Tuesday, 7 October 2008

( nr 171 ) The 3 scans of the original Daily Mail article and what they did to it digitally the same day ... . I actually had a closer look at it (the paper) when I noticed an over-emotional post from Mike James (???) on the Truthseeker.co.uk, where I do find interesting info, but which I also check regularly for enemy tactics and for what they do not write about.
Another essential detail: the so-called update, which is a misnomer and a crude trick, hiding either a censorship by someone or a foxy trick to erase own inconsistencies and slips, e.g. Henry Makow, who started posting "updates" of his own articles.
PS. [15:29] It's TOBIN vs TOBEN which caught my attention in the first place. There are now 2 articles about Dr. Fredrick Toben on The Truthseeker.co.uk.
Next post tomorrow 8 October.

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