Monday, 6 October 2008

( nr 170 ) Tomorrow is the United Nations birthday, formed on 7.10.1942 in New York City - see the website.
Last Thursday morning I had an interesting 'chat' with the Save The Children fundraiser on the Gosport High Street (near the Police Station). I hope all the recordings 'for training purposes' worked well that day.
It happens more often it seems, that the paper version and the digital archive versions of British newspapers vary. Can't find the "Bikers mob court for Hell's Angel gun murder trial" article by Andy Dolan with three photographs (Daily Mail, Friday Oct.3, 2008).
It's about the Outlaws biker gang and the murder of Gerry Tobin.
People testing positive for synthetic hair, breathing NANO-DUST, containing HEXAGONAL chips/crystals. Interesting photos and videos on the international website
The link is on
Wrong parking: N-550-MYJ on Sat.4 Oct.
Next post tomorrow October 7.

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