mornings - ground floor next to cafeteria.
Smell of gas followed by huge explosion near LIVERPOOL - The Times reports today.
HUNGARIAN website index.hu ( 2 articles in English translation) :
Secret Agent gives interview:
KGBella, Russian wife and Fake Far Right:
Just posted scan of The Times report about the blast, which was heard across Liverpool and in north Wales. People complained and reported strong smell of gas a day before the explosion. An inspector from National Grid told Jonathan Coxell, 36, that the stench was "the smell of the River Mersey" and that officials could find no evidence of a leak.
Rising Sewage ? -
Addenda Five. -
Natasha K+
Women and Crime.
Post 245:

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Rising Sewage ?

( nr 371 ) - Saturday 11 March ( two days ago) a letter dated 10 March 2017 came into my postbox - see the scan.
No sign so far of works, machinery, noise or beacon lights at night, as indicated in the letter for Monday 13, 14 and possibly Wed. 15 March.
Note that the key word SEWAGE is missing from the Headline/Heading of the letter.
"Rising Main Renewal" is obscure, but reminds one of The Rising Dump (film).
Since I moved into flat 26, I often have on weekends a sore throat, dry mouth and and a white tong.
"MosGas" ? Strange and illegally acting people (2)  who came for an annual check of the (new) gas boiler in my kitchen, simply disappeared. No identification. Took away the triplicate (?) of last year test, dated January 27, 2016 with "To install CO meter" in the bottom line.
Did say they'd come the following week to install the CO meter, the day ( to be confirmed) they'd be coming to flat 60 in St. Matthews Court. The identity of my landlady is still a puzzle.
I have not seen the two men who came "to check the gas boiler" before.
[ Wed. 15 March, 2017] - Did all my neighbours get that strange letter? Was there a 'neighbourly chat' about it or expectation of ? I 'ran into' the man with his little boy from flat 29 upstairs a few  times in the past couple of days.
Poisonous fumes in the airplanes ( pilots' cabins) were reported to be the result of computer design errors. CAD - computer assisted/aided design.
HASLAR in Gosport: former military hospital Haslar, from the times of CRIMEAN war (or earlier), has a tall Water Tower, with a separate water supply from SPAIN.
Brian Hart, a retired engineer from Gosport, listed 'Haslar scandals' on his local election leaflet. (Can't read it from photocopy now ...).
 A woman bus driver of the E2 bus I took yesterday from Fareham to Gosport is ( according to my 'theory') part of what I call Irina+ network and in the same 'danger' category as Olga Patta.
MARINES ( American ? ) were granted Freedom Charter ( by .... the Queen ? ) which allowed them to own/purchase LAND. I remember it was during Gosport Ferry scandals. I also remember (local history) that somehow land adjacent to a FERRY could or was to be purchased when ferry was bought or 'privatised'. Gosport Borough Council sold the Gosport Ferry.
Haslar grounds are next to Gosport Ferry.
[ Friday, 17 March, 2017 ] - Dutch with a Danish accent ... :
Accents in Gosport is a special topic.
COLOMBIA: crimes, murders and women:
German (!) shelves I bought in Liddle have serious design faults. Designed 'by computer' ?
There were British reports about wash/drying machines going on fire. I heard yesterday that the machines use plastic (!) instead of metal. No wonder.
My post Tech - Mafia - 2.  -
Lukas PODOLSKI  looks like "Garry CUNNINGS - supervisor" in the Fareham Shopping Center, -  see 2 entries in the previous post ( Who is David Fisher ? ... ) Links:
(1) German Coach Joachim Low ...
(2) Who is David Fisher ? ...
[ Sat. 18 March, 2017] - Recent 'freak' or unexplained accident was reported in British media: a boy of about ten was killed when some 'stand' crashed on him in a supermarket or store. Where was that stand made and how was it installed/positioned?
Just a detail from Polish (?) actors ( in the wake of diamond heist via plumbing ) on bus 3 or 4 from Fareham: the old man had a massive gold ring (high probe, lime rather than pink colour) and the stone was of dark violet, but not opaque colour.
The MP for Fareham is Suella (or Luella?) FERNANDES with some Goa Portugese- Indian (?) roots.
[ Mon. 20 March, 2017 ] - Joachim Low picture in my post from 2012:
I have literally voiced (thinking aloud)  the idea about missing refugees on board Gosport Ferry. Minutes later I had incorrectly reduced time on Gosport Library computer (which never happened before) thus telling me the idea may be more to the point, than I thought myself.
They do over-react, one way or another, demonstrating how 'artificial' their intelligence is.
In the post "Refugees gone missing ?" I mentioned e-mails (plus letters) to Russian and Israeli Ambassadors. I questioned identities and backgrounds of COHN family members. The two embassies acted " in concert " and did not answer. No reassurance !
 Another thing about that family (?) is that David Cohn alleged his father (or grandfather ?) was a diplomat or ambassador (German). My Jewish 'friend' Lena (nee Lozhikova) told me they had relatives in Germany and received parcels (Red Cross?) from them. Lozh-Luzh ? She told me their original name was Loshakov and they changed it to Lozhikov.
Olga PATTA sent her children for training to ISRAEL. Said it was "a great honour".

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Who is David Fisher ? ...

( nr. 370 ) - West Indies or CARRIBEAN - between North and South America.
Drug cartels. Colombian Medellin and Cali cartels. A book " ESCOBAR - drugs. guns. money. power." - as told by his brother Robert Escobar. Roberto is almost blind, and the copyright is for two people: Roberto Escobar and David Fisher 2009. Very good book, written as a free flowing speech from Robert Escobar, but I wonder why on page 262, for example, Roberto mentioned " ... my lawyer, Enrique Manceda " and Cali cartel's " ... Their lawyer, Vladimir ".
Only first name Vladimir? Pablo Escobar himself studied Criminal Law.
Victor Bout used submarines for gun and drug trafficking.
From pages 68-72:
- A Russian and an English engineer were hired to design a remote-controlled submarine.
- In 1984 a deal with Nicaragua gov.
- In PANAMA a general worked with Medellin cartel.
- In Haiti another powerful general worked with Pablo.
- Five young Brazilian dancing girls were used to 'entertain' Vladimiro Montesinos, the chief of Peru's intelligence service (who came to visit Pablo Escobar).
- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis ( in a French restaurant).
Taiana NAZAROVA in Panama etc. -
Women and Crime:
The LAWYER ( advocaat Jan Piet v. R. ) of  the Dutch biker Klaas Otto,  had a drugs-making laboratory in his house (to make XTC-pills). A woman is also under investigation :
[ Friday, 24 Feb. 2017] - So, there is a second name/lawyer (as above) associated with Klaas Otto.
I almost failed to find Peter R. de Vries ( Dutch investigative journalist) online as only another man - American Peter de Vries (no middle R.) was there.
YOUGOSLAV mafia in Holland ?  Recent online language such as Trump being un-American when he spoke about Russian sanctions, made me listen to his talking to journalists, where I detected some similarity ( tone of voice, etc.) with Serb polititian, who was very dismissive about BBC, for example. And of course, similar phrases and body language of M. Obama and M. Trump (that video quickly disappeared). There were may be two helicopter escapes of imprisoned criminals from Scheveningen prison organized by Arkan (?) .
Underaged prostitute (photo somewhere) whom I saw here in Gosport ( names: Atic C., Ukranian woman and 'Indian' man  acting as her pimps? ).
 There was also a 'hunk' Yougoslav lawyer visiting from Paris, old Serb Gypsy singer at a restaurant near CS Den Haag and of course, Fetahovich family as family friends.
Dutch hard criminal Holleeder ( one of his sisters published book about him: "Judas") was involved in the kidnapping of Heineken (beer) owner, murdered at least 25 (?) people. A year ago he came into the house of Peter de Vries and was threatening him in front of his wife, demanding that he and another American journalist stop negative publicity about him - just like Klaas Otto ... .
English word Pub (drink and eat place) is short for Public house. If translated into Russian as Poublichny Dom (literally) it means Whore House or Bordello. Locally I heard that historically pubs were built opposite/near Christian Churches. Interestingly Holleeder provided some information in secret (?), which was left out of his case files. By whom?
The disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway was intern. news a few years ago.
Yeroon van der Sloot is the son of a Dutch lawyer and his wife, Arts teacher. The moved to ARUBA island in Caribbean. Peru, Aruba, International School, ... .
[ Sat. 25 Feb. 2017 ] - Sound blocked on the second CNN video (of 3:51) -
(1) - http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/24/politics/jake-tapper-white-house-trump-unamerican-cnntv/index.html
(2) FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories. -
The video sound is unblocked - in "my" channel, anyway.
There was some strange new Post-Soviet lingo -  new Russian words SOVOK (fem. SOVKA as in BRAT film) and BORODEYKA. Seemingly new meaningless words.
Sovok was (early 1990s) taken abroad to mean Post-Soviet official or person who was particularly unworldly, continuing to live in Communist system abroad.
Some word play: sova - owl, sovok - small spade, scoop.
NB: VERB sovat - to poke, shove, insert (nose, finger, etc.)
Boroda - beard.
Sov. Oc - Soviet Occupied ? ...
PS: some real life stories ( bordering on ?)  indecency about poking/shoving fingers (ref. very old men).
[ Mon. 27 Feb. 2017 ] - I leave the sentence above with gram. error as it is.
Scans (3) posted: Escobar book front page and pages 262 and 68: about VLADIMIR ( Cali cartel lawyer) and Submarines (ref. RUSSIAN and ENGLISH engineers).
Russian and American mil. were to meet in BAKU on Thursday, - which Thursday?
ISRAEL links/roots: Dutch Politician Geert Wilders has a Hungarian Jewish wife ( diplomat ) -
Krisztina Marfai Arib.  Lived in Israel aged 17-19, etc.
MICHAEL D. COHEN - personal US president D. Trump's lawyer has a Russian/Ukranian (?) wife.
Scant and disputed info online about his family so far.
My e-mail to Los Angeles Times (Timothy Rutten) came back as "undeliverable" from "postmaster(at)tronc.com
Timothy Rutten's article in LA Times:
[ Tue. 28 Feb. 2017 ] - talked to "The News" downstairs minutes ago. Adam (?) in a black Peugeot 206 by Asda (said he was not a journalist, but an IT man) whom I spoke to yesterday, has not been heard from. In that 'package': a 'forbidding' old woman in 'leopard' raincoat coming from a Shamrock Close, a woman walking a Rotweiler (fattened) by the Gosport Lake, a woman running from Nelson bld. to catch a bus ( I made some anthropological guesses about), etc.
Yes, as Kay Griggs, American Naval wife said, THEY like bouga-wouga (sp?), celebrations, anniversaries .... . Numerology is part of it. As I pondered about October 4 in 1992 and 1993 events in Holland and Russia (link below), there is a mathematics there: 410, 510, 610 and 710.
Heretics in Russia - Piatidesiatniki ( 510 or 5-10 or 500+10 ). And there was a 'special' school 57 in Moscow. I went to a 'special' school 710 ( we called ourselves semidesiatniki) . Did Leonid Timochouk go to Shkola 57 ? Can't remember.
Small change in 510 above. Taxi name or tel in Gosport: 710-500.
Posted scan ( orange frame) from "Sun" of yesterday, p. 6 - articles by Harry Cole: Trump dinner guests and Hezeltine vs Theresa May and Amber Rudd.
My post on another site:
Cambridge 500:
Visitors from Russia to Holland: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tumen, Omsk, Perm, Volgograd, etc.
Ralph Cohn's neighbours in Skipton (number 5?)- first re-emigrants from Australia, then a man from Scotland with two dogs. Number 7 - Dutch/German-like man with a (half?) Spanish wife and two daughters.
Raphael Cohn did Engineering in Oxford (?). I asked David Cohn why he wanted me to do eng. calculations for a deep underground project in his house in Bradly Village, as I am not an engineer.
His friend already had deep underground heating system- ALL NEXT TO ECHELON - Menwith Hill American-British Air- base.
I wrote about (Sisterhood/Lesbian conf.) in Rotterdam, Holland in the previous post Addenda Twelve. The conference badge: DE ZUSTERS VAN PETER DE GROTE - G.Anikeeva- Consultant, can be seen on 'Some name-cards :' post - third from top on the left:
[ Wed. 1 March, 2017] - Kay Griggs, American Naval Wife, also said, that THEY have never been enemies with the SOVIETS.
[ Friday 3 March, 2017 ] - Why is there such a fog/anonymity (?) about Russian/Ukranian (?) wife of Michael D. COHEN, personal lawyer of American President DONALD TRUMP ?

Ref: Lloyds Bank's  fraudulent procedures - mysterious Victoria COHEN - 'forced' automatic deductions .... Where did my money go ? 
[ Sat. 4 March, 2017] - Just added photo of Russia's Military Analyst Pavel Felgenhouer, because all  his Wikipedia entries have no photos of him and a rather short.
The search for his images produced smb. barely recognizable - may be his double or some beauticians and hairdressers did a wonderful job.
I remember reading about Dutch FPM Ruud Lubbers, who had some cosmetic correction done on his teeth and .... his wife did not notice the difference.
JORDAN: Ten IS terrorists were executed early morning today.
From the Dutch news website nos.nl: Demonstrators in Amman burn effigy of IS leader al Baghdadi:
The photograph of effigy of al Baghdadi wouldn't print here in Gosport Library. The photo is from EPA (European Press Agency ?) and titled in the article above as:
Demonstranten verbranden in Amman een beeltenis van IS-leider al Baghdadi EPA
By Gosport Ferry a Music/Drum band was playing (Yellow and a bit of green colors). They invited public to participate. The music was inspiring and I ended up 'dancing' around them with this post printout in my hands. Had to write:
I am not with these people ! There was no name-logo-identification on musicians' t-shirts or their drums, so I asked around and the responses only raised my doubts. They had 'Big Noise community band' on their backs and a stern looking woman (their leader?) who came up to me to ask 'what the matter was' had SAMURAI logo on her yellow t-shirt. Remembered African Diaspora Day in British Museum, which was de facto boycotted by Africans and Afro-British. I have some photos posted from that day on this or another site of mine.
I came back to the library to make this update, as I think the drummers might have heard about The Dutch Sisterhood Halloway.
[ Mon. 6 March, 2017 ] - Some names, people and companies:

1.  Flynn Rooman and Eneli (accountancy or insurance firm in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria). Annette Adefuye (nee Wild, from Scotland ) worked there. Vera (as a widow) met Annette via myself, and
met Nigel Hughes in Ikoyi Club shortly afterwards.

2. Mitchell and Illiffe (sp?) - 'bookmakers' - Gosport High Street. Could not find it yesterday.

3. P&O Stena Line - ferry between Dover in UK  and Hook van Holland in Netherlands. Diana and Vanessa visited us in Ommen, Overijsel, Holland. She met a nice young woman (Josephine?) whose gypsy (Dutch Gypsy) family we all met (went to visit) in Alphen-aan-de-Rijn.
Link to my post from last year Tech - Mafia - 2.
[ Tue. 7 March, 2017 ] - HOLLOWAY ! - I missed Holloway in (2) above.
That is Holloway, Mitchell and Illiffe. Also corrected P&O Stena Line ferry. Josephine worked in P&O Stena Line. I never asked Diana who her Russian friends were. She told me they wanted my tel. nr. but did not know what they wanted to ask me. I said OK. A young man
phoned and said they needed ( only) an invitation to Holland and won't be any trouble, as they had a place to stay. Invitations were with an undertaking that I'd have had to sign, etc. I said No.
I kept misreading some High Street signs in Gosport: Illiffe as Ile-Ife, Betfred as Betreft, Slot as Sloot.
One "Garry CUNNINGS - supervisor" made a fool of himself outside and inside Fareham Shopping Center (today at 11.30). When I asked him if he had some Eastern European or Russian/Ukranian roots, he only kept saying: What does it matter?!
Made me wonder about "Russian Sailors in Isle of WIGHT", as I wrote about it previously, one or two years ago.
American teenager Natalee Holloway went missing in ARUBA (West Indies) in 2008.
PETER R. de VRIES investigated this crime extensively. Watched some videos.
 I remember I wanted to vote for Peter R. de Vries (or his Party) from UK. The online voting was blocked. How many people were frustrated? The "bug" was either in programming or caused by outside non-friends. I any case his score was very good.
Another man in Fareham told me he did spend hours in Gosport Library. Said he was born in
Isle of Wight : Cambridge 500:
[ Thurs. 9 March, 2017 ] - MALYSHEV - Alexander Evg. (born 1919) - Soviet diplomat - since 1946.
1. 1949-1952 - work in Soviet embassy in Bulgaria.
2. 1954-1958 - Soviet embassy in Yougoslavia.
3. 1963-1964 - Soviet embassy in Czechoslovakia.
4. 1964-1969 - Soviet embassy in Tunis.
5. 1972-1978 - Soviet embassy in Cameroun.
6. 1983 - retired.
[ Friday, 10 March, 2017 ] - No indication of private property/company name at the entrance of:
Fareham Shopping Centre - Management Office - 28 Thackeray Mall, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 OPQ.
A whole lot of BLACK CURTAINS and VERY DARK WINDOW GLASS in the whole building. Sub-lettings, may be?
Not good for eyesight, office work or energy consumption.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Addenda Twelve.

( nr 369 ) - There was a brief mention of a 'largest ever' NATO exercise in Poland about a week ago.
Current political statements make it all even more confusing.
Where and when were TAZERS invented? I remember  two (?) British POLICE officers took the matter to Court arguing the weapons were dangerous/sadistic. If so, would appeal to some 'unbalanced' types. Is stroomstootwapens Dutch for tazers? New type or version? - Watch videos:
Women and Crime. -
Two scans posted: 1. ( from today's Daily Mirror article by Victoria Murphy ) 2005 photo of Prince Charles, Donald Trump and Melania Trump.
2. Daily Echo article ( names underlined) " Lord Chief Justice in city" - on February 14 Court of Appeal Criminal Division shall sit in WINCHESTER.
Just remembered that in the (Times?) article about TAZERs their origins/development was traced to Israel. Weitzman (sp?) institute.
WW2: Soviet textbooks never mentioned Jews as being targets in WW2. The first time I have heard about it was in the "West".
 Soviet textbooks called WW2 "Great Patriotic (Velikaya Otechestvennaya) War" - war waged by the Imperialist (capitalist) West against USSR, against Communism. There were however pictures and exhibits of atrocities, committed by "Fascist Germany" and Patriotic songs such as "Buchenvald" and "Hotiat li Russkie Voiny?" (Vladimir Troshin).More: French Professor in Unilag with his South-East Asian ( looking) wife   and two pet monkeys - dressed as a boy and a girl, who puzzled me by showing Zoya Kosmodemianskaya photo. They lived in Eleke Crescent just like Nwunelis, and Lynn and myself thought they were excentric but sweet couple.
[ Thursday, 2 February, 2017] -Just added five scans of photos taken in Jewry Street, Winchester - Dec. 2016. The incident with the thug, who had an electric cutter (like pizza cutter) and a thin rod in his hands, was in the "footsteps" of the interest I took in the British and Foreign School (British Hall, Entrance for Girls). It was a an architectural wonder on the building of The United Church - Methodist and United Reformed. Anglo-Dutch history, as I confirmed inside, looking through the album of newspaper cuttings, etc.
I did mention to the staff that I was interested in Sisterhood Hallway and their criminal activities - a news story in Holland.
The Foundation Stone of Gosport Central Library was laid on 2 February back in 1972.
Mega News in today's papers: Archbishop Welby of Canterbury apologises for links to 'child abuser'.
Channel 4 News (I don't watch TV) will tonight show footage of Mr Smyth. 75.
Key words: sado-masochistic abuse of boys, barrister John Smyth QC, Christian charity that ran summer camps, Winchester College, South Africa, etc.
From the Belgian website Bende van Nijvel a topic discussing OCCULT theory, rape of children, etc: www.bendevannijvel.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1319 ( some names: LUCIS TRUST, Theosophy, Russian woman Blavatskaya, Henry Kissinger, Templars, OTO, British spy Gerald Yorke, specialist in Psychological Warfare from Israel Oskar Schlag, etc.)
MORRISONS supermarkets: Sir Ken Morrison died yesterday. Yorkshireman, from BRADFORD.
Tragedy in BRADFORD:
Elaine and David Cohn ( parents of Raphael Cohn) met in Bradford (?).
As I searched for Sisterhood Hallway in Winchester Library, I made notes. One scribble in my note-book: We are Us; Stronger Together - Devon J. Hall -
[ Sat. 4 Feb. 2017] - 14 arrests by British Police:
Capita not better than G4S ? Not surprised. See photo of John Bull in front of CAPITA office building in Gosport - top scan in my post in July last year:
By the way, talking about Churches, there is a St. Judas Primary Catholic School - between Fareham and Southampton or Winchester. Which Church (or Synagogue?) was in Mariahoeve De Haag between Saffierhorst and Kleine Loo/WinkelCentrum ? Very similar looking people (getting 'unpleasant') here in English South Coast. I'd say there are at least 3 types of  'bearded' men around, all in a way, or in different ways, conspicuous ( at one time or another).
[ Mon. 6 Feb. 2017] - Found my post with the Guardian article ( by James Randerson) about TAZER: "Stun gun makers sue experts over safety criticisms" -
Child Abduction cases in Southampton ( where bearded men were mentioned) :
Daily Mail article about MOTORCYCLE gangsters in Britain: The photo of a man ('Black look') wearing dark glasses and covering his face quickly disappeared (digital 'updating'):
A 'friend' Tobin on my Facebook account is a woman whom Diana Pidwell recommended (we were to visit her in Blackpool, but she wasn't in). That registration remained blank. I haven't been 'visiting' Facebook for ages.
[ Friday, 10 Feb. 2017] - Police clashed with (Ultra-) Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem (Israel) and New-York (USA) yesterday. They are exempt from compulsory conscription in ISRAEL - 3 years for men and 2 years for women. See photos in the Dutch 'Reformation Daily' newspaper:
Finished reading "A death in Tuscany" by former Italian Police Chief Michele Giuttari - about the horror of Eastern/Russian Mafia in Italy (Albanian, Moldavian, Romanian, etc.)
ISBN 978-0-349-12008-9
[ Thurs. 16 Feb. 2017] - Just added (fifth) scan "Trudeau's to Trump" from Daily Telegraph of 14 Feb. ( Kevin Lamarque/Reuters) : Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, was given pride of place next to Ivanka Trump at White House talks with with Donald Trump and female business leaders, underlining the influence of the president's daughter on her father's administration.
There was a Dutch/Russian conference in Rotterdam to which I was invited by Vincent Pennock : Sisters of Peter the Great. Interesting: Mama Cash funding, Hairdressing and Beauty businesses, Belgian women, Dutch women, Russian and Chechen women from Soldiers' Mothers Society. Last but not least some misunderstanding with/about Galina Starovoitova, Russian polititian, who was murdered/assassinated on her return to St. Petersburg in Russia.
[ Friday, 17 Feb. 2017] - It's from Russian Lukoil engineers that I have heard about Russian Tzar Peter the Great's homosexuality being no more a secret. Homosexuality and so-called morganatic marriages (in Russian) were only alluded to in my time. Blue Peter? Blue (goluboy) is a metaphor for pederast in Russian. RUSSIA, AMERICA and most other countries are in a state of silent civil wars. Pro- and Anti- Cabal or NWO. Therefore it is presently meaningless to say Anti-Russian smth.
Dutch city Eindhoven got a 'Russian city' description, just as some places in UK.
Hairdressing salons were mentioned in a case of a Nigerian (?) woman involved in child trafficking and 'sexual violence'. There is a city of Benin in Nigeria and a Republic of Benin in West Africa. I could not figure out where that woman was from. Threat of native witchcraft (juju) was used as coercion. And the 'Latvian lady' Leonid Timochouk had met ( in Brighton?) was a beautitian, as I understood. Later I saw their names on the top of French-Latvian Agricultural Bank in Paris.
LUCIFER - Theosophical Society magazine, started in Sept. 1887. Pretty Satanic, with Esoteric Woman Elena Petrovna Blavatskaya at the helm.
From the Dutch issue of Lucifer ( nr. 6 - 13e jaargang, December 1991): Alle werkzaamheden binnen het Genootschap en de daaran vebonden Stichting International Study-centre for Independent Search for truth  ( I. S. I. S. ).
  There was also a 1960s b/w video posted on RMN about ISIS standing for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.
Word-play: Black Sea - Black Water? Montenegro - Cherna Gora - Black Mountain - Black Rock.
In Russian: Live water and Dead water. In South Africa : Witwater.. - White Water.
[ Sat. 18 Feb. 2017 ] - Who were the woman ( on her mobile ) and the man this morning? As I was returning from Portsmouth ( Bay F of National Express ) they were on Gosport ferry and split by the traffic lights: the man went to the Bus Station and the woman 'disappeared' on the High Street. Typical S-theatre, linked to ISRAEL. Wonder what is on her mobile ... .
Accidents reported daily worldwide, sometimes underreported. Nuclear reactor in Belgium still not certified safe. What about accidents or near-accidents in the Neighbourhood ? I remember two cases in the White Lion Walk street. Are police making a map? Too busy perhaps? Some interesting or unexplained incidents?...
On a Russian Forum (nvz or/and nvk) years ago there was one Leonid from Korea/Israel (?) who made most provocative/threatening statements. I think his IP was traced to those countries. Korea, Vietnam, Japan ... .
My posts from 2008, 2012, 2015 and 2016:
[ Mon. 20 Feb. 2017] - From USA TODAY of Friday, 17 Feb. 2017: "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. Wee see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." - Donald Trump, Jr. in 2008. Russia ties go back 30 years ... . 1987: Trump was invited to Moscow ... Trump told Playboy magazine ... 1996: ...dozens of condominiums in Trump World Tower were bought by Russians. 2007: Trump debuted his Trump Super Premium Vodka in Moscow. 2008: Trump's son, Donald Jr. travelled to Russia ... but no deals materialized. Names: Trump SoHo - Bayrock Group - Tevfik Arif, former Soviet official. 2013: Aras Agalarov, etc.
Friends of Israel? ... .

Monday, 9 January 2017

January 2017.

( nr 368 ) - POLISH Warship arrives Portsmouth, stays till Thursday. Scan posted.
Don't let politicians destroy PRESS FREEDOM - Leveson Two should be terminated. I scanned the form I am going to fill and post to: Press Policy, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 4th floor, 100 Parliament Street, London SW1A 2BQ. The relevant e-mail is: presspolicy@culture.gov.uk Scan from the Mail on Sunday posted. Other papers publish same content. Quote from page 44 (MoS):
WHY NOT Join the STATE-APPROVED regulator? Called Impress, it claims to be independent, but is bankrolled by former F1 boss Max Mosley, on a mission to 'reform' the Press ever since a newspaper revealed his sado-masochistic orgy with five prostitutes. It has just a handful of micro-publisher members, some barely more than online blogs. No mainstream newspaper has joined.
MoS front page yesterday:
Undercover video footage: mailonsunday.co.uk/israelplot
The scan I posted is part page 4 from MoS that fitted into A4 scanner.
From page 6: We need a full inquiry into the Israeli Embassy, the links, access and funding of the CFI and LFI ... [ Conservative and Labour Friends of Israel].
The TARGET is Deputy Foreign Secretary Sir Alan Duncan, who is pro-Palestinian.
KENSINGTON: Russia and Israel have embassies with same post code in London:
Israel: 2 Palace Green, Kensington, W8 4QB
Russian Federation: 13 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QX.
Alexander ZIVANCEVIC ? Could not find any photo of him. Member of Law Society?
Baroness Scotland, Attorney General  became 'infamous' in BABY P case. 2009 post:
http://galina-a-anikeeva.blogspot.com/2009/09/nr.html [Mon. 9 Jan.]
GOSPORT town (the largest town in England without railways).
Stoke Road, opposite Methodist Church: R.A.O.B. Club Gosport. RAOB stands for Royal Antedelluvian Order of Buffalos. Not that ancient, but in fact a kind of trade union/secret soc./masonic lodge of Theater Stage Workers, who were 'irked' by being excluded from society of actors. On display in the window:
Gosport and District Provincial Grand Lodge, RAOB Club Gosport.
After the Mon.-Sun. schedule there is Order of the Ladies GLADE:
2nd Tue.8 pm - Primas' Glade
--------- 8.30 pm - Mimosa Glade
4th Tue - 8pm - Mimosa Glade.
Mon -Sun. 8pm : Provincial Grand Lodge, Knight's Chapter No.96, Roll of Honour Assembly No. 97, Sir Harry Crisp Lodge No.2258, Shakespeare Lodge No. 6013, Sir Harry Knapp Lodge No.1262, Sir William Poole Lodge No. 3004, Newtown Lodge No.3003 (Sat. 8 pm), St. Vincent Lodge No.9969.
Near ASDA store there is a sign: Club Hampshire Centre RBL Poppy Sore. Very near ASDA a sign POPPY (or plural) only. Roughly pointing to Shamrock Close, where in number 2 there has always been a display of beautiful antique DOLLS (more numerous than now). The word POP/POPPY in Dutch means doll or dolly.
Scandals about Conservative Friends of Russia (CFR) were in the news. (Tue.10 Jan.)
The sign near Shamrock Close/ASDA is "Poppy Store". Stoke Road entrance door is in fact "fire escape door"(closed). Entrance - via back door at Jamaica Place street. Stern sign: All visitors to RAOB must be signed in by a full member of RAOB. Yesterday morning a young woman in pink wore a plastic transparent/polka dot apron showing from under her jumper. This morning same(?) woman had a .... skirt, similar but opaque. Simple ordinary people? I said privately years ago (ref. Masonic Lodge near St. Matthews Court and opposite former St. MATTHEWS Church):
 " C---- ardently  patronise Masonic Lodge". Did the tall man in flat 29 called ambulance yesterday?
A small map (ref. MUMBY Road in Gosport) scan is on my other website:
http://spot-a-gosport.blogspot.com/2016/04/police-commissioner-candidates.html (Wed. 11Jan.)
[ Friday 13 Jan. 2017] - Smirking fake PC ... - the front page of (Southern) DAILY ECHO today has a photo of Terry Waymark, who looks rather like CLOWN as I called him - see Jewry Street in Winchester incident above. Both he and the woman wore uniforms. I think she was in charge.
Just posted TWO more scans: "Fake PC ..." (PC - Police constable) from today's newspapaer and photo of Pub/Restaurant LOCH FYNE with a small yellow sticker-paper shaped like rombus placed roughly where the thug with electric cutting tool stood - facing the pavement.
The Jewry Street, Winchester entry is actually in the previous post Addenda Eleven:
 (see points 27and 28) : http://galina-a-anikeeva.blogspot.com/2016/12/addenda-eleven.html
[ Tue. 17 Jan. 2017 ] - Norwegian (navigation/maritime) company ( Umoe-) Schat-Harding Ltd. Gosport, just across St. Matthews Court where I live, has either changed name or ownership. PALFINGER MARINE occupies the building now. I once noticed with surprise, that Schat-Harding white vans (white-orange) took part in S-theatre (ref. number plates).
Reading "Mafia State" by Luke Harding who worked in MOSCOW, Russia as The Guardian correspondent. Most interesting! ISBN 9780852652497 First published 2011. Is 2012 reprint or edition? Gardian Books, King's Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU.
Post Natasha K+    :
OMG !... ( 'omg' stands for: Oh, my God). From the Daily Mail entry on Wikipedia:
Pending lawsuits (one) 2016, September: Melania Trump, wife of American presidential candidate Donald Trump, sued the Daily Mail for an article, which ...  Melania Trump filed a lawsuit in Maryland, suing for $150 million.
[ Friday, 20 January, 2017] - Just added a scan of cover page of  "MAFIA STATE" by Luke Harding.
Zersetzung is an eye-opener. Some online material explains relevant terminology, incl. metaphors and tech-jargon. Many extra dots and links.
In my post Addenda Four (nr 350 of 20 January 2016) only two top scans get printed out and not the other five, incl. Frank McGrath's photo (ref. our Facebook chat about 'Carlos's Mum'). Just noticed his initial F. is his middle name.
KAY GRIGGS (American Naval Wife) said that most of them ( Miltary Mob) are Jews and Homosexuals.
Most but not all.
She also said they take sons of the generals (or real leaders) and 'turn' them.

[ Tue. 24 Jan. 2017] - indeed one Zivancevic, Alexander is (reg. Law Society) consultant with Hoffman-Bokaei Solicitors in London, NW3.
[ Thurs. 26 Jan. 2017] - Bought Irish Independent paper yesterday, but must have thrown away some page or pages by mistake.
 When did the Stasi acronym (or jargon/metaphor?) was first used and by whom? 'Wondering' about the text of Richtlinie Nr. 1/76. (ref. Zersetzung and surprising frequency of 'criminal/criminal record' repetition in the text.)
 The book "MAFIA STATE" and Zersetzung in UK as of 2011-2015 is discussed on a deeppoliticsforum.com by Michael Barwell in his post 14938 (Zersetzung - KGB & Stasi tactics - great mindgames I have known in the UK 2011-15 - completed)  06-15-2015, 04:17 PM. Quote from the first paragraph:"...  'they' attempt to 'guide'/dictate. When the pain is great, .... .  'They', ref Theresa May very regularly, in these ways, for eg.)".
What a find! KGB general Sacharovski, described by Romanian Securitate general PACEPA in his books as de facto head of intelligence of Warsaw Pact countries ( although DDR and Poland are not mentioned) is in attendance in a top-secret KGB-Stasi meeting.
[ Sat. 28 Jan. 2017] - Southampton: 10-tonne drug seizure at docks (Daily Echo Thur. 26 Jan. 2017, by Callum Lawton). Kratom has been listed by WHO as a psychoactive substance since 2012. Withdrawal from effects of kratom are similar to heroin or prescription painkillers. It's addictive and can induce vomiting, paranoia, hallucinations and psychotic episodes. The shipment from Indonesia was by Inca - Inca Trading Ltd, who claimed the product was to be used in production of cosmetics. Inca's solicitor John Spyrou is director of law firm Pinder Reaux. Chemistry wasn't 'my' subject, but worth mentioning two offending substances: mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.
Online find: Yiddish criminal jargon includes shiksa. This is the comment Russian young man made, seeing a woman on a motocycle, as I drove him to his lawyer on request by Father Nikon. The man asked me for my tel. number and later phoned to say he has a business proposal. It turned out to be arms+  trade idea. I did feel angry at Father Nikon for 'placing' me in that company. One Bulgarian diplomat came to the Russian Church and looked/sounded/acted as a Russian KGB.
The Zersetsung theatrics and setups were in full swing in the 1960s, involved East and West Germans - both targets and perpetrators. There was a political, ideological and psychological side to it. My first trip abroad ( with my husband in summer 1973) was by train to London via Poland and East-West Berlin. My school pen-friend was from Rostock in East Germany. Putin's wife (also KGB?) is from Kaliningrad (former Koningsberg).
*** General comment on Trump+ news: They Control Both Sides. The compromising online images (real or fabricated) which came my way, did not include women, but depicted both Trump and Putin as homosexuals - on horseback, in a blasphemous, cynical and 'black humor' style. Similar outrages/theatrics about  attitudes went on in Gosport (Library) - offline. The idea being of cruelty to sadistically abused children: "So what?!".
The 'sides' are deliberately (politically) mixed/messed up, so that we are to choose from two or more evils. By the way, there is a photo of Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and his brother (James?) standing under the Kennedy portret. John or Robert Kennedy? His face can't be seen in that oil painting.
[ Mon. 30 Jan. 2017] - Jane DOE v. Epstein et al ( Lesley Groff, Sarah Kellen, Natalya Malyshev, Ghislaine Maxwell ) - in New York Southern District Court:


Thursday, 8 December 2016

Addenda Eleven.

( nr 367 ) - Shall number sub-statements for a change:

1. Unwittingly Father Nikon in The Hague "introduced" me to a young man, who was the closest "associate version or variant" to Russian Mafia, that I have met, seemingly open and naïve. Father Nikon has asked me after the service to help him drive the young Russian to his lawyer - who lived in the Schilderswijk, I think. The lawyer and his wife were from .... some place in the Carribean.

2. Markets: Upstairs in the Centraal Station in the Hague I heard during a market day 'pure' Russian spoken. It was a Russian man and I bought an authentic Australian Bumerang from him.

3. Russian men were 'visible' in Fareham market not long ago.

4. Yesterday I mentioned MOSSAD WOMEN and wrote: "Jews, French, Francophones ..." before I read about ISRAELIS in town - their Football Club in Southampton (?).

5. Roman Abramovich I heard runs/ran so-called ROMAN CUBS (?) for teens. I have seen rather suspect group of BOYS near Portsmouth COURT building and suspect groups of GIRLS in the Victoria Park. Any links?

6. Victoria Park: perhaps most extraordinary theatrics (live sculpture) was there by the old monument after I called attention to a photo from THE SUN newspaper, where by the pool side an arm of an under-aged boy was seen. Was it "Roger and Janet" article ?

7. FAKE embassies .... I wonder if that extraordinary 'offer'/question "Would you like to be an ambassador?" from the Music/English homosexual teacher (house next to Woolston Court in Gosport) was related to org. crime.

8. Ref. Roman Abramovich: the group of boys, who were actually PRE-TEENS (around 10-11 years old?) wore Pompey (Portsmouth Football scarfs in blue and white) and had some facial hair or bristle PAINTED on their faces.The Court case was HATHAWAY (homo-pedo-incest-nudist) org. crime.
Their demeanour was ...sceptical(?). The girls wore "Vougue" outfits, beyond their age, so to speak. They 'moved' close to young boys on the playground, who were there with their MUSLIM fathers.
When MUSLIM women appeared in the park, coming to their husbands and children, the "GIRLS" quickly moved away.

9. BLACK colour: balaklavas and black dogs for nefarious activities at night, such as retrieving contraband in waterproof packages attached to the underwater part of a boat or a ferry. Contraband may be narcotics, drugs, plastic explosives, microchips, nanochips, arms, etc.

10. Portsmouth Court case (HATHAWAY, Melissa NOON) - around Nov. 2011:  my posts 298 and 299 on this site and one on the "002 ..." site:

11. I could see K-house sign opposite Woolston Court in Gosport from my sitting room window at appt. 4. Online there were RUSSIAN forum goings-on between "K" user and others incl. myself.
'Good Samaritan'  (captain of the Isle of Wight ferry) lived in the K-house with his wife and children.
BOAT MODEL Club: by the Gosport Lake a man told me: ".... Antony Churchill is helping Russian Sailors on the Isle of Wight. "
 Another user (Russian?) "Leonid" was 'tracked' down to KOREA or/and ISRAEL. Jewish Republic in Russia (capital Birobidjan) is not far from Korea. A young Jewish man at the PHOTO section in BOOTS in Portsmouth pronounced my name in pure Russian.
WW2 secret (Von Braun ?) project in the Isle of Wight.
 Channel Islands under German occupation in WW2.

12. Dead dogs (23) found in the fridge: illegal trade, Eastern Europe, Northern Holland:

13. Sunday Times (11Dec. 2016) by Tom Harper - Home Affairs Correspondent:
Cressida Dick ( ref: shooting of  electrician Charles de Menezes ) applies to head the Metropolitan Police.
She was born to 2 Oxford academics, studied (they never write what) there.  .... smb. familiar with application process .... two leading roles in British policing already occupied by women.
The Home Office declined to comment.

14. I did not know Haifa in Israel is twinned with the city of PORTSMOUTH.

15. The Church collapsed in Nigeria (Uyo, Akwa Ibom State). Never heard of Reigners BIBLE, can't find any info.

16. Just posted a scan (did so earlier on this website) from Daily Mail, 30 Dec. 2015 ( by Sebastian Shakespeare):  Roman Abramovich with his wife Dasha Zhukova and her friend Jen Meyer, wife of actor Tobey Maguire (aboard their £1.5 billion mega-yacht Eclipse.

17. Vladimir PUTIN and his BLACK LABRADOR - pictures online.

18. CAB now in UK stands for citizens advice bureau. CAB internat. - Criminal Assets Bureau ?

19. International Maritime Organisation:  4 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SR.
As of 2002 (FCO London Diplomatic List) four member countries also have "designated principal permanent representatives to the org." - Cambodia, Korea, Liberia and RUSSIA.
PS: 'Made in Cambodia' and DEBRUSS LLC office address in Moscow on one label (textile-dress).
Links to NAZAROVA and her husband M.M. Friesner in PANAMA city.

20. Posted scan of the dress label on blue background:
 Made in Cambodia on top and the Moscow address of DEBRUSS LLC:
ul Admirala Makarova, dom 41, stroenie 1, MOSCOW  125212  RUSSIA.

21. Labradors - WATER dogs - scan posted (on green background)  from the DUTCH wikipedia entry.

22. IMO (Int. Maritime Org.) in 2002 lists 123 staff members. One is Mr. V. Lebedev -
Senior Technical Officer, Navigational Safety and Maritime Security Section, , Sub-Division for Navigation and Cargoes, M.S.D.
LEBEDEV (-A) multitude of names: 24 entries in Sov.Encycl. Dict.
I saw LEBEDEVA (woman) on a list of Bilderberger guests in around 2005. One Lebedeva, Tatiana (1850 - 1887) - narodnitsa (We, the People) took part in assassination attempt on Alexander II. Political parties had military 'wings' or sections.
KGB Lebedev in LONDON, etc.etc. The first African students I met in Moscow were Somali students in FRUNZE military academy (via Lena nee Lozhikova).
KGB=Mossad=Mafia.  Also: MO-K-SS-GB-AD.
2 previous posts here:
Women and Crime (nr 365):
Life, Lies and Crimes (nr 366):

23. E-cigarette  EXPLODES: two videos in a Belgian paper article:
Vaping Lounge in High Street: product Copyright 2016, Shenzhen IVPS technology Co.Ltd.
MADE in CHINA: domestic heater DeLonghi (bought in Argos, Gosport) mysteriously stopped working. The fuse is intact. De'Longhi Appliances s.r.l. Via L.Seitz, 47, 31100 Treviso - Italy. Made in China  Ser. nr. 62524 JN.

24. Ole DAMMERGARD ( controversial) said smth. interesting in one short video about THEM being potentially LYNCHABLE, whereby they, having been "cut into pieces" are "fed to the dogs". 
Disposal of dead bodies in Russian Mafia film BRAT is shown as a serious matter.
Well, how many dogs would a criminal need for such a task? ....
Ah, what about a VERY BIG DOG  in addition to a BLACK LABRADOR as mafia tools?

25. Chinese Kong Cheung Tailor (Stoke Rd. - Prince of Wales Rd.) in Gosport opened in mid-sixties.
And IRINA sewing business in .... ?

26. Vera HUGHES and Nigel did some dog-breeding while in Brighton or .... - on Sea in Essex (?).
Nigel was her fourth husband. Twice divorced in the Soviet Union, her Nigerian  husband died in Orthopaedic Hospital, Yaba, Lagos. Vera had worked in AEROFLOT traffic control dept. in Moscow. I remember she took sides with a Nigerian woman who moved in with an Italian man, with whom at the time another Russian woman and her baby were staying. One of those dramas.
Vera features prominently on my wedding pictures.
Remembered: SHORAM - on/by Sea. Hughes: namesakes? Donetsk was formally Youzovka. Russianised Youz for Hughes, British (?) family.
Both David Cohn family and Van, Diana Pidwell's partner moved NORTH from CHELMSFORD, assoc. with MARCONI.

27. Jewry Street, Winchester, Wed. 21 DECEMBER 2016:
Thugs and Clowns in uniform and otherwise.

1. Loch Fyne (Seafood): 18 Jewry Street, SO23 8RZ. tel. 01962 872 930
2. Wagamama/Sakura (Chinese-Japanese rest. ?): 32-33 Jewry Street, SO23 8RY tel. 01962 864 178.
3. Ian Middleton (?) number .... .
4. Woman, who said I had a nice writing pen, number .... .

Just corrected the date above from Sat. 17 Dec. to Wed.21 December 2016. On Sat. 17th there was a (failed) cabal's scenario which included events and people in Delft, Paris and Gosport.
By the way, Fyffes (commercial shipping?) of Portsmouth is bought by Japan and
WAGAMAMA in London was involved in "flash mob/hidden camera" tricks the day I went to American Embassy and contacted FBI.
Next to the two restaurants is United (Methodist and United) Church, which attracted my attention with .... very old but visible " BRITISH HALL" with "British and Foreign Schools" and "Entrance for Girls" underneath, - the right side of its old Church Building.
From 2009:


28.  [ Wed. 28 Dec. 2016. 14:33 ] -  See point 27 above. Just found the notes I made of the NUMBERS of two people in police (?) uniform, who did not behave like police, but in concert with the thug (ref. "health and safety issue" as I called it).
Woman: 96784, man - 99264.  I wrote the numbers with my purple pen on the back of the receipt from Winchester Library (payment of 1 pound for one DVD borrowed, which I returned today in Gosport Library). The time on the receipt: 21/12/2016 13:02. I walked on the right side of the pavement past Loch Fyne restaurant.


Friday, 25 November 2016

Life, Lies and Crimes.

( nr 366 ) Okke Ornstein is a Dutch free-lance journalist, now imprisoned (?) in PANAMA.
"Actors" in unfolding drama include French Canadian businessman Monte Morris Friesner and Tatiana Nazarowa, his wife.
Tatiana Nazarova is a Russian name.
Since yesterday, some relevant websites are "locked" or require registered entry by server/ICANN.
From tatiananazarova.com: Website dedicated to the many family, business and public victims (living & dead) of the Life, Lies & Crimes of career criminal Monte Morris Friesner and his wife Tatiana Nazarova.
Law Justia:
http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F3/61/917/492744/  - prints only 1/3 page.
http://narcosphere.narconews.com/notebook/okke-ornstein (Panama's President Martinelli accused of massive money laundering).
[ Sat. 26 Nov.2016] - WIKI questions: see my comments in prev. post 365 - link:
[ Mon. 28 Nov.2016] - WOMEN and CRIME:
[ Tue.29 Nov.2016] - British Aerospace 146 plane crash in COLOMBIA, Medellin area.
Only 5 survived, 76 dead. There were 15 journalists on board travelling with Brazilian football team. Colombian FARC ( has one Dutch woman fighter: Tania ) recently signed a peace treaty. I hope I got the names right.
Currently lots of lookalikes and people I pointed to in the past, whom I do not always 'acknowledge'. Included: Shell BP in Holland, Commonwealth Club, woman with very short brown hair, Christ Church, Singing (too good), Russian Spectacular, Children of Chernobyl, Polish Catholic priest from Southampton (tattoo and chain), etc.
 I remember reading (one of those ex-spy memoirs?) that Fidel Castro's brother Raoul was turned (made homosexual) by one Soviet military/KGB/GRU officer. On a Russian forum smb. recalled how (young?) military  advisers on CUBA were forbidden to have any contact with Cuban women.
T.K.Maxx in Fareham: when asked where the cashier was, I realised there was no sign on display, except confusing ones. Disorientation. Masonic? I remember how in Frankfurt airport (1992), following their signs, I made a complete circle. At the TKMaxx cashier: another chance to win 1000 pounds. I was told the winner does not have to declare this income to TAX authorities, it is tax-Free and they do not think it represents SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD POTENTIAL. When I tried via JobCentre+ a business start-up, I asked what amount earned would represent an end/suspension of Social Security payments. The Answer was: FIVE POUNDS. I never do those loteries/gambling.
MI5 Catherine threatening  young men in attempt to recruit them:
NEWS:  Barak OBAMA and wife Michelle adopted two girls.
 Michelle was born Michael?
[ Wed. 30 Nov. 2016] - Video of 14:54 minutes posted on RMN:
Obamas kids are adopted, the real parents found -
British Aerospace 146 crash (above) has more survivors: some passengers missed the flight.
FARC is a Spanish acronym, means Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army.
From en.wikipedia entry of 31 pages: Active: 1964 - Present. Top 3 on the leaders list: Timochenko, Ivan Marquez, Pastor Alape.
Has Victor BOUT vanished from the news? Those mini submarines used for drug trade, etc.
British Football: BIG THANKS to real men, who came forward with the sex abuse testimonies, especially those who did so openly. There was a story in The News (years ago) with a similar revelation. The man (Aron?) at a young age did not even understand what was happening to him, he thought that the abuser (coach?) ... liked him very much. Was told others/all do it, etc.
Only when he became a father of a young boy, he understood the evil and decided to make a public statement. One video from a Dutch website:
Belgian MP Laurent Louis brought police photos of Julie and Melissa (ref. Marc Dutroux) with evidence of ....torture inflicted on the children. I have a link to the video of disgraceful walkout of parliamentarians on this site. The following text distorts the story:
FARC - Tanja Nijmeijer -
[ Thur. 1 Dec. 2016] - Scans did not post. May be tomorrow.
Dutch Football Club ADO Den Haag - problems at top management level:
[Friday, 2 Dec. 2016] -  The 3 scans:
1 -----  NORTH YORKSHIRE (Settle) - Private Boarding school.
SIMON BALL (42) got seven and five years in jail for sex abuse of teen students. Music teacher, Oxford graduate.
2 ------ Top women British Theresa May and Polish Beata Szydlo had a positive meeting.
3 ------ Photo of Tatiana Nazarowa and her husband Monte Morris Friesner - see Okke Ornstein above.
My post 352 Addenda Five :
[ Sat. 3 Dec. 2016] - Gosport High Street. For the first time a "look-alike" said to me: "Yes, I am".
Regular Saturday market stall with Christmas+ Cards near the PARKER and TORRINGTON office is managed on the ground by Gosport Council  Leader MARK HOOK.
I have asked in Fareham Library about what I thought was a spelling mistake in my name on a printer display: Calina instead of Galina. I was told "C" was upon examination G. Then I noticed on my library card yet another capital C.
How many fonts or mixtures of fonts are being used by HAMPSHIRE IT ?
Technically speaking any slight difference in a text/picture creates ANOTHER or EXTRA copy, the one with a visible or a hidden/secret mark. Just like a name spelled or transliterated differently. On a Russian Forum ( nvz or nvk ?) where one K (user name) confused me with another Galina from ISRAEL (same name in English and Russian fonts) made me wonder if there could be several K users (letter K looks very similar in several fonts or alphabets). Programming can see or ignore certain signs, etc. Different passports/ID documents and their "processing".
Hot or Dedicated telephone lines have some or certain weaknesses, which is another topic.
2009 January - my posts 186 and 187:
As I discovered earlier via WHOIS search, Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth (all in Hampshire, UK) placed their government websites on a Chinese Server.
The website LARSONMEDIA had legal and technical documents about TORTURE with REMOTE CONTROL. I placed some scans on this site before larsonmedia.net was messed up with, such as an answer from CIA to request from David Larson (biomedical engineer?) for biographical details of four CIA contractors:
[ Mon. 5 Dec. 2016] -

Babak Zanjani - a very interesting case against this businessman in IRAN :
The High Court has confirmed DEATH SENTENCE against Babak Zanjani.
2.5 billion euros are de facto stolen from the Government. International network of corrupt businesses includes Turkey, Malaysia and Dubai.
Top gov. figures conspired in 'protecting' B. Z. and his org. crime mates throughout the court proceedings. Where did the money go? ... Times or Daily Telegraph discovered (last year?) mysteriously high number of expensive properties in Central London (?) - all unoccupied with owners listed in some Arab country or countries. Any links with RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyers ? Some other estate/property businesses in UK and Holland? ....
By the way, British lawyer with the helicopter pilot (from Gosport) died in a suspect air crash years ago. They worked for BORIS BEREZOVSKI. The lawyer (Curtis?) was in contact with the POLICE, he knew where big money was hidden away and warned his family: ... if anything happens to me in the next two weeks, it won't be an accident.
On a map (I bought a good world map in High Street for only 4 pounds) Medellin, COLOMBIA is not far from PANAMA city, where Tatiana NAZAROVA lives with her French Canadian (convicted criminal) husband M.M. Friesner. A vest in a Charity shop had a label with: made in Cambodia and a firm DEBRUSS LLC with an address in Moscow ( Admiral Makarov street.) That firm was registered and 'dissolved' in California, US (to do with PENSION fraud?).
Last Saturday search for Chinese Torture got zero result: blocked as so-called 'adult' content by HAMPSHIRE IT (on a Chinese Server). Torture with remote control was "re-named" TOUCHLESS ... .
My posts 300 and 301:
[ Tue. 6 Dec. 2016] - I subscribed to RUSSKAYA MYSL (Russian Émigre) paper in Paris around 1990 and got no answer when I expressed interest in the project of  Russian Society of .... Officers/Engineers  ( ref. Housing Construction  in MOSCOW). Our Russian Orthodox priest in the HAGUE was said to have been a racing car driver in PARIS in his younger days. During WW2 he said: Da, my pomogali evreeyam (Yes, we did help Jews during WW2).
There was some disappointment about his finding a Romanian woman who was tasked with restoration of the Church interior paintings: she did an awful job, etc.etc.