Wednesday, 8 October 2008

( nr 172 ) My PS note in the post yesterday about Toben/Tobin is still lingering: now we know from the second article on The Truthseeker that Dr. Toben was arrested in the airplane in Heathrow, but the time is still not mentioned.

I bought 3 newspapers that day (Fri.3 Oct.) to read about the sudden resignation of the London Met.Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, who "became partly a political figure".

Daily Mail: "In March 2006, barely one year into Blair's reign, the Met's Police Federation chairman was calling for him to step down as he had lost the faith of the rank and file.

Meanwhile, Blair's flagship £2.5 million diversity scheme "Together" was under way."

"Together" echoes IV - Iduschie Vmeste. Must be some NWO concept or ideology.


The top Police woman in Britain (a lesbian, who was the head of the Diversity Directorate untill 2003) is currently giving (or has given) answers to questions about 22 July, 2005 tragedy (re: Jean Charles de Menezes) in her role of 'Gold Commander' in the control room during that operation. She is also one of the "Elders" - .

From memory of the radio news coverage, her answers included .... anti-terrorist operations being extreemly risky and ... the safety of innocent people (in the process) cannot be guaranteed to a perfect extent.


I have written before (here or on Expatica) about the conference in the Hague in 2002 just before my move to UK.
Looking at the Programme again and considering what followed (I was told: they are playing games, etc.) I wonder if such noble aims as stated in that document had meaning or significance, which was not obvious at the time. See the word buiten underlined on top of the second page. Could the concept(s) of outside formal or official framework be related to the 'acting beyond authority' in Common Purpose, as pointed out by Brian Gerrish. Charities like Soc. for prevention of cruelty to animals in UK are doing just that, judging from the recent radio File on 4 report. As for the De Burght Conference 2002, they should have listed the names of the interpreters, I think.
This morning on the radio: teachers should or would from now on be on the lookout for terrorist mind set among the schoolchildren and report their concerns to a teacher, specially appointed for that purpose.
Meanwhile women (!) who should not be near children, carry out sex education researches and projects unabashed (see my post and link to the Daily Mail article a couple of days ago).
I have seen Dr.Elizabeth Atkinson's post on the lesbian website ( I have searched for any info on her researches), where she comments on the Daily Mail article. No sight of her response outside that circle.
Next post tomorrow 9 October, 2008.

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