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Refugees gone missing ?

( nr 348 ) I had a new idea about "10 000 refugees missing" (Express paper headline). I have used only one hour today, but clock says I have only 8 minutes left.

Well, 10 000 people might have been 'taken out' and replaced by so-called refugees.
I spoke about it today near Gosport Ferry.
Key words: photoshop, ugly make-up, S-theater, clones, theft of millions (?) personal databases,
Jenny and her "Ukranian" husband in Gosport, CV to begin in childhood and run into dozen(s)  of pages !!! . 
15:36 - My time has been restored.
What about Temp agencies, so-called training, people here and there who are clearly NOT who and what they are ... .
Scottish Communist Party - Scotland plus (post) of  Monday, 4 August 2014
Jenny above was a neighbour when I lived at 4 Woolston Court, Gosport. "Ladies" group met in that area and insisted on my attendance. There were a few Irish women there.
"We did a lot of work with Irish girls" - Masonic Widow gran just behind me at the (horrendous) Russian Spectacular concert in Portsmouth.
I questioned identities and backgrounds: Russian and Israeli Ambassadors received an e-mail from me dated 7 October 2011:
Torture Camp in Poland: post (nr 162) of Monday, 8 September 2008.

Polish Priest Andrew Glazewski -

President ASSAD ? What about KGB and MOSSAD ?

MANCHURIAN candidates:
Sent an e-mail to AISHA ABDULLHI yesterday asking for a photograph.
BOKO HARAM plus. - post (nr 332) of Thursday, 12 February 2015.
Post which only once showed up in statistics - Loeb, Loeb and Loeb.
[ Mon. 21 Dec. 2015 ] -
Two of my best friends in Unilag - Lynn Nwuneli (American) and Ramatu Abdullahi (Nigerian) died too early and, in dramatic circumstances.
They kill parents and go after children ? ...
Ramatu had her Ph.D. in PSYCHOLOGY supervised by OPPENHEIMER - one of them. They ( 'oppenheimers') were interested in the Concept of DEATH and how it was internalised in Islam.
Ramatu might have become smb. who "knows too much", as she would have realised the interest went beyond academic. There was a young English man around (her friend), who seemed very much MI6 type. He asked me once if I wanted my daughter to go to Eaton school. No, I did not consider that, not from him. Very untrustworthy.
SUSPECT letters, SUSPECT e-mails and SUSPECT voice(s) -
 all have definite NLP - artificial intelligence form and content.
Behaviours on and off line also have definite and specific patterns.
The writers profile themselves as well.
One bulky frame walked from the Gosport Ferry to Nat. Express bus ahead of me yesterday morning.
The 7.55  London bus drove off 3 minutes too early, just as I reached the stop. "He" walked back and glanced at me. Hmm, where is the Little Joe e-mail ? Have I left it at the Dutch Church? ...
I went to London with the 031 bus at 8.20.
Unilag Psychology Dept: British Bob Bundy and Alaister Mundy-Castle  both had African wives - Zimbabwean and Nigerian.
I saw once RAF on M-C cv. He researched ... cross-cultural characteristics/differences of how mothers nurse and care for their children.
I thought it was a very strange interest for a man to pursue.
Colleagues said they all took drugs. Never met Mundy-Castle's first (American) wife.
I saw quite a bit, as Bob lived directly below my appartement, and Mundy-Castle came over often.
Bob researched identity:Who Am I ?....
Identity Theft, ID documents and checks were all subjects I wrote about a lot:

1. Blank passports and diplomas sold in Central Moscow - around 1995.

2. My father discovered accidentally that smb. (Latushkin?) got himself written at his address as owner/resident, when police came to search (Latushkin) for illegal weapons. There was a lot of deception and crime aimed at taking old people's property over by different means.

3. I objected early to First names only, to 'advice' to keep personal information secret, to utility bills accepted as identity proof, to anonimasation of gas/electr. bills payments, etc. etc. I remember it all 'started' with removal of 'nationality' entry in passports, which were freely chosen,anyway.

4. Exorbitant personal info asked of citzens (like childhood sentiments above, etc.)
while TOP POLICE like Patricia GALLAN could just be ... anybody!
She "grew up in Scotland" ? Too little and too vague.
Yesterday I wondered if Royal Bank of Scotland is run by COMMUNISTS.
Who was Dan Fife we visited in Glasgow in 1973 ( neighbour of Annette Adefuye nee Wild).
I pactised my English at an International Industrial Exhibition in Moscow - Mashinostroenie - with a Scottish Firm.
One photo depicts me, Lynn Nwuneli and Elspeth Hunponu-Wusu, whose husband was a professor of Public Health and was supervised by Prof Andrew Curran in Glasgow. I think Mind/Body Control experiments were conducted in Scotland early and illegally. Definitely suspect research in British (Science) Education was tracable to AI-Computer research in Edinburg (before 1986).
Portsmouth Uni Vice-Chancellor is a Scottish Engineer, although, after his reply to my letter, I would not be surprised, if DALEK or Manchurian Candidate sits there.
 Lots of irritating burocratic newspeak comes from AUTOMATED online 'replies' . I noticed it about ten years ago. Our letters are not read.
Olga PATTA had her two children adopted and educated in Scotland, while she worked at the Mil. Hospital in Lagos. Why mil. police chased her?
[ Tue. 22 Dec. 2015] - At "Boots" in Portsmouth receptionist upstairs told me:
 1. they can't take my photo-camera for development (usually/last time - one hour) because there is a technical problem and the engineer (visible) is working at it.
 2. She added that it would take at least 3-4 days.
Since when can receptionists tell how long the engineering problem solution will take?
I took a few pictures of a man yesterday morning, also of his very interesting face. He walked along Clarence (?) street, between St. Matthews's and Gosport Library. Dark jacket, light trousers.
In Portsmouth Centre there was some theatrics, or S-theater as I call it, with some actors possibly East European and African.
For some reason (faces, make-up, vibes ?) I remembered a memorable picture (still?) of a Jewish woman in Fareham library with two African boys (8-10 y. old?). It was upstairs, when computer tables were in the far right corner. The woman had a very cold/chilling expression. The boys were very quiet and had this unusual dark complection - very dark, matt and even, which I never saw before, in Africa or Europe. It also reminded me of a "special" lesson given at Bridgemary school by Ruth Evans. Many more associations, memories and insights.
[ Thurs. 31 Dec. 2015] - Looking forward to better tidings in 2016 !

2009:  post 239 -

2011: post 288 -

HISTORY: Israel-Soviet Union ... .

1964: An agreement was signed in Jerusalem on October 7 between Israel and Soviet Union under which Israel bought certain Russian property in Jerusalem and other parts of the country against the payment of $ 4,500,000, of which two-thirds would be made through deliveries of citrus fruit.
The property in question had been owned until 1917 by the Russian Orthodox Society, ...
The Israeli Foreign Minister, Mrs. Meir, expressed the hope ... . [ rep. 20404 Keesings Archives ].

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