Friday, 15 October 2010

( nr 277 ) SECOND post today. Scans going up enumerated: face of a little girl; John lennon: his son and his first wife in Liverpool; Al Malnik and Michael Jackson; MO-K-SS-GB-AD - collage from KGB and Mossad; SEDOW Ship - ref. Trotsky ?; White dress designs - two from paper supplements a week old and one from the book: " Mexico, From Mestizo to Multicultural" by Carrie C.Chorba, 2007; two more scans from the same book; a cover of the book "Marxist Literary Theory" with a secret code on the red background plus a face of Bela Goldstein terrorist.
A former Dutch inmate in a WW2 camp phoned in during Radio 5 Dutch programme to say: I have three children, all married, no grandchildren.
" Het is begonnen !!..." a man ran out of his flat telling me (a lone pedestrian walking home from the Mariahoeve Winkelcentrum) the "good" news: the NATO bombing of Yougoslavia started. He was so excited.
Some time later I saw a very special display in the V&D store in the Hague: content - Vietnam!, a beautiful bamboo/cosmetics in a polarised light - a world apart from stereotype "Americans lost the Vietnam War", etc.
I did speak today at the Speaker's corner about the Soviet Jewish Emigration, Mixed Marriages and the most stupid and crude attempts to manipulate private lives of people in such a way, that a network of "safe houses" would exist ( preferably near military bases and other secret establishments) for the Mossad type of spionage/sabotage and murder to be carried out by/in the name of unsuspecting people. Ref.: recent murder in Dubai with the use of passports belonging to unsuspecting people. More later.
I noticed yesterday that a Google search for Theresa May (MI5 head) produced a suggestive "homophobic" version, although she supports adoption of children by homosexuals. The Russian language text in Wikipedia does not mention this fact.

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