Friday, 15 October 2010

( nr 276 ) PROBLEMS again - the whole post 276, started 11 Oct., in which I have just made some corrections and additions (PC 9 in Gosport Library, 11:52) , disappeared. Note to other BLOGSPOT users: it happened the same way as in Portsmouth Library some time ago, as I tried to delete a duplicate of a scan (duplication 'just happened'), the whole post disappeared. That post had a MO-K-SS-GB-AD handwritten scan, I think.
KEY WORDS in post 276: Charlotte Izerbyt, Al Malnick, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Kay Griggs, Rauni Kilde, Soviet Jewish Emigration and Mixed Marriages, Dutch Secret Service, Soviet Jews, Casino owners, Mexico, Sedow/Trotsky, Israel-Russia no-visa special relationship, Marxist Art-Literature, Bela Goldstein Terrorist, etc.
I shall restore the post ASAP and shall use my SPEAKER'S CORNER more often.
Yesterday I noticed that Google search has 'homophobic' version for Theresa May, the MI5 head, while she is in favour of gay adoptions. Russian Wikipedia entry does not mention this fact.
Going to Skipton: Tue. 19 Oct. - Thurs. 28 Oct.
PS: I shall keep this post nr 276 for record purposes and write new posts - 277 etc. so that old crashed content from old 276, which was a very long post, shall be reposted (plus extras) in several smaller posts.

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