Wednesday, 9 December 2009

( nr 240) A British veteran was exposed in Daily Express wearing too many medals and in a wrong way. I shall scan/post the articles in future post(s) [ed. 4 January 2010].
There was also a big 'row' about Arctic medals in Gosport a few years ago.
Medals mean a lot as symbols and still more to men in general.
Why is it allowed to sell, auction medals?
My recent searches: 'cooperation' between Mossad, KGB and Dutch AIVD.
S-theatre I wrote about are the same as manufactured in SHAPE (The Hague, Holland). The ideology, scripts and actors are all on public display and on record.
Translators are given souveniers after conferences. I have a nice Urals marble box from LUKOIL. I wonder whether a badge "KGB Belorussia" souvenier was given out in good faith [corr. 10Dec.] or, was it a 'set up' ?.... (EU police and home security conference in Appeldoorn, I think).
Lavrov-Livni COOPERATION in arranging for a NO VISA Israel/Russia regime poses too many questions.
Interesting! I found a record of United Nations foundation dated 1943 ( I think) on and wrote about it on this blog. When I checked that website again, the record was not there. I just finished watching THE WORLD AT WAR documentary video. There, The UN is formed after the war, ref. Nurenberg Trials. Keesings Archives give a good graphic map of United Nations vs Tripartite/Axis Powers (scan posted here recently).
I am convinced they hide a lot about the WWII.... .
The World At War videos now reveal the terrible psychological (sadistic, perverse, insane) aspects of the war. Towards the end, by someone behind the scene (the real war makers who escape any punisment or exposure) future war makers are almost given a tip about what/who (what kind of people) would go and fight - delinquents and perverts.
The real reason for normal people to go to war - defending their family and their country - is something that they cannot too easily control and are weary of, it seems.
What I personally noticed this time round, is that ALL WARRING SIDES (they finance both sides, don't they?) are given a bit of ... praise, flattery, which fits in with a clandestine 'warming up' for another, next war.
Sceptical, sarcastic? No doubt about it.
By the way, I noticed that Stalingrad was pronounced with SH and not S. Very strange.
And, as for the Stubbington in WW2 day last month, which I attended, I must say, from a cultural point of view, imho, there were tactless bits (towards veterans).
What did they really do to MILLIONS of people in the last war? MILLIONS of prisoners of war, civilians, children?
They are doing it again.
By the way, the drug distribution networks are in place for micro/nano-weapons distribution and 'planting' - microchips or poisons. They would not know the difference.
More dangerous is a real possibility of good people becoming carriers without suspecting anything. And of course, not just people, but objects can be targeted and marked.
Does all the paraphenalia up in the sky heat GAIA planet and turn it into a microwave+ oven?
The four Nevada (?) police were shot at while they were working on their laptops. Were the laptops also shot at? The shooter is obviously a MK patsy/robot(?).
More tidbits: Madeline' abduction in Potugal. In the early reports, it was mentioned, that the girl was a look-alike of a (step)daughter(?) of one of the main characters.
The first law Bill Clinton introduced was about allowing homosexuals in the military.
Was Hilary Clinton active in that legislative direction?
There was then a campaign about her own Health Care Reform proposals. Or, was it on behalf of the Democratic Party?
Chilcot Inquiry, Sir Lawrence Freedman .... Was I at KQC at about the same time? It's a small world. And Sir John Scarlett was in Moscow 1974-6 (?).