Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Addenda Ten.

( nr 363 ) - NIGERIA PRAYS, - I called it a dangerous CULT a year ago.
There is smth. of a cover-up online as I see it.
Their poster:  From their ideology as I came across it online two years ago (and which is somewhat hidden, i.e. in Wikipedia):

1. God is Powerful, ONLY prayer can save Nigeria.
2. Hate the Sin, love the Sinner - allegedly Bible teaching.

Some names from their video presentation: Dayo Balogun, Pastor Leke Sanusi and Dr. Albert Okoye.
Direct links to Britain and ( ex-) USSR.
The founder is a former Nigerian President Gen (Dr) Yakubu GOWON, Chairman Nigeria Prays.
The role of Yakubu Gowon as a president, who fought against separatists in BIAFRA Nigerian civil war was hailed (officially) in the Soviet Union, which assisted Nigerian Army against "The West".
Cross River State is where both Yakubu Gowon and my ex-husband have roots, although Victor Adekunle Udom was from a (tribally) mixed marriage: Youruba mother and Efik father.
The wedding dress my ex-husband bought in London for me was the replica of wedding dress Victoria Gowon wore.
KGB=MOSSAD=Mafia is certainly involved, plus their "western" brothers and sisters.
I did raise questions.
It was RAPHAEL COHN who suggested to my daughter that she should search for her father online.
The letters and tel calls I 'accepted' (at best) as only one tenth genuine, mostly forgery.
The Society of SOYUZNIKI (from Soyuz - ref. Soviet Union) - Nigerians, who studied in the Soviet Union, has familiar names, - I know the people. The word Soyuzniki also means ALLIES - word used in WW2, for example.
Does a strange "Mrs. WILLIAMS" who phoned my daughter from CANADA, have linkes to Apostle Alfred Williams ? - see middle photo on
The Medical Mafia branch of  MO-K-SS-GB-AD is very strong. So, in my acronym, there are: KGB, Mossad, Mob, GB, SS and AD (Russian for Hell) and even MO(D) - ministry of defence.
Both Olga PATTA and Ada Akpan (Soviet Jewish women, medics), who worked in the Military Hospital, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria had links to Cross River State (ref. Nigerian husbands).
Some similarity with ALADE family. More familiar faces on their photo gallery.
I wonder what happened to my e-mail sent to Cheam branch of Metropolitan Police on Tuesday, 13 Sept. The answer came from PC Andrew Peek, sent Sat. 17 Sept.2016.
[ Thurs. 22 Sept. 2016] - SORRY for placing Gen.Yakubu GOWON in Calabar/Cross River State.
Forgot he was from Jos State. The idea of choosing representatives of MINORITIES for governments is controversial but popular even today.
Posted TEN SCANS: seven scans of correspondence (not in full, just a sample , note drastically different signatures of Christine Kennard)  about my TENANCY at 26 St. Matthews Court, Gosport and three scans at the bottom as follows:
1. Jewish Passover at Cape Verde. Amasingly, theatrics of recent in Gosport included black hats and Cape Verde/Nigerian Mafia mannerisms. The woman also resembles Mossad Woman as I called her, ref. flat 21 (young Paul) and anniversary of Loeb+ murder in Chicago 1925.
 Sunday 6 May 2012 (Trinity Church Organ, Dutch musicians - Iconoclastic - Portsmouth Univ., etc) was the Second Jewish Passover and the Tenth Anniversary of Assasination of controversial Dutch polititian PIM FORTUIN.
2. David Gorski - does look like a relation of GORSKAYA :
3. Prof. GALBRAITH - new Vice-Chancellor of University of Portsmouth.
New Chancellor: Sandi TOKSVIG. Outgoing VC - Prof John Craven.