Saturday, 7 November 2009

( nr 236 ) Ten scans above in the order of scanning/numbering and posing (by me):
1-2: Christian grandmother accused of hate crime.
3: German occupation issues. Author Madeleine Banting.
4: P.Griffiths is a local Dunkirk veteran who worked on a farm (near Auswitz camp) with Russian/Polish prisoners and took part in the Death March. NB: Currently British Post Office is on strike. His address: 4 Beresford Rd. Stubbington, Hampshire UK.
5-6: October 3-4 1993 Moscow uprising, written about by Veronika Kutsyllo, a journalist who was inside the "White House".
7: One of the three books about Inquisition I borrowed in the library and looked through. About the same time Henry Makow had a Torture Wheel picture in his article about Marano Jews posted on The Truth Seeker ( website. The coincidence is just one example of quirkiness/proximity/? of website and "Dr.Henry Makow".
8-9-10: Pages 90-95 from "SUPERNATURE" bestseller by Lyall Watson. On the subject of sound and e-m waves: ultra/infra and alpha, beta, delta and theta frequencies and resonances.
I have misplaced a copy of an article from the front page of The Times (a few days ago) where NANO WEAPONS words figured as a reference to a new magic cure for cancer !....
I shall scan and post it when I find it.
I am visiting my daughter in Skipton Yorkshire 9-17 November.