Monday, 3 April 2017

Addenda Thirteen.

( nr 373 ) - CAPITA building in Gosport - across Morrisons supermarket, which can be seen on two  scans of photos I took - one depicting journalist (?) John Bull standing in front of it ( in Addenda Eight cont. post in 2016):
A man often seen entering Capita building and coming out of it bears resemblance to both
NATAN SHARANSKY and, as I just discovered, to AARON BANKS: see two scans just posted.
The Observer (Sunday version of The Guardian) of yesterday published an extensive material on "The man behind Brexit" - text and more photos. Aaron Banks's photo here is taken from The Observer. His online images are 'scant' ... .
Ref: most disgusting S-theatre I have been writing about. Look-alikes? One family?

[ Tue. 4 April, 2017] - My e-mail to Michael Hamilton of SUN newspaper (Yorkshire Ripper article comment) was hacked/spammed by ....allegedly  Mexican GOOGLE (!).
Mexican Sizzler of Domino Pizza in Gosport:
By the way, the tragic death of 14-year old cadet happened during some anniversary TALL SHIPS celebrations. Next Tall Ships event coming up shortly.
Shall be jotting/drafting HUNGARY poster this morning ( Chess, Mentha, Esperanto, Siberia, experiments on children,  Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Gorbachev family, etc. ).
My wedding picture appeared in the RED CROSS magazine.
GREEN CROSS: Mr. Michail Gorbachev came to The Hague in Holland as the head of that organisation in 1992 (?). I observed to my amazement, that he looked and sounded on the podium (open air) strangely .... less alive or natural, than on the TV. His appearance in the TV Pizza advert was regarded as a 'brave' act to show he was 'in business, earning money honestly'.
On (Russian lang. forum ) it was noted, that upon close examination, his 'passionate' talk about New Thinking, etc. was in fact just a lot of hot air and no substance.
 In about 1994 in Voorburg near the Hague there was a MENTHA/Esperanto jointly sponsored visit of 'Gifted' Hungarian children. It was alleged, that their (often poor) parents could not afford trips abroad, and travel abroad was supposed to be a good/desirable and benefitial thing. About 20 boys and girls ( about ten y. o. ) were lined up on stage, giving answers to all sorts of questions. Very clean, neat in their white tops and blue skirts or trousers and .... extremely pale. I thought there was smth. wrong in those children being on tour. Exploitative? ... .In the audience, near myself, a woman looking very much like RAISA GORBACHEV's  younger version was very busy making notes and looked rather excited.
CHESS. I discovered that world chess champions,  Hungarian sisters POLGAR had a Ukranian mother Klara. She agreed with Polgar father ... to make their own children subjects of an Experiment, to show/prove .... smth. about talent.
It seems MEDICINE is quite popular with Gorbachev family ( Raisa and her daughter Irina?) .
I found one Sergey Gorbachev, MD in New York. His 'other languages' are Ukranian, Russian.
M. Gorbachev' younger granddaughter Anastasia Virganskaya got married to Dmitry Zangiev, working with Louis Vuitton and Max Mara Fashion Group in Russia.
From 2010 The couple registered their marriage in the restaurant instead of a common procedure in a registry office.
[ Thurs. 6 April, 2017 ] - Just posted 3 more scans:

1. DOXY ( for - a) lover or mistress b) prostitute .  We are to believe that hundreds of medical doctors in US joined online a questionable business and did not ask/care what its name stands for (not explained on the website).
Reminds me of "Fake Royal Institution ?" letter I wrote to the Portsmouth University Vice-Chancellor.

2. International PENSIONS ! - just noticed that the old business card of
    ROOMANS ENELI FLYNN & CO. has 'pensions' in it: international insurance and pensions brokers. ( Annette Adefuye nee Wild worked there, Vera Hughes visited).

3. IDENTITY ! - 1974 Dutch booklet: Identity of humans and animals.
     Dutch scientist Dr. Anthonie Stolk wrote "Man bites dog ...." among other things.
The 3 inborn basic needs are: (1) Safety, security (2) healthy stimulation (3) identity. 
NERVE GAS used in Syria ? Uranium, Sarin, etc. - read about Israeli cargo plane crashing onto a tall block of flats near Amsterdam in 1992 Oct. 4:
Low-Tech ----High Tech: Hungarian couple Sulner (Laszlo and Hanna) who worked for AVO ( Hungarian KGB) used certain method of fool-proof  fabrication of documents - for disinformation and framing by security agents. ( ref. "Disinformation" by Ion Mihai PACEPA) .
 Modern AI texts (plus graphics) use the same programs/methodology. One analogy: synthesized or morphed speech/voice.
[ Friday, 7 April, 2017 ] - Mensa and not MENTHA as I wrote above - my mistake. I remember the ... fad (?) about 'gifted' children in mid-1990s, when so-called Emotional Intelligence was 'invented'. I wonder if Russian-Dutch (or international) involvement of women (via Sisters of Peter the Great ?) was actually a subversive politics, anti-family, when young CHILDREN are taken away from their family for all sorts of tours, competitions and holidays. Football clubs? 'Beauty' contests?
Michael Jackson and many more 'celebrities'. I remember a young woman in Gosport bus ( years ago) holding a young blond boy inapproprietly (understatement) and telling his mother (ordinary woman looking happy) how special and gifted her son was. The young woman's hand ( covered by her handbag ) was firmly groping boy's genitals.
DUTCH 911 -
Organized Crime: Arrests of gang members ( 13 to date ) aged 20-26 in Rotterdam- Zuid in Holland:
So-called Sex Education:
[ Sat. 8 April, 2017] - It was on that Baranets interview was posted. I just noticed that the Russian website has 3 foreign lang versions (different in content) - English, French, Portugese.
Perhaps reflecting BRICS alliance: Brazil, Russia, India, China, Singapour.
Posts from 2016, 2012 and 2008:
So-called High Society: could not find the words of a 1937(?) song "The lady is a trump" online.
[ Mon. 10 April, 2017] - Another spelling mistake of mine: tramp and not trump just above.
EFL stumbling blocks: 'th'  pronounciation and a/u fuzziness, as in 'can' pronounced as 'cun'.
And better spelling is Singapoor and not Singapour ?
Some selection for tramp(n): vagabond, vagrant, hobo, truant, bum.
[ Tue. 11 April, 2017 ] - Talking about NAMES and spellings ....
Who and what is Natasha KUHRT ? Who are her parents and the rest of 'family and friends'?
I remember I had difficulty finding Hebrew/Yiddish dictionary and/or grammar. Read smth about ... only consonnants (?)  written, with vowels being of secondary importance (?).
Behaviour includes eyes and their use. There was smth of  'eyes of a snake' (ref. Prof. Moriarty) and that ... excessive/inappropriate/invasive attention/excitement - similar to the way Raisa Maximovna's look-alike watched Hungarian Gifted children in The Hague, HOLLAND. A few British 'notables' have distinguished themselves that way.
A Russian witch (?) suspected of being a Russian Spy was Elena BLAVATSKAYA ref. Theosophy.
Hmm... There was Blavatnik smb. What about Blevatskaya ? ... .
One point of the Republican Party program remained un-addressed: right to own and bear arms. When it disappeared almost immediately, I cut my printout and posted parts in my post:
By the way, one headline on was: Alaska wants to be Russian (?).
Another article was pro-homosexual propaganda (alleged superiority).
Israel Number One (predates Israel) with capital Birobidjan is in Russian Far East - next to China,
Korea, Japan.
[ Wed.12 April, 2017] - CAUTION displayed in front  of E2 bus that was reversing. (Ref. my talking to a man and a woman sitting just behind on E1 bus from Fareham to Gosport.)
KGB Oleg Rakito can be seen with a microphone at the wedding reception in restaurant PRAGA (Prague) in Moscow:
[ Thurs. 13 April, 2017 ] - The man on the bus (see above) puzzled me when he said or interjected:  'only 200 hundred' about British mil. (NATO) in Estonia. Estonia was the key word, as I remembered that there was info online about one Oleg Rakito - translator of a book from Estonian. He must be half (?) Estonian. Estonian/Russian Tatiana Tihonova/Aquino (in Delft univ. Holland) who very assertively talked about her KGB background and her eldest son Ivan (gay) going to work with children, etc. etc. Ivan Aquino went to Portugal with his American boy-friend, etc.
Oleg Rakito worked in Radio Moscow and very often came round to see foreign students in the Journalism Faculty of Moscow University. One thing he said to me was that KGB would not target or bother me, or smb. like myself. Very interesting.
Yesterday in Portsmouth I looked up ALL SAINTS Church only to see new  ... un-Christian (?) signs.
There was one diabolical poster pinned on their notice board with "police and metal dealers" in the text and an old graphic sign of Atom (for nuclear or radioactivity). I don't want to 'go' to their website, which is smartwater dot com.
Only 2 top scans get printed (without remaining five) from my post Addenda Four:
Dutch news:  Minister Klaas Dijkhoff (sp?) has a very interesting face.
Is Donald Trump Jewish ? - original PDF text (of June 6, 2016) found (via rense link) on RMN:
American fathers of missing Korean POW sons came to Soviet Union. There they chanced (?) upon Oleg Rakito. I think the story in question " Road to Moscow " is on the website:
Blond ... Blue eyes ... . Alexander LITVINENKO has a German patronymic Valterovich. In one documentary the father accused his son of being a traitor.
 Valter in honor of ... Walter Ulbricht (sp?) ? What about hundreds of thousands of German (and other) POWs? Their children? Grandchildren?
I read somewhere that in year ... 1947 (?) a high number of homosexual men was born. Experiments?
[ Sat. 15 April. 2017 ] - Mistakes: 200 or two hundred and not "200 hundred" as I wrote ref. number of British mil. in Estonia. Only Vietnam POWs, and not Korean POWs are mentioned in the article "Road to Moscow".
 PUTIN: his wife Ludmila is from Kaliningrad - former Koningsberg. One of his daughters lives (?) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Victor Baranetz link:
I have not seen (?) another KGB - Victor Louis, mentioned in "Road to Moscow", but my ex-husband Victor A. Udom did talk about him. From the laughter I understood that Victor Louis went to some extremes, whatever it was. Nigerian proverb: smth about "education from the devil".
EASTER: an Easter card from DDR is posted by me somewhere (was sent to me by my pen-friend Hans Joachim Hetfleisch (sp?) from Rostock).
I just checked the RMN link to Russian article and saw a different photo. The article gives his e-mail address: baranez (at)  Their news desk: reporter (at)
[ Tue. 18 April, 2017 ] - Citizens KANE and KANE ? ....
The Sunday Times of 16 April published report " British Islands are Child Sex Hub " by Nicholas Hellen - Social Affairs Editor. Domains .io refer to Indian Ocean islands or territories.
Internet Computer Bureau (ICB) is a firm owned by Paul Kane, 55 and Fiona Kane, 52, who live in Wiltshire, England.
Arda Gerkens is the director of the DUTCH watchdog. .... "Almost all of the criminal imagery accessed through .io was held in data centres in Holland. EOKM is the Dutch counterpart of IWF - Internet Watch Foundation charity.
[ Wed. 19 April, 2017] - Many questions about ARDA GERKENS, whose full name is:
Ardina Meinoutje Vera Gerkens, born 5 June 1965 in Naarden, Netherlands.
Strange lack of her family and background information. Is she lesbian ? There is a line in Dutch:
Gerkens is divorced and has one son and one daughter. [ source?] -
Can't find EOKM info either. There is Dutch Kinderporn Meldpunt, that would account for letters K and M only. E for European ?
ISLANDS: again difficult to find or print info. Many islands became laboratories . There was one interesting text (in Russian) about island with Ferma Trupov ( Farm of Corpses or dead bodies) project, that studies human body decomposition. A suspect (to my mind) explanation of the German word zersetsung  is a process of biological decomposition ( ref KGB/Stazi psychological+ project).
A photo of Arda Gerkens is rather different on SP (socialist ?) website page Nashi Liudi (onze mensen):
By the way, as I remember, a Dutch lesbian MP(?) ...( name begins with L) was proposing to legalize adoption of 'children' who are not under-aged, but older, around ..1998(?).
Keesing's cont. Archives: Feb - March 1950: JAPAN - Disappearance of 376, 000 Japanese Prisoners in the Soviet Union.
Smth. STRANGE about PPI (payment protection insurance) messages. One: I first noticed it on Russain websites. Two: I inadvertainly clicked in a pop-up window from an (Israeli?) 'transit' website. The urgency of response and request in capital letters for my full name and address smacks of an non-business style. I decided to check the before e-mailing Jon Davies, but it does not (up-)load. I do remember "mistake" the Dutch Ministry of Education had made: their finance/IT dept. USZO was in Groningen - where BULGARIAN professor in IT is politically active now. PETKOV ? ... .