Wednesday, 24 October 2007

(nr.66) Scientific & Medical Network - in the "Gaia" spirit, it attracted a lot of bright people and good ideas, but has become controversial. Perhaps we have grown older and wiser, more sceptical. Lookig back ...
From the "Wider Horizons" first published in 1999 (ed. David Lorimer, Chris Clarke, John Cosh, Max Payne and Alan Mayne) :

George Blaker: "We took the view that the Churches could not bring about this change, .... they were immovably shackled to a fixed past ....
... 20 years later we might have thought that instead of Churches perhaps the football or tennis or film stars or pop musicians ... might have done it.
... But in the conditions of 1973 we thought that scientists and doctors would be a better bet!"

Among the founders of the Network are Polish Priest Andrew Glazewski and Arthur Koestler.

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