Friday, 18 March 2016

Addenda Seven.

( nr 354 ) Hundred years ago .... 1917.
Russian/anti-Russian/anti-Christian bloody revolution.
Leiba Davidovich Bronstein ( aka Trotski ) must be ... not turning, but dancing in his grave.
KAZAN university in Tatarstan was the couldron of revolution, where professors were actively engaging students in class struggles. LENIN and his family.
Loeb, Loeb and Loeb:

Petkov, Petkov and Petkov ?
University of Groningen in Holland was founded in 1614 :

Search for RESONANCE results in "about 5360" finds, of which 5330 is in Research. The figure does not appear on the printout.
The sentence, which I found puzzling in the CV of Prof. Hendrik Wolter Broer is about Resonance in his "General satement of research interest"on page 38/41:

"Resonance is the dynamical interaction 'at low integers' of several oscillating subsystems, leading to periodic motions; of which synchronisation is one example." 

[ Sat. 19 March, 2016 ] - Cambridge 5, Cambridge 50, Cambridge 500 ... When I spoke and wrote that a year ago, it was in connection with publications of Physics/Physical Society and its history. It was clearly obfuscated on the RUSSIAN language websites, esp. how old that International Society was: 30 pages history in CENTENARY issue (in 1970s ?)
NAMES were remarkable, incl. Litvinenko, Lugovoi, plus some SAM/TAMIZDAT typography, which was apart from/outside OFFICIAL SOVIET channels. MASONIC INTERNATIONAL  global networks? I left (to cont.) on my post Cambridge 500:
And now possibly new links and questions: Cambridge linked projects about geol. risks and insurance, in which APPLE business (ref. Raphael Cohn) took part.
[ Mon. 21 March, 2016 ] -

FBI rep. (?) :
 - Now you say organized crime, now you say spionage !
    Which one is it ?
- BOTH. It's the same people.
Baptist Church in SKIPTON.
Whose "Friend" is McKenzie ? ...
Some CAMBRIDGE+  names:
1. Middleton/British Royal family, Middleton woman in Common Purpose (CP- Communist Party).
2. The daughter of Russian/Estonian Tatiana Aquino/Tihonova (TU Delft) is in Cambridge (?). One of her sons Ivan, turned out (?) to be homosexual. She pointedly told me that " IVAN BUDET RABOTAT S DETMI ! A potom oni vernutsia k svoim zhenam." Gebeshnye zheny nado dumat tozhe "rabotali s detmi" ? Deti Tatiany (3) kak ona sama skazala, ne odobriali eyo otkrytye vyskazyvania o KGB, etc.
Now repeat and continue 2  in English: ...." IVAN SHALL WORK WITH CHILDREN ! And therafter they shall return to their wives."  KGB wives must also "have worked/work  with children" ?
Tatiana's children (3) she told me disapproved of her open talk about KGB, etc.
Aquino is her Argentinian ex-husband.
About Leonid Timochouk she said (in Russian): He is the enemy of the Dutch working class!
Ivan and his American boyfriend were in Portugal at some time.
Tatiana's father she told me was warned not to go to the mobilisation(?) office at the start of WW2, he was told he would not get there alive if he did.
3. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. There was/is a Lithuanian Synagogue in BRADFORD, North Yorkshire.
HELLARY CLINTON paid frequent visits to Lithuania.
LATVIAN horror pedophile Robert MICHELSON is a trained computer ENCRYPTION specialist.
4. Common Purpose - CP-Communist Party- Nashe Delo- Iduschie Vmeste (Putin-Berzovskiy).
[ Tue. 22 March, 2016 ] - had difficulty printing DUTCH report about UK military and politicians !
[ 23.3.2016] - Nat. Gas discovered in North-East Holland in 1962. By October 1963 the actual deposits were found to be 1,100,000 million cubic meters of best nat. gas, second largest in the world after US. Slochteren, N.A.M. (Shell and Esso), Ned Gas Unie.
My brief conversation yesterday with William Donnelly of Churchers Bolitho Way solicitors in Gosport High Street went beyond expectation! His face was blotchy, he was very nervous, he 'lost it'.
So, there is one Donnelly I was told. Donnelly and Elliott solicitors office is nearby in Stoke Road.
That is the place "alluded to" by the KGB woman (as I call her) in the Gosport Library. The one with 'charge' I call kikimora, who has/had an African friend.
 Too many give-aways: KGB Gen. KALUGIN, Gordievski, British passports, Pizza, etc.
Donnelly links to Holiday flats Harbour Lights and DOLPHIN - Polish Military Mob (satanic).
By the way, when Poles moved into Catholic Church in High Street, they had a portret of Polish Pope, which they had removed since. I called them RED POPE MAFIA.
Gen. Pacepa failed to spot Polish Communist Vatican links.
They don't realize how UNGODLY they are, and in fact, how ugly.
Case no SP15P00032 in Skipton Court.
Raphael Cohn is represented by Fiona Moore, his ex-wife's solicitor.
My daughter VICTORIA UDOM has no solicitor.
Many questions about Susan North and her husband in relation to the case.
Raphael Cohn was convicted of CHILD ABUSE of his severely autistic son Hans.
Raphael and his parents David and Elaine were/are banned from seeing Hans
without supervision of Social Services.
Raphael Cohn himself has ASPERGE syndrome and smth else.
More legalese: Miscarriage of justice is diabolical. How about carriage of gross injustice ?
Family of FISHMAN Iosif, son of the Dean of faculty of PHYSICS ( and Astronomy ) in  KAZAN university: his wife, her mother (from Kaliningrad), children and grandchildren.
Soviet Jewish Immigration, GREATER ISRAEL.
Wikileaks is theirs.
I have a post with scans about JETP - Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, but the search gives zero rezults. Another lead: Austrian Jewish husband Storrie (?) of Larisa OKEKE, whose personality in her second marriage drasically changed, was with her in Paris, where we ran into each other. Second time we met in MALTA de Bono conference. Jewish and Russian Mafia were there. She said to me her husband 'has expreesed interest in me', as if he was some kind of guru.
Interestingly, one DUTCH Naval Intelligence officer, who was there, gave me his card with work and home tel numbers, etc. I think he was 'told to'.
[ Thursday, 24 March, 2016] - Anna Politkovskaya, who was assasinated on 7 October, Putin's birthday, was not just "against Putin".
She was investigating how KGB destroys traditions and family relationships. KGB=Mossad=Mafia.
I forgot, but smb. else (interesting persona) also has burthday on 7 October.
[ Sat. 26 March, 2016 ]  - Spoke yesterday about KGB=Mossad=Mafia (medical) yesterday: Galina Edwardovna Izmailovskaya (ref. Institute of Space Medicine in Moscow)  her asking me if I thought it was all right for her son-in-law, a doctor, to baby-sit her granddaughter (!), etc. etc.
HQ of NATO - in Brussels.
Has a torso displayed in flat 17 window of St. Matthews Court in Gosport (visible from Waterside Medical Centre side) somewhat changed last week ? ...
Einstein ("physical") poster was on display simult. with a (headless) athletic torso - both sides of Gosport Ferry - over a year ago. Posted a scan somewhere.
Could not find RMN post questioning NASA photo allegedly showing GRAVITATIONAL WAVES.
In about 2005 after a Physic. Soc. (NASA) public lecture, I spoke to one man, pointing out that a photo of YOUNG people (students... graduates...?) watching/particip. in NASA exp./show was not real . The youngsters might have been in a trance, doing anything BUT physics/astronomy.
Daily Mail (?) published info about SECRET ENCRYPTION DE-CODING place (ref. ww2 Enigma), where there was (for young bright things)  a lot of ....saunas, gyms, undress,etc.
[ Wed. 30 March. 2016] - Just submitted the voter reg. form (the second, new one). The library internet use, incl. printing gives my name as ... Calina. The mistake was not mine, I noticed it, told them and it is still there, just like an icon BALABOLKA - (empty) in the Portsmouth Central Library computers.
There shall also be ( on the 5th May) election of a new Police Chief - Police and Crime Commisioner for Hampshire. "And" ! Police has always been about crime. So-called terrorism has almost replaced the word crime.
When The Guardian published those maps (internet cables?...) from either Snowden or Wikileaks, the amazing thing was that Siberia/Eurasia was 'empty'. I cited media somewhere that GOOGLE and other giants have chosen place in Siberia as their base of data storage. The place was not named.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai met EU commisioner Margrethe Vestager:
The End of European Border Controls before JANUARY :
1957 Manifesto (in Russian) that circulated in Tel-Aviv Israel about How to treat Russians in the Soviet Union, could not be found online yesterday. By the way, I think it is written by a WOMAN.
There is a call there for Jews (men) to marry Russian women. Not for Jewish women to marry Russian men, as those marriages were always there, no call or agitation was necessary.
[ Thurs. 31.3.2016] - E ATIC lived at Kornalijnhorst 81 in the Hague. Conversations heard from open balcony: Ukranian/Jewish/Indian. Underaged prostitute (Bosnian?) is on photos I posted. Later, at around "Robinson" incident (RAF doc. planted in the copy machine) in Gosport Library, that now  'grown up' prostitute, serving MI6 (friends of KGB-Mossad-MOB) engaged in non-verbal theater, suggesting I join MI6 and use them to deal with problems (created by them).
Before an old gas cooker can be removed, smb. must disconnect it (health and safety!).
GARY ( Plumbing and Gas Fitting: 07971 839284 and 023 9258 5175) ) said 'disconnect only' costs FIFTY QUID (five 0 pounds).
GARY joins the list: South Coast Appliances and Kitchen Worx - both at Stoke Road in Gosport.
Parker and Torrington Ltd. must know.

Henri Beraud: The Truth about Moscow (1925) -

[ Fri. 1 April, 2016] - Library scanner is not working today.
 Paid "fifty quid" to Peter of GASCALL in Stubbington.
ELECTIONS in Gosport 5 May 2016:

1)  In seventeen Gosport wards of Councillors;

2) Of a Police and Crime Commisioner for the Hampshire Police Area.
The second poster is dated Tuesday 29 March 2016 and 'signed' by Mark Heath, Police Area Returning Officer. Nominations (to be delivered ( 9-4) to .. room 84 Civic Centre, Southampton)  .... no later than 4 pm on Thursday 7 April 2016.
The A3 posters are displayed under the dark glass on the right when facing the entrance to The Gosport Borough Council.
[ Mon. 4 April, 2016] - Referendum in the Netherlands on Wednesday, 6 April.
UKRAINE question.
Five countries against: France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.
For: Baltic States, Poland, Great Britain and Sweden.
[ Wed. 6 April, 2016] - The way in which National POLICE and local elections are organized seems to indicate desperate wish of those who may be guilty of crimes including treason, to actually sabotage nominations and elections.
I opted for not wanting to be in an 'open' register only because it is scandalously defined as a database (with your name and address) which can be sold (!) to anybody (!) incl. charities, businesses, etc.
Depleted open register may hide actual demography, inhabitants and the dynamics.
As for the voter register, I filled two forms (second requiring dob and soc. sec. number) of 9 and 21 march, but received a poll card for the previous tenant of flat 26. I now received my poll card wrongly indicating my address - flat 28. A couple of years ago I did receive TWO poll cards.
All this could be sorted out, of course, once we know what is being done and by whom.
By the way, the NewSpeak introduced a new word: OCCUPANT. That is how letters are addressed recently: owner or occupant.
There was Soviet diplomat MAYsky in London before WW2. I searched for info and PHOTO of the husband of THERESA MAY, but could not find it.
Shall try scanner now ...
PS: MOD selling land to build houses ?
The Golem Project:
The mystery of BENDE van NIJVEL ... The elusive General De Vijver (sp?)
Five has many derivatives.
January 1937, Moscow - "Trotskyist" Trial.
M. George Piatakoff - former Assistant Commissar for Heavy Industries, head of the Soviet State Bank and Soviet Trade Delegate in Paris.
...Piatakoff ...... meeting Trotsky in Oslo ....
[ Mon. 11 April, 2016] - Posted six scans, going down:
1. The comparison of Keyholder Baby with Makaton baby poster in Gosport Library.
2. University of Portsmouth newspaper The Galleon front page news about Investigation of
2016 AU 'Naked Calender'.
3. 'Physical' Einstein and Headless Torso posters on Gosport Ferry: torso on Gosport side and
Einstein - on Portsmouth side. Stayed there for some time and were changed ... last year.
4, 5 and 6. Three scans from 1995 Russian PHYSICS (problems) hardback edition by Georgy Oster with illustrations by Denis Burusov.
[ Wed. 13 April, 2016 ] - ILO - International Labour Union was founded in 1919 on 11 April.
In around 1995 there was a conference in Brussels about Eastern Europe, Emerging Economies?
There I met former classmate, Kostia Ushakov (ref. my story about KGB, History of CPSU and Swedish Socialism). One Polish participant, an old man, stood up when he had heard the name of the new chairman of ILO, saying the name was Polish, so, a Pole was at the top of ILO. He was overjoyed and expected we all were as well. Same old man stood up to defend Aristotle, as he put it, when an American presentor made a mistake. Nobody it seemed heatrd about Moscow conference he  had gone to, so, the American Professor said he received a personal invitation.
If any money is put in a child's name, KGB=Mossad= Mafia (Mob International) would certainly want to get that money.
"501 most notorious crimes" by Paul Donnelley (  ISBN: 978-0-753725-98-6 ) already provided some interesting leads/details/names, and I have read only a few pages.
[ Thurs. 14 April, 2016] - Seven candidates for Hampshire POLICE commissioner elections listed on my other website " Spot a Gosport " -
[ Friday 15 April, 2016] - I have sent an e-mail to 'info' at, asking for a new password. I posted just one post (questions- forum) last year, when smb. has blocked me, and new password did not work. The usual suspect is Hampshire IT.
Found smth.possibly relevant to my "KGB=Mossad= Mafia (International)":
by Merovinger 03-03-2016 14:37
...... de (zelf)moord van Latinus ....onderzoeksrechter Schlicker ... BOB van Waver om onderzoek te voeren over de relatie tussen de WNP-militanten en agenten van Staatsveiligheid, alsook over de eventuele betrikkenheid van geheime diensten o.a. de Mossad. Bepaalde van deze opdrachten werden nadien echter ingetrokken.
- Feb. 1985: Schlicker beslist om .... . Schlicker ziet echter af van deze geplande handelingen nadat procureur Depretre hem 'mondelinge uitleg' gegeven heeft over het dossier Pinon en verwijdert de opdrachtdocumenten uit het dossier.
I could not log in to the DUTCH website Zembla, not the front page, nor pages.
Ref. Dutch documentary about serious problems at the University Medical Centre in Utrecht:
It turns out that IDI AMIN is actually Idi Dada Amin.
[ Thurs. 21 April, 2016 ] - Hmm, will Cristine DADA know the family history of Idi Dada Amin?
The African Diaspora Day in British MUSEUM was defacto boycotted by BRITISH AFRICANS.
They openly regard Archibishop of Yorkshire SENTAMU (from Uganda) a satanist.
It is now becoming clear how CABAL International (KGB=MOSSAD+) is involved in all this.
BENDE van NIJVEL ... shall speak about it later today.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Addenda Six.

( nr 353 ) - At the same bi-lingual conference in Moscow (see end of the previous post) I was asked to assist with the programe of student exchanges, that is between Russian and British universities.
I asked for the letter of introduction/recommendation, and was told (by the same man, forgot his name) that they don't like paper work/trail.
So far I only spoke about my report at the conference and the saga of words TIME and SPACE having been censored out.
Either Katia Zatuliveter or Anna Chapman had a sister working with international students in one of the British Universities. Or, was it someone else?
I remember speaking to one of the Portsmouth Uni students, when they were supporting Socialist Worker Union (?) demo.
- You, people, are targeted.
- By whom?
- By the Big Brother.
LEGALESE. I wrote already, that when I (re)registered at the Waterside Medical Centre, I noticed that the registration letter did not have the name of my GP. Over the counter, they told me, but they would not put it in writing. Said I could see any other doctor.
There is a world of difference between a FAMILY DOCTOR and a Collective/Anonimous organization. MEDICAL LAW and Medical Insurance and Responsibility change.
British Media still refer to Your GP as if they did not notice/do not know about the change.
Who and when made those changes?
Just minutes ago, when I clicked on Legal Terms/Terminology via Law Society, the link was blocked/hacked. No law and no order without definitions.
[ Friday 11 March, 2016] - Something about that Man and Van (yesterday evening) from Skipton in Yorkshire ... . Glen Miller ?
My daughter, my grandchildren ... . Bug/microchip ?...
[ Sat. 12 March, 2016 ] - The scanner in Gosport Library is not working.
My two e-mails to Pastor Mwasumbi ( Ikwisa[at] ) to be scanned and posted are as follows:
From Galina Anikeeva To Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi - (Mon.14/12/2015 15:12)

Thanks from Babushka and more.

Dear Pastor Mwasumbi,

1. I want to express my gratitude for your Good Samaritan work and assistance to my daughter and my granddaughters.

2. Victoria had invaluable help from a retired solicitor ( your congregation ? ) who spent his time on Sunday 6th December, going through the letter Ralph Cohn wrote on 1 Dec. 2015.
May I know his name ? I would like to thank him and also tell him what happened to the very good advice he gave to Victoria.
What goes on in FAMILY COURTS nowadays is of great importance, and I had a glimpse of it.

3. I checked Wikipedia and found TWENTY pages long entry about Relativity Theory.
Have I guessed correctly that your son had problems with the definition in the Physics Textbook ?
Years ago, when called to be an Examiner for Oxbridge Physics O-level exams, myself and some (mostly retired) Physics teachers criticised ONE QUESTION, which was diabolical and confusing.
When marking papers, I noticed, that many/most students simply left it unanswered, or acted as if they did not notice the defect. It was the most intelligent student who attempted the answer in a ... diplomatic way!

4. I recently came across one suspect definition given by a physicist in Holland. By chance (?), he works with/for engineers in Gas and Oil industry.
Dutch Government recently changed law to help citizens who suffered damage as a result of geological engineering works.

5. If not for students, perhaps for parents and grandparents I could give some information on developments in Education.
Is there a RETIRED GOOD SAMARITAN network ?

Best wishes,
Mrs. Galina A. Anikeeva

28 St. Matthews Court,
 King Street, GOSPORT,
Hants PO12 1AN.

Mob. tel: 07-91-901-0033 (currently ON or TEXT)

From Galina Anikeeva  To Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi - ( Friday 19/02/2016  11:57 ) 

Considering That:

1. My daughter politely but firmly stated that she is no longer willing to associate with
you, your church/family/religious (?) groups,

2. You quite rudely did not answer/respond to my e-mail of 14 Dec. 2015,

3. You/your wife/others bombard Victoria with numerous calls and messages,



Solar Plexus ! Slight pain in the Solar Plexus area .... I experienced it occasionaly, mostly on weekends, and around 3-3:30 at night. Today for the first time I felt it elsewhere - in Waitrose, near the (underground) lift. By cashier at 13:24.
Gas, Oil and Earthquakes: Groningen in Holland. 954 millions loss in housing values.
Thematic news:
[ Mon. 14 March, 2016 ] - Hmm, British Navy, Polish Navy, Jewish Navy, Russian Navy, etc. Interesting name from a Dutch website: It. generaal H.A.Couzy. (to cont.)
[ Tue. 15 March, 2016 ] - I saw but could not find again name COUZY in conjunction with SICILIAN Navy. Napoleonic, French, Italian... "Admirals took the bate" - about American Navy intelligence employing Italian Mafia after Normandie ship fire/sinking.
Proximity: Malta, Sicilia, Calabria.
French Gen. Couzy mentioned in post Yougoslavia Plus:
In a BBC doc. a woman who survived a Muslim village massacre, was asked about "those Serbian bandits". She told the reporter, that they did not know, who those men were, because they wore  balaclavas.
BRAMMERTZ (sp.?) destroyed Srebrenitza evidence.
 I remember reading about the visit of Belgian Royals to Aviation plant where Leonid Timochouk's father worked. My father worked at another plant nearby, which was (officially) a TV (Zenit) assembly plant.
Murder of the daughter of the Director of German Institute of Physics in American University of Yale: link to rmn post somewhere about Yale, Goettingen, Bosnia. Her research was about war in Yougoslavia, and her supervisor or mentor was a Dutch Navy intelligence officer.
There was also a case of gross academic fraud reported in Dutch media: a Ph.D. researcher "invented
history" of Yougoslavia ethnic relations. In UK a professor was caught stealing/altering historic documents in National Archives or British Library.
Communist Goals: link in
Loeb, Loeb and Loeb:
Putin withdrawing troops from Syria? May be relocating?
[ Thurs. 17 March, 2016 ] - Fish and Chips yesterday were very very bad ! Twice we had excellent take-away chips from the place just below Chinese Restaurant by the Gosport Ferry and now big disappointment yesterday. I was surprised to see (as I looked up) The Great Wall name. Was there another Chinese (?) restaurant with OCEAN in it's name? Well, I wondered about Ocean Village place in Southampton, when reading about Portugese place on MADELEINE McCANN forum.
My post nr 303 of 10 April 2012:
Also posts nr 290 of 4 April 2011 and nr 301 of 9 January 2012.