Thursday, 10 May 2018

Addenda Twenty Seven.

( nr 394 ) - British CABAL update:

1. During Yugoslav war ( about that time ) a documentary in Holland has shown a British general Jackson throwing his mobile phone in annoyance. There was a general dismay about that strange/unfitting behaviour. Suggestive of London Jewish celebrations FIRES/etc. ?

2. Noisy, Satanic gatherings and Pagan/other FESTIVALS were noted for mobile tel. thefts or pretend thefts. Space Military stations (Star Wars tech.) need ground stations.
 So called festivals may de-factor be mobile ground stations, like mobile rocket launchers and DARK NET systems, which burn/incinerate the 'source' of info/command.

3. The Medical Mafia behind murder of Stalin ( ref. his new 1936 Constitution, which reversed Satanic Anti-Christian agenda ) was called in Russian 'Killers in White Coats' - Ubiytsy v belyh halatah. They were Jewish doctors PLUS RUSSIAN doctors, who were working for British Secret Services.

4. British Establishment/British CABAL (ref. my latest theory about Putin being British puppet) may be behind brutal coercion to recruit Russians (among others) so as to sustain their spionage+ network of agents. Example: Russian woman Irina+  network (criminal and spionage+) in Gosport, Hampshire, UK.

5. Britain is behind creation of Israel with all ramifications.

6. Work for British Secret/Satanic Services may be behind suggestions of getting a British friend/husband. British and not German !
British puppet KGB Oleg Gordievski to me in Wassenar, Holland: Did you say the Dutch are OK ?!! ... But they are like Germans!
I was with a British "friend" Ray BURGESS (MI6 spy).
[ Friday, 11 May, 2018 ] - A Dutch friend of an English expat (with Dutch wife) told him he was the only member of staff in a Dutch Ministry of Justice Dept., who was not a homosexual. They ganged up against him (bullying, harassment) and he was out in no time.
[ Monday 14 May, 2018 ] - 1993 - scan of HOMO (?) world congress in Moscow Aug.22-28.
Russian Parliament (Duma) de-criminalised homosexuality secretly in May.
Dr. Mihail Stern (Jewish Ukranian dissident, medical doctor) whom I met 'accidentally' via Friends of Nobel Laureates in Amsterdam, told me he attended an international conference, where all (?) participants (healthy and good-looking people) were in fact homosexuals, which was a secret. He worked in University of Madrid for some time. Could World Congress of Philosophy have been one of those conferences? Smb. wrote about Russian acronym OMOH (Russian n as h) for police as a coded HOMO logo.
Time and Space ! Those words in my abstract for TAAL en CULTUR conference (Russia, Holland, Belgium) were not allowed. But I found a paper abstract in Russian "Space and Time as culturological categories" by M.C. Kagan from St. Petersburg, Section 18.

1993: civil war breakout in Moscow in October (dates overlap with Dutch 911 in 1992):
Whitewater investigations, Clintons, Clinton-Kennard, etc. etc.
Links to my posts (nr) 85, 137, 141 and 282:

Common Purpose was initiated by mysterious Julia Middleton 'from' Switzerland. 
Vince Foster was murdered on 20 July 1993, documents stolen.
TRUMP and ISRAEL: Israeli Football Club wants to change their name and be called
Beitar Trump Jerusalem -
I think I know WHY Hillary Clinton refused to see James COMEY.
Wow !
The only video/clip I found (via bing search) of British General Jackson 'throwing his mobile tel' is definitely NOT the one I wrote about !
No interview, he wore haki, the tel/connection was bad (?) and he swings around, forcefully throwing or near smashing the tel in annoyance.
[ TUESDAY 15 May, 2018 ] - Putting 'clouds' of twins, clones, look-alikes and actors aside and under microscope:
The man at pc 19 upstairs in Gosport Library (11:44) is the one, who came to say he was the boss - John PARKER or Torrington from Parker Torrington Ltd. - in charge of St. Matthews Court in Gosport. I described him originally as Jewish/Latin American looking. MEXICAN (from Mexico).
He put his finger on the word "drugs" in my letter and told me: We can't have this in writing.
Interesting names in HOMO world congress: Gorski, Maltsev, Golubev, etc.
  FEMINIST prof. Patricia G. Smith from Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY USA: ... Motherhood is obsolete.
Dr. Rauni Kilde wrote about Vietnam/Korea veterans used as guinea pigs, microchips implanted in babies, Prince William (UK) implanted with microchip at the age of 12, etc.
Gosport Library closes on 4 June and reopens on 14 July.
[ Wed. 16 May, 2018 ] - Yes, that peculiar look/behaviour of guests and neighbours holding bizarre party at the back of St. Matthews Court (flat 21-32) when, as I read in The News (later!) a Russian  submarine was  passing by ... . One character in particular, who combined both military and criminal characteristics had those eyes, which I tried to describe a few times, ..... could he have been related (close or distant relative) to British General Sir Mike Jackson ?
[ Friday, 18 May, 2018] - Reading (looking through ) two books:

1. D-DAY Our Great Enterprise (Gosport Printing 1993) ISBN No: 0 9502036 1 0 by Lesley Burton.
 I bought it in the Tourist Info shop by the Gosport Ferry.

2. The Story of the HAMPSHIRE COUNTY BRANCH of the British Red Cross 1909 - 1991.  Edited and compiled by Miss E Balfour OBE and Miss M F Cullen. ADH Printing 1994.
A scan of the business card of the British MI6 spy Ray Burgess is in my post 271 of 2010:
[ Mon. 21 May, 2018 ] - Scan of covers of 2 books posted: Red Cross Hampshire and CULTS by Peter Haining 1999 Constable &Robinson Ltd, London (ISBN -13: 978-1-84901-034-4 ).
Cult quotes:
1. p 133-134:  ... new religion based on the Black Hebrew movement which taught that Africans were the "true Jews who'd descended from the lost tribes of Israel. ... In the old warehouse a new world was born into which it was vowed no white man would ever be allowed to enter.
2. p 145: ... ever since the capital of Freetown was founded in 1792 by the Sierra Leone Company as a home for black Britons who had fought for Britain in the American Revolutionary War... .
My posts from 2012 and 2015:

[ Tue. 22 May, 2018] - Lesley Burton: D-DAY  OUR GREAT ENTERPRISE (£ 4-50).
Scan of cover posted:

ABRAMOVICH troubles ? - Daily Mail article (with 681 comments) is difficult to print ...
His VIP/Director's Box (Football) is in Stamford Bridge.
[ Wed. 23 May, 2018 ] - Apple lost, found, back to finder.
PALESTINE - Holy Land for Christians paying pilgrimage, Christian Crusades, Christian Monasteries, LAND owned by Christian Churches and Organisations. All Palestinians illegally expelled from their country have Right to Return.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Addenda Twenty Six.

( nr 393 ) - See Addenda Twenty Five - ref. POLICE show last Saturday. Scans of Michael LANE ...

S-theatre today. This afternoon I heard a voice/accent of an African woman! Coach? Script writer?
Jail birds (prisoners) in Britain are now into OPERA. Sun newspaper yesterday published EXCLUSIVE: LES MIS LAGS. Drug-plagued H.M.Prison High Down.Hit musical at up to £70 a ticket.
I just realised, that David Collins, the independent consultant (fire safety risk) hired by Parker Torrington Ltd. did not "carry the appropriate ID"  as notified in Notice (Sat. 21 April). He's been living in Gosport for 20 years.
Anti-Christian. St. George's Sunday parade of scouts in Gosport had not a single Christian symbol.
No report in the local paper. Some scouts were very young (5 years old?).  
The A4 leaflet with programme
In the HYMNS (rev. Andy Davis) there lines:
(3) I danced on a Friday, When the sky turned black, It's hard to dance, With the devil on your back, They buried my body, .....
(4) They cut me down, And I leapt up high; ....
[ Wed. 25 April, 2018] - had a nice talk with Cllr. Graham Burgess. My website is blocked by Gosport Council (internally) for ... Hate and Racism (!).
Thus Cllr. G. Burgess has never seen photos and info I posted there. He shall look at it at home.
Our next meeting is 9:30 a.m. Monday 30 April, 2018.
Scan of Independent FIRE RISC inspection notice from Parker and Torrington Ltd. and the ID (he said e-mail) he provided in handwriting (enlarged):
 HATE Laws (?) Propaganda by Conservative Government in Gosport Library:
Scan of St. George's parade in Gosport (Sunday 22 April):
Scan from a DUTCH scientific paper describing WITCHCRAFT as:
1. Global network of Satanic Sects,
2. Early Organized CRIME: ... they were (regularly) getting assignments to HARM their neighbours.  
[ Thurs.26 April, 2018] - Scans of 4 photos of the Sunday PARADE posted.
Gosport Mayor Councillor Linda Batty (in red robe) is named "The Worshipful Mayor" in the event programme (see 2 scans above).

[ Friday, 27 April, 2018 ] - Just posted a postcard to JAMES COMEY, now retired director of FBI.
I bought his book "A HIGHER LOYALTY" in Portsmouth yesterday (still reading).
On page 114 (ref. policy discussion on torture):
" We protested that just because something was deemed to be legal - based on an opinion we disagreed with - and allegedly effective did not mean it was appropriate."
This is from the highest legal and law enforcement authority !
I have so far put the following argument against Hate Laws:
Hate and/or hatred are feelings, emotions.
You cannot legislate feelings.
The posters (see scans above) are so Orwellian, I wonder about the people/artists who designed them and, more importantly, people who initiated and formulated Hate Laws.
What about pictogram with handcuffs and other details? ...
Is it not offensive to people it is supposed to protect?
In my opinion, it is also counterproductive.
A caricature of what was a ban in USSR of criticism of a political system and 'the leader'.
Anything else was allowed and even encouraged. Some variations/interpretations and allowances over time.
PS: The Gosport postcard got stuck to the top cover of the copy machine, when I made a copy of it.  Static electricity, but never happened before. Two people stood nearby and saw it.
What a small world !... Another quote from page 114:
" ... Condi Rice, who had been national security adviser when the interrogation program was conceived and was now the secretary of state, replacing Colin Powell, "was not interested in discussing the details"."
I saw once on Facebook a family photo of Mezuo Nwuneli (Mezuo, Nkem and Nancy are children of my American friend Lynn Nwuneli ) with Condoleeza Rice. I understood that his mother in law is an ex-Soviet Jewish emigrant who had married a Nigerian from a famous Igbo family.
Condoleeza Rice (Wikipedia) studied RUSSIAN. I wondered how she made that choice.
I met NKEM in London, but we could not really talk in that café in Oxford Circus. People sitting at the next table were so loud.
 Myself and Lynn were introduced by our husbands - both journalists.
 She had asked me to come along as she was to take their staff meeting papers to Lalage Bown (sp?), who was "flaunting her sexuality" .... Many lecturers lived on University of Lagos campus and our homes were extensions of our offices.
Addenda Twenty Two:
Unilag photos in 2 posts from 2010:
[ Sat. 28 April, 2018 ] - Posted my agenda/questions to G. BURGESS at our meeting last Wednesday, which lasted 15 minutes.   
Elections next week: another POLICE and Political SCANDAL in Gosport ?
On the NO info about candidates, who nominated them, etc.
I used search function 3 may 2018 elections candidates.
With over 1600 police officers in Hampshire voting NO TRUST in Michael Lane, what is happening in OTHER Police forces ?
Back in April 2016 elections Local Gov. { Soviet in Russian} did not even mention, that apart from local councillors Police Commissioner was to be elected.
My post POLICE commissioner candidates on another blogspot site of mine:
Two more posts from 2016:
Addenda Four
Natasha K+  
Voting may be more of Voting Criminals/Cabal OUT.
[ Monday, 30 April, 2018 ] - Cllr. G. Burgess (appt.) this morning:
1.  He visited my website and did not like what he saw.
2. He said there is nothing Gosport Council can do for me.
3. He suggested that I speak to the Police and wanted to show me where the telephone was - a few  meters away.
4. I replied that British Police is infiltrated by criminals and that is why Amber Rudd resigned.
5. Cllr. Burgess told me that was not why she resigned.
6. End of conversation/appointment.
The scan of draft/agenda I wrote this morning:
[ Tue. 1 May, 2018 ] - Election candidates lists are displayed under dark glass in Gosport B. Council.
I was told info is not (1) on their website. I got the copies on top floor (election services).
Noticed a highly interesting map of Gosport: local development plans up to ... 2029! Suggested it is moved where one can see and read it better (not possible over large table).
Addenda Twenty Three:
[ Wed. 2 May, 2018 ] - Two posts from 2011 and one from 2015 (288, 296 and 331):
[ Thurs. 3 May, 2018 ] - Who is What:
Conservative Party leader in SCOTLAND is LESBIAN and lives with a woman, got a fertility treatment (from recent  i-paper).
My post from 2014 (nr 327) Boy six, in a van with man -
[ Friday, 4 May, 2018] - British Establishment censors/blocks/hacks (usual ways in Gosport library plus more) report of EXPLOSION in Stamford Hill, London during Jewish Lag BaOmer celebrations - as mobile phones (handsets/cell phones) were tossed into bonfires.
Link to report by James Cox (The Sun) in:
I suggested earlier (but before Michael+Bob neighbours (plus woman) fired a high-tech laser gun with infra-red sight at me) that:
1. Mad noisy parties with strange guests (criminal/military/foreign looks, one woman looked like a Russian jail-bird ) were linked to Russian/other submarines in the area. 'Excited' use of telephones.
2. High-tech Fire (unusual 'form') plus satellite dish, plus stare at huge screen in flat 22, plus mobile tel. - ALL may be some sort of SIGNALS or commands in the military sense (with military space satellites).
A mobile phone is a mini-computer. The so-called DARK net is traced with difficulty because (as I read online years ago) the computers (hard discs) that upload pornography+ are destroyed, incinerated, thus destroying info about ciminals' location.
Another detail: men tried to stand/sit UNDER the roof of a (proper) waste disposal hut - at the back of St. Matthews Court 21-32.
From the Dutch news:
[ Sat. 5 May, 2018 ] - made some minor changes in the text of yesterday. 
Select quotes from "A Higher Loyalty" by James Comey:
p. 158: " I HAVE NEVER MET Hillary Clinton, although I tried. .... To this day, I don't know why the meeting never happened."
p. 159: ( "Whitewater") " I was a junior lawyer ... . My focus was largely on the suicide of the former deputy White House councel, Vincent Foster, and the handling of documents in his office. .... I left the assignement when our son Collin died in August 1995 - ..."
p. 206: " I say that with a wife and daughters who voted for Hillary Clinton and walked in the 2017 Women's March in D.C. the day after Donald Trump's inauguration."
Will Patrice Comey write a book? I look forward to it.
From Irish Independent (Friday, 4 May, 2018) -
Hundreds of mourners from the Traveller (?) community gathered in Kent. Henry Vincent (37) died after he broke into the South London home of pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks (78) and his wife Maureen (76) last month. Despite a large police presence, the scene turned ugly shortly after the 30-minute service ended, with some mourners attacking members of the media.
Youths, covering their faces with hoods, broke away from the cortege to pelt the press with eggs and rocks. ... Two groups of 30 mourners (?) ran at journalists after surrounding them. A photographer was punched in the face.
CATHOLIC Church in Ireland.
Archbishop Eamon Martin has sent a strong signal that the Catholic Church will oppose any attempt to remove the right of schools to teach sex education through the lens of their religious ethos. ... Catholic vision for relationships, chastity, marriage and the family - marriage of a man and a woman.
Church opposes 'same-sex marriage'.
From Amsterdam Fire Service boss Leen Schaap and Amstelveen Mayor Bas Eenhoorn:
No place for members of Motor Clubs ( Hells Angels, Satudarah, etc.) -
Small world ? Family Cohn (Elaine, David and Raphael) in North Yorkshire gave unmistakable signals of friendship/family ties to ....Hillary Clinton plus.
With Israeli and Russian ambassadors ignoring my enquiry, I sent an e-mail to Moscow: Soviet, Jewish, criminal ... .
[ TUESDAY 8 May, 2018 ] - For my Hyde Park free speech ( Thinking Aloud) today:
1. PENSION - I left two blank (and signed) letterheads at my flat in University of Lagos for resignation and sorting out my Unilag pension. Both Sandy and Lynn were interested in buying my furniture, and I decided Lynn needed it most.
Later Diana Pidwell told me that it is 'hopeless', etc.
Local woman (to my hearing): if you have no pension, you should get married.
2. Model of observer effect and point of view.
3. Somali men vs MI5 (MI6) recruitment. Independent, 2009.
4. NYT report on Robert Meuller probe (Michael D. Cohen).
My post (nr 288):
[ Thurs. 10 May, 2018] - corrected the date of last entry here( above) : Tuesday 8 May.
Made an extra Free Speech/Hyde Park Corner/ Thinking Aloud presentation this morning - downstairs in Gosport Library. Made important 'updates'.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Addenda Twenty Five.

( nr 392 ) - Palestinian photo journalist shot dead today. Many more casualties:
[ Mon. 9 April, 2018] - British Government IT network "refuses" (blocks) printing ALL news articles on Israel + Palestinians: from Daily Mail,, AP, AFP, Reuters, etc.
TOPICS: Threats, innuendo in Israel questioning of Palestinian teen; Why Israel feels threatened ...; Right of Return ... .
Addenda Twenty Four:
[ Tue. 10 April, 2018 ] - Holland, Rotterdam, April 10-12, 2018: IDEC conference.
Shall speak about it later.
13:40 - Forgot to say, that my ad (Culture-Logic) in European newspaper (1995?) was published with a ... wrong tel. number. They made a mistake, I corrected it (per fax) but they went on to publish the wrong number. What was censored? Perhaps TEXT - crucial to Language and Thinking. Just like SPACE and TIME were not accepted for a report at the Bilingual Conference in Moscow ( Belgium-Netherlands-Russia).
[ Wed. 11 April, 2018] - On people of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc:
Before ANYTHING they DID or DID NOT DO (under investigation right now) they are guilty of maleficia (sp?), evil designs (moral, technical, psychological) of their computer programming.
The designs are evil, anti-Christian, undermining God, Nature and Human Civilisation.
"Mass Deaths by Opioids ..." post by Jon Rappoport, link in:
16:39 - four scans of my presentation at the April 1997 MOSCOW conference "Language and Culture". Proceedings 1999, ISBN 5-02-022599.

[ Thur. 12 April, 2018 ] - Drug-addicts (wittingly or unwittingly) include people 'on top'. I remember US pres. candidate Ross Perot pointed to apparent drug-induced state(s) of Bill Clinton.
He also had an idea of direct gov. method by families joining computer network to vote per question or issue. Would have made all those sponsors/donors/etc. redundant. Donors, by the way, donate to all parties, so that they can benefit whoever wins.
Another way to help election process: have OPEN (not closed) voting boxes with party/candidate name written on the box/urn. Additionally have one SECRET/CLOSED box for voters, who want to keep their choice SECRET.
The COOK of Russian president V. Putin may have been adding some special, addictive or narcotic substances to the food he cooks. A photo and his special status point to that. Old staff. In Russian: Ih traviat I zombiruyut. May apply to other polititians.
From " Folklore of HAMPSHIRE" (2010, isbn 978 0 7524 5179 4) by Penny Legg, p. 96-97.
A witch Julie Forest: I feel there is a great need for witchcraft in the 21st century. Christianity has lost a lot of its popularity and power and needs to be replaced by something else."
[ Friday, 13 April, 2018] - Palestinians protest in Gaza:
Blok and Lavrov in Moscow:
British submarine AFFRAY was lost on 16 April, 1951 near Channel island Alderney. A monument with names of the officers can be seen on the embankment in Gosport near Gosport Ferry.
[ Monday, 16 April, 2018] - REAL NEWS (obscured by hasty bombings ...) :

John Apter, chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation had put vote of No Confidence in Police boss Michael Lane and received an overwhelming support !
PM (Conservative) Theresa MAY supports adoption of children by homosexuals.

American general Mattis (sp?) is described as a homosexual - "never married". The NATO (boss?) British general appears on a photo (with an Albanian) as somebody with serious problems.

My early observations in Gosport about " S-theatre" and women involved in crimes (old vice women and young ones controlling men) - all correspond to Col. McColl's (sp?) expose of LLOYDS Lesbian Pedophile network: hard crimes and sexual blackmail.
What I call(-)ed Irina Plus Spionage/Criminal network belongs there.
A one-liner (old): gorod vedm, prostitutok, sodomitov I stukachei.
My post 289 from 2011:
My post Addenda Ten:
My post WOMEN and CRIME:
Hampshire Police Federation:

American Embassy Plus:

Holland and Russia 1992-1993:
DUTCH 911:
[Tue.17 April, 2018 ] - Young Americans and young Russians killing each other in Syria ?!....
Death of Maxim Borodin in many reports: on BBC, etc.
His paper (New Day) is based in ... Ekaterinburg and has a very short report.
That city has interesting 'links':
1.  Russian general (forgot his name) talked about 'patriotic upbringing of young Russians'
2. Nuisance visits from a 'Russian' woman who worked for (ex?) Soviet Jewish owners of Casino in the Hague, who was 'hired' from Israel.
[ Wed. 18 April, 2018] - (cont.) - The general ( from Ekaterinburg )was accused by some Russian journalists of giving command (tel) to shoot the Mal. Airplane. In his refutation, the Russian general said he was long retired and only (!) busy with the 'patriotic upbringing' of youth. That reminded me of nationalist, patriotic, pro-Putin, Berezovski-sponsored Youth Movenment IV (ru:Iduschie Vmeste). Members were to have brainwashing per mobile telephones (psychologist advisers, etc.).
When I lived at 198 Saffierhorst, Mariahoeve, The Hague, I had by strange coincidence/proximity comments about how spacious my apartment was. One was from British diplomat Adam Noble, who after my Russian lessons successfully passed top level exams. Another was from a young Soviet Jewish Ekaterinburg woman, who emigrated to Israel and was then employed by an (ex-) Soviet Jewish couple (owners of Casino in Scheveningen) as a 24/7 nanny for their young baby daughter.
One day, family friend and a good Samaritan Joseph Fontaine-Pennock (sp?), the father of Vincent Pennock who was kind enough to help my daughter with French lessons and myself - with financial accounts, etc., told me about the Jewish woman in their neighbourhood. He first heard her speak Russian and asked if she was Russian. She angrily(!) replied that she was not Russian, but Jewish! How could anyone think she was Russian?!
I agreed to take her out shopping, and she became a pest, declaring that we are now friends, that I am invited to visit her family (of six) in Israel, that her family will come to visit and stay with me .... .
She, by the way, told me that the baby girl she looked after, slept in her bed (!).
I 'visited' several Russian and English language website yesterday, reading about murdered Russian journalist Maxim BORODIN.
Came upon a sick attempt in RUSSIA to hide WW2 history!
D-Day: 6 June 1944 has a memorial opposite Gosport Ferry.
In 2016 some people in St.Petersburg decided to establish obscure Day D in Russian. British Gov. IT blocked printing of their website, but I have it printed from another site:
D is supposed to stand for writer Sergei Dovlatov.
It also fuzzies another important history of a young Russian military engineer (satellite communications), who came/defected to Holland a few years ago. His name was ... Damlatov (?).
Through computer mistake in prison system he was moved to a deportation prison, where he is supposed to have committed suicide.
Some links:
Long url (can't be seen) from Australian website:
Spoke to Tony Elbourn today (ref. Chess Club).
Rotten Lib-Dem V. Zhirinovski at work? Yougoslavia and now Syria ? ...
By the way 1917 revolution annulled Russian Imperial Laws (which were already eroded by liberals:  Nabokov &Co.), thus legalizing sodomy and other vice.
STALIN government made homosexuality, etc. a crime again in the New 1936 Constitution.
The split between Stalin and Tito (Yougoslavs) and Albanians is nowhere explaned.
Could tolerance or cultural acceptance of homosexuality, pedophilia, etc. in Balkan countries/region have been a factor?
[ Thurs. 19 April, 2018 ] - Was there some BlackOp or so-called POLICE training in Gosport yesterday at about 8 o'clock in the evening? Blue unmarked car? ... .
Monica Knight ( Polish woman) looked rather upset, her younger friend (short blond hair, round face) looked also upset, but calmer.  There was light in Police office of the Gosport Borough Council. Did they receive telephone calls? Satellites Plus know all comings and goings.
New Dutch Minister of Home Affairs Ollongren (sp?) is a lesbian woman, who lives openly with a woman and child. That info was on Wikipedia English language entry and not in Dutch language, when I checked it. Her photo was a look-alike of a Russian woman in the Hague (Tania from Sochi, Crimea), who worked in Raetheon (sp?) American company. A blond woman in Morrisons (I spoke to her this morning) whom I 'placed' in Finland, seemed unusually happy/glad, as if she knew about new gov. appointments.
Developed (collected) my photos yesterday in Fareham.
Hmm, some people are upset about my taking pictures? ... .
See 6 scans of 8 pictures:




From top:
1.  Bob (neighbour from flat 22 - ref. shooting at me with Michael from flat 23/24) sitting in the Paula's Vegan Bakery - opposite Fox Pub.
2." Russian woman Irina" - made a sharp turn to Evans shop when she saw me with a camera.
3. Some "HATE"posters - George ORWELL style from ....British Government !
4. Children with criminals: one in Portsmouth, another by FAREHAM library. Fareham library spot is 'next' to where there was a pornographic Russian Ballet poster with two boys prostitutes standing 'under' that poster.
5. A man I have no name for (ref.CAPITA bld.). Used to avoid my camera before. Change of attitude!
Two more characters not here (yet): silent and hostile "Italian Mafiosi" and Kenian woman, who shouted at me and even went hysterical.
The fact that they are in a public space, full of CCTVs and photo cameras in every mobile tel. held by people  (outdoors or indoors) does not cross their minds.
Made correction above: added t to I.
There is a pub in Gosport called Gypsy Queen.
Some photos have 'people of interest' very small and hardly visible. For example: a family (?) of man, woman and child (girl) - turning the corner opp. Morrisons into the High Street.
The man I called "the man with an earring". Years ago after a 'stare' episode on bus (children with homosexuals), I waited for a bus (Safeway or Morrisons) that was delayed. A police and an ambulance came with a siren. As I looked at the back of a bus station, there was a dead body of a young heavily pregnant woman lying on her back behind the bushes, flies above.
My daughter was pregnant at the time.
 Two incidents in ASDA shop:
1.(Inside) the woman shouted: somebody is going to hit you!
2.(Outside) the man shouted: smb. will hack your fingers off!
[ Sat.21 April, 2018] - Just happened to 'run into' Cllr. Graham Burgess in the Morrisons supermarket this morning. Made an appointment to see him in his office Wed. 25 April at 9:30am.
The street scene ( or S-theatre as I call it ) the other day (Police BlackOp) on my way home from Gosport library:
1. Police woman (angry?) with 2 dogs walking past library entrance;
2. The RAF (Royal Air Force) helicopter (silver-red) over FOX pub might have caused air turbulence (no wind) that lifted black plastic garbage bag piece shaped as a square right in front of me.
Since yesterday my fridge "sings" - fluids rumbling and ice forms inside. High-tech joke?
My posts from 2016, 2017 and 2018:
(14:18) - I am in Fareham Library now. A dvd game on sale (20 pounds) for children (!) in the WHSmith shop (opposite Fareham Bus Station) is Exploding Kittens, "for those who are into kittens and explosions". Took picture.
I also took pictures of a big POLICE SHOW this morning in Gosport. Apparently it is meant as an attraction/publicity for " police commissioner Michael Lane". Not a word about NO TRUST from Hampshire Police officers!. Not a word about 1600 strong vote in National Papers, - see scans of articles above in this post (Addenda Twenty Five).
Sweden. Young DJ Avicii died in OMAN. I remembered how Swedish woman politician Anna smth. was stabbed to death in a Supermarket years ago. Should ask Monika on Facebook about Avicii.
Saw the Kenyan (?) woman with children in the Fareham Shopping Centre. I think I saw her husband time ago in Gosport.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Addenda Twenty Four.

( nr 391 ) - Another British BANKING scandal - so-called PPI advertised widely online, on radio, posters and even a blue leaflet ( from Barclays) in my post box a week ago. Ads go like this: you may be owed thousands of pounds (on everage ... ) due to some mistake by the banks (all major banks), etc. etc. There was a big and ugly poster on bus stops: Have you not applied for PPI yet ?!
One day as I wanted to follow up info about PPI online, I found myself diverted/tricked into Russian and Israeli websites.
Today I went into four branch offices in Gosport and Fareham (Barclays, Lloyds and HSBC) to ask for a leaflet or official statement by the bank management about PPI.
None had anything in writing ! That is with the abundance of color glossy leaflets in every branch.
Another dirty trick? Money laundering? Just like gambling/lottery on the back of supermarket receipts. I never tried it.
Today is  5 March.  Two of my posts with STALIN reference (47 and 288): (strange url: nr 47 on 28 Sept.)
The search word Stalin on this website produced Ten links (not chronological): nr (numbers) - 47, 253, 288, 251, 124, 327, 384, 168, 46, 391.
[ Thursday, 8 March, 2018] - METALS - steel, aluminium, copper, metals heavy or not, metals rare ... . All a must for industry, economy, military ... .
The Belgian website about decades of Org. Crime waves definitely was run or infiltrated by The Org. Crime, incl. top levels of society.
Russian billioneer "Oligarch" POTANIN ( calls himself Energy Evangelist) wants to give his money to a Charity. Belgian Leo Stroobants (user name Leo) wants to register a non-profit org. for the INFO on the Belgian website. INFO belongs to posters and readers and is of Public importance.
My post "ENGLISH please - urgent questions: " (by galina-a-anikeeva) ends with a ridiculous sentence by Sys. Admin/Moderator AI called Ben:
"Poetin heeft me gevraag [-ed ?] om dit topic op slot te doen, dus bij deze ... En als AI ben ik nog niet in staat om dit bevel te negeren." - (2 pages) .
In English: Putin has asked me to close this topic, so .... And as an AI, I can not yet ignore this order."
To me the sentence is a proof of PUTIN persona being a puppet of CABAL. My latest theory is that it is The BRITISH cabal.
Gary Cohn resignation ... Fuzzy roots and background ? Eastern European is a strange category.
As strange as a Latin American, for example.
I remember trying to check name Cohn online. Surprisingly, it came as originally Irish. When I tried to check ethnicity of the owners of that website, the search came to zero result.
Russian BBC journalist suggested long ago, that I buy more than one copy of a Soviet/Russian book in a London shop - authored by Cohn ( MD?) (in Russian letters surname KOH) who advocated homosexuality and other vice. Pure pre-Stalin (and after-Stalin) communist anti-family propaganda.
In my e-mail to Moscow I wrote: Soviet, Jewish, criminal.
[ Friday, 9 March, 2018 ] - A high level Belgian State Security officer had warned his family about gang (Bende van Nijvel) attack in supermarket Delhaize in Aalst:
An incident in Scala College in a Dutch town Alphen aan de Rijn :
Was there a German activist Cohn-Bandit ? Pet (Bulgarian) is 5 (piat in Russian).
Steel and Aluminium ( trading and scientific research)  are in the family of Gary Cohn.
Lisa Pevaroff? Russian name Povar means Cook.
[ Sat. 10 March, 2018 ] - Many shady characters in the SCRAP METAL or secondary metals and second hand cars businesses !
Post ww2:
Britain, Belgium and Holland were accused by Mr. Howard Bruce of misuse of Marshall Aid:
David Cohn ( father of Raphael Cohn in Skipton, North Yorkshire)  was in the secondary metals business. He lives with his wife Elaine Cohn in Bradley Village in North Yorkshire.
My letters and e-mails to RUSSIAN and ISRAELI ambassadors with questions about Cohn family identities and background were not answered. The two embassies acted in a coordinated fashion.
The family background of Dutch Org. Crime MC character Klaas Otto:
Gypsy, Old Cars/scrap metal business.
Metal Recycling COHEN in US - family owned since 1924:
GCS Steels ( for George Cohen, Sons and Company) in Britain:,_Sons_and_Company
Mentioned: Gosport and Leeds.

[ TUESDAY, 13 March, 2018 ] - Two scans posted:

1. From Daily Echo of yesterday:
 by Chris Yandell about ongoing vote of no confidence in ( Michael Lane) among Hampshire Police Federation 2,800 members.
Hampshire Police Federation Chairman is John Apter.
Quote: Last year a call for a vote of no confidence in Alison Hernandez, Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, was thrown out by Cornwall Council.
The motion was tabled by Labour group leader Tim Dwelly.

2. Photo of former president of Dutch MOTOR CLUB No Surrender Klaas Otto (from

URGENT call to copy, download, distribute all or as much as possible from the Belgian Org. Crime websites (special attention to FORUM discussion posts) : not only , but so-called French websites (mostly in French language).
[ Wed. 14 March, 2018 ] - 3 posts from 2011 and 2016:
[ Friday, 16 March, 2018] - Just posted on my " Generaal Devyver?" post minutes ago (11:34 marked CET 12:34) :
And my post of 18 January 2018 "ENGLISH please - urgent questions:" which lasted 6 hours and ended with closure. Names: LEO (Leo Stroobants), Ben (R.J.Broersma/Prof. Petkov?), and surprisingly ... Vladimir Putin and .... Potanin:
It had happened before, indicative of the tech/human factor: my post today is now marked 13:34, smth or somebody in the time zone between London (Greenwich), Netherlands (CET) and Moscow.
11:34 in London is 12:34 in Holland and 14:34 in Moscow.
The Forum software on bendevannijvel is of Informer Technologies (registered in US back in 1996?).
[ Wed. 21 March, 2018 ] - {Cold War to date} - letter K stood prominently and 'artistically' on a solid building - office of BULGARIAN firm Kintex in Sofia.
Officially an import-export FOOD company, it operated a huge illegal DRUGS and WEAPONS trade. All under the guidance of KGB [ joke: K-GB].
Gosport, Woolston Court 4: - my window looked out to a "K-house" opposite, where an Isle of Wight ferry captain lived with his family. That was when I complained about one K (user name) on a Russian Forum (Sergei Kara-Murza plus military history forum - see post somewhere on this site).
I also pondered about possibly multiple (different asci) K users.
On my hard disc I found saved/planted graphic images of munition that looked like cosmetics (lipstick), which I simply have not even seen before.
Kintex has 'closed' - renamed itself Global smth.
Kintex had a Belgian business partner Nutribel firm.
From the posts on
Did Kintex have direct contact with Nutribel ? - No, via firm Corecombel, there was an ENGLISH Col.  He fought in Burma. A nice chap, very British.
An interview with Radaslav Totorov ( was head of Kintex for 15 years) who mentioned Roemen PETKOV among others:
Post by dim on the bendevannijvel forum of 02-02-2010 11:04:
Berlusconi wil Israel bij EU - Berlusconi wants Israel in European Union.
[ Thursday, 22 March, 2018] - K-HOUSE sign on a house opposite/behind Woolston Court, 4 in Gosport, where I lived.

Recently opened (noticed?) K - KNOTT - KINETICS in Gosport: 49, Stoke Road:

There is also Qinetiq "pool site-ocean basin tank"  in Gosport in Haslar Road. There is a Photo from the local paper The News in my post from 2008:
Ref. Shooting Incident: see photo of Michael, who shot at me (with Bob in flat 22) from a laser gun with an infra-red sight. M. lives in flat 23 with his aunt(?) in flat 24 (black curtains).
Cllr. Graham Burgess visited the crime scene, asked me for my contact details as he was having a meeting with POLICE later that day, saying they would contact me, come to take my statement.
Police never came. Quite the opposite.
[ Friday, 23 March, 2018] - R. Todorov casually used word 'kosher': my life is/was not kosher.
So, KGB joke (Kosher Great Britain) is or may be closer to reality than fiction.
Russian visitor to Holland: asserting that most Romanians are actually gypsies. Could Roumen PETKOV be actually Roumyn (Romanian) Piatkov ?
Ref. Bende van Nijvel website:
1. From Ben (16-12-2015 16:48): Montgomery Kee David (MKD), Montgomery Kee Rory, Arratoom Aileen (epouse de MKD).
2. From swansongunsung (13-10-2015 10:28): David Montgomery Kee, Flat 14 Kensington Mansions, Trebovir Road, Kensington, London, SW5 9TF.
Legion of Frontiersmen ... SAS ... LoF..... Col John Dunkley.
Gangster Charlie Kray.
From my past posts: Gosport Model Boat Club member asking me about Anthony Churchill, who was "helping Russian Sailors on Isle of Wight".
Channel Islands occupied in WW2. V-rocket or von Brown ww2 project on Isle of Wight.
YOU-BOAT firm by Gosport Ferry reminds one of U-boat.
RU: Perfida Albiona ?
[ Sat. 24 March, 2018] - My posts from 2011 and 2014:
[ Wed. 28 March, 2018] - HMS Centurion - OFF-SHORE British Navy military base in Gosport:
between GRANGE Road and MILITARY Road.
The secret Military Doc. that was planted on me by MI6 criminals ( Julian Robinson and Co.) must have come, surely, from this military base.

[ Thursday 29 March, 2018 ] - BRITISH POLICE .....
On the right side in the 'blue entrance cubicle' of the Gosport Library there is a stand with 21 posters, all coloured, emanating from POLICE and Ministry of Justice. They proclaim no tolerance for HATE CRIMES, where H8 must stand for H-eight meaning hate. The website is
Among categories of Racism, GYPSY. Irish Travellers, Homiosexuals, Disabled, etc. not one poster
mentions Anti-Semitism or Anti-Jewish .... crimes or hate.
British Labour Party is in turmoil with headlines, demonstrations and British Jewish Groups accusing British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn of ANTI-SEMITISM.
[ about 12:15 ] - I have asked a woman in police uniform by the entrance desk/stall (number 15076) 2 questions:
1. Why words and category of ANTI-SEMITISM are missing from official propaganda material against 'hate crimes', while it is a highly political issue right now.
2. Who pays for lavish editions of coloured and glossy posters, brochures and souveniers (I was offered to take one free textile hand-bag).
Police woman could not answer my questions. She promised to find out and get back to me, writing the url of my website, which gives 3 possibilities to contact me in (in writing): text on moblile tel, letter or note in my post box (residential address) or e-mail.
PS: Last Monday( 26 March, 2018), as I waited for a bus at Grange Road bus stop (at about 15:20?) to return home from Junior Assembly ( Idony got a prize) at Alver Valley schools (see map above), coincidentally:

1. Julian Robinson (retired British Navy intelligence/MI6) cycled past.
Ref: secret military document planted on me at the Gosport Library. Wrote a letter. 

2. A teenage boy - blond, in white summer sports dress also waiting at the bus stop (behind it).

3. POLICE car parked at a short distance.
PPS: On a bus there was a young (blond) mother with a pram. Very young, too young.
Does her mother work at the school ? Facial resemblance/expression reminded me of LILIA (a Russian wife of a Nigerian man) in Lagos. She in turn was somewhat similar in appearance to American woman El  ... smth (ref. Treasury).
Around same day there was an ORG. CRIME theatrics (ref. Roman Abramovich): football fan in front of me wearing blue jersy cap with golden thread embroidered CHELSEA.
A few 'serious looking' men around Kenian woman with a pram (same spot on Clarence Road), a man smoking pot/drug sigarette at the bus station, (confident look) who looked inside the bus at the moment I did pick METRO newspaper with Jeremy Corbyn on front page looking .... confused or guilty in the midst of accusations of ANTI-SEMITISM.
BRITISH daily paper reported K-O-S-H-E-R meals offered to PRISONERS who sign up or declare themselves JEWISH. Many do so to enjoy food much better than a standard prison menu.
So, some are fed, dressed up, let out in OPEN PRISONS and On Parole.
S-Theater with PSYCHOLOGIST minders.
[ Sat. 31 March, 2018 ] - Amber Rudd (Home Secretary or Home Affairs Minister) " visited police offices near Fareham" on Thursday 29 March. Hmm, Gosport is near Fareham, and Michael Lane lives in Gosport. See scan of The News (Friday, 30 March, 2018). See my Thursday post (update) above about POLICE. The 21 posters are there, but the one with a large(r) size hand-cuffs centre page is missing (?).
Earlier today:
1. Four managers inside Morrisons Supermarket: Mike, Martin and two others.
Safeway became Morrisons. I remember one manager named Pniok.
2. A man ( with an earring as I called him) with his wife standing outside newsagent (?) on Stoke Road .... That was about the spot I "met" Michael Lane, as I walked with my granddaughters from Newtown Primary home. The man who was leaving Gosport Library (familiar face) as I was about to enter it, I think is the one (?) , who to my surprise, had said that M. L. could not have looked at the children pointedly. It was soon after I sent a card to him/Gosport Police asking for ref. number of report by Bob (flat 22 St. Matthews Court) and if the report was withdrawn.  That was when Bob himself (who did give the ref. nr. earlier) told me that his son had committed suicide and he has another son in Afganistan. No reply from police.
Gosport has been under Conservative/TORY rule at all times (?). MP: Peter Viggers, now Caroline Dinenhage.
Today I glimpsed the name of Cressida Dick on the front page of The Times.

Is Abel Danger (McColl) website still blocked ?
Dalai Lama vs NXIVM cult. Daily mail article refuses to get printed. Is it because of the photographs? NXIVM is an acronym, but no explanation online.
Women and Crime:

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Addenda Twenty Three.

( nr 390 ) - THEY mock us : Statue of Liberty is a MAN dressed like a woman - transgender Castrated Wife of BAAL (by Lymerick):
The link page is difficult to print.
By the way, I wondered about similar (?) Justice sculptures, where the idea of a blindfolded woman holding scales seems incongruous to me for at least 3 reasons.
BLUEBIRD - by Dr. Ross  ( Colin A. Ross MD ) -

Satanic abuse/experimentation on adults and CHILDREN ...
British homosexuals in AFRICA - how much harm done?
As a prominent member of the cabal, is Lalage Bown implicated in the death of my good friend Lynn Nwuneli ?

What about another friend Ramatu Abdullahi?

What about children and grandchildren of Lynn and Ramatu ?
Many more people and stories.
PS: "The man with the ear-ring" and a child on High Street this morning at about 10:07.
Controled by local women.
So far no replies/responses from Susan NORTH (Skipton) and Diana PIDWELL (Blackpool).
Years ago the father of Jenny Oduko in Guildford said to us (a group discussing a conference in Israel): Don't go to Israel.  Nobody should go to Israel !
My two posts of February 2011 (287and 288):
Women and crime:
[ Sat.17 Feb. 2018 ] - Little girl Insiya kidnapped in September 2006 from her grandmother's place in Amsterdam:
Earlier report of Dec. 2017:
My post Addenda Eighteen:
British media has widely written about Navalny as almost the only Russia's presidential candidate.
There are 8 candidates - LIB-DEM (!) and APPLE= YABLOKO (!) among them:
Baburin, Grudinin, Zhirinovsky, Putin, Sobchak, Suraykin, Titov, Yavlinsky.
Got a card from Diana Pidwell. She writes that she does not work for MI5/6.
Told "Paul Cleg" that I don't want to hear his voice ('greetings') a few minutes ago.
Blocked by British Establishment ( IT Hampshire ) -
free PDF books on
[ Mon. 19 Feb. 2018 ] - Communists (!) are alive and well in Russia. British Communist party is active but never spoken or written about.
British Media, having widely written about Navalny as the leader of The Opposition ( to Putin), declared after his nomination was cancelled, that "Putin shall stay" as the other 2 candidates can not be taken seriously ( can not win ). The two were: 36 y. old woman Sobchak and a man whose name ...has D or d letter (can't remember).
Is PUTIN a puppet of "British Empire" ?
ALL videos on News/Forum websites have NO SOUND on a British Gov. network IT Hampshire.
Jamming has turned to a total 'blackout'. The turning point as I remember, was the video of Nigerian Governors paying surprise visit to the Presdent in Abuja House in London.
[ Wed. 20 February, 2018 ] - Further to my OPEN Letter (THIMC)  of  9 January, wrote another one this morning. All marks of S-theater, perpetrated in the British Establishment region.
Some history: Satanic Anti-Christian vandalism plus professional actors back in 2012 on Sunday 6 May - 10th anniversary of assassination of Dutch polititian PIM FORTUIN (sp?) who wanted to radically change relationship between Men, Women and Children.

As I said earlier today:

(1) Proverbs:
  -  Friend in need is a friend indeed.
  - Glupy drug opasnee vraga (Foolish friend is more dangerous than an enemy).

(2) Yougoslavs in Holland were wondering how The British knew about super-secret meetings their politicians held before the war - ref. BBC documentary series "Death of Yougoslavia".
"The British/BBC" knew because THEY were the secret manipulators behind the scenes and had spionage networks in Europe and US.
The Americans, however, became the scapegoats, as they bombed Belgrade. Americans also bombed Japanese cities. Here goes Anti-Americanism !

(3) My friend Diana Pidwell seems not to realise that she, as a clinical psychologist, is in the eye of the storm. Shoemaker without shoes? ... Which Alphabet Agency? ....
[ Thurs. 22 Feb. 2018] - Scan of InBiZ ( Job Center Plus contractor) - card of Julian Robinson - former Navy Intelligence officer. Ref. my e-mail to him about UGLY attempts of MI6 to recruit me using harassment, which, as I pointed out, was organized by Establishment.
He later told me, that "... he did not know, that he was told to ..."
His office was full of women, the type I refer to as "Irina+" spionage/criminal network.
I sent copies of that e-mail to some people/organisations, incl. my friend Diana Pidwell.

One post with the scan of that E-mail dated 7 September 2005 is in my post (nr 283) of 6 Dec. 2010:
[ Friday, 23 February, 2018 ] - News: yesterday Trump's offer to give guns to teachers to protect students, was followed up later by announcement that he is for stricter gun control and .... the voice on air was not (at all) that of US president.
Dutch Pim Fortuin was Jewish and openly homosexual. Sunday 6 May 2012 was also a Second Jewish Passover. Dutch musicians from the Hague, V-C Prof. Craven, Georgian countess, Head of Music Portsmouth University. Very theatrical pink hat was on display in our foye. Jewish students.
I have a post LY plus on this website. American Communist Youth org. has a logo of 3 letters:
L, Y and C.
HOMELES (?) people locally were announced to be/include SAS ( military) people.
The horror homeless (?) man seemed to have smashed a 'smart material' glass. The special glass was discovered by me by accident in Gosport market years ago (Indian looking traders).
As I encountered him indoors, some moments of interest:
1. He was coming out of our floor (flats 25-28).
2. I left my door unlocked, he could have stolen smth. from any flat or storage.
3. At one point he was on the landing opening door next to appt. 25, his left hand in his pocket. I did not 'get scared' and he just stood there swaying. Said smth. in unclear voice and I asked him to repeat. The word was MOBILE. I said I had none.
4. Upstairs one capboard door with el./gas meters was ajar. A large milk bottle was next to the entrance door (inside) a day before.  First empty, later with water. I threw it away.
The WOMAN from flat 24 (with black window blinds) who (I am convinced) is related to MICHAEL in flat 23 (the shooter) was coming in today (and going out Tuesday morning) wearing 'zebra' coat and color red. 'Next' a man wearing red, black and grey colors.
Years ago (with Polish neighbours in that flat and the top flat 32) there was (?) some zebra motives (dress, car) and an exotic (?) ZEBRA musicians band coming to play in a pub next to the MASONIC hall. Seemed East-European or Balkan, I could not tell or find out.
Some definite themes of WW1, WW2 incl. Prisoners of War and Slavery (black and white slavery).
Jewish Youth Activists who very speedily came out in force to sweep and clean broken glass in Central London had very Soviet/Kibbutz or collectivist style. Was it around WW2 memorial events?
Can't remember.
Holland: obviously fake and violent activists (Soros? - he openly defended Communism) who declared Black Peter and Farther Christmass (St. Nikolaas) racist, wrote on Facebook that "shattered glass would cover faces of children". Shall look for the article with photos.
My Indian neighbour opposite had very much lighter complexion last time I saw him.
Yes, those Extreme Left ... psychopaths (?).
Last year (?) there was smb. in Paris who desecrated the alter of famous cathedral by shooting himself over it.
The threatening words of Michael van Zeijl -
leader of Dutch extreme-left action group De Grauwe Eeuw (could find nothing about it on Wkipedia !) were actually not about broken glass, but "brains and bone splinters" of ... Father Christmass !
 - " ... alle kinderen er getuigen van zijn (...) en massaal onder zijn hersens en botsplinters bedekt zitten." -
[ Mon. 26 Feb. 2018 ] - DAVID FLOYD - Pink Floyd - Asperge Plus:
scan on purple background from The Sunday Times of yesterday.

Also yesterday upon seeing Sunday Mail headline about Helpline for Veterans, I exclaimed:
Oh, No ! Absolutely UNSAFE. Another charity ? .... With push to legalise drugs/narcotics ?
Telephone lines are of course, 'hackable' and criminals, such as abusers of children, would very much want to listen, etc. What about not knowing who you are talking to ? As I voiced my protest in Waitrose supermarket, a shop attendant with a distant resemblance to The Michael (flat 23 St. Matthews Court, Gosport) sort of banged loudly the crates he was packing.
Michael the SHOOTER, who had shot a high-tech gun (with laser sight) at me.
He, by the way, had banged his door last time I saw him.
Hypnotic commands/messages are also used by Mind-Control and Brain-Washing experts.
Cllr Burgess did talk/listen to BOB in flat 22. Why did police not come to take my report? Was Cllr Burgess also threatened or shot at ?
The woman in flat 24 looked shocked/frightened when she saw me. Did they think I'd drop dead ?
Where does she work?
[ Tue.27 Feb. 2018 ] - I think I saw former (?) CAB advisor this morning, who was the best (chem. engineer) but told me "We can't do that" when I officially asked for INVESTIGATION ref. my e-mail of 7 Sept. 2005.
Lot's of dots and connections. Shall try to be quick today.
Diana Pidwell works in both government and private sectors: NHS and COHEN associates.


Two scans from The News of yesterday about funding, charity, NHS, PTSD, Combat Stress, Royal Navy veteran David Coomber and his wife Janice.
Also news about wedding of FAREHAM MP Suella Fernandes and Rael Braverman.
[ Wed.28 Feb. 2018] - More details about "homeless bandit" incident:
1. Tesco bag was thrown over the bush.
2. A black woman ran/hopped past St. Matthews Court (seen before)
3. The large milk bottle got filled with water or fuel, but I decided to just pour it out and throw the bottle away.
4. So-called smart materials and high-tech apps/weapons were used before - as from Sunday 6 May, 2012. Ref. door frame, iron gate.
5. A man I spoke to Tuesday last week had tattoo up to his elbows. I remembered him when seeing same tattoo on a young woman working in Tesco, Grange Road.
Word 5 in Bulgarian is PET (same as in other Slavonic languages), so Prof. Petkov is Prof. Fiver/de Vijver ... .
Slovak Investigative Journalist Jan Kuciak ( 27) and his girl-friend Martina (or Marina) Kusnirova were murdered mafia-style on Sunday. Jan Kuciak worked for
Slovak Police are in contact with Italian and Czech Police.
Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in law, looses access to classified/secret information:
[ Thurs.1 March, 2018] - Maria Troskova among names in unfolding story from Slovakia:
A few years ago it was only EUROPEAN Arrest Warrant that helped the arrest of a major mafiozi in Britain. Forgot his name. He ran a Travel Agency.
IT Hampshire 'does not want' articles from Slovak Media printed - reporting some internal error.
Articles such as "Valcek Interview: With Jan Kuciak, we got to the Mafia through Troskova".
I noticed very strange sentence ( from RSF ?) about statistics: This is the fifth case of a journalist or journalists being murdered in an EU country in the past 10 years. - ????
 A few names omit Kim Wall. Text hacked? I quote from my scribble, as the printing was not possible. Was it on Slovak Spectator?
Is Danish Madsen related to Madsen woman manager of FAREHAM Shopping Center?
British Communist Party has a Post Box address in Leeds, Yorkshire. ASDA supermarkets have HQ in Leeds.
My post LEEDS to ITALY from 2012:
LY plus:
Gosport Voter/Civic ... Register is available for general sale and can be used for any purpose !!! -
[ Friday, 2 March, 2018] - IT Hampshire (British Gov. network), having blocked printing of the last report of Jan Kuciak on and other Slovak websites, allowed printing from Slowak PRAVDA website:
The title of the unfinished report is:
Talianska mafia na Slovensku. Jej chapadla siahaju aj do politiky
US Sanctions List on the Treasury website:
Sanctions List Search:
[ Sat. 3 March, 2018 ] - IT Hampshire ( British Gov. network ) at it again:
the printout of data on PROPERTIES sales is sabotaged. Blue and yellow "key" explaining the graph of Sold properties in our PO12 Gosport area, incl. St. Matthews Court is blanked out.
Go to House Prices in my area on
I also looked up prices in our block on Leaders estate agents site. Criminal Vandalism destroys properties and make people flee, selling the house for fraction of its price to the criminals, who vandalised it (MAFIA) in the first place.
I heard the word Totalitarism for the first time from Leonid Timochouk.
2014 post Nelson and Lloyds:
The seven Italian men (26-62 years old) arrested on Thursday are released (after legal 48 hours) in Slovakia. What is next ?