Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mad Women ?

( nr 304 ) Do so-called mad women aka radical feminists like communist Alexandra Kollontai or Elena Blevatskaya &Co have something to do with ' Revolutions' in Middle East ? Have they (in secret) brought up generation(s) of men whom they completely control ? In my post nr 302 of 6 February 2012 you can see scans of Egyptian figurins in a Charity shop near Waitrose in Gosport. I thought that kind of heineous man-hating rule by 'women' was long past in Middle/Ancient Ages. A current proposal in Egyptian Parliament is to legalise/allow so-called farewell sex/intercourse of a husband with .... a dead body of his departed wife for up to six hours after her death. National Womens Council filed its objection. The photo shows Coptic women in the news article on the official Dutch News website:  Matriarchy in (Greater) Israel ? Communist Party of Israel ? Mossad women ?
When Col. Gaddafi hired female bodyguards, I thought smth. was wrong. My post with KGB=MOSSAD was hacked by Big Brother (or Sister?) in Portsmouth Library about 2 years ago. LGBT agenda?
CIA women, MI6 women, etc. Those women, whom Kay Griggs, American naval wife calls in her video interviews "BAD, VERY BAD !" ?
At the lecture of Prof. F.L.W. Ratnieks ( last Tuesday in Cafe Scientifique in Portsmouth) about his new Lab. named 'Apiculture and Social Insects' (!) I/we learned, that worker bees who have to 'give up their sexuality' and slave for a queen bee, can actually lay eggs just like the queen, but if they do, other worker bees .... kill/murder those eggs. The suggestion was made that it's a kind of a social control of anti-social or selfish behaviour. We heard that Prof. Ratnieks' father taught Russian in a Gun House (?) in Portsmouth during WW2. I was shocked to hear that Metropolitan Police has expressed interest in the research from the point of view of methods against antisocial behaviour.
A couple of years ago on Radio 4 it was reported from a Chicken Farm somewhere, that newly hatched MALE chicks are ...decapitated on a conveyor belt. Man haters are behind  the idea, that men and fathers are not necessary? ... Goal 23 (?) from a Communist Programme of 1963 (Communist Underground in America, Lavrentiy Beria's Lenin's Universities)) states: Present Homosexuality, Degeneracy and Promisquity as normal and healthy. Shall watch Psycho (by Hitchcock) again. There is some  psychology there.
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