Monday, 27 October 2008

( nr 178 ) Must Read: "The worst child abuse perpetrator in Britain is the Government" by Gerald Warner and "Catholic bishops back sex education for primary school children" by Damian Thompson (both articles on Oct.23) on

The woman (!) behind this horror is the first (2001) Minister for Children Margaret Hodge, nee Oppenheimer, born in Cairo:
"Mandelson oligarch linked to mafia boss" by Steven Swinford and Jon Ungoed-Thomas in The Sunday Times, 26 Oct.2008.
Just how did a small boy Oleg Deripaska find himself on a steep international orbit? Any 'kingmakers' out there?
I just discovered that gives a rather inaccurate picture of Gosport Center, where so much of "s-theater" aka scum training takes place.

I decided to list two erratic driving incidents that took place on Clarence Road:
the second last Wednesday 22 October around 2 pm and the first, I think around noon on a Sunday in April this year.
Just unpleasant and stupid, clearly deliberate attempts to unnerve me, may be (I don't like an expression 'nearly run down') or their half-witted design to make me feel intimidated and threatened. Part of their SCUM TRAINING, the trainers foolishy exposing themselves and their
complexes and profiles, as well as the psycho-physical types of their trainees.

NB: I suspect, that such instances are used behind my back to perhaps influence/convince some people and suggest or make them feel that I 'need protection/help' - by the same so-called security agencies, who organise and run this s-theater ( Kay Griggs says the Military / MI/Intelligence is The Mob).

[corrected 28 Oct.] Don't they suggest that they can 'help/assist' and if you turn them down, they go and organise/make sure, that problems and unpleasantries do occur and they foollishly think that you'll go to them for PROTECTION, like some shop-owner after arson. Protection in Russia is krysha, i.e. roof/cover.
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