Saturday, 8 October 2011

( nr 297 ) Russian and Israeli Ambassadors received an e-mail from me dated 7 October 2011.

A letter requesting information about giving circumstantial evidence and an independent report was sent 1st class 6 October to Portsmouth Courts (Mrs Miller) and copy- to Judge Roger Hetherington.

(cont. when I come back from Yorkshire.


[ Mon. 17 October 2011] - At the Speaker's "corner" this morning I touched upon Polsko-Litovskoe state, mysterious Polish masonic emblem (woman, science, rope ....), half a dozen of real women I have known from that region with a 'marked' behaviour, De Bono conference in Malta, BBC films for children, etc.


Scans going up: Soviet publication of 1986/7 for Western readers "Man, Nature and the Future of Civilization" by Nikita Moisseyev.

It ends with "This means in effect that mankind faces the onset of an epoch that needs new ethics and new morals. But this is a separate subject."


Masonic Women in a 1994 book published in Moscow in Russian "Emblems of Masonic Lodges of Russian Empire" by Daria Lotareva.


The News - local paper reporting on the on-going case ( Portsmouth Crown Court tomorrow) of international pedophile network ran by Robert Hathaway and Melissa Noon.


The Indian Lake Project is on Internet -


On FACEBOOK I had difficulty putting Moscow School 710 on my profile and removing International School Eerde... . The school was an expiremental school for gifted children, officially called School-Laboratory no. 1 of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Russian Federation (Russian republic in the USSR). Years 1964-66. I was in Maths-Physics Department. There were also Biology-Chemistry Dept. and Humanities Dept. Experimental, enhanced curriculum and methods. Most teachers were university teachers and researchers.



[ Wed. 19 October 2011] - Three registered letters sent this afternoon ( Amb. NL, Ru, Il ).

Katia Zatuliveter vs MP Mike Hannock (sp.?) is all the headlines today.

Hmm.... Key words: Black Sea, Caucasus, Crimea, Crimean Tatars, Crimean Greeks, Abductions and slavery, Mountain Jews (evacuated by Mossad to Israel), Kazan, Lenin, Stalin, Beria, Georgian Parliament, reported rise in youth crime in Georgia in late 1960s, Ukraine vs Georgia, Armenia, Kurds, PKK, Chechenia, Artek and other Pioneer camps.

Her name Zatuliveter is rather exotic. Black Sea - Black Water ? Turkey, Mladoturks, etc



[ Sat. 22 October 2011 ] - The top four scans: my first ever leaflet I made in 2006, below - the second one I made in December 2010, which is a collage from my current website.

Dutch Women demonstrating against registration of Party of Paedophiles.

Robert M. (Mikelsons) was abused as a child by his mother. He sexually abused more than 85 babies and toddlers in Holland. He, a "submissive" partner in a homosexual relationship with an older former truck driver, was a computer specialist in encryption. They planned to adopt children and open their private nursery.