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( nr 343 ) - Russian slang for Beetles (singers) can be transliterated as Bitly (emphasis on y).
I have just tried to check an apparently junk e-mail in my InBox ref. DHL shipping documents, sent 31 August 2015 13:01:19. What I find interesting is that the attachment led to an url address as follows:
So, reminded me of L and Y, logo of a Zionist youth organisation Bnei Akiva with 'Russian' letters L and Y, LYBERRY in Portsmouth, etc.
My post LY plus of Wed. 15 August 2012:
[ Thurs. 10 Sept. 2015 ] - I first heard Beatles (music and name) in Moscow, assuming the name was about insects: beetles. That must be the reason I misspelled Beatles as Beetles above.
In my Oxford dictionary there is a Beatnik generation, beatnik likened to sputnik and "U.S. use of Yiddish - nik - agent-suf. " (approx. quote).

Early morning posters compare favourably with midday mayhem. I shall extend my summer holidays and keep it casual and informal.

My monologue this morning on my way to Gosport Library fits the above.
What a strange "junk" e-mail in my InBox! Sent: 31 August 2015 13:01:19.
 From: (dhl parcel) (bluebirdtradingent ( at ) To: blank.
1 attachment - DHL_TRACKER_pack.pdf (93.2 KB)
Well, if I am not mistaken, Renya Akwa worked for DHL in Moscow. Was it Price Waterhouse? Or both ? Olga Patta had Datsun Blue Bird car in Lagos. Another 'semantics' in Lagos: 1004 appartement complex where Olga Patta lived ( I mentioned it in my website:
I noticed that even in Keesings Archives STALINS CONSTITUTION - 1936 Soviet Constitution, where homosexuality was again, as it was before 1917, declaired illegal, criminal, is hardly mentioned. Also looking for Scrap metal fraud (ref. Marshall Aid) investigation at some high level. Accusations were international and directed against UK, Belgium and Holland.
New Communist Party of the Netherlands founded in 1992. No exact date. Who are the people?
[ Friday 18 Sept. 2015] - The three Soviet Republics between the Black and the Caspian Sea, were originaly known as one CAUCASIAN republic. There were Soviet anekdotes about Q/A between Georgian and Armenian Radios. No anekdotes about Azerbaijan. I believe the emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel started there: Georgian Jews, Armenian Jews, etc. Nagorny-Karabah, of course.
Armenia was among Soviet Republics independently represented in UN.
Lavrov has some roots in Armenia.
 Anastas MIKOYAN: Armenian with a typically Armenian name. A sole survivor in a massacar (execution of ) "26 Baku Commissars") by the British.
In a US documentary he is shown 'unofficially' visiting US in the 1950s, with a young male interpreter who was visibly homosexual.
I found a caption of about seven photoes ref. arrest of 74 Armenian Power (Mafia) members in US in 2011. The printout did not come out, or I misplaced it. There were TWO women in that selection: the first TATIANA BOLSHAKOVA and another one. I remember O.Teroganesyan was there (similar to Daily Mail publ. of 17 February 2011). Can't find it again. I also remember wondering a few years ago about half a dozen BYELORUSSIAN women on WANTED by FBI page, as they looked so ordinary and not criminal.
 Among more numerous Americans and other Westerners we were three Soviet lecturers on Akoka Campus, Unilag, Lagos, Nigeria: myself, Natasha Nkumah and Saakyan (engineer) who was there with his wife (a medical doctor) and two young sons.
[ Sat. 19 Sept.2015] - I have heard his name pronounced Mark Su*kerberg on the radio.
The design and criminal NWO activities on Facebook are disgusting. Language alone kills normal civilized communications between people.
I now have one Tatiana Gettun (looks whorish) from St. Petersburg under FRIENDS REQUEST and a single button Confirm friend. There was an Ignore button there some time ago.

Don't like his FACE, don't like his BOOK.
For so-called ordinary women, watch 1956 (?) Soviet film "Delo nomer 607" if I am not mistaken about the number 607, as I could not find it online just now.
A woman working in a pharmacy (medical+retail !) turns out to be a leader of a gang of hard criminals, but her deepest secret is that she was in the spy-sabotage network, and all goes back to WW2 secret projects.
Who wants to destroy GOOD MEN and take their wives and THEIR CHILDREN ? Kay Griggs says: they take sons of the generals and 'turn' them.
My post nr 213:
It's 306 ! The name of 1956 Soviet film is "Delo No 306".
As I stopped trying to remember the figure, I did remember.
Same when looking for smth. Same experiences confirmed by Leonid Timochouk, as discussed years ago. Isn't it a give-away ?
[ Mon. 21 Sept. 2015] - Too stupid for words ... . Last week in Fareham Aldi supermarket a staff (an African man, who looked very untidy) asked to check my bag as I was on my way out. Well, I did not buy anything. Today in Portsmouth in Primark shop upstairs one Aaron (till 030) at 13:33 gave me six pounds change from ten pounds, while I was buying two items priced four pounds each. I decided to ask if there was a half-price/discount for my purchase. It turned out Aaron simply "ignored" the second item (!). A similar 'mistake' was made by a young man in M&S some time ago.
 I paid for the second item (at till 028)  at 13:36. Next followed additional theatrics with four or five Africans involved.
Young man Aaron belongs to category I call Vovochka or Lobotomik.
There was a scandal in South Africa, when it became known that DE KLERK sent opponents of ANC for training to ISRAEL.
I also read that early in 1990s so-called Mountain Jews from Caucasus were flown by Mossad to Israel for training.
Sergey Lavrov arranged with Tsipi Livni a NO-VISA regime between Russia and Israel:
Waiting for Gosport Ferry, I had a chat with a man who spoke with a "Godfather accent". Must be a professional actor.

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