Saturday, 19 July 2008

(nr.148) SCANS: the ****** letter from the alphabet agencies (they all work together), the A5 leaflet I made and distributed locally (also by e-mail) two years ago ( shortly after that Gosport [female] police stopped me in the Morrisons, saying smb. complained that I "talked to the children" but would not make or allow me to make a statement) and a better scan of The Communist League text by Geoffrey Stern (ref. previous post).
PS. Let's hope they can decode " ******" ..... .
As I read the rmn post just now ,
I remembered there was a Soviet (Soviet "James Bond") tv series called "Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny" that is "17 moments/'instant'(s) of the spring". There might have been some (old?) metaphor about 17 smth.
My next post Thursday 24 July or earlier.

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