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Red Rose questions.

( nr 364 ) - Red Rose emblem was worn by a man ( ginger hair, lemon jacket) not long ago, who very expressively supported and encouraged the Gosport Ferry man (staff) with an ear ring, critisized by me for standing in the way and touching passenges.
The scan I just posted is of a logo of one of the much discussed GULEN schools, now being closed in the Netherlands:
Among other things, Labour Party UK has had a Red Rose as historic symbol.
With new leader CORBYN making headlines, some history and revision may be overdue.
Definitions  from the Soviet (textbook) history:
1.  SOCIALISM - (ru)- ot kazhdogo po sposobnostiam, kazhdomu - po trudu.
2. COMMUNISM - (ru) - ot kazhdogo po sposobnostiam, kazhdomu - po potrebnostiam.
So, while Soviet citizens worked according to their abilities in both cases, under socialism they were rewarded/paid according to their WORK (labour), but under communism  - according to their NEEDS. Schoolchildren asked: Is it possible? Would it be reasonable to satisfy a drankard's need in alchohol? The answer was: there would be no drankards, etc under Communism, everybody will be 'soznatelny', that is of a higher/developed conscience.
At whichever CPSU Congress in the 1960s, KHRUSCHEV announced ( in a radio broadcast) that building of SOCIALISM is now complete and The Party embarks on building Communism.
It was disappointing in the sense that there were no tangible, visible changes of such a grand transition.
WEST-EAST. Cold War was a ruse, and so was the End of Cold War.
The expectation was that the BEST of two systems would combine in a so-called Third Way.
Instead, the WORST of two systems emerged or was barbarically concocted - NWO or International Cabal's Disorder. 'They' control both sides, don't they?
My posts from 2012 and 2015:

Complaint number Three:

Refugees gone missing ?:

Reading about Internet and Computer CRIMES.
1. "Dark web trade exposed" in The Times Sat. 24 Sept.2016 by John Simpson Crime Correspondent.
'Detectives' are Dr. Sin Wee Lee and Dr. Andres Baravalle. Andres Baravalle got his first degree Summa Cum Laude in Mass Communications (Journalism?) in Turin, Italy in 2000.
2. FBI and Congress investigates Hillary Clinton's and her assistants' activities: her personal server, her e-mails, etc.
[ Wed. 28 Sept.2016] - PKK is mentioned in three of my posts:
2015 - UK, China, Russia, Syria, Israel.
2016 - Addenda Nine.
[ Thurs.29 Sept.2016] - Punch 1876 in post Addenda Four:
[ Sat. 1 Oct. 2016] - Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands ALEXANDER VAS. SHULGIN was called on the carpet yesterday morning by the Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders.
Shulgin going back to Moscow is followed by Segei Lavrov announcing that Dutch Ambassador Renee Jones-Bos is no more welcome in Russia.
The Gosport U3A has a meeting next Wednesday. Curious about Current Affairs group.
[ Mon. 3 October, 2016 ] - October FOUR is the day, on which important events happened in Holland and in Russia in two consecutive years - 1992 and 1993:
[Tue. 4 Oct.2016] - Having seen ...."m.2014" ref. marriage (?) in Russian ambassador Aleksander V. Shulgin's biography, I decided to check again, but it seems his biography and online presence is now almost limited to the Russian Embassy website and a Luxembourg Ambassadorial list.
Instead, a lot about another Shulgin(s). Smth. to hide?
[ Thurs. 6 Oct.2016] - scan posted from ANP photo (in an NOS article) of 2015 ceremony of presentation of letters of accreditation of Aleksander Shulgin to the Dutch King Willem-Alexander:
Reported yesterday: All women.... A ship Zaytouna-Oliva under the Dutch flag (not official) approaches ISRAEL coast. The cause is support for Palestinians in GAZA. Women from nine countries include a Nobel Prize winner:
[ Friday, 7 October, 2016] - just posted a scan from chaplinbooks.co.uk with the scandalous and offensive cover image of King David and NEWS of the WORLD newspaper (a headline of Confessions of Christine ...). Met John Bull three times.
 First he asked me if I knew IRINA, and when I told him I did not, he went on to say she is a very good/important person, that one 'has' to know/meet her.
Second time I took his picture by "Capita" building in Gosport and it is in one of my recent posts.
Third time - on a Gosport Library Chaplin Books stand, where he spoke revealing his Anti-Christian and unpleasant identity.
I did describe 'IRINA+' network as a criminal/spionage network.
Incidentally, the News of the World depicted as a FIG leave for King David is also a graphic ....swear at the EXPOSE by that paper if we remember the simple(-est) swear in Russian, which has preposition ON in it.
In one of my posts (in 2009?) I have scans of page(-s) from NoW article with the PHOTO of 21-year old Lithuanian Prostitute VICTORIA VORONOVA (Russian name), who, I remember was the daughter of a (ex-) SOVIET military officer, owned an appartement in Central London and was the wife (not just a girlfriend as I see in quotes now) of an British African/West Indian man.
His name - Brian Sirjuisingh sounds like a nick-name to me: Sir smth ? ...
From my notes in 2014 (02/12) on the printouts of Mil./KGB officers from NOOCOSMOLOGY dot com site:
1. FONAREV D.N. - smb. like him (older) spoke to me last Sat. in Gosport Library. There was some good singing - too good. Plus other coincidences.
2. SAVIN Alexey Yu. - the retired medical officer from Finland Rauni Kilder has recently mentioned, pointed accusing finger at 'Russian general Alexey Savin'.  (Looking for her statement).
I was told (locally) that wrong people  'became rich' during and after Second World War.
(Ru) Iz narodnogo tvorchestva - not translatable:
1. Rossianskie obeziany,
Pederastki i Lesbiany -
Maloletnie bliadi.
Maloletnie bliadi
Stanoviatsa Mnogoletnimi.
2. A gebeshniki - huzhe zhidov.
WIKIPEDIA entry for News of the World is in English plus 38 other languages. A short and angry entry in Russia. NO entry in Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian.
Are pages for Savin and Fonarev still there? -
My posts 190 and 193 from year 2009:
Post 237:
Pennsylvania, etc -
Post 300:
Victoria Voronova photo:
Brian Sirjusingh photo in online Daily Mail article 1353915 (Chauffeur who ...)
Trinidad and Tobago newspaper writes about Lithuanian hooker Victoria Voronova with photo of Brian Sirjusing included:
[ Sat. 8 Oct. 2016] - Slovo (or Slova?) run is another quote from News of the World giving statistics of influx of former Warsaw Pact countries citizens into UK - my post on this site (search did not work). More links/urls:
81 Communist and Workers parties statement of 1960:
An entry for McCarthyism in Wikipedia has a picture of a flyer issued in 1955 by Keep America Committee with 3 dangers depicted: FLUORIDATION of water, VACCINATIONS (Polio Monkey Serums)  and MENTAL hygiene.
 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was posted by Bill Cooper in 1996 with subject: REED BEFORE "THEY" DELETE! -
FEMINISM - mask for MARXISM ? -
Who is killing the STAR WARS scientists ? -
[ Mon. 10 Oct. 2016] - REPUBLICAN party in USA came out with a program, that shook the establishment. Not even the declaration of alliance with Israel (real or tactical?) helped.
I scanned and posted FULL TEXT of the election speech on this site, as almost instantly it became unavailable online - blocked/censored -
List of convenient deaths (ref.JFK) -
Major General Edwin Anderson Walker -
[ Tue. 11 Oct. 2016] - Posts from 2009 and 2011:
[ Wed. 12 Oct. 2016 ] - There were a few cars set on fire Mon. 10 Oct. in Gosport, as reported in The News and elsewhere yesterday. One car was a POLICE CAR.
Fewer children at school.
Dutch newspaper NRC and online nu.nl report threats and intimidation by NO SURRENDER motorclub of the Editor and Journalist of a weekly publication PANORAMA (record back in 2014):
Military Mob benefits from CRIMINALITY:
Mylene de la Haye reported on her website the presence of Dutch F16 pilot on British Air-Show (pictures taken, toys for boys, presence of YOUNG BOYS collecting autographs, etc.).
KGB Belorussia and business deals among active and retired military.
CHRIS VANNEKER still in Dutch Prison in Zoetermeer (?) - at least four links in Addenda Nine:
My 2011 post:
Just corrected my mistake above: PANORAMA is a weekly publication in the Netherlands and not a TV program. Motorclubs have an international network, so I wonder, for example, about MC(s) in Minsk, Belorussia and other countries. Whoever "empowered" smb. like Otto Klaas ? Who drafted their demands/contracts? PETER de VRIES ( and another American journalist) experienced similar threats and demands a couple of years ago - from a convicted criminal.
In the story so far, there seems to be a void of sorts - the role of female criminals.
[ Thurs. 13 Oct. 2016] - Corrected 'Red Pose' above - its Red Rose.
That new Motorclub No Surrender (founded  by "Gypsy/Ciganos" from Zundert/Brabant on 25 Feb. 2013) has 28 branches in 5 countries, 500 members - as of 2013(?). -
Can't find more info about "Sisterhood Halfway" mentioned in the so-called Contract (Verklaring).
Hmm... Kardashian is an Armenian name. The father of Kim made famous via his defence of O.J. Simpson. Only yesterday I read that the robbery was carried out at night by 5 criminals dressed in POLICE UNIFORMS. Breivik learned sewing to make special uniforms (?).
I read today that arson incidents in Gosport took place last Sunday evening and Tuesday.
The female branch of No Surrender MC could be HALLWAY and not HALFWAY, but no info is found online. The name is mentioned only once in the photo of the so-called contract - bottom of  page 1/2 obscured by the shade/shadow.
[ Friday 14 Oct.2016] - Posted two scans from Daily Star of yesterday - 'KATE CLAN ROADKILL SHOCKER' and 'Kate roadkill kids shocker' by LAURA NEIL. SCARY: Slenderman did not fit in into the second scan.
The Middletons .... When photoes of Kate's parents appeared in newspapers after William and Kate got engaged, I wondered if Kate's father had a (twin-) brother in Gosport.
A man spoke to me in front of the Gosport Library, who looked to me like he could have been ... a Russian/Kazach/from TATARSTAN. Kate's mother Carol is Jewish (?).
One colleague of NATASHA KUHRT (her maiden name?) in the Dept. of War Studies in King's College London is TATARKA (forgot her name).
HUHTA-MAKI (sp?) factory in Gosport makes party paper tableware and other party products.
Added initials O.J. to Simpson above.
KGB= Mossad= Mafia.
Addenda Ten: http://galina-a-anikeeva.blogspot.com/2016/09/addenda-ten.html
Hotmail has been difficult to access of recent.
ISRAEL angered by UN supporting the draft/resolution, submitted by seven Arab countries,  about TEMPLE MOUNT:
www.nu.nl/buitenland/4336187/israel-schort-samenwerking-met-unesco-tempelberg-resolutie.html - the link 'resolutie' is to the ENGLISH text of Unesco item 25: OCCUPIED PALESTINE.
The Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Princess Beatrix are not aware of a secret deal with the Dutch Tax Authorities about reduced taxation signed back in 1973:
My e-letter to Natasha Kuhrt, FAMILY COHN and more:

Motor Club No Surrender: The Chief Editor of NRC Jan Meeus attended the Court sitting in Breda (South Holland) yesterday. Otto Klaas was repr. by his lawyer - advocaat Louis de Leon.
My post Tech-Mafia-2:
Big Questions about BODNARCHUK and BEDNARCHUK - I wrote about them on this site and on a Rus lang. site.. Ref.:
 1. RUSSIAN Spectacular (3 satanised shows in Portsmoutrh: pro-homosexual for Soviet and American mil. with British/Scottish/Jewish/Masonic 'Widows' in charge. Link: Red ( Lenin-Trotsky)Army Theater in Moscow, next to Military Museum.
 2. Man in a ginger leather (long coat) and white starched shirt who 'picked' an argument with me in a News Agent in Gosport High Street.
3. A man on SKIPTON (!) council - to do with markets.
And now ..... I discovered one LUBOS BEDNAR - on a list of Missing Adults (Vermiste Volwassenen) on DUTCH POLICE website. 5-year old boy was seen being picked by a car in 1988 in Puchov (Tsjechie):
[ Sat. 15 Oct.2016] -
From today's Daily Tel.: ... Lady Brittan is considering suing the police over raids on two homes in London and in Yorkshire that took place at the same time as the search of Lord Bramall's house in Hampshire.
Today's The News (portsmouth.co.uk) raises POLICE and CRIME issues. 2 names on the front page: Donna Jones and Supt Will Schofield. The two appear on 29 October 2014 photo:
Alison Heydari is there as a (new?) Police Chief Inspector, district commander Waterlooville and Havant. Her name led via online search to a TRUST - The Southampton Police Club Trust Fund Limited (all in capital letters), just like her name on the company check website: companycheck.co.uk/company/04539543/THE-SOUTHAMPTON-POLICE- ....... Just noticed that capital lettering seems to 'fluctuate'.
On www.highfieldresidents.org.uk a message from Alison Heydari was posted by Nadine Johnson on March 24, 2016 ref Brussels Attacks.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Addenda Ten.

( nr 363 ) - NIGERIA PRAYS, - I called it a dangerous CULT a year ago.
There is smth. of a cover-up online as I see it.
Their poster: http://www.ofnc.org.uk/events/nigeriaprays2016/  From their ideology as I came across it online two years ago (and which is somewhat hidden, i.e. in Wikipedia):

1. God is Powerful, ONLY prayer can save Nigeria.
2. Hate the Sin, love the Sinner - allegedly Bible teaching.

Some names from their video presentation: Dayo Balogun, Pastor Leke Sanusi and Dr. Albert Okoye.
Direct links to Britain and ( ex-) USSR.
The founder is a former Nigerian President Gen (Dr) Yakubu GOWON, Chairman Nigeria Prays.
The role of Yakubu Gowon as a president, who fought against separatists in BIAFRA Nigerian civil war was hailed (officially) in the Soviet Union, which assisted Nigerian Army against "The West".
Cross River State is where both Yakubu Gowon and my ex-husband have roots, although Victor Adekunle Udom was from a (tribally) mixed marriage: Youruba mother and Efik father.
The wedding dress my ex-husband bought in London for me was the replica of wedding dress Victoria Gowon wore.
KGB=MOSSAD=Mafia is certainly involved, plus their "western" brothers and sisters.
I did raise questions.
It was RAPHAEL COHN who suggested to my daughter that she should search for her father online.
The letters and tel calls I 'accepted' (at best) as only one tenth genuine, mostly forgery.
The Society of SOYUZNIKI (from Soyuz - ref. Soviet Union) - Nigerians, who studied in the Soviet Union, has familiar names, - I know the people. The word Soyuzniki also means ALLIES - word used in WW2, for example.
Does a strange "Mrs. WILLIAMS" who phoned my daughter from CANADA, have linkes to Apostle Alfred Williams ? - see middle photo on http://ofnc.org.uk/events/nigeriaprays2016/
The Medical Mafia branch of  MO-K-SS-GB-AD is very strong. So, in my acronym, there are: KGB, Mossad, Mob, GB, SS and AD (Russian for Hell) and even MO(D) - ministry of defence.
Both Olga PATTA and Ada Akpan (Soviet Jewish women, medics), who worked in the Military Hospital, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria had links to Cross River State (ref. Nigerian husbands).
Some similarity with ALADE family. More familiar faces on their photo gallery.
I wonder what happened to my e-mail sent to Cheam branch of Metropolitan Police on Tuesday, 13 Sept. The answer came from PC Andrew Peek, sent Sat. 17 Sept.2016.
[ Thurs. 22 Sept. 2016] - SORRY for placing Gen.Yakubu GOWON in Calabar/Cross River State.
Forgot he was from Jos State. The idea of choosing representatives of MINORITIES for governments is controversial but popular even today.
Posted TEN SCANS: seven scans of correspondence (not in full, just a sample , note drastically different signatures of Christine Kennard)  about my TENANCY at 26 St. Matthews Court, Gosport and three scans at the bottom as follows:
1. Jewish Passover at Cape Verde. Amasingly, theatrics of recent in Gosport included black hats and Cape Verde/Nigerian Mafia mannerisms. The woman also resembles Mossad Woman as I called her, ref. flat 21 (young Paul) and anniversary of Loeb+ murder in Chicago 1925.
 Sunday 6 May 2012 (Trinity Church Organ, Dutch musicians - Iconoclastic - Portsmouth Univ., etc) was the Second Jewish Passover and the Tenth Anniversary of Assasination of controversial Dutch polititian PIM FORTUIN.
2. David Gorski - does look like a relation of GORSKAYA :
3. Prof. GALBRAITH - new Vice-Chancellor of University of Portsmouth.
New Chancellor: Sandi TOKSVIG. Outgoing VC - Prof John Craven.