Wednesday, 21 October 2015

UK, China, Russia, Syria, Israel.

( nr 345 ) Chinese State Visit to UK this week significantly falls on 20 October. Back in 1949 ( 66 years ago) on 20th October Britain recognized the People's Republic of China under Chairman Mao. This event is missing on Wikipedia entry for October 20.
Five countries form an alliance BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and Singapour ( I hope I haven't made a mistake). Last week there was a news item on about regular consultations of Russia about the (corr.) bombing/military operations in SYRIA with Israel, Turkey, etc. I misplaced the printout of that article.
Syrian president ASSAD paid a working visit to Russian president PUTIN yesterday:
[Thurs.22Oct.2015] - A couple of weeks ago there was a demonstration of youngsters in Gosport, with police escort. On Stokes Rd. a young man with a nose ring tried to give me a pamphlet about cruely to animals, which I did not take. The marchers chanted : Smth. ...Ochalan! I did get that "Ochalan" from a foreign language, because events in Holland years ago were extensively covered by media: PKK, Ochalan, clashes(?) with police on horseback, embassy siege.
On Wkipedia the number of Uighyr (sp?) militants is given at 3.500.
[ Friday, 23 Oct.2015] - The last sentence above is not finished. English Wikipedia entry for Uyghurs cites 3.500 as 2015 estimated number of Uyghur Turkistan Islamic Party militants and their families in Syria. There was a report (last year?) of a protest by Uyghurs, ( they allege being discriminated against) , who attacked people in public places with ...syringes!
The youngsters, as I called them, seemed to be school children, judging from voices and 'size'. I walked past without looking at them, as it seemed to be very much an S-theater, as I call it. The nose-ringed boy also distracted and confused me, as he seemed to be part of the march. On Madeleine McCann forum doctors, I took it, wrote that Madeleine was petite, as many IVF(?) children are small or 'smallish'. There is a NAVAL MEDICAL INSTITUTE in Gosport. The exact name on the board can be seen on my website:
ELKINS brothers ( David, 60 and Anthony, 69) are found guilty of child sex abuse. At the start of the trial five brothers were in the dock. David Elkins was remanded in custody while Anthony Elkins was conditionaly bailed. Both will be sentenced on November 20. -Front page "Daily Echo" (South)news/article yesterday by Duncan Geddes.
My guess about staged demonstrations as described above is that the same "brains" are behind. I took a picture of another demonstration in Portsmouth:
 Israeli flags were hoisted by EDL (!) :
Hampshire Chronicle link (the article 'refused' to print) about Elkins brothers:
[ Tue. 27 Oct. 2015] - Another Chinese State visit - of the Dutch Royal couple to China is going not according to plan, as Queen Maxima is returning to Netherlands (felt unwell in China, kidney related complaints).
The Dutch Government is going to investigate export of Dutch police/military dogs to ISRAEL:
[ Wed. 28 Oct. 2015] - IT Hampshire or satellites? The background color on computer monitors is changing this week: yesterday in Fareham library it was pink(ish) and now in Gosport - it's green(ish). Also yesterday evening in Portsmouth (went there by mistake for Admiral Nelson lecture) I noticed colours of Spinaker Tower changing (body: red/blue) .Since Crimean War Gosport got a nickname TurkTown.
When I followed/wrote about leaking British airplane and Defence chief Hammond (2 years ago?), I visted RUSI website: Royal United Services Institute in London. There are FOUR services: army, navy, airforce and SPACE. Laser and other high-tech weapons are above our heads and above airplanes.
[ Friday 30 Oct. 2015] - Yesterday I sent the fllowing e-mail at 10:54 to robert_mcclung(at)
Dear Robert Mcclung,
I have been receiving repeatedly (!) e-mails asking me if I had asked for a password change. NO! Are those fake requests sent from my e-mail address? I use public libraries in Hampshire for Internet Access. So, my first suspicion is IT Hampshire and people in Gosport, who undergo so-called training for MI5 and MI6. The format of hotmail has gone a bit 'obscure' of recent. Was there any change? Thank you. Galina A. Anikeeva. Blue link to this website.
Refugees .... I saw a rather disturbing, but on reflection, a suspect text announcing the death of Dr. Rauni Kilde soon after report of Norway not accepting/turning back Arctic (via Arctic) convoy of refugees from Russia, or sent by Russia.
Garry Kasparov (radio 4) stating that dictators (ref. Putin) get a huge tactical advantage from chaos.
Chess master could have done better, you'd think.
By the way, chess playing was introduced in schools in Yakutia, Siberian diamond republic (ref. Gorbachev, Eltsin/Eltsyn/Yeltsin to date).
Mystery list of British soldiers in Auschwitz death camp: post (nr 219) Friday, 19 June 2009.
Breivik - the British Connection: post 295 in 2011:
Puppet politicians! Gorbachev posed in a PIZZA ad ! That was his idea of honest living/work.
Gosport PIZZA (Domino) next to Gosport Memorial Hospital sent leaflets " Mexican Sizzler". I posted the scan in a post with local paper (The News) writing about tragic death of a 14 year-old  cadet, during tall ships celebrations (smth. 500 years?) He fell to his death from a mast in the middle of the night. On Wed. 28 Oct. Gosport Domino Pizza sent a leaflet BIG GAME Banquet, etc.
I reposted then on a photo I took of junks with a dangerous dog, as I realised that was the weekend of 14-year-old boy's death. I had to witness abord Gosport Ferry the dog 'set' on a young mother (anorexic?) with a young boy in a pram. Both mother and child were strangely "immune" to ferocious dog barking into their faces. The three gosport maps I scanned on that website show unclear and secretive depiction of the Frankenstein establishment: Navy Medical Labs. Did George Osborne decide to privatise MAPS/ORDNANCE .."to save money" ?

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