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Addenda Nine.

( nr 362 ) - Have difficulty finding Italian Major-General Luigi Bianchi, who was appointed Commander, Allied Fifth Tactical Air Force in August 1958 ( 5 ATAF ).
Info only about Mathematitian Luigi Bianchi.
My post ( nr 342 )  Jewish Goat Syndrome and IT:
[ Wed. 31 Aug.2016] - just posted scan of INTERSPUTNIK entry in 1984 edition of (Soviet) Diplomatic Dictionary.
Ru: Kosmicheski Kompleks i Zemnye Stantsii.
En: Space Complex and GROUND STATIONS.
And where are those (Star Wars) Ground Stations? - Everywhere.
My post "Who is What ? ..." :
[ Friday, 2 Sept. 2016] - Addenda Four post:
Soviet Jewish Immigration ( sixties, seventies) started from the South, Caucasian Republics:
Georgia, Armenia, etc. Armenian Mafia in  New York ... Sergey Lavrov is Armenian/Jewish.
Where are Saakian family from Unilag now? The husband was a lecturer in the Engineering Faculty, the wife - a medical doctor. Yougoslavia, Ukraine, Armenia had independent representations at UN during Cold War.
The scan from Diplomatic Dictionary about INTERSPUTNIK has a book by Kamenetskaya E.P.  as a reference. The marriage of Rita Kamenetskaya (daughter of Samuil Efimovich) was talked/gossiped  about as a 'new' type/trend of what was called in the Soviet Union a 'mixed marriage' (a marriage between Jew and Russian) , as she was marrying a Russian man, a 'simple' factory worker (ru: prostoi rabochiy). Give and take.
Did not like names/faces of Armenian 'friends' on the facebook page of Nkem, the daughter of my friend Lynn Nwuneli. Couldn't really talk to Nkem, when she was in London. She might not know what went on in Unilag in those years.
Small correction: I sort of mixed two issues above: some Warsaw Pact countries were allied with USSR, but allowed their citizens to work abroad, which was not the case with Soviet citizens, as I knew it at the time. I learned from Eng. Saakian, however, that Armenia, like Ukraine, could use their UN representation to negotiate international work contracts, etc.  ANASTAS MIKOYAN ....
Soviet Physics -
SPUTNIK as Russia's Desinformation Media campain? Branch in Edinburg, Scotland ?
Soviet Media 1987:
 Novosti Press Agency: Satanic Agenda by Nikita Moisseyev:
"Man, Nature and the Future of Civilization", Nikita Moisseyev (b. 1917):
- specialist in Applied Mathematics,
- deputy dir. of Computing Centre of the USSR Academy of Sciences,
- member of All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences,
- member of International Academy of Astronautics.
The work involved Western scientists and organisations, such as Club of Rome.
p. 31: "The first experiments conducted with the help of the Gaea system took place in 1982."
Soviet research was systemic, multi-disciplinary, globalist, operated notions of biosphere, noosphere, and so-called human block. The book ends ( on page 93) with proclamation of an "... onset of an epoch that needs new ethics and new morals.
 But this is a separate subject. "
Saw smth. online a few years ago: Nkem's sister-in-law Ndidi has some roots in Russia (ref. Soviet Jewish Emigration to US) and if so, speculations about Barak Obama, Hellary Clinton and Condaleeza Rice being "Soviet" as was discussed on Russian/American Forum may also be true. There was a family picture with Condaleeza Rice. It's a very small world. Could not find anything about Nancy online.
[ Sat. 3 Sept. 2016] - Gosport apart from Frankenstein Navy Laboratories, is a home to Children of Chernobyl and Children of BESLAN "charities". Today is the 12th anniversary of tragic events ( 3 Sept. 2004) in Beslan, North Ossetia (South Russia/Caucases), when Chechen separatists occupied SCHOOL and held SCHOOL children and teachers hostage.
Interestingly, a good book "On this day" (2011 revised edition, ISBN: 978-0-753722-15-2) has a so-called typing error in the heading of the entry: Chechuan separatists hold school hostage: 2004 Russian forces stormed school in Beslan, etc. Hmm, Chechuan instead of Chechen! I checked the Index, where there is no entry for Chechen or Chechuan.
I noticed similar trick/deception in one Geography Atlas, where Index does not have entry for BIROBIDJAN - capital of Jewish Republic in USSR/Russian Federation - close to Chinese border in the Far East and Khabarovsk (corr. 28.11.2017) Area/Krai where ROMAN ABRAMOVICH ( friend of Putin) is ( still is?) a Governor. ( Atlas index scan is somewhere on this or other blogspot site).
Anna Politkovskaya was investigating how KGB destroyed families and traditions during Chechen Wars.
Daily Mail of 25 July, 2016 -  Obama's brother: I'm voting Trump ( from Daniel Bates in New York).
"Malik Obama [ B.O.'s half brother] said he was switching from being a life-long Democrat as he felt Republican Mr Trump is 'something fresh' - and he hates his brother's support for same-sex marriages."
 Kenia and Nigeria are among countries which made homosexuality illegal.
PKK stands not only for Kurdistan Party (K for ? ...) but in Russian letters (similar sounding) means Political Consultative Committeee of countries - participants of WARSAW Treaty ( est. 1955)  . Their Conferences (ru: soveschania) in the (Soviet) Diplomatic Dictionary ( 3 volumes, 1984) are 18 in number: from 1956 to 1983 (in Moscow, Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia, Budapest, East Berlin) - pages 390-396 (vol.2).
NO entry for Anastas Mikoyan in the Diplomatic Dictionary. In the DVD set from US (army educ.?) news chronicle Mikoyan is shown flying into America for an "unofficial" visit with a young clearly HOMOSEXUAL interpreter.
My post of 2 October 2013:
[ Mon. 5 Sept. 2016]
SMOLENSK in Russia has historic and geographical links to Poland and Belorussia.
Ridden with org. crime. Electronics industry. High Military School. KGB/Polish fake priests.
A Russian (-speaker) in Gosport told me he had roots in Smolensk/Poland but is a Russian Orthodox and attends Russian Orthodox meetings/services in University of Portsmouth (smth. about being accepted by students). Had DDR and Scottish (?) badges. Told me Scottish Communist Party was "very strict". I wrote earlier about depraved behaviour of Orth. Priest (Russian-Polish) family (young couple and child or children) in the All Saints Church in Portsmouth, years ago (also Mr Ushanka e-mail, etc.). Another 'character' was involved in Smolensk Theatrics only recently (ref. Polish food in Iceland supermarkets).
[ Tue. 6 Sept. 2016] - The "Scottish badge" above was Shetland, I think. There was another man with US Air Force badge, whom I thought was Yougoslav. Said he worked with IT/Computers and Medical smth. ....Psychiatry?
A very hot "baking" weather came to a holt the day China and US signed Environmental Treaty. What a coincidence.
Since I have a post here about Perugia in Italy ( LEEDS to Italy) I wondered about recent earthquake in that region.
What a surprise to discover a new International Festival of Journalism takes place in Perugia since 2007, I think. One speaker there is Evgeny MOROSOV ( a Russian name) born in Belorussia. Soros scholaship, etc. I can't really read Italian, but here are interesting (key) words from Repubblica.it:
24 marzo 2016: Volo privato diretto a  Parma atterra in emergenza a Perugia.  ... aeroporto dell'Umbria San Francesco di Assisi. ... problemi tecnici.  A bordo ....umbro Brunello Cucinelli .... conferenza al Labirinto della Masone a Fontanellato.
Dutch F16 pilot worked for Belorussian KGB:


I have post here with a better picture of Chris Vanneker. He came to UK for Air Shows. The story, pictures (incl. young boys collecting autographs) by a Dutch journalist (a woman) on her website was taken down. By whom? Link later.

Evgeny Morozov:

GORCY is a Russian for mountain Caucasian tribes in USSR. Often did horce riding in TSIRK (Circus). Mountain Jews trained in Israel.

Police in GOSPORT:

International School EERDE in Holland:
My ex-student Carlos de Bourbon is now a Herzog of PARMA. His mother - Princess IRENE ref. my chat on FACEBOOK with (?) McGrath (sp?) .
[ Wed. 7 Sept. 2016] - Frank! Frank McGrath. Herma, Dutch lang. teacher,  whom I thought was from South Africa or lived there (Frank disagreed) is on a photo/scan of Eerde, blond and wearing African dress.
The rain coming after prolonged and intense heat, must have been 'spiked' - two pairs of shoes gone in one day, damaged physically and chemically.
Police websites info in Hampshire: found (in red, which came out black on a color photo) a bold italic phrase: *This location is permanently closed. Please select a nearby branch.
There was a recent "Spanish Royals" theatrics in Fareham, Portsmouth and Gosport Morrisons supermarket - hapless as the rest.
[ Friday, 9 Sept. 2016] - Right now behind me (comp. 13) at the staff desk there is a woman ( on the phone now) whom I "dabbed" (ru: GeBeshnitsa) - KGB, as over the years she was an actor of very clear scenarios, all to do with KGB=Mossad=Mafia, such as Tatiana Tihonova/Aquino tales and years ago a very pointed suggestion about British Passport (getting one) plus display of KGB swine face of KALUGIN on a cover of a thick book. Close in time to MILITARY document (RAF, something financial, may be a purchase or tender) planted on me in the copy machine upstairs.There was also WW2 - Belorussia-Jews project or desk at the Social Sciences of Portsmouth University.
The scanner I requested does not work. Shall try again.
Two scans of DM (Daily Mail) articles from June 2015:
1.8 June, by Sam Greenhill  - "With a school party on a Commons visit, two Labour grandees who 'abused children' ( 1976: Westminster - MPs Greville Janner and George Thomas).
2. 24 June, by Daniel Martin, Chief Political Correspondent - LABOUR PEER 'RAPED BOYS IN PARLIAMENT', - LORD Janner 'violated, raped and tortured' children inside the Houses of Parliament.
MAYLENE de la HAYE webpage:
May 2011:

Degenerate(s) MALNIK+ want other people's children:
Oct. 2010 (nr 277):
British Parliament to close for renovation? So-called industrial cleaning included?
Yesterday I saw "Red Rose" logo on Gulen schools in Holland, which are now closing.
Similar or same Red Rose ( I thought it was Labour symbol) was on a jacket of a man (ginger hair) who demonstrated his support and ecouragement to the notorious man with an earring on the Gosport Ferry.
World War Two documents missing (?) in the American Library of Congress,
 as was posted on rmn forum.
Are documents/records safe in the Westminster- British Parliament?
What about CHURCHILL archives in the University of Oxford?
From post 259:
Local Retired Engineer Brian Hart was an indep. candidate ( see Haslar and other scandals) in Gosport 2010.
A good diagram showing GROUND stations, relating to SPIONAGE.
Readable Italian:
Sistema di spionaggio elettronoco su ignari civili microcippati:
[ Mon. 12 Sept. 2016] - Just posted two scans from Daily Mail as described earlier in this post.
Family Janner: Greville Ewan Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone QC ( 1928- 2015 ).
From wikipedia: He became a Leicester Labour MP in the 1970 general election as a last-minute candidate, succeeding his father. 1978-1984: chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Janner was born in Cardiff, Wales, to Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) parents.
Readable German:
Janner wurde als Sohn judischer Eltern geboren. Er war ein Sohn Barnett Janners, eines Vorsitzenden der Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.
Bought newspapers yesterday and today to read about Rent Boys (male prostitutes) scandal of Labour MP ( for Leicester East ward)  Keith Vaz. Some points: proposed trip ( to Romanian rent boys) to Tunis or Marocco. Morocco was judged 'safer' than Tunis. Morocco (Moroccan boys) if I remember correctly, was a subject in Demmink Case in The Netherlands. Turkey, Morocco?...
From today's Daily Mirror: "Former Labour city councillor Paul Gosling, who has given police a statement, said Nigel Philpot-Jones ran a suspected brothel at a council block, Oriel House."
A Russian word Eagle can be transliterated as Orel/Oriel/Oriol.
Names again: Dolphin Square Flats in London, Dolphin HMS (emblem near Gosport Ferry), and Dolphin holiday flat in Gosport, which I mentioned in my post (nr 354) Addenda Seven. of Friday, 18 March 2016:
Moldova (former Soviet Republic) people were issued with ROMANIAN passports.
[ Tue. 13 Sept. 2016] - Back in 2012 when a spate of "irregularities" followed Sunday 6 May theatrics, my neigbour Bob from flat 22 downstairs made a report/complaint at the Gosport Police Station. Letters and complaints were written by others, including myself.
However, when at a later stage I asked Bob to give me the reg. number of his report, he ... somewhat apologetically and sadly told me that his son had committed suicide and he has to think about his other son (in Afganistan?). It was so incredible, I even wondered if some professional acting was involved. I happenned to witness (by chance) at least two other people in Gosport (men) who had some tragic events about their sons.
[ Wed. 14 Sept.2016] - No access to hotmail this morning due to "this site temporarily unavailable due to maintenance." Sent an e-mail to Metropolitan Police yesterday.
Yes, the party I was suspicious about, that was held the day a Russian submarine passed along UK coast ( Tuesday?) and was attended by neighbours and outsiders, was held/hosted at Flat 22.
WW2 and Other Wars.  The so-called Communist/Chinese Brainwashing is mentioned in connection with Prisoners of War (Americans). Many thousand GERMAN ( and other) prisoners were involved. Least of all Civil wars unleashed by foreign invasions are spoken about.
GREEK civil WAR 1945-46 resulted in Many Thousand CHILDREN (Greek children) abducted by Communist Rebels and transfered to Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, etc. Red Cross and UN Sp. Committee for BALKANS tried to negotiate their return. Communist Block countries accused them of being "Monarchist-Fascist".
Greek Royal Family (I read) had one Princess IRENE, who, although healthy and attractive, never married. In the Soviet Union, when children were adopted, original birth certificates were destroyed and new ones written out.
Star Wars: http://galina-a-anikeeva.blogspot.com/2012/07/star-wars.html
RAF document planted:
[ Thurs. 15 Sept.2016] - From Keesing's Archives ( 1948-50):
... Abduction of BBC correspondent (Kenneth Mathews?) ... Yugoslavia refused to return abducted children ... Martial Law in Greece ... 1948 June 25- 26 Communists executed of whom 20 found guilty of sabotage of RHN (Royal Hellenic Navy) ... Greek Communists (7000?) escaped to Albania ... 2 Dec. 1948 Red Cross/UNBC: 23,696 Greek children retained in East Europe:
10 000 - in Yugoslavia
3 801 - in Romania
3000 - in Hungary
2660 - in Bulgaria
2235 - in Czechoslovakia
2000 - in Albania, etc.
My post nr 303:
My post nr 288:
[ Friday 16 Sept.2016] - Stories abound about a "mix-up" of new-born babies in different countries.
Interestingly, a 'mistake' if  true, is almost never suspected to begin with, with all possible explanations at hand. Without mentioning names, I recall two striking cases (both with mixed race couples) in Lagos, Nigeria, when in one case the baby was 'very dark', and in another - 'very white'. There were plausible reasons in both cases.
ONLINE: On a Russian-lang. Forum (could have been Military History), a Russian man 'complained' that Jewish men are 'very fast', as he saw his new baby look like he/she had a Jewish father.
FYIO - for your information only.
THIMC - to whom it may concern.
[ Mon. 19 Sept. 2016] -
just posted CHECHUAN instead of CHECHEN from a good book - see entry of 3 Sept. in this post.
Communist Manifesto, Eurocommunism, etc. etc.
FULL(?) text of Protocols (of Cabal International):
Patchy news about explosions and knife attacks (?) in New York and elsewhere.
Knife/Syringe (filled with water) attacks a year or so ago in North West China ? Were they UIGURS, so-called Muslim persecuted minority in China? How do Uigurs fare in other parts of the world?
British HACKER (what a misleading term) LAURIE LOVE is the son of a BAPTIST minister, Reverend Alexander Love and his Finnish wife Sirkka-Liisa Love, who both work in a prison HMP High Point North.
Finland .... Finnish Factory HUTA-MAKI, which may be linked to Middleton's family business (paper plates, etc.) is in GOSPORT. Huta-Maki sponsored Job Fare in Gosport Leasure Centre last year.
ASPERGE again? ...
Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen gave evidence in person ... He is Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
He is Director of the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge. .... has been a consultant in the NHS for 15 years specialising in the diagnosis of Asperge Syndrome in adults. Among other medical specialists in the case: Prof. Kopelman and Dr. Thomas Kucharski.
... Prof. Michael Kopelman ( also spelled Kopleman) is Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychiatry at King's College London.
One Dr. or Prof. David King (?) from King's College London was the medical expert in Garry McKinnon's case.
Natasha KURHT, who has not yet replied to my e-mail, works in War Studies Department at
King's College London.
My previous post: http://galina-a-anikeeva.blogspot.com/2016/08/natasha-k.html
From Daily Mail Oct. 2013 article about Lauri Love, arrested by NCA:
" ... Home Secretary Theresa May blocked his {ref. Garry McKinnon} extradition on the grounds that it would be 'incompatible with Mr McKinnon's human rights' due to high suicide risk { ref. Asperge}. Two months later, he learned that he would not stand trial in Britain either.
Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, ruled that the chances of a successful conviction were 'not high' and that it was therefore not in public interest to pursue Mr McKinnon further."
2010 post: http://002-gaa-draft-notes.blogspot.com/2010/09/david-cohn-disappointment.html
2014 post: http://002-gaa-draft-notes.blogspot.com/2014/08/scotland-plus.html ("X" is Olga Patta).
2015 post: http://002-gaa-draft-notes.blogspot.com/2015/02/cambridge-500.html

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Natasha K+

( nr 361 ) - No answer yet to the e-mail I sent to Dr. Natasha Kuhrt of the Department of War Studies in the KCL - King's College London on Wed. 27/07/2016 10:01 ( to natasha.kuhrt{at}kcl.ac.uk ) :
It's a small world!

Dear Natasha Kuhrt,

Your face (online) I am sure I've seen somewhere ...
Could it have been a boat trip in SKIPTON, NORTH YORKSHIRE ?
Two or three years ago I took my young granddaughters on a one hour canal boat trip in Skipton. They enjoyed the music and dansed. A lady watched them, who I thought, might have been a professional dancer herself.
I assumed it was a family member of an elderly gentleman who had his (90th?) birthday.
Thanks in advance,
Galina Anikeeva:
Key words:

Lord Bramall - Skipton - Morrisons - 'Balleten' - NATO - Moscow Institute of Space Medicine - Russians - etc.
KGB = Mossad = Mafia.
[ Thurs.4 Aug.2016] - There are links on my website(s) which I shall add asap, but the recorded and mostly written facts are as follows:
1. Horrific scale of child abuse in the MILITARY MOB is still censored. I provided link to DUTCH report where the military, and not only politicians are involved. KGB=MOSSAD WOMEN are involved in 'providing' children.
SEE: Pink and Blue Ballet in Belgium, etc.
2. In Skipton, seeing a paper with Bramall headline, I said by the Morrisons cashier:
Old Rat Bramall ! Women behind and casier agreed (nods, verbal, sounds)
Later in the day however (kitch nazi theater in between) the cashier woman (Morrosons) asked me:
Are you STILL all right?
3. Podolsk Mil. Archive ? Not only Mil. Mob Medical?
[ Friday, 5 August, 2016 ] - The scanner is "still broken".
Military Spionage/Sabotage/Occupation and Mob-style Take-Overs.
I wrote earlier that PM Theresa May ( as Minister of Interior) de-facto sabotaged investigation, prosecution (with a chance of accused spies to defend themselves) of Anna Chapman (maiden name Ukranian) and Garry McKinnon (whose father is Scottish). Did she create so-called PRECEDENT of an Asperge Sufferer being exemted from extradition because he "may commit suicide in prison"?
The psychiatrist who "helped" was from King's College London (Dr.King?)
Raphael Cohn,  the son of Elaine and David Cohn is an Asperge sufferer.
 He was charged with abuse of his son Hans Cohn from his first marriage to Candeeza (sp?).
 Hans Cohn is severly autistic.
 Raphael Cohn and his parents were banned from seeing Hans without supervision by a social worker.
 APPLE and spionage in United States:
Skipton Boat brochure scan is on post 347 (Addenda Two):
Communist Mafia (kgb-mossad=mafia) international:
[ Wed. 10 Aug.2016] - The link above has a page with classmate Fradkov. Directly under - Untu Fedor Ivanovich (?) - a military officer from Riga, who said he was busy in Moscow with MEDICAL research about VODNO-SOLEVOY obmen. De Brugh Conference?... .
Is BOOMERANG on hotmail another virus of sorts? I did not 'click' on "plan your conference" offer, but it seems it is all over hotmail now.
Cohn family: signs of links/attachments to CLINTONS.... .
I noticed on Monday in Fareham market that peculier price signs are gone(?).
[ thurs.11Aug.] - List of generals, ambassadors, etc. Post 172 this website 8 oct. 2008.
[ Friday 12 August 2016] - Lingo Deception: words and phrases are made into jokes or filled with a lighter or different meaning, also placed into a different subject or discipline, sometimes unwittingly.
THREE  examples from Mind-Kontrol, which is actually about Mind and Body control:
1. Under Influence - ref. to Hypnotism and its high-tech apps. Bewitching, etc.
2. Murphy Law (things going wrong) - the other side of Optimasation. Both good and Evil can be amplified or optimised.
3. Speedy Gonzales - people moving unnaturally fast, as if floating - was observed last a few days ago, when I wondered who "the mentor" of s-theater was - Gosport High Street, Morrisons. The Cabal freaked out (when I mentioned Untu F.I. and De Burght Conference ) and sent all types who are different from in appearance to deflect attention from themselves.
SPORTS and OLYMPICS are de facto invalidated by the above and not only by doping or narcotics.
Predator ovelaps with Parasite:
Read "The Parasite" by Arthur Conan DOYLE:
www.gutenberg.org/ebook s/355
Enough of Classical Physics, etc. to understand the ... unnatural attractions. More difficult to detect fraud if the object of attraction is ...attractive. The story has definitions of WEAK and STRONG influence/force/effect.
[ Sat. 13 Aug. 2016] - De Burght Conference 2002 in Holland ( four countries: UK,US,NL,RF), where Russian translator NL/RU (Galina? from Amsterdam, Dutch husband in MoD) talked about her little son, who "liked being kissed", etc. I did speak and write about it. -
STUDENTS in Texas (from age 21) who have gun licence are allowed to bear arms in University Buildings. Dutch News of 2 Aug.2016 incomplete URL: www.nu.nl/buitenland/4301217/studenten-in-texas-mogen-wapens-meenemen-u.... 
Boy six, in a van with man. -
[ Mon. 15 August, 2016] - I don't have last week's Times article (ref. Gen. Shirreff, etc.) by hand now. It was about Russia's miltary superiority versus Britain and alleged "secrets". I am not a military expert, but I almost laughed as I read it.
 Extraordinary drone acrobatics (one above another), but no mention of SPACE based weapons. Curious reference to Russia (officially Russian Federation: RF or RU) as RUS. RUS or Rus is the name Old Russia - Kievan Rus.
I actually stated somewhere that Astronomy/Physics departments are de facto ground bases for space satellites and weapons: look at hardware-software-people there and what their research and findings stubbornly ignore.
In Gosport Library a huge space is "office" space and top floor is out of bounds (key hole instead of a button in the lift). Ajacent building of Job Centre has huge top floor with "blind" windows.
RUS ?... RUSI is Royal United Services Institute in London. FOUR services are "United" - Army, Navy, Air Force (RAF) and SPACE. When I first discovered RUSI website, the four services were there and there was ... a Russian face/name in the last department. Perhaps for my "benefit" ( the photo or overlay could have been fed into my file/online activity) the Russian face reminded me of a former neighbour (younger brother of my classmate Lida) Yura Chashkin.
By the way, one daughter of Putin lives in Rotterdam, Holland in a spacious top flat or flats of a tall building.
[ Wed. 17 August, 2016] - Just posted 3 scans (photos) below:
Group photo of VIETNAM veterans with KGB Shelepin sitting third from left (front row), official photo Dr. Natasha Kuhrt from War Studies Dept. KCL and Lord Bramall.
Lloyds Bank Today: "... the account does not exist - account holder name can not be used/checked, because its another bank (Barclays), etc." ....
BANKING criminalised?...
Second suspect e-mail sent to me from iPhone.
From The News local paper today: "Golf club hits out at bank after cyber theft. NatWest (bank) refusesto reimburse nearly £90,000 stolen by hackers" by Danny Randon (danny.randon[at]the news.co.uk). "... the golf club had been negligent in not downloading the recommended security software." By the way, golf clubs own/lease a lot of land.
ISRAEL ? - So-called Islamic State:
www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2014/230728.htm  KGB=Mossad=Mafia.
[ Friday 19 August, 2016] -
The so-called Security Software Plus People is THE PROBLEM.
What a shock to discover Leonid Timochouk is now an Intel Slave, completely "turned"(?).
His CV online is probably ... automatically generated and 'edited'.
I met his father in Delft. His Jewish aunt?... Pity I haven't met Natalia Abramovna, his mother, but perhaps she had said enough on the phone. I wonder if Timochouk family has links with Lydia Timashuk of Doctors' Plot (ref. Stalin's death).
KROSNA = ZENITH (Polish-Russian-Israeli).
[ Mon. 22 August, 2016] - A page from Nat. Geographic is somewhere on this/other site with ZENITH Radio Corporation, International HQ - in Chicago, US.
Sue, teacher of English as a Foreign language (Irish-Jewish-Communist) moved from Moscow BKC to Milan BKC in ...1999(?).
[ Tue. 23 Aug. 2016] - Vladimir KARA-MURZA !..... What a rotten KGB=Mossad=MAFIA ploy.
Just added to Terror International in Italy:
Also added to my latest post on another website of mine:
[ Wed. 24 August, 2016] - Ambassador Anat. Leonidovich ADAMISHIN,  participant in De Burght Conf. on disarmament in Holland in 2002, was a Soviet Ambassador to ITALY in 1990-1992. He also worked in the Soviet Embassy in Italy in 1959-1965 (post not specified).
Tunisian President (Bour....?) was an early proponent of reconciliation of Arab countries with ISRAEL.
Fox and Sons estate agents must be "linked" to Fox Pub in Gosport, where be in 2005 a local man asked me to come and help him talk to his Ukranian girlfriend (visiting). The Ukranian woman was far too young (21?) to be a Bank Manager in Ukraine. Behaved strangely. The Pub was badly lit.
MUST investigate who really owns flat 26 which I am renting from Christine KENNARD in Surrey.
The Gosport Bourough (Benefits) official ( she looked a little like Linda Edwards in Civil/Voting section)  I saw yesterday afternoon told me I must seek legal advice myself, they do not do checks.
I received definitely FALSE e-mails (sent from a mobile) which contradicted standing contract and earlier e-mails from her. I wrote and posted a cheque ( crossed)  for 207.70 pounds to Christine  Kennard, which strangely upset young neighbour PAUL ( flat 21).
 Before leaving flat 24 (which was at one time linked to Football/Roman Abramovich), Phil enigmatically said he knew who owned flat 30 upstairs.
A woman seen with Paul recently (Armenian?) tried to chat me up soon after I wrote to Natasha Kuhrt. She was brunette, but taller and different from an earlier ... parent or guardian, whom I referred to as "Mossad" a couple of years ago (Loeb in Chicago anniversary theatrics, which extended to Fareham and involved Paul. ).  Paul has been a simple but pleasant young man untill the last few days. Highly controlled?
Anna Chapman (maiden name Ukranian, etc.) worked in BARCLAYS Bank. Christine Kennard has acc. in Barclays. First acc. number she sent, as she apologized later had a mistaken digit. I decided to write a cheque.
LEEDS to ITALY: http://galina-a-anikeeva.blogspot.com/2012/10/leeds-to-italy.html
[ Friday 26 August, 2016] - Removed point (CK) but leave a mistaken Beest (Dutch for Beast) above.
Yesterday in M&S (Ports.) I gave further details about incident by the cashier recently. I scanned and posted a receipt giving exact time (my post with photo of John Bull, I think). It was a quick sequence of my saying "Oh, no!" when a blond woman standing between two cashiers had asked: "Are you tempted?" seeing me looking for smth on the packet of figs and me feeling sudden pain in my solar plexus and chest. Figs came from ISRAEL. And a bit earlier in the same shop, a man behind me asked whot I was looking for, as he must have noticed I looked longer than what it takes to see the use by date.
Nikita KHRUSCHEV: My vas pohoronim! ( we shall bury you) - perhaps was not a metaphora after all, whatever his own understanding of bio/chem/etc. weapons.
May, 1973 - New President of ISRAEL is Prof. Ephraim Katchalski (57) - head of BioPhysics dept. of Weizmann Institute. Born in Kiev in 1916, emigrated to Palestine when he was 6yrs.old.
LEONID TIMOCHOUK told me he was asked (by his parents?) to spend a day or afternoon with CRIMINALS or mafia (whichever word he used), which he resented.
I discovered his online CV a couple of days ago (which gave me a severe shock) thinking he might be interested in answers I found to some problems he shared with me - ref. mathematical series and programming, Romanian woman at an IT conference, etc.
The most unacceptable party, loud music, woman in late pregnancy, small child (baby), criminal looking guests from Southampton - all that was so bizarre, that I took pictures behind block of flats 21-32 of St. Matthews Court in Gosport.
 My conviction that there was a hidden agenda there, not just so-called criminality, was confirmed, when I saw in a local paper report of RUSSIAN SUBMARINE having passed English Coast that evening. MILITARY spionage, "laced" music, moblie phones, so-called apps, etc. Besides, there was an ethnic/cultural give-away.
Not long ago Astronomy Dept. in Portsmouth Uni thought it fit to invite families with children (any age!) to watch stars in the middle of the night.
Another idiocy: recent picture of nudists on top of a high-rise building.
Effectively a (toxic) smoke screen for clandestine activities.
SYRIA: Jebel DRUSE uprising in 1954. President Shishakli calls it Zionist/Imperialist plot.
A Druse member of Israeli Parliament, Sheikh Jaber el Mo'Adi alleged on Feb. 1 that Syrian Army and Air Force "mercilessly" bombed Jebel Druse. On Feb. 25, 1954 Pres. Shishakli was overthrown by the military.
Which Rothchild woman was in King's College London? ....
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