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Addenda Six.

( nr 353 ) - At the same bi-lingual conference in Moscow (see end of the previous post) I was asked to assist with the programe of student exchanges, that is between Russian and British universities.
I asked for the letter of introduction/recommendation, and was told (by the same man, forgot his name) that they don't like paper work/trail.
So far I only spoke about my report at the conference and the saga of words TIME and SPACE having been censored out.
Either Katia Zatuliveter or Anna Chapman had a sister working with international students in one of the British Universities. Or, was it someone else?
I remember speaking to one of the Portsmouth Uni students, when they were supporting Socialist Worker Union (?) demo.
- You, people, are targeted.
- By whom?
- By the Big Brother.
LEGALESE. I wrote already, that when I (re)registered at the Waterside Medical Centre, I noticed that the registration letter did not have the name of my GP. Over the counter, they told me, but they would not put it in writing. Said I could see any other doctor.
There is a world of difference between a FAMILY DOCTOR and a Collective/Anonimous organization. MEDICAL LAW and Medical Insurance and Responsibility change.
British Media still refer to Your GP as if they did not notice/do not know about the change.
Who and when made those changes?
Just minutes ago, when I clicked on Legal Terms/Terminology via Law Society, the link was blocked/hacked. No law and no order without definitions.
[ Friday 11 March, 2016] - Something about that Man and Van (yesterday evening) from Skipton in Yorkshire ... . Glen Miller ?
My daughter, my grandchildren ... . Bug/microchip ?...
[ Sat. 12 March, 2016 ] - The scanner in Gosport Library is not working.
My two e-mails to Pastor Mwasumbi ( Ikwisa[at]gmail.com ) to be scanned and posted are as follows:
From Galina Anikeeva To Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi - (Mon.14/12/2015 15:12)

Thanks from Babushka and more.

Dear Pastor Mwasumbi,

1. I want to express my gratitude for your Good Samaritan work and assistance to my daughter and my granddaughters.

2. Victoria had invaluable help from a retired solicitor ( your congregation ? ) who spent his time on Sunday 6th December, going through the letter Ralph Cohn wrote on 1 Dec. 2015.
May I know his name ? I would like to thank him and also tell him what happened to the very good advice he gave to Victoria.
What goes on in FAMILY COURTS nowadays is of great importance, and I had a glimpse of it.

3. I checked Wikipedia and found TWENTY pages long entry about Relativity Theory.
Have I guessed correctly that your son had problems with the definition in the Physics Textbook ?
Years ago, when called to be an Examiner for Oxbridge Physics O-level exams, myself and some (mostly retired) Physics teachers criticised ONE QUESTION, which was diabolical and confusing.
When marking papers, I noticed, that many/most students simply left it unanswered, or acted as if they did not notice the defect. It was the most intelligent student who attempted the answer in a ... diplomatic way!

4. I recently came across one suspect definition given by a physicist in Holland. By chance (?), he works with/for engineers in Gas and Oil industry.
Dutch Government recently changed law to help citizens who suffered damage as a result of geological engineering works.

5. If not for students, perhaps for parents and grandparents I could give some information on developments in Education.
Is there a RETIRED GOOD SAMARITAN network ?

Best wishes,
Mrs. Galina A. Anikeeva

28 St. Matthews Court,
 King Street, GOSPORT,
Hants PO12 1AN.

E-mail: vasilisa78@hotmail.com
Mob. tel: 07-91-901-0033 (currently ON or TEXT)

From Galina Anikeeva  To Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi - ( Friday 19/02/2016  11:57 ) 

Considering That:

1. My daughter politely but firmly stated that she is no longer willing to associate with
you, your church/family/religious (?) groups,

2. You quite rudely did not answer/respond to my e-mail of 14 Dec. 2015,

3. You/your wife/others bombard Victoria with numerous calls and messages,



Solar Plexus ! Slight pain in the Solar Plexus area .... I experienced it occasionaly, mostly on weekends, and around 3-3:30 at night. Today for the first time I felt it elsewhere - in Waitrose, near the (underground) lift. By cashier at 13:24.
Gas, Oil and Earthquakes: Groningen in Holland. 954 millions loss in housing values.
Thematic news: http://nu.nl/gaswinning-groningen/
[ Mon. 14 March, 2016 ] - Hmm, British Navy, Polish Navy, Jewish Navy, Russian Navy, etc. Interesting name from a Dutch website: It. generaal H.A.Couzy. (to cont.)
[ Tue. 15 March, 2016 ] - I saw but could not find again name COUZY in conjunction with SICILIAN Navy. Napoleonic, French, Italian... "Admirals took the bate" - about American Navy intelligence employing Italian Mafia after Normandie ship fire/sinking.
Proximity: Malta, Sicilia, Calabria.
French Gen. Couzy mentioned in post Yougoslavia Plus:
In a BBC doc. a woman who survived a Muslim village massacre, was asked about "those Serbian bandits". She told the reporter, that they did not know, who those men were, because they wore  balaclavas.
BRAMMERTZ (sp.?) destroyed Srebrenitza evidence.
 I remember reading about the visit of Belgian Royals to Aviation plant where Leonid Timochouk's father worked. My father worked at another plant nearby, which was (officially) a TV (Zenit) assembly plant.
Murder of the daughter of the Director of German Institute of Physics in American University of Yale: link to rmn post somewhere about Yale, Goettingen, Bosnia. Her research was about war in Yougoslavia, and her supervisor or mentor was a Dutch Navy intelligence officer.
There was also a case of gross academic fraud reported in Dutch media: a Ph.D. researcher "invented
history" of Yougoslavia ethnic relations. In UK a professor was caught stealing/altering historic documents in National Archives or British Library.
Communist Goals: link in
Loeb, Loeb and Loeb:
Putin withdrawing troops from Syria? May be relocating?
[ Thurs. 17 March, 2016 ] - Fish and Chips yesterday were very very bad ! Twice we had excellent take-away chips from the place just below Chinese Restaurant by the Gosport Ferry and now big disappointment yesterday. I was surprised to see (as I looked up) The Great Wall name. Was there another Chinese (?) restaurant with OCEAN in it's name? Well, I wondered about Ocean Village place in Southampton, when reading about Portugese place on MADELEINE McCANN forum.
My post nr 303 of 10 April 2012:
Also posts nr 290 of 4 April 2011 and nr 301 of 9 January 2012.

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